Friday, March 1, 2013

The Snow fell and cleaned it all up… but the message of the Victims lingers on

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The Snow fell and cleaned it all up… but the message of the Victims lingers on
If you read my ‘report’ of the “Coping and Thriving” symposium (the last post) that was put on by the VAC (Victim’s Advisory Committee) – two days ago… you may notice the deep affect that it had on my mind and life. I am still sorting it through.

Usually I try to write and then post each day… usually the words flow easily.  That didn’t happen yesterday.

I think God sent the snow storm just for me. The snow blowing and the shoveling that I did for hours at a time… helped me clear my mind a little.  The purity and softness of the snow helped to wash some of the emotions clean.

I thought about each person in each family… and also the men that committed the crimes.  I thought about the freedom that I enjoy and that they do not.

As you can see I am still thinking.

And the snow kept falling… and falling… making my world enjoy a complete make-over.  Everything was clean again….

So with little to say even today and still processing the words of Tuesday… I offer the clean snow of Peterborough’s February 27-28, 2013 snow fall.

Thank you God, for the cleansing.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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