Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I am so excited about Spring this year – Just 15 more Days

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I am so excited about Spring this year – Just 15 more Days
I love the Spring Season when everything changes.

But as I watched the weather report last evening I was shocked to see the huge storm that was passing south of us – south of the Great Lakes – i.e. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The weather man said that it would likely travel all the way to Florida. 

Can you imagine – spring is almost here and more snow is falling in the USA.

Yes – Spring is only 15 days away for winter bound Canadians.  Yet we have also had big dumps of snow making our cities un-driveable just last week.

Yet there is hope that the snow will be gone shortly and the warm weather will return.

One sign that I witnessed in the last two days was the sap beginning to drip from the Maple Tree branches.  With the warmer days and the cooler nights just down enough to freeze there has been icicles hanging from the tree.

Another sign of Spring is the School Break season that is coming up this next week. That means the shut-in Canadians that have survived the long winter of snow and cold are heading south.  Some of our family members are going to be in Florida as well.

Oh boy… that means I have a week to worry and fret.  Along with the arrival of Spring comes the new threat of Tornados for the area between Canada and Florida!  Double – the Oh Boy!

As I stopped to think of what I was doing with all these thoughts I realized that I was getting myself worked up for nothing.  I cannot change the weather or the events that are causing the different weather changes.

I can fret over everything and can change nothing!

What a tremendous thought for the day.  I need to readjust the thinking patterns. I need to relax and let things happen.  I need to enjoy this day as much as possible and live this week as full as I can.

This day is going to be amazing.  This opportunity to live will be better than ever before. The people that I will meet are truly going to be the most interesting. God has a plan for me – today – to live this day to the fullest.

Wow!  I am going to live this one fully – IT IS MINE!

Now some of you reading this may be asking what happened to make this shift take place…

Yesterday I was in the Chapters book store in our city. As I was paying for my magazines the Cashier asked me if I was a ‘Graphic Artist’.  I smiled and replied, “Kind of… I work with Photoshop and do digital images.  I read these to improve me abilities even at this older age.”

Then I said something that kind of shocked even me… “I am soon turning 69 years old and still love learning something new…”

She had a big smile on her face and replied, “Good for you!”  I think she truly meant what she said.

According to stats and also some ancient books I am entering the last decade of my life.  In Canada the average male will live to 77 years old (2000 – 2002 stat) that has risen each decade by two years… so in my case it is 79 years. Check that stat here…

At this next birthday I will have 10 Big Years to live each day – long and well!

So you see this Springtime is very important to me… more important than ever before!  I have 10 Spring-times left!

I gotta run folks… I have some big things to do today!  How about you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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1 comment:

Nichola said...

Lovely post! It's so important to continue to learn new things... it makes life interesting :) I can't wait for spring either. There's just something in the air that makes me think this spring is going to be filled with wonderful things.