Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Faith of a Gardner - A sure sign of Spring arriving soon

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The Faith of a Gardner - A sure sign of Spring arriving soon
Spring arrived two days ago according to the Calendar and all the news reports we have received.

Some of the birds are coming back now to cold Canada too.

But there is only one way to truly know that Spring is about to arrive for our household.  And that one thing happened yesterday.

There on the kitchen table were the new packets of Flower Seeds.

The photo shown below is taken on top of a snow bank that is at least 12 inches above where these little ones will be planted. Oh boy! Something big is going to happen quickly in order for the snow to be gone.

But this small bright packages are sure sign of faith inside of the Gardner. In our case that faith is inside of my wife.  She honestly believes that all the hard work in planting and grooming and cutting and pruning is worth it all.  So much work to get a few months of beauty spread over our yard.

She is woman of Faith for sure!

But then what happened the last year’s kind of sparks us on to this summer’s soon-to-be-seen beauty. Here is a sample of what our Morning Glory fence line looks like… and these photos alone make the excitement in me grow as well.

Come on Springtime – we want you so badly!  Wahoo!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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