Thursday, March 28, 2013

At this Moment in Time – there are no words to describe the feelings

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At this Moment in Time – there are no words to describe the feelings

We cared for her. My wife and I picked her up each week to attend church. Her kids came along as well.  They were growing teenagers.

A number of times she shared her own pain from the past.  When she was younger her brother and sister were killed in a house fire – leaving her brother and herself as the siblings.

She lived with her Brother and his family for a while. Her mother was also living in the same place.

After a few years of helping her she moved on in her life.  She found a soul mate, fell in love and they married.  They moved on together.

The next we heard she discovered that she had cancer.  It wasn’t long before the situation deteriorated and she grew worse.  Then the report came of her death.

We attended the funeral and stood at the graveside later as they placed her ashes beside the graves of her sister and brother who had passed away in the fire.

Yesterday I received a call asking if I would be able to conduct another funeral on this coming Sunday afternoon.  The man’s name is Gordon.  He was killed in an accident.

When I read the Obituary I stopped and a lump came into my throat.  This man is the brother of the gal we worked with… and the one that she stayed with for a while.  This mother that I had met has now lost all four children to tragedies that are hard to fathom.

On Sunday I will stand with others to try to form words to comfort these folks… and I am not sure what words I will say – yet.

It will be Easter Sunday… and well… that alone is supposed to be happy… bright… nice… alive… and all things new.

I am a retired minister. I do retired things and carry no extra loads or burdens that the guys or gals that are leading churches do.

I do pray one prayer… that God never says “No” to – never “Wait” – but always “YES”.

That prayer is simple, “God give me people that no one else can help.”

Today he has answered again… Sunday I will try my best to deliver the message he has given me.

Right at this moment there are no words to tell you how I feel… or what I think.  Oh boy….

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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