Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sherri Dawn, God’s Angel, returned to Heaven this week…

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Sherri Dawn, God’s Angel, returned to Heaven this week…
Today we are saying goodbye to an Angel.  Her name was Sherri Dawn.

In 1959 Sherri arrived to begin her journey of blessing her family. She didn’t stop with just the family – she also blessed each person that she came in contact with over the years and in every part of the community.

Last Monday, January 28 she slipped away from this world and went back to where she came from.  Today she is walking around the most beautiful place one can imagine.

The Bible is filled with accounts of Angels bringing important messages from God himself. He chooses which Angel would be best suited to deliver a particular message from his throne.  Some brought messages of warning, others message of encouragement.

Sometimes the message was listened to and other times it was rejected to the peril of the listeners.

Each Bible account of where an Angel came to announce something really important is given in detail.  Every major turning point spoken about in the Bible often included an Angel speaking or doing something on behalf of God himself.  From the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation there is mention of Heavenly Beings interacting with this world.  When it happened men thought it was important so they wrote it down… thus the Bible.

But somehow as men became so intelligent and so powerful they really didn’t need God or His instructions or guidance any longer. That old way was stupid and not worthy of important people.  They just wouldn’t listen to what He had to say.

It’s doesn’t take long reading the news of today and the issues that the world faces today to see that men and women in their modern, brilliant, sophisticated way – have Royally screwed it all up.

About the time that people were doing their best to mess things up, God started sending new Angels… ones like Sherri Dawn.  Sherri Dawn had a message straight from God… but it wasn’t in so many words rather in actions and reactions to the world she lived in.

The family and friends saw what she did. They heard her words and her humour. They sometimes listened and other times might have taken her for granted… the way most of us do. We rush around our busy lives, get involved in relationships that are not good for us, strain at things that drive us nuts when we simply want it our own way… trying our best with our brilliant and sometimes ridiculous ways of living… just to get it our way.

Sherri Dawn’s way was not to have anything to do with the way that those around her lived.  I think she knew better.

Some in the family enjoyed the interaction with her.  One such interaction that they spoke of was when they tried to get Sherri Dawn to pick between one of them… as being her favorite.  She simply wouldn’t say.  It was light heartedly done with her… but she stuck to her guns and wouldn’t say who was favorite.  They could be rascals, they could be saints, they could be naughty or nice… she wouldn’t make a choice of one over the other. It didn’t matter what you did Sherri Dawn kept everyone the same.

Stopping to think of that over these past days I realized that is pretty much the way that God does it as well. He doesn’t have favorites when he deals with us.

I work inside and outside the Federal Prison system in Canada. I have met some really bad dudes that for the most part, everyone hates their guts for what they did.  But when they finally get their act together – God simply shows them his continued love for them.

That action on part of God is called “Grace” – and he shows His Grace to all.

Then every so often He sends a messenger with Big Message for all that will listen.

Sherri Dawn brought that message to her family and friends. She then stayed until the message was delivered for them all to hear.

After they all had heard, God called her home.

How could Sherri be so different?  Sherri Dawn came delivered to her family as a Down Syndrome child… specially crafted and designed to show love to everyone.

On the side… she didn’t like ‘Thunder Storms’. A number of my Down Syndrome friends are the same. They hate the Lightning and Thunder.  Have you ever wondered why?

My simple suggestion is that when they lived in Heaven… Heaven doesn’t have the storms that we do on Earth.  God keeps the big storms confined to our world.  And when Angels come here… they are simply not used to any of that… but they stick it out until their message has been delivered.

Hebrews 13 tells me a lot about Angels… and how we should live… Quote…
Hebrews 13 1-4 Stay on good terms with each other, held together by love. Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it! Regard prisoners as if you were in prison with them. Look on victims of abuse as if what happened to them had happened to you. Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and illicit sex.
5-6 Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote,
God is there, ready to help; I’m fearless no matter what. Who or what can get to me? – End quote

Thank you Sherri Dawn for what you did for our world and my friends.  Enjoy what you have earned and the place you are in right now.  We will miss you… but love and live with your memory.

God truly blessed us with Sherri Dawn!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Having a BDE – a slow coffee – now rush – no fuss

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Having a BDE – a slow coffee – now rush – no fuss
This morning as I read of Ontario’s New Premiere elect Kathleen Wynne and her meeting with the head of the Ontario Teacher’s Union – I smiled.  Not because the meeting went well and the fact that there will be more meetings together coming up… but because another person is smiling too.  That person is actually loving what is happening.

That person is our former Premiere Dalton McGuinty.  This morning I thought about Dalton a lot.

Wherever he is he is thinking about the job of the last 9 years… and today he is free. He doesn’t have to rush off to Downtown Toronto. He has no handler waiting carefully outside his house or chirping away on the telephone as to their next meeting.  Today he is really free.  The contingent of OPP Officers are now down to almost none protecting him.

I imagine he has slipped out of bed earlier and he has taken the dog for a slow walk.  He has made coffee for his wife and maybe together they are planning a get-a-way for a few weeks. They are talking about different things that their kids are doing and enjoying their new time together away from the blistering front of political stuff.

I imagine there is a wee bit of wondering what it would be like to go back again… but in a whisp the small idea has been puffed away.

He has to answer some inquiries from Legal firms wondering if he will stop to entertain their offer to come alongside as one of their own.  Or there may be fancy “Bay Street” (Toronto’s big dollar people) firms flirting with him as a potential employee or contract person.

But today, if he isn’t already there, he will be planning to go see his family in the Ottawa area. His mom loves it when he comes to visit.  The other siblings in his family would love to give him a few jibes for messing with their own family plans with his former political actions and plans as the former Premiere.  Good family joking takes place in a family that is so close.

I smiled this morning when I thought of another man that has left behind what was so big.

As I thought of Dalton I thought of four years ago and my own departure that was so imminent.  I was the minister of a good church… but one that had financial problems.  And my departure was looming as well. Each month we struggled to keep the place on an even keel. Opposition was there for sure. All people in the church didn’t like what was taking place… but we continued the best we could with what we had.

Poof! Enough of that kind of thinking!!

Dalton today, wherever he is, has released ‘my own old thoughts’ and I cannot possibly let that baloney into my life again.  The old opposition and obstacle for me are almost all dead – or too feeble to fight anymore… poof they are gone!  I smiled.

But today is a new day. I am so excited about today’s possibility and new direction.  I am excited about the people I will meet today at the Mall.  There will be lots of them. Today I will give away ideas that will help them.  Today I will meet my next step in Misty Hollow Carving as people stop to talk.

I wonder what Dalton will feel like this morning as he gets ready for his first trip to McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s.

Dalton will not likely read this… but I wish him a “best day ever” – a BDE... because every day away from the fray and wild stuff is a BDE.

Have a good one today Dalton!

And Premiere elect Kathleen… good on you for taking up this absolutely huge task to lead.  May you have a BDE as well!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrating Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick Lincoln’s 92nd Birthday

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Anda Rourke, Alida Lincoln, Marion Nellie, Murray Lincoln and Dana Lincoln
Celebrating Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick Lincoln’s 92nd Birthday
On a very cold January day in 1921, west of Truax in southern Saskatchewan, a sturdy farm wife lay in her bed with the sharp labour pains that most women suffer.  It had been a long 9 months waiting for this baby to come. 

Her two older children Robert and Dale were growing. 

Robert had been the biggest challenge the young couple had in their marriage so far. He had been born with brain damage that left him crippled in some form.  Dale the second baby was a strong youngster.

Now on this day, in her own bed, 60 miles from the nearest hospital in the City of Regina, Emma Kirkpatrick was in labour again.

92 years ago today Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick arrived kicking and screaming.  It was Charlie and Emma’s first girl.  And she was perfect in every way.

I can only imagine the way that Emma felt at that moment when “Nellie” arrived.  Her in-laws and her family were not far away and the congratulations together with support flowed out to this young couple. Aunties and Grandparents were there to help with Robert and Dale.

Although this small family didn’t have much they had each other and the love of their extended families around them.  They worked hard for what they had and they were blessed.  The price of grain was not high but they were able to pull through.

Emma and Charlie would continue to have more children right up until 1934 when their last son, Phillip was born.  Over those 16 years Emma had given birth to Robert, Dale, ‘Nellie’, Neal, Louise, Peg, Marg, Ben and Phil.  Louise died when just a baby, Nellie remembered that well in that she had cared for her siblings as the oldest daughter.  In fact all the kids born after her, as well as her two older siblings all knew ‘Nell’ as a special person in their lives… kind of a second mother I suppose.

In about 1940, when ‘Nell’ fell in love with Clifford, it was not easy for Emma and Charlie.  This was the first daughter that they were about to lose. It was also a possibility that their ‘chief household’ assistant would be leaving her mother and the other little ones to be looked after by the other kids.

Everyone started feeling the pinch with ‘Nell’ possibly leaving the farm and her responsibilities with everything that she did.

To make it worse for the new young couple, ‘Clifford and Nell’, Emma led the attack against Clifford from her family.  To say she acted out would be putting it lightly!  Emma was likely in a very nasty change of life where almost everything and everyone had watch out for the way she felt.  And this new ‘Clifford’ was as good as any target to lash out at.

Clifford was not the big strong farm hand that could work long hours on the family farm.  He was a guy with a brain that would not stop. He was very smart – but not strong like Nell’s brothers and her cousins.  He had health problems that kept him out of the War so he was also a second class citizen that way.  The skinny, moustached, eye glass wearing, slip of a man was trying to woo their daughter ‘Nell’ away from their family!

In 1941 the family finally gave in and Clifford married their ‘Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick’.  By that time Clifford was working as a Hired Hand for a very well off farm family that worked land south of Lang and Milestone, Saskatchewan.

‘Nell’ had her own home to look after. It was a rented place, perhaps part of the Pritchard farmstead,  that was now empty and perfect for the young couple to live in.  Clifford worked during the long days for the Pritchards.  Nell was all alone in an almost empty farm house on the southern prairies of Saskatchewan. There were no brothers and sisters around her.  Her description of the hours of loneliness were real.  There was no busy work of a large family to keep her attention… no barn duties of milking and cattle to look after in that barn.

She was alone… very alone.  But all young wives that left their homes for the new marriage and new life with their new man suffered the same.

It was in 1943, the month of September that she discovered she was pregnant.  And in April 1944 a skinny little baby was born to ‘Clifford and Nellie’. It happened in a Nursing Home in Ceylon, Saskatchewan with a Mid Wife in attendance (I think Doctor was there as well).  ‘Clifford’ held a flash light for the delivery crew.  The baby was very blue in colour and had struggled for his life on the way out of ‘Nell’ – the cord was wrapped around his neck several times… but fortunately the baby lived.

‘Clifford’ left the delivery room and went outside to vomit.  New, young dads in 1944 never had to stand watch that close and feel that much tension as well as fear – for their first born!  It never happened in those days.

Within a few hours of that birth of his son, ‘Clifford’ climbed on a Bus for Regina to begin his new job in the ‘Industries’. The ‘Industries’ was the transformed GMC car factory in Regina that was now making guns for the War effort. Canada had joined the War in Europe and that effort needed supplies and equipment.

At the ‘Industries’ Clifford trained as a Machinist.  He was very smart and caught on quickly.  The six day weeks flew by as he picked up his trade well.

On weekends he came home to his ‘Nellie’ and their new son ‘Murray Ross Lincoln’.  Yep that was ME.

I tell you this story today on my Mom’s 92 Birthday.  She now lives with my wife and I in our home in Peterborough, Ontario. She needs help with bathing, sometimes with dressing and all times with medications.  She still shuffles along slowly pushing her walker… but that is slowing as well. It may be this year that the feet will stop providing the mobility that is needed – and the wheel chair assist will come into action.

Karen Alida Jones married Murray Ross Lincoln in 1967. She had just graduated from her RN studies and was now a full-fledged Registered Nurse.  Today she is Marion Nellie’s private nurse.

Today Alida and I are now grandparents to six wonderful grandkids.

Last night our small but growing family met together in a favorite Chinese Buffet for the 92nd Birthday party for Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick Lincoln. Together with Marion Nellie her two great grandkids, Emma and Thomas also celebrated their 13th and 15th Birthdays as well. What a party.

As I sit here this morning mulling over the story that I can tell of Marion Nellie Kirkpatrick Lincoln and Clifford Leslie Lincoln – I am deeply moved by who my Mom is and what she has done to make it possible for me personally – but also for my siblings... Pat, Glen and Karen.

I think a book could come from the mulling over… so much has happened in 92 years.

Thanks Mom… we are what we are because of who you were and are today. Happy 92nd Birthday!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Photos from the 92nd Birthday Party
Thomas Rourke and Emma Lindsay with their Great Grandma Marion Nellie Lincoln

Marion Nellie Lincoln 92 years young - Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Marion Nellie Lincoln's 92nd Birthday - Part 2 - at "The Landing 27 Bistro" at the Peterborough Air Terminal

The Photo is of the Peterborough Airport

Yep - a BIG PLATE full of Crepes that were filed with fruit
Did she eat it all??? See below... at 92 years old she has not lost her appetite!!!

All gone!!!!!!

The great Staff of The Landing 27 Bistro - presented Mom with a small Birthday Cake.... 

A Big Hug from "Candy" - the owner of the Bistro

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been ~ The Bieb..

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I’m not in the happiest place that I’ve ever been ~ The Bieb..

Last evening, after watching the last two hours of the Liberal Party of Ontario’s convention, seeing the ‘First Mom Premiere’ Kathleen Wynne take over the party leadership, seeing the two women beat all the men out for the top spot… I am exhausted.

This morning I needed a break from all that stuff. Whew!

Then I found a new something to mull over. This something is or someone is Justin Bieber. 

I shouldn’t say ‘something’ in that he is a person – not an object.  Yet most of his life he was treated like an object by his parents, by his handlers, by his managers, by all his “friends” around him. He was a talented ‘something’ and people have made a gazillion dollars off the dude!

Justin I seriously feel for you.  I am like… well… your Grandpa… but I remember what it was like to fall in and out of love… or still be in love for a long time with someone that doesn’t love you… or treated you like an object… or said you treated them like an object… I remember. Sheesh!

Whoa!  What a rush!! I read the latest about Justin – he is heartbroken over his split up with Selena Gomez.  Apparently they were in Mexico together for the end of the year…and kerpow!

The article I read stated the following…
“The couple broke up shortly after holidaying in Mexico where they had planned to ring in the New Year together but got into a huge argument on December 30 after she allegedly found text messages from other girls on his phone.” (reference below)

Tada!  Quick lesson there for both of them… Selena dear, stuff happens when you are loving around with a super star boy wonder… they do flirt.

Justin dear, stuff happens when you lay your telephone down and accidently she picks it up to just to see who has sent text messages!  Double Duh on both of you.

He is 18 and she is 20. 

She was actually 18 when she was 12. He was still 12 at times when he turned 16 – and then when he turned 18 he might have been 14. Now that she is 20 she is going on 30 and sees the future for what it is… she can either have a child by someone that is loving and committed to her only… or she can try to take over raising a child that never grew up yet.

Sorry Justin… but if you are reading this over my shoulder… but you are like all of us guys when we were 18. 

We were all tantalized by all that she seems to be… older, beautiful, mature, sexy even… but we want our ‘water guns’, our ‘hot wheels’ and our nights of watching ‘Sponge Bob Square pants’.  She expects you to be the tall, handsome, well dressed, and an adult male that she can brag about to her friends. She needs an object that she can mold into her life. Oops!

It’s just not fair for her to expect him to be an adult all the time!  Good Lord… most of the men that I know at 68 years old are still kids at heart. The total miracle is that their faithful spouse that has lived with them for 40+ years is still waiting for the guy to grow up.  His own kids think he is too immature for words… but his grandkids love him! They all may be embarrassed sometimes but still love him.

So there… I feel refreshed.  Politics are over for another few months.  Justin and Selena have helped me to feel the old ground swell of being a teenager, little boy, tension surrounded, relationship building or destroying – young life over again.

Now to totally put it all in perspective… here is the comment string that was below one article I read about them…


Jan. 26, 2013
10:44 PM 
I agree with SamC Its time to stop being a boy and suck it up and be a man. Thank Selena For the last 2 years and move on. It is only going to hurt for little while and things will be good again.

Jan. 26, 2013
10:39 PM 
Justin you are a teenager, just 18 years old. regardless of all your success. Maturity is part of the growing up factor. To be in a committed relationship at the age of 18 for a teenage boy is doomed. Never mind the fact that you have girls throwing themselves at you. You have a great talent, but to remain successful you must be very careful not to be taken in . Be smart, enjoy your life with true friends who have your best interests at heart. Life flies by before you know it , you'll be 30.

Jan. 26, 2013
10:33 PM 
Having lots of messages from friends or breaking up is part of growing up. What does Selena want, what kind of respect she wants from an 18 year old, famous or not? They are both too young to be tide down. At 18, I would say go out, enjoy the world, friends, and family without any obligation to one person. It's time for Justin to be alone, think and grow on your one.

T. Quick
Jan. 26, 2013
10:13 PM 
Taylor Swift says you should write a song about it and make even more money.

Bruce - Calgary
Jan. 26, 2013
9:55 PM 
Go to Disneyland!

Jan. 26, 2013
9:06 PM 
"Super needy" and "super jealous"? Was the comment source a 12 year old girl?

Jan. 26, 2013
9:03 PM 
Justin should do a hitch in the Army like Elvis did back in the 50's; stardom will be there for true talent.

Sam C
Jan. 26, 2013
8:34 PM 
Money doesn't buy happiness, Justin. And girls want more than just a guy who likes playing with toys -- whether those are Nerf® guns or $100,000 sports cars. It's time to not just act like a grown-up; it's time to actually grow up.

Jan. 26, 2013
7:17 PM 
Poor Justin! My heart breaks for you!


~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New “Mom Premiere” arriving today for Ontario – our First Mom

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A New “Mom Premiere” arriving today for Ontario – our First Mom
Ontario is about to get its first Lady Premiere.  The Provincial Liberal party has stepped up its leadership race and a convention is being held in the next few hours.  Wow!  What a change that will be from the Old Boys Club that for more than a century has had male leadership!!

Can you believe it!!?

I am involved with politics and many of the MPPs in our province. The involvement is like many others – I am very interested in what happens and especially with the outcome of this leadership race today.

But Ontario today is in trouble. Everyone knows that.  There are issues with Unions and the people that work under Unions.  There is trouble with the Budget.  We have spent way too much money and are now in trouble.  It is not an enviable place to be in right now – the leadership of a Province is in trouble.

But look at it this way. The Ontario House-hold is in trouble. Our Provincial Government, and the whole Province for that matter, is a lot like a household that you and I live in.  There is a family living in the house and from that house all the family business is conducted.

The household is where everyone lives and makes it possible for the kids to go to school, dad and mom to build a security and future for their family, and a place where everyone will be able to live safely.

But like any household there are many issues that the family faces.  The house alone will need repairs and updating. The family must be dressed and kept safe.  Dad and Mom need their own time and their own space.  It must be a balanced place to live in with everyone cooperating and working together.

But at times sickness comes. Other times the growing teen in the household makes the tension so great that few can deal with it all. Hormones rage and attitudes cause dissention and upset. Doors are slammed shut and threats are uttered. Some kids will leave home and others just stay and make everyone miserable.  If they can’t have their way – no one will!!!

Can you see the similarities between a family household and a Provincial Government yet?  Demands and attitudes coming against the ‘parents’ that are tired of it all, and they simply start wishing they could ship a teenager away until they grow up.  Buy yet they know that isn’t possible and they try their best to look after what is happening.

It is at times when the family household is in terrible upset that the “one” God created specially to clean up messes and take care of families – shows up. That person’s name is “Mom”. “Mom” understands her kids best. She knows what they all need and has been there since the beginning for each of them.

What better time for a Province to find someone that could understand, could take care of, work with, and provide leadership for the Household – than now!???

Yep, I think that Ontario is ready for a Lady Premiere for no other reason than the fact that she just may be able to provide the understanding, care, be able to work with, and provide family leadership!!! Just like in real households where Mom can bring balance – so it is in Provincial Politics.  A “Mom” Premiere will do well to nurture us back to health again.

“Dad” Premieres need to go to work and leave the “Household” to “Mom”!

“Moms” always do better working with the kids. They seem to understand the teenagers and young adults best.  And in our Ontario Province’s case we have a Teacher’s Union and thousands upon thousands of teachers that were done wrong by(at least they feel that) by “Dad” Premiere.  “Dad” said NO to their demands for all the frivolous things they were demanding for their Christmas gifts.  “Mom” may have to say NO as well… but perhaps she can do it with more Grace and Love and Concern than Dad expressed it with.

A “Mom” Premiere will also likely look after Grandpa and Grandma senior citizens better. They do that in real life and now they can do that in Government as well.

The more I think of it, the more that I like the idea. BUT (and it is a BIG BUT) the other political parties may not like the way Mom does it.  And then they will get angry and make Mom miserable until she breaks down and moves off the leadership throne… and lets another Dad take over.  But that is another story as well…. On boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Friday, January 25, 2013

‘T. Carli’ Statues in Sacred Heart Church – Peterborough, Ontario

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‘T. Carli’ Statues in Sacred Heart Church – Peterborough, Ontario

In my Wednesday posting to this Blog I was ‘wondering’ about the artist that had painted the Statue of Mary, the Queen of Heaven.  As you may have read I am now helping with the restoration and painting of the statues of Sacred Heart Church in Peterborough, Ontario.

Yesterday a local reporter and photographer came to meet me at the church to begin the story about the statues.

While taking the photographs a step ladder was brought out for me to stand on… up nearer to Jesus… who now stands at the 13 foot mark in the church.

Perched on the very top of the ladder I remembered that there was an inscription on the base of the statue of Jesus.  I took out my pen and carefully wrote on my hand “T. Carli Montreal”.

Going to a Google search I found some amazing stories about “T. Carli” and who and worked for them.

It seems that 90 year old Pierre Petrucci was my first story to read.  Pierre and five generations of his family had been involved in the production of religious statues.  Their family came from Tuscan, Italy and were known as a long line of craftsmen and sculptors.  They arrived in Montreal in 1908 and established a company known as Atelier Petrucci Frères Limited”.

Their main competition was also from Tuscan, Italy and had established a very good company known as “T. Carli”.  T. Carli was established in 1867.

In 1923 the Atelier Petrucci Frères Limited” bought out their main competitor “T. Carli” and the new company was “T. Carli-Petrucci Limited”

So this discovery was all about Italians.  The statues had Italian roots!

Speaking with Father Ervens, the Pastor at Sacred Heart Church, he told me that one of his older parishioners had told him the Sacred Heart Church in Peterborough had been known as the ‘Italian Church’ by the locals.  At that turn of the century 1900 there had been many Italians living in Peterborough.

So… purchasing some ‘Made by Italians’ statues was the only proper thing to do, so I surmise.

But who painted it?  The person was definitely more than a simple crafter.

It was at this stage that the names of The Quebec painter Ozias Leduc came up. Ozias was from Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. In 1883 he was a statue painter for T. Carli.

You can read more about his life and influence at

 Leduc taught Paul-Émile Borduas and influenced Jean-Paul Riopelle – two great Canadian artists!!!

But maybe it could have been another artist ‘Joseph-Olindo Gratton’. I read this of Joseph…
“For over sixty years, Joseph-Olindo Gratton (1855-1941) made his career in the Montreal area, first as an ornamental sculptor and wood-worker, then as a statuary. He saw himself as an artist-sculptor. His works were executed in clay, plaster, cement, wood (sometimes covered in metal). He also conceived works in stone and bronze. In total, over three-hundred works, produced between 1877 and 1939, are attributed to him.” (see )

So the search goes on. The work is definitely done by a ‘Master’!!!

It is at this stage that I quiver and shake. How can I possibly step up to do this restoration work in a proper way? Oh I can paint and I can duplicate… I am capable… but as a ‘Master’ I am not so sure.

Fast forward… to a time after my death… and a young man (or maybe one older like me) will be looking carefully at the Statue of Mary… and wondering what they will do to refurbish the paint job of these Two Hundred year old Statues.  Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The CAC and Community Engagement – doing something great

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The CAC and Community Engagement – doing something great
Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with volunteers in Sudbury, Ontario.  That took place immediately following a great day at the Mall in Peterborough where I was showing my wood carving. 

Swish! What a ride that was!  One ended at 4:30pm and the other started at 5:00pm.  Double Swish – I glided over hill and dale – past mighty pines and over the bad weather that possibly happens around or near the Georgian Bay area as you travel to Sudbury.

Now you know this change from southern Ontario to central Ontario is impossible in one half hour – even with the fastest jet… I think I have your attention.

I simply walked up stairs from the Mall that I was in to the Parole Office which is located on the south end of the Mall complex… then I turned on the Video Conferencing equipment and the Sudbury Crew was waiting on our connection.

Why Sudbury and why a Parole Office and what were you doing there Lincoln?

Well in one of my community volunteer roles I serve as the CAC Chair for the Ontario Region of CSC. 

The CAC is the Citizens Advisory Committee. Each Federal Prisons and each Parole Office is encouraged to build and work with a CAC.  The CAC is a group of Citizens that agree to work alongside the Correctional Service Canada monitoring what the CSC is doing and how well they do their multitude of tasks. The CAC is also the community link to the “outside–of–CSC” world.  They are the Community Link that helps keep the community aware of what is happening in CSC to the best of their ability. 

They are also the Community Link that observes what is taking place within the Institutions where the prisoners are kept.  If there is a riot or some difficulty the CAC members are informed and possibly brought in by CSC staff to Observe, Liaise and then Advise about what they witnessed.

The community based CAC works toward building bridges to the community by many different possibilities and programs that they can do. Each thing they do is designed to engage the community.

Last evening I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the things that Sudbury’s new CAC is doing.  This is an active group that has taken on a series of small task that is letting their community come to know who they are. They are to be commended for their work together.  They are building connections with the ex-offenders that are now living in the community. They are also building support for the CSC Staff members that work within the Parole Office.

The Sudbury CAC is taking new steps to “engage their community”.  Community Engagement is what the CAC in the community does best.

The CAC idea is one that originates with our Federal Government. A number of years ago the Government mandated that each CSC facility would have a group of Citizens available to its staff and the inmates.  So the position has a high authority supporting its basis for doing what they do.

This year one of our goals in Ontario is to improve our communications with each group offering support and encouragement.  This we hope will lead to a greater strengthening of each group’s community engagement.

Over the years I have sat on many different kinds of committees (not CACs BTW).  Some have been active and some have been useless.  Where the committee has found a purpose and something they can get their teeth into… in other words do something that produces some sort of result… they thrive.

Where the committee has no purpose… or rather does nothing with the purpose they have… it will lose its members… and direction.

I compliment the Sudbury CAC today. Keep up the good work.  You will be an example to some of the other CACs that are starting to put their ideas into action.

If you are somewhere in Canada and are interested in getting involved in a CAC – email me at  I can help you get started in an exciting community engagement – and do something great!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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