Friday, March 15, 2013

The God Particle – Water Vapour in the Universe – and Men

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The God Particle – Water Vapour in the Universe – and Men
Now if I have this correct some genius scientists have discovered “the God Particle” as they were doing tests with the Large Hadron Collider.  Using this special machine that is situated on the French-Swiss border they have discovered something that has never been detected before. 

That something is the “Higgs boson particle”. It is has been referred to as “the God Particle”.  This special designation has been a theory of scientists that this is the building block of the Universe.  It is the “why it all happened” that they have needed.

You can read about it I here… “Why the Higgs boson particle matters”.

Now that is a brilliant supposition, theorization and unbelievable discovery!

Reading more news this morning I was able to catch the story as well of the discovery of water particles in the atmosphere of a heavenly body that is 130 Million Light Years from our planet.  That is… the speed of Light travelling at186,000 miles per second multiplied by the number of seconds in a year and then multiplied by the number of years – to get the distance. That is a long ways away from here!

Now that is truly amazing these men (and women) have discovered small particles of water floating in the atmosphere that far away – without ever being there. Read about it here… “Water vapour in exoplanet’ atmosphere hints at its formation

Doesn’t that blow your mind?  Isn’t it amazing that mankind has advanced to that wonderful ability to think things through, develop machinery that sees water vapour on the other side of the Universe, make a machine to discover “the God Particle” and simply turn the world upside down.

Men are so smart!  And I mean the male kind of Men!!!

Yet if you post a sign at the edge of a cliff that one should keep away – DANGER! The man reading that sign will creep up to the very edge and look over!!!

If you put a sign on something declaring that there is ‘Wet Paint” present, that same brilliant man that discovers water vapour 130 Million Light Years away – or discovers “the God Particle”… will touch the paint to see if it is really wet!!!!!

Men are so smart at times… but then so stupid other times!

And every woman knows that.  Here is to you – Gals!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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