Sunday, October 16, 2016

Office Owls - by Misty Hollow Carving - Murray Lincoln

Office Owls

Listening to a close friend of mine as they described the turmoil that they face in their office each day prompted the creation of my "Office Owl".

It seems that on any given day people walk in and present "Stupid" to her often.  "Stupid" comes in things that they say without thinking. In ways that they act.  In ways that they answer questions that are asked of them.

"Stupid" can make her day really bad. It can give her headaches and back aches.

I should state here that if you react to "Stupid" in the wrong way - your position could be in jeopardy.

Everyone one is surrounded by "Stupid" things all the time. And when I realized that, I designed the "Office Owl" to help with Stupid things and sometime people.

When "Stupid" begins to appear you need only to pick up the Office Owl that sits on your desk and hold(or squeeze) him tightly... thus giving the Wise Office Owl the "Stupidity" in front of you.

The Office Owl will help you in every way.  As you squeeze him Wisdom will likely show up in a few moments to help you deal with Stupid.  It is A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN BITING YOUR TONGUE!

Contact me at or to make arrangements to have an Office Owl shipped to your office.

Murray Lincoln