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My Mom – Citifinancial – and $5500 gift cheque

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My Mom – Citifinancial – and $5500 gift cheque
To understand this posting you must “see” what is taking place.  I will try to help you with the following description.

As I looked up from my laptop screen my mother was walking toward me with great effort.  She is pushing her walker slowly with each step coming with concentrated effort.  At this point in life her brain is not getting the signal to her feet as fast as it used to. In fact, as mom describes it, “My feet seemed to be glued to the floor.”

My mom is slowing down considerably in the last few years.  In fact I can say that she has almost stopped at times.  The body has worked hard to keep up with her mind but is now not so good at keeping up with it all.

Now you need to know something further about my mom. She is 92 years old and she has lived with us for the past 6 years.  This month is her anniversary month in Peterborough, Ontario – having moved here from Regina, Saskatchewan in 2007.

In 2007 she was still quite mobile but signs of her slowing were then appearing.  Within the 6 years she has started to use her walker that she now depends on for 100% of her mobility.  Within the last year she is now using her transfer chair more often when she is in large crowds of people or has to be ferried in and around busy places like the Mall or Church.

Mom has aged physically and it is now showing on the outside.

But she is also aging inwardly as well.  It takes time to think things through.

That is the point that I introduce “Citifinancial” and their recent letter to Marion Lincoln (Mom).
The top of their letter reads…
Notice of Verification
Recommended Loan Amount:
Please come in to get your cheque today.

Mom got a little excited. Here this wonderful company was willing to give her $5500 cash and all she needed to do was go down and register with this certificate/letter… before noon and they would likely be able to give her the cheque the same day!!!!  Imagine!

Mom saw the $5500 and the same day… and thought maybe this would help in some way financially.

The offer is valid until April 8, 2103.

The words that stand out in bold print are “Pick up your cheque at:” (then it gives the local address).

If she didn’t live with us and then responded on her own – I would likely be visiting the Citifinancial folk to reverse the $5500 somehow.  Unless of course Mom had spent it already… or given it away to some poor soul!

As I pondered my Mom’s situation and the ease with which this kind promotion can be presented… and then leave a sense that we are getting something for nothing… and pay who knows what back in interest rates… I WONDER what other old gal fell into the money trap.

Am I saying that Citifinancial is bad or not correct in doing what they do regularly?  Not at all. They are likely really good folk working there each week.  They are well known for sure.

I am saying that the letter and the way that it comes so subtly it is not easy for a 92 year old to understand… and that the same lady was expecting me to do something about it when she brought me the letter.

Note here as well: this same 92 year old will feel a real guilt trip when the different societies send her ‘trolling letters’ – after they send her the name/address labels for her to use free of charge… with a request for donations for their cause.

Mom and her generation can be made to feel guilty for almost anything… and they just have to send money.

My generation doesn’t do that.

Oh boy – who gave Citifinancial my 92 year old mother’s mailing address anyway?  Oh oh… I can bet it was a group that sends out the “free” labels.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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