Thursday, March 31, 2011

I wish you could meet “JBW”

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Today’s Blog Post

I wish you could meet “JBW”

I would like you to meet “JBW”.

He was born when the First World War was just beginning. He lived the terrible 20s and the dirty 30s. Then he came into the Second World War at about 30 years of age.

Yesterday he walked up to me as I was in the Peterborough Square demonstrating my Tatting and Wood Carving. He stood beside my chair and fumbled for his keys as he stood behind his walker.

His hand held out his set of keys. On the keys was a round, shiny key fob with the inscription “JBW”. Then he said, “It is sterling silver”, as he grinned at me.

His right ear is gone. An apparent scar over that side of his head with a small hole in the middle shows what must have happened. It was blown off or burned off in some terrible way.

My guess is that he is a second World War Vet.

He had stopped to talk with me before… but yesterday it was longer. He is always alone… with his steady walker and doing fairly well for an older man.

I asked him yesterday, “How old are you?”

He grinned and said, “I turned 100 years old not long ago”, and seemed happy that I asked.

Not a lot of people speak to him. Yesterday he was free of the older lady that walks with him at times. She is older than me by about 20 years – and is his daughter.

My opening statement that he was born just before the WW I – is right on. A little boy when his dad and others went off to a war that no one wanted. Then as a young man – he went himself to another war.

As he stood speaking with me in his quiet voice, I was amazed that I was having the honour to be in the presence of such greatness. It was like having the King from another era stop to grace my table with his interest.

I reflected deeply on “JBW”.

As a Pastor I would have never met this gentleman. But as a regular artist and craftsman I have come to know many men like him.

I am glad that I no longer have to be stuck in an office any more, stuck listening to complaints and pains that I could do nothing about, stuck worrying if what I said or did would affect the offerings next weekend.

As I looked at “JBW” I realized that I am free today… free to be me… and so is “JBW”.

I hope I am like him when I get old too.

As he walked away I realized that I only have 34 years to go to catch up to where “JBW” is now.

Hmmm…. How will I live these next few years with that thought in mind?

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Very Twisted and Silly World

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Today’s Blog Post
One Very Twisted and Silly World
I am still resisting the desperate urge to write about the Canadian Electioneering adventure. But just getting ready… so far I know that Stephen Harper is a Liar, a Cheat and a very Dishonest Man that wants to make the Canadian Government – the Harper Government. I know that Michael Ignatieff is in this for himself and only himself, he is the only one that speaks for the Liberals and that he is heading back the USA after he is voted out – and his second name is Co-A-Li-Tion. Jack Layton was related to a Conservative before his conversion to NDP, he walks with a cane and says funny things about reducing the credit card interest rates, explains about his health often and also wants to be and thinks he will be the next Prime Minister. Elizabeth May is burning up unnecessary electricity wanting to be on a National Debate as Number Four – the National TV only has three podiums.

Now remember that these fine folk will lead our country some day soon!

Nope can’t let myself go that way… today anyway.

* * * * * *
One Very Twisted and Silly World
Now here is a scoop of poop! Britney Spears announced that Enrique Iglesia will tour with her this next run around the country showing their stuff.

Then out of the blue… imagine Enrique has a hissy fit and tells the world that his EGO will not allow him to be the opening act for dear Brit.

My Computer Monitor clouded over this AM as I listened to that very sad news.

Britney is 29 years old. Enrique is 35 years old. To be the opening act for a 29 year is too much for a 35 year old.

Yes Yes Yes… I admit that I watched Britney’s video clip of her last show. You know the one that every one said she couldn’t dance worth two cents… and she lip synced the entire time she was wiggling her butt on stage.

I mean… her bathing suit kind of costume was a too tight, he bottom was hanging out of the backside… and she couldn’t move much in that thing… or somethings might have popped out.

Enrique saw that and just knew that a costume failure on stage by Britney would throw the next show he would do all to blazes. No one would even see him strut his stuff – they would be waiting to see Britney.

I mean – when a guy’s tight pants split on stage it is not nearly as much fun as when a gal that is overweight does that!

My world has been rocked!


But then I clicked on to another area of distress – the folks meeting over the Libya issues now cannot agree? Did I need to know that?

Then another click told me of the sad story of the 24 year old, Cpl. Yannick Scherrer’s death in Afghanistan. He is the first Canadian to die in this conflict in 2011. His body will arrive home today just south of us.

At this point in time my head is swirling with useless information of all sorts. Poor Britney. Poor Enrique. Poor Libya. Poor World Leaders. Poor politicians in Canada.

But what of the family of Yannick…?

Goodness I live in one twisted and sick world!

And today I will hear more about Harper, Ignatieff, Layton, May and the other guy from Quebec that doesn’t matter to me!

I really need to go hard at the Gym this morning!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So are You a Retrosexual? Or are You married to One?

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Today’s Blog Post
So are You a Retrosexual? Or are You married to One?
I would so love to write about the Canadian Electioneering going right now. What a zoo! Yep a ZOO. The Tigers are roaring in their cages, Lions are snorting and then bellowing over in their cage and the small monkeys are going nuts to get your attention! That is my view of Liberals, Conservatives and The NDP this AM.

Nope can’t let myself go that way… today anyway.

* * * * * *

Have you heard of “Retrosexual” yet? Or should I ask it this way… are you a “retrosexual”?

I mean you heard of heterosexual haven’t you? And you have heard of homosexual – right? Maybe even you have figured out what a bisexual is all about…. Right?

But Retrosexual… yikes?!

I dare say that at my 67th year I am a little strange to even delve into this descriptive mode using these words… with my friends being who they are. You know the Baby Boomer types that have let their kids exhaust their personal savings to help them through University and College now. With the hopes that the kids will be well positioned enough to support you when the pension runs out… and will above all choose the best seniors homes for them.

And to be a minister – I should be all preachy and stuff right now. You know what I mean.

My friends are not that up on stuff. Using any of my descriptive words around them causes some to scowl… actually maybe it is just to confuse – you know… or do some confusificating.

Of course after I heard the term Retrosexual as it referred to men – I just had to know more. What the heck was the weirdo on TV talking about?

So here is what I found… in the Urban Dictionary…
Person One suggests…
Who says it has to be the opposite of metrosexual? A retrosexual is (in the female case) that woman who eschews the sexual-revolution plank of feminism in favor of more-traditional values. Perhaps even 1950s values (this is not to say she goes as far as the cone-bra). A little burlesque, a little Betty Crocker, the retrosexual woman has new-fangled spunk and old-fashioned values: she does for abstinence and monogamy what Slang Flashcards do for Dover illustrations. She may be, well, Sexless in the City, but only 'cause she chooses to be.

Person Two suggests…
A retrosexual is the opposite of a metrosexual. He is a man who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance.

The "hip" version; The opposite of metrosexual. Basically, any typical male who doesn’t have a hissy fit over their own image like a shallow twat.

Person Three suggests…
2. The real version; Anyone who has got a liking and embraces classic pop culture. This can be a various formats of like from sixties television to eighties music, there is no need to limit yourself to one decade just as long you don't really feel excited with today's current trends. (Which basically is starting to whore out the eighties at the moment anyway.) Also referred to as having a "retrocrush".

You ask – How can that be a definition? Or something called a Dictionary????

Well that is just it… the culture around me is evolving… changing… growing… expanding and alive.

Most of my friends are pretty much stuck in one rut. Comfortable with the way they are. They don’t groove any more – because they pretty much rut out in the same old, same old.

Ask their wives if that is not true. Oops maybe you should ask their husband.
Now up to this point in my explanation you have been thinking “YOUNG”. Nope – don’t think young… think your age… any age… retrosexual fits all sizes and ages.

Most of the retired men that I know are likely retrosexual. Sorry Winston and Terry... you guys are likely Grade ‘A’ Retrosexual! You know – like Grade Eggs – the biggest and the best.

I have been back at Home Depot again lately roaming the aisles and selecting stuff for our basement reno.

Talk about Retrosexual dudes walking the aisles – that place is full of old guys that could give a ding dong about how they dress… what they look like and how sees them!!!

They don’t dwell on sex all the time… and a bouncy babe walking by… is just some one that can help you find the proper tool to do that weird task at home. When she smiles and asks if she can help you… you thank her deeply and show her the part that you are looking for. Like as not she will explain that her dad or grandpa was doing a job like this last week too.

WOW! How times have changed! I mean your time has changed.

I am retrosexual. There I said it. I am “Basically, that typical male who doesn't have a hissy fit over their own image like a shallow twat.”

I am someone “who has got a liking and embraces classic pop culture. This can be a various formats of like from sixties television to eighties music, there is no need to limit yourself to one decade just as long you don't really feel excited with today's current trends.”

I am me. I could care less what you think – really. Sorry… yes… yes… your feelings are hurt with me saying such a callous thing… but Princess – you need to suck it up and get on with life.

I heard a beautiful retrosexual kind of statement that fits so well… in so many situations…

Here it is… “Why don’t you pull your lip up over your face and swallow real hard?”

Now coming from my Ministerial background, you know always caring, the fatherly type – always ready to help and be there for my kids… I am evolving and transforming… and dressing like a bum… more and more.

But hey… I am retrosexual and starting to love it.

Now that is a leap from Canadian Electioneering… Tigers and Lions and Monkeys.

But one big question is, “How will they get my vote… or get me to vote?” Have you noticed there are no Retrosexual Guys in flannel shirts standing on the platform with the tigers or lions or monkeys?

I gotta get to Home Depot again today. I love that place. These are my kind of people shopping there during the week.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Monday, March 28, 2011

One Family’s War 1940 - 1944 - edited by Rollie Bourassa

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Today’s Blog Post

One Family’s War 1940 - 1944

Last night I spoke with Rollie Bourassa, an old friend of mine from Regina, Saskatchewan. Rollie and his wife Bea were connected to us as friends and also their daughter married one of my cousins. Complicated to describe, but friends is the easiest way to explain it for you.

It has been 13 years since Rollie and I last spoke. That happened around the time that Alida and I were leaving Regina to take up our new digs in Peterborough, Ontario.

This past Christmas I received a copy of “One Family’s War – 1940 – 1944” edited by Rollie Bourassa. My mom was reading one her pairie magazines and got wind of Rollie’s new book. She ordered it for my Christmas present.

Yesterday I completed the reading of this amazing book. I am deeply moved and will be for weeks as I sift through all that I am digesting from the book.

I highly recommend it for any Book Club that would need to read something that will stir them to their roots.

It would be good to read this book in about October of the year… so you are able to be ready for the November 11 – Remembrance Day in your place in the world. You will never stand at a War Memorial the same again… after you read what “One Family’s War – 1940 – 1944”! Never! Ever!

So why is it so compelling?

Rollie has edited and with the help of some amazing people, and published all his father Clarence’s letters to his mother Hazel. Clarence wrote so affectionately, deeply, privately to his beloved Hazel way back in Lafleche, Saskatchewan. Every letter is filled with his loneliness and great desire to be home with her and his two sons, Rollie and Murray. His homesickness is almost more that I could take as I read each letter.

I had a lump in my throat right along with Clarence as he described his deep feelings and tremendous struggle in serving in the SSR (South Saskatchewan Regiment). He loved some of what he did, but hated other parts. He loved the Orchestra and Band that he played in, but the loneliness nearly killed him. How can you play in a dance band while watching other couples enjoy themselves on a dance floor!?

It is hard to know where to stop my description of this book and these letters – without telling you all the story.

Our present armed forces do not deploy for indefinite periods of time, rather there is a set time and at the end they may come home for some R&R. In Clarence’s service it was not ending. He was allowed “leave” but that was only for a few days at a time.

Clarence’s involvement in the Second World War was from 1940 to1944 – a full four years.

This is story of romance, deep emotions, war, training, music, and the deepest human struggles any one will ever face.

I can’t say more… except BUY THE BOOK. You will not be disappointed in any way.

I cannot tell you the ending… though I desperately want to…

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Email seems to describe my life - enjoy

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Today’s Blog Post

The Email seems to describe my life - enjoy
My friend Sharron passed an email on to me. I read. I thought and then decided to pass it on again.

I am not sure of the source. If it is from some one’s Blog or another article – I will give you credit when I find you. Whoever it is that penned this – thank you.


I grew up with practical parents. A mother, God love her, who washed aluminum foil after she cooked in it, then reused it. She was the original recycle queen, before they had a name for it.... A father who was happier getting old shoes fixed than buying new ones...

Their marriage was good, their dreams focused.. Their best friends lived barely a wave away..

I can see them now, Dad in trousers, tee shirt and a hat, and Mom in a house-dress, lawn mower in one hand, and dish-towel in the other. It was the time for fixing things. A curtain rod, the kitchen radio, screen door, the oven door, the hem in a dress Things we keep.

It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy. All that re-fixing, eating, renewing, I wanted just once to be wasteful. Waste meant affluence.. Throwing things away meant you knew there'd always be more.

But then my mother died, and on that clear summer's night, in the warmth of the hospital room, I was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more.

Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away....never to return.. So... While we have it.... it's best we love it.... And care for it... And fix it when it's broken........ And heal it when it's sick. 

This is true. For marriage...... And old cars.... And children with bad report cards...... And dogs with bad hips...... And aging parents......... And grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep. Like a best friend that moved away or a classmate we grew up with.

There are just some things that make life important, like people we know who are special........ And so, we keep them close!

I received this from someone who thinks I am a 'keeper', so I've sent it to the people I think of in the same way.... Now it's your turn to send this to those people that are "keepers" in your life.. Good friends are like stars....You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.  Keep them close!

1....... God won't ask what kind of car you drove. He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.

2... God won't ask the square footage of your house, He'll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

3.. God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet, He'll ask how many you helped to clothe.

4... God won't ask what your highest salary was. He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

5.. God won't ask what your job title was. He'll ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.

6.. God won't ask how many friends you had. He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

7... God won't ask in what neighborhood you lived, He'll ask how you treated your neighbours.

8.... God won't ask about the colour of your skin, He'll ask about the content of your character.

9... God won't ask why it took you so long to seek Salvation. He'll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, and not to the gates of Hell.

10... God won't have to ask how many people you forwarded this to, He already knows your decision.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Promotion does us all Good – Meet Debbie Karpenko

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Today’s Blog Post

A Little Promotion does us all Good – Meet Debbie Karpenko

Two and half years ago I met Debbie Karpenko. We were sitting in the same class getting ready to launch our new businesses.

There were six of us sitting around the table. When it came time to tell a little about what we were planning to do and what our business was about… I can truly say that I had no clue about what she did.

She said something about “Interior Decorating” and something about “Staging”. We were able to ask our fellow students about their businesses and I needed to know what “staging” was all about.

Things had happened way to fast in the real-estate world for me to keep up.

Debbie described that when person was wishing to sell there home, they would “stage it” – getting it ready for the show or showing.

I knew when I wanted to sell our previous house I simply needed to clean it up, make sure the bathroom was clean and put the old newspapers away.

Duh! Was I ever behind the times! Now, it is likely that you will sell your house better and faster if you get rid of most of your junk, splash new paint on the walls and get a fresh look to your old digs. You liked the place that way that you decorated it – but some one else won’t… and that may influence their decision to by your mansion!

I looked at Debbie at that moment like she had two heads… or maybe that is the way she was looking at me like I had two heads.

Sorry Debbie – but I was a little baffled by what you told us that day.

That was two and half years ago. Ancient history.

Since that time Debbie and her husband have become our friends.

Yesterday Debbie and I spent the afternoon together at our home. We worked all afternoon on her new movie slide show – getting it just right.

I am inviting you to take a look at it and give me some feed back(actually give Debbie some feedback).

As I looked at Debbie’s work in the video, I can testify that it is amazing the work that she does. She can look at a room that you live in, listen to what you would like as far as changes are concerned and then begin to transform it all in her thoughts and dreams for you.

In the video you will see the “Before” and then the “After” shots of the rooms and homes that she has done.

Debbie is an artist in everyway. She can visualize what can be and then with some hard work make it happen.

Debbie – I think the biggest transformation is that of my thinking and understanding now. I now understand “staging” better… and have a whole new appreciation for “Interior Decorating” – WOW!

The way that we are the same…
I can take a log or a piece of wood, look at it, dream about it and then apply my tools to it. Within a short time something like a Bear or a Dog or a Chain or whatever will come popping out of the wood. I visualize that something I want and it comes out of the log or piece of wood.

Debbie can take a really tough looking room, some very tired old furniture and with her effort, it is transformed into something that belongs in a Home and Garden Magazine!

She does with or to a room and the furniture what I do to a log. She transforms it into something beautiful. “WOW”!

If you are a regular reader of this Blog I am asking you to help Debbie today. She needs a little promotion… we all do.

I am asking that you copy these three links into an email and then send it to as many friends as you can. Here they are…
Debbie Karpenko’s Web Page
Debbie’s new video

Debbie’s Blog – very informative

She would love to hear back from you what your thoughts are. I know Debbie could help you get ready to make some changes.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Some Before and After Shots

Two ugly peices of furniture

The furniture has been transformed

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Conservatives need my money – here is my reply

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Today’s Blog Post

The Conservatives need my money – here is my reply

Yesterday my email box received the following email. You will find my response following. Shelly and the Prime Minister need my financial support now in that Michael Ignatieff is not cooperating. Recognizing that he is the Leader of the Official Opposition kind of makes that obvious.

Here is her email… and my reply. It is too early for any reply from her… that may take days or longer.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
* * * * * * *
Subject: How you can tell others what a Coalition government looks like

Dear Murray,

It's becoming clear that Michael Ignatieff will try to pull together a coalition of opposition parties to defeat the government and trigger an election. Your financial support will ensure that we have the funds we need get our message out to voters against combined budgets of the coalition parties.

Please listen to this special message about how a Coalition government could affect the money in your pocket, affect your family and the future of Canada.

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have a job to do, and we want to do it. But at the same time, we must be ready to stand toe-to-toe with Ignatieff and his reckless coalition of opposition parties.

Shelly Glover, MP

Murray Lincoln’s reply….

Shelley... as much as I appreciate your passion... and I don't have a clue who you are... I think that all this really doesn't matter too much - except to frightened Conservatives. The rest of us are just sick of what we have seen and been exposed to.

Here is my take on the Coalition stunt

My MP is nice guy - Dean Del Mastro... but Dean is so Conservative and so much a Blue man he can't hear what some of his constituents have been saying... at least that is the impression. He listens but he can't really hear.

But that is the pattern that Mr. Harper has established as well.

YES - I voted Conservative and have for a long time. BUT I am sick of no one listening to what the people out here say.

Locally - the Liberal candidate Betsy McGregor - is no better. She is a University Prof or something like that. She stood on my door step and told me how bad Dean Del Mastro was. She wouldn't let me get a question or word in edgewise. She talked down to me the whole time - a cotton picking University Prof all over again.

To unload even further - I AM SICK OF THE CONSERVATIVE ATTACK ADS as well. But then guess what - the STUPID Liberals do it too.

Here is a message from Murray Lincoln - on my Blog - please read it..

But then I highly doubt you will ever get back to me - I am just a loud voter...

But the silly Blog has had just about 72,000 readers in a little over two years.

Finally I expressed my stupid opinion about not needing an elections on my Facebook Page today- not all 800 plus friends responded yet... but a good majority did and without any hesitation EVERYONE SAID NO to an election idea... many agreed that a Coalition is coming... no doubt. Kind of a weak example of a scientific study.... but it is 100% so far!!!!!!


My email tells you - we want some of you to listen... and it would be good if Stephen Harper stood up on Camera - for your next ad and said..."I know that many out there today in Canada have expressed that they feel I haven't been listening. My wife has told me the same thing. I promise you today if you will support the Conservative Government through this tough time - we will begin to listen and continue to listen from now on. I promise."

Now I am laughing hard. Tears are in my eyes... that is so darn funny... sheesh!

You won't pass it on and Brother Stephen would never do that... and his handlers wouldn't allow him to do it any way!

What matters is LIBERALS are BAD - CONSERVATIVES are GOOD... you know like GO_D - kind of GOOD!

Sure I will get out my check book right away... right away. Now where the heck did I put it?

BTW I have a new game that I play... It is called "QGTR - Nuke it!" When the NEGATIVE TV AD on - quick grab the remote - NUKE IT!

I have tried to teach my kids first and now my grandkids that running some one down is not good for you. It hurts you more than it hurts them. It is all BS when someone does that - you know Male Bovine Excrement.

Having spent a life time teaching my family how negative stuff hurts my family, my community, my province and my country - why in GOD's name would I allow that BS to stay on my TV One Second?????

Murray Lincoln - retired Minister - the church kind - not the political kind!!!
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 5W1

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Pivotal Moment in Time – the Big “C” is possible now

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Today’s Blog Post
A Pivotal Moment in Time – the Big “C” is possible now

With the 4th election in 7 years looming in Canada and with still little change in the political landscape of each party’s support… it could be possible… very possible.

What is “it”?

“It” is looming close by… something like an alien that will look very different from what we are familiar with.

“It” is a possible coalition of Liberals and the New Democratic. That is my simple evaluation of what is happening.

How could that be? Aren’t they very different in their policies and methodologies? I mean that are not a like at all.

Well look at this… the Conservative Party is still out front with the recent numbers from the latest Poll. Each of the other two is still behind by a larger amount than ever. But if they were together, at least the perception was given that they are; they could be ahead of the Blue Big Conservative Monster that is leading now.

That is what the numbers seem to show now.

It might happen for another reason too. Both leaders of the two trailing groups have nothing to lose. If they don’t call an election now they will be ousted by their parties when another later election comes (the one that will have to be according to the calendar schedule).

If they call for the election now by bringing down the present Government – and lose they are out anyways.

But if they join together and people believe that it might work.. it is new… it is desperate… it is something that might even interest some conservative voters… WHY NOT NOW!? It might waken the Youthful voters too.

The BIG C is possible – Coalition.

At this point my Grandfather Charlie Kirkpatrick would just about be kicking his coffin open! A solid CCFer and I’m supposing a NDPer (they didn’t exist before he died) – a coalition with the Liberals would send someone to HELL to burn for ever. No Liberal ever gave two hoots about the Farmers – especially the ones that lived in Saskatchewan! Everyone knows that if you have any dirt in your blood stream.

But all of my Grandpa Kirk’s age group is dead and most today don’t know what a Farmer is… nor do they care.

Who knows – it just might work?

Desperate conditions require desperate actions. Everyone knows that. And if you are about to lose which everyway you do it… why not give it a try? The worst that can happen is that the old place you worked will take you back – or some one that has money will give you a better job anyway.

Now I know that Liberals and NDPers – together with the Conservative folk must have watched what happened in Egypt and the surrounding countries. There has been change.

That change is coming from the younger set of each country Рthe ones that will take over soon. The old dictatorships and autocratic government styles are pass̩.

“That could never happen in Canada! That was the unstable Middle East! Never Canada! We don’t have a dictatorship here…” you say.

Have you tried lately to talk to your politician, suggest what you think or know? Have you had a concern about what your community is facing and tried to express that to your local MP?

If you have you will know that most don’t listen. And the ones that do… never pass it on to their bosses – or boss… because the Boss is not listening either.

In fact when it happens to you – there is strong feeling that one person – or a very few persons are running the show. What local people feel and say really are of no importance!!!!

Now isn’t that exactly what the local folk of Egypt were complaining about? Is that what all the protests were about? Isn’t that why Governments have been going down?

I am convinced that change is possible. Good or Bad… who knows. But frustration is so great at certain levels and communities that change may happen quickly.

Have you noticed that a few notable political leaders have backed away from running again? They are seasoned political vets. They do not want the next round to take place near them… or at them.

I think they know more than most do.

Something is about to happen… and it will begin tomorrow.

Sheesh I feel like a geek… that is standing in the desert looking for little green men… or some colour.

Liberals are RED… NDPers are Orange… put that together… depending on how much of each colour and you will have something loud and bright… to say the least.

Nope – I am not a prophet. In the Old Testament way when a Prophet was a little off... they stoned him. I am likely more than a little off.

But I have a lot of my Grandpa Kirk in me. Put a little political stuff near him and the quiet man started talking!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

COFFEE – Elections – Nuclear Plants – Politicians – and COFFEE

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Today’s Blog Post

COFFEE – Elections – Nuclear Plants – Politicians – and COFFEE

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Canada is about to face another election that no one wants!

Our war planes are hovering over a country that could shoot them down!

No one wants another Battle field!

The Battle in Afghanistan has gone on way too long – do you know what the cost is $$$ outside of the lives that have been lost?

Japan has a huge problem with the Nuclear Reactors about to blow.

Green Peace people have found a cause near the Nuclear Plants in Ontario – but they should chain themselves to the Nuclear Plants in Japan.

The Liberal Party hasn’t a clue or a leader to vote for.

The NDP is not sure about much of anything except the local worker and maybe a Senior or two.

The Conservative Party never listens to any input or anybody.

And The Green Party is well – green.

If an election is called for or forced upon us today – why?

And the really hard thing is that I have only won three free coffees and four donuts at the Tim Horton Donut Shop Roll Up the Rim contest – and the contest is almost over now.

I have drunk about two gallons of coffee so far… blah in a short three weeks!!!

Do you really want an election?

Do you want six weeks of Negative Ads on your TV Screen?

Do I need another coffee?

I think they should nominate Charlie Sheen as the head of the Liberal Party then the Conservative Party would have a better target for the Negative Ads.

I need another c-o-f-f-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!

And I don’t want another election… but nobody is listening!!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cremation of the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband

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Today’s Blog Post

The Cremation of the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband

As my wife was preparing our supper last evening – everything was going so well. Two pots were on top of the stove and the chicken was in the oven cooking nicely at 350 degrees.

In front of our oven is a Baby’s High Chair that holds “stuff” for us. Among the “stuff” is the collection of our portable telephones and communication devices. There are two cell phones, two blue tooth ear pieces and one fancy arm bracelet, the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband, that is kind of like a “Dick Tracy” wrist watch/communicator. (You have to be my age to remember that one…!)

I bought the wrist bracelet for her this past Christmas. The ear piece gets hot and is sometimes uncomfortable. The arm bracelet feels better.

Back to preparing supper…
Alida opened the oven door, which then comes fairly close to the High Chair. The heat rushed out as she checked the chicken.

Then it happened… her right elbow hit the High Chair top… knocking the small box filled with the telephones and communication “stuff” over… and as it fell over her cell phone and an blue tooth ear piece headed over the side and on to the oven door. Plop, slide, swish and the two were under the red hot element at the bottom of the stove!

She quickly grabbed her oven mitts, moved the chicken out of the way, and retrieved the cell phone that was now steaming hot having been just below the red element about ½ inch. She grabbed again towards the blue tooth ear piece which was now at the back of the oven and under the other red part…! As she grabbed it the oven mitt burst into flames as she had touched the red element.

At that point she had called me and was more than a little bit shaken by what had happened.

She got the chicken back in the oven. I tried the cell phone after it cooled down and it worked fine. The ear piece came on and off fine.

A few minutes later… Alida called again. This time in a panic. She had opened the oven door and ball of blue smoke had met her face… it smelled like plastic burning… and it was plastic just about to burn!!!!! The kitchen was stinking big time now – and it wasn’t chicken burning either!

The chicken came out again… and YIKES… there at the other side of the oven was the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband – right under another part of the very hot element… but this time it was now in a very flattened form.

Carefully applying ice cubes to the plastic puddle made it possible to retrieve the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband – or what was left of it.

I laughed and giggled the whole evening. My wife couldn’t see the humour that I did. Sorry… I am made that way.

The High Chair is now adjusted slightly to the right… the box is not going to be used the same way again… and the communicator are working well… all except the Helium Digital HDBT-990 Bluetooth wristband.

I am thinking of going back to ask if the store can do anything about this one.. but I kind of think that it will not be possible.

Too funny!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Monday, March 21, 2011

Stress and the way it nearly killed me

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Today’s Blog Post

Stress and the way it nearly killed me

It is a long story how I discovered my old notes while looking for a part to install my new trailer hitch on my newer vehicle…

It kind of happened because of a previous time of stress… and acting under stress I wasn’t thinking too clearly. In a hurry and under great stress – I stashed an extra box of books right where I would be able to deal with it when I had time.

In three years of dealing with the new stress in my life, I forgot about the box.

This last Saturday I pulled the box out and asked my self… “Where did that come from… I wonder what is in it?”

‘Myself and I’ had a great time looking at my old friends in the box… some of my old books. In fact I really enjoyed it because under the stress that I had entered three years ago I had dumped or got rid of all my old friends – my old books.

There in the box was a wonderful set of notes that I had treasured when I wrote them. They were created in 1996… two years before another very stressful time in my life would begin and that would last for 10 years.

As I thumbed through my notes and read what was on each page I was rocked by waves of emotions. The waves came almost like the Tsunami waves that destroy some many lives over and over again. But unlike waves of sea water sweeping ashore… this was emotional waves of human conflict that lasted for 10 years of my life.

As I look back now I wonder how I survived 10 solid years of this stress.

Then following this 10 years another solid 3 years filled with emotional stress waves again. A totally different kind of stress – but stress just the same.

Now if you haven’t already figured out what I am writing about – I should explain. I am an Ordained Minister – the church kind – that has been serving in this role for the previous 34 years of my life in 2008. In 1998 I became the Pastor of the last church that I would serve – Northview in Peterborough. In 2008 I entered the new retirement role as I left the role of Pastor/Minister/Leader in the church.

A note on the Notes…
As I read through the 1996 notes I was struck by the one page. It leaped out at me… grabbed me by the shirt and shook me hard. Then it made my eyes pop out. The page was all about Stress and what it does to you. How it affects your life and changes your perspective… and can hurt your physical body, emotional health and well being.

I was stunned as I went over these 15 year old notes. The information in front of me was as if it had been written this past week.

I now understood as never before what this was all about. It was as if I could be the ‘poster boy’ for the topic I was reading!

I went to my Browser and typed in the words “Life Change Units” – the topic heading for the page written in 1996.

WOW! There on my screen 15 years later was exactly the same information that my notes contained!!!

It was a list of words describing things that happen in a person’s life… and a number beside it showing the estimated stress factor out of 100… or perhaps I should say up to 100… the highest number shown.

Here is the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale…
Life event – Life Change Units
Death of a spouse - 100
Divorce - 73
Marital separation - 65
Imprisonment - 63
Death of a close family member - 63
Personal injury or illness - 53
Marriage - 50
Dismissal from work - 47
Marital reconciliation - 45
Retirement - 45
Change in health of family member - 44
Pregnancy - 40
Sexual difficulties - 39
Gain a new family member - 39
Business readjustment - 39
Change in financial state - 38
Death of a close friend - 37
Change to different line of work - 36
Change in frequency of arguments - 35
Major mortgage - 32
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan - 30
Change in responsibilities at work - 29
Child leaving home - 29
Trouble with in-laws - 29
Outstanding personal achievement - 28
Spouse starts or stops work - 26
Begin or end school - 26
Change in living conditions - 25
Revision of personal habits - 24
Trouble with boss - 23
Change in working hours or conditions - 20
Change in residence - 20
Change in schools - 20
Change in recreation - 19
Change in church activities - 19
Change in social activities - 18
Minor mortgage or loan - 17
Change in sleeping habits - 16
Change in number of family reunions - 15
Change in eating habits - 15
Vacation - 13
Christmas - 12
Minor violation of law - 11

How do you use this list? What does it mean?

To measure stress according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, the number of "Life Change Units" that apply to events in the past year of an individual's life are added and the final score will give a rough estimate of how stress affects health.
Score of 300+: At risk of illness.
Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate. (reduced by 30% from the above risk)
Score 150-: Slight risk of illness.

I did it… for the past year… and I should be sick.

I did it for the past 3 years and I should be in the hospital.

I did it for the past 13 years and I should rightfully be DEAD!

Now… further… for those that read this and have Non-Adult people living with them(we call them children) – here is a list that should shake you and add one more stress to your list…
Getting married - 95
Unwed pregnancy - 100
Death of parent - 100
Acquiring a visible deformity - 80
Divorce of parents - 90
Fathering an unwed pregnancy - 70
Jail sentence of parent for over one year - 70
Marital separation of parents - 69
Death of a brother or sister - 68
Change in acceptance by peers - 67
Pregnancy of unwed sister - 64
Discovery of being an adopted child - 63
Marriage of parent to stepparent - 63
Death of a close friend - 63
Having a visible congenital deformity - 62
Serious illness requiring hospitalization - 58
Failure of a grade in school - 56
Not making an extracurricular activity - 55
Hospitalization of a parent - 55
Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days - 53
Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend - 53
Beginning to date - 51
Suspension from school - 50
Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol - 50
Birth of a brother or sister - 50
Increase in arguments between parents - 47
Loss of job by parent - 46
Outstanding personal achievement - 46
Change in parent's financial status - 45
Accepted at college of choice - 43
Being a senior in high school - 42
Hospitalization of a sibling - 41
Increased absence of parent from home - 38
Brother or sister leaving home - 37
Addition of third adult to family - 34
Becoming a full fledged member of a church - 31
Decrease in arguments between parents - 27
Decrease in arguments with parents - 26
Mother or father beginning work - 26
The same rating applies here..
Score of 300+: At risk of illness.
Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate. (reduced by 30% from the above risk)
Score 150-: Slight risk of illness.

Sheesh! Now I hope you can have real good day! No stress here! Nope! I am off to the gym.. then home to do some work on my Income Tax submissions.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Sunday, March 20, 2011

But just wait until my Peerage comes in

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Today’s Blog Post

But just wait until my Peerage comes in

As I read about Francis Ronald Egerton, I “hummphed”! Can you imagine?! Look at that list that Dude is known as...
Francis is the 7th Duke of Sutherland,
Marquis of Stafford, Earl of Gower,
Earl of Ellesmere,
Viscount Trentham,
Viscount Brackley,
Baron Gower of Stittenham and Baronet

Now some nasty low life has posted all of his trivia in Wikipedia.

I cannot imagine how his family must feel when he is posted to the common man’s, free encyclopedia! Here it is for the whole world to see… and have a commoner like Murray Lincoln place it in his Blog, in that horribly wild place called Canada and the remote place entitled Peterborough.

But just in case the other commoner folk that actually want some amusement today and may need a pleasant break from the wild place called Canada… here it is for you to read…

From Wikipedia… quote…
Francis Ronald Egerton, 7th Duke of Sutherland (b. 18 February 1940), known as Francis Egerton until 2000, is a British peer.

Sutherland is the son of Cyril Reginald Egerton, the grandson of Francis Egerton, 3rd Earl of Ellesmere. His mother was Mary, daughter of Sir Ronald Campbell. Sutherland was educated at Eton and RAC Cirencester.

In 2000, Sutherland succeeded his first cousin once removed as 7th Duke of Sutherland and 6th Earl of Ellesmere. Most of Sutherland's wealth is in the form of the art collection put together by the first Duke's uncle, Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, which had been inherited by the Ellesmere line of the family. In 2008 he sold Titian's Diana and Actaeon to the National Gallery of Scotland and National Gallery in London for £50m. He ranked 107th in the Sunday Times Rich List 2009, with an estimated wealth of £480m in art and land.
End quote.

The only difference between Francis and me is that the art work that he owns is worth more than mine. However I actually collected mine or produced mine… where he was given his musty old stuff… from some great uncle.

Now some of the dear folk that are “Peerists” – that is people that are interested in the Peerage of old country… will be having an apoplexy attack about this moment.

Hey I have every right in the world to address this Francis Ronald Egerton as Dude… the way we do in Canada to our equals.

I am directly related to one Samuel Lincoln that came to the USA in its very early days to begin his new opportunity in North America. And Samuel had a great-great-great-great-grandson, President Abraham Lincoln.

But Samuel’s grandfather was Richard Lincoln of Hingham, Norfolk, and the Swanton Morley Manor.

Richard Lincoln gave all that he had to his fourth wife’s family. Edward Lincoln, Richard Lincoln’s first wife’s son, was given nothing except the opportunity to live in a small cottage on the back side of the huge estate that Richard owned.

Samuel Lincoln made a huge decision and jumped on a ship to go to the Colonies – landing at or near Plymouth Rock in the some day to be Massachusetts. Together with others they built the new village of Hingham, Mass. Samuel was registered as a weaver.

So other than a little hiccup with one nasty – way back and many Great Grandfathers ago… I could have stood up to Francis Ronald Egerton with my nose in the air too.

I might have been forced to go to Eton too… but Innismore Public School, Haultain Public School, Thomson Public School and then Central Collegiate Institute, University of Regina, University of Manitoba, Ryerson University of Toronto, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Eastern Pentecostal Bible College – now entitled Master’s College and Seminary – were way more fun and far more important in my life!

But I did find out if I write to  … His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Karl Fredericke of Germany will get my title in place for the whole world to know.

But for now I will be simply me… Murray Ross Lincoln, born in Ceylon Saskatchewan, on April 13th, 1944 while my father held a flashlight for the medical team to see, which consisted of a doctor of some sort and maybe a midwife. Eventually I would rise to a high position of an Ordained Pentecostal Minister, an artist, a wood carver, a lace maker, a husband, a grand father and a friend.

But just wait until my Peerage comes in. That will be something else!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Friday, March 18, 2011

Libya May See Freedom – I need to pray for them

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Today’s Blog Post

Libya May See Freedom – I need to pray for them

So few of us understand in Canada and even the USA. It is a tragedy that is taking place right under our nose.

Well Libya is not that close to where you live… but all that happens there will greatly affect what you do in days to come.

Overnight the UN has voted in favour of allowing the world forces to act on a No-Fly Zone in and around Libya. France has stated that within hours they will be acting on this UN vote. Britain has stated that they also will join France in this action. I can imagine that the USA is only a moment or two away from standing up to the bully as well.

Did you catch that?

Two of the highly effective military powers, and perhaps the closest neighbors to Libya, are going to swoop in and clean up the mess that has been brewing in that little country.

I shudder when this kind of thing happens in my life.

I am just reading a very powerful book that is written by a friend of mine – actually edited my a friend of mine. It is a printing of all of his father’s letters to his mother from the time he entered into action in the Second World War in 1940. It is entitled “One Family’s War” by Rollie Bourassa. It is a great read… but heart rending as Clarence pours out his agony of being so far away from his wife Hazel and his two sons Rollie and Murray.

I cannot stop thinking of Rollie and what his family went through.

Then Libya and the most recent actions last night have shaken me again. More families are going to go through this again. What a horrible human tragedy… all because another egotistic man continues to inflict his horrific attitude on other humans.

When will the world finally stand up and not allow this kind of thing any longer.

This simple Blog posting will never stop a Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. People speaking out against Hitler did little either. But because no one would or could stop them before they had destroyed so many lives… they gained power and took more and more for themselves.

Recently as I have re-discovered Hitler and what he did … and how so many in the west had allowed him to do what he did… I am angry again.

I can certainly see why the UN has taken a stand in this way. I hope it is done well and fewer lives are lost. Maybe just the threat of foreign intervention will bring down Qaddafi’s air force with no bullets. Maybe they will surrender and stop.

For the people of Libya that desperately need freedom and a new way to live… I need them to know that we pray for them… support them and will do what we can to stop the monster that has destroyed so many.

Now how can a Christian Minister stand up for these people? They are not Christian! No – they perhaps are not… but they are fellow Human beings. And if my Christianity is worth anything at all… it needs to make me think, act and respond to help those that are hurting so terribly.

God help me to be aware!

Sheesh… I have to get to the Gym to work out these frustrations I have with Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi,

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Who Are You? – Part Two

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Today’s Blog Post

So Who Are You? – Part Two
In my ‘community engagement opportunities’ I have found a new and interesting level of connection. It is that next step after the initial introductions.

It is, “What do you do?” Or… “What did you do in your working career?”

At the Mall each Wednesday…
Yesterday I had dozens of people come by my Table at the Mall. Actually ‘dozens’ is not quite true…. They were coming at about 20 some people each hour – from 10 AM to 4 PM. At the end of the day I went to sleep in the van on the way home as my wife drove… I was pooped! I was engaging the community big time!

The questions are usually asked after the initial conversation about the Tatted Lace or the Wood Carvings I am displaying on the table. The things I display seem to break the ice… and open the conversation.

Being interested in what they do is vital to an on going conversation. It doesn’t take long to tell them what I do… but it is delightful to hear about what they do… and the conversation can go on and on when I ask one of the questions above.

I have discovered that during the day there are many retired people that come by to talk to me… each week. I think it is because I listen. I am really interested in what they do or did.

Some of the men are most interesting in that they had not intended to talk as they walked by… but they stopped and then with a few well placed questions, they begin to talk and talk and talk. Then they come back the next week… or sometimes even that day.

But it is the men that I draw your attention to specifically. No matter what age they are, employed or not, retired or not… “They are what they do” or …. “They are what they did.”

When the question is asked of them a little light flickers on in their eyes and they become what they were as they describe in detail what they did(or do). Seeing that flicker of life… and being willing to sit there and have them tell me what it is all about… is amazing.

One man stopped to look at the carvings I had laid out. He was tall and well groomed. He was older than me by a number of years.

Speaking with him I found out that he had no other relatives here in our city. His kids all lived some where else in Canada. His wife had passed away a number of years ago. He lives in a nearby Senior’s home and is a bit of a loaner.

I will call him “John”.

John told me of his work experience as a Geologist. He had traveled many places in the world for his company looking for valuable minerals including gold and copper. His work took him many places around the globe and also to remote parts of Canada. It was an amazing story to hear.

I doubt that any of the folk that John sits with in the Senior’s home and eats with him at his table even care what he might say. For that reason John is quiet most of the time. He says nothing at all.

But as John and I spoke together, he stood for well over 35 minutes telling his story. I had an extra chair… but he preferred to stand. At 84 years old I thought he should sit… but he told me he does nothing but sit in the Senior’s home.

Now each time John comes by we talk. He stands and I am sitting. I have a new friend.

The questions are great… “What do you do?” Or… “What did you do in your working career?”

But there is something about the questions that are important to know. The response may also be hard to listen to.

For some men it is hard to talk about what you did or do. The “did” folk can still be trapped back then and hate the present because it has nothing to do with the past. When they retired.. they lost their identity… they lost who they were.

The “do” people are younger. And in many cases they are in the Mall because they are not working. Because of a recession problem in our community they lost their jobs. Because of a personal problem they lost their work place… they had been fired.

The “do” people without work are the ones that really want to talk. And yesterday there were a lot of them that wanted to talk.

I have presented many of them with the opportunity to learn how to carve wood – with the idea that maybe they could sell a few things and make a few extra bucks. In some cases there is a flicker of hope in their eyes… the same kind of flicker that comes into the eyes of older men that respond to “did”.

As some of you know I am a “recovering minister” (– see yesterday’s post).

This is kind of a side glance… but I can’t stop thinking about the church and its work in the community. For the most part it does not engage the community in any way. It is isolated and alone. In fact not one of the people I spoke with yesterday even knew where the Huge Church I served in and the Wonderful Job I did at that church over the past 13 years.

The “did” and the “do” people had no interest to come there or need the church. In fact if they did come – no one at the church would have the time to ask the “questions”. They were or would be too busy doing nice Christian stuff, singing nice Christian songs, and listening to a man or woman talk about nice Christian stuff. They are the Church – what do you expect.

Remember I stated I am a “recovering minister” – not turned off… just recovering.

I have found a world that needs to talk… to tell their story… to be engaged. And I am ready to listen.

But I have also found a huge world among the retirees – men in particular – that struggle with their past and have a very difficult time living in this present.

That could happen to me as a retired minister. I know some other ministers that are struggling with this big time. But I don’t need it. What I “do” today is far more important than what I “did” yesterday.

Off to the Gym now… more people to listen to and engage.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Who Are You?

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Today’s Blog Post

So Who Are You?
“So who are you anyway?”

Not – “Who were you?”

“Oh… you’re the guy that sits in that next table to us at the coffee shop…”

“You’re the guy that was at the wedding for my niece.”

“You’re the ‘Rev.’ that did my Nana’s funeral!”

“You’re the guy I saw on TV a few months ago.”

As retirement has come upon me I am different now. I am a ‘used to be’ – if I allow it. I am a ‘once was’ – if I pine for it. I am a ‘should have been’ – if I don’t stop that thinking.

And I could go on… and on.

Staying in what you used to be is not so good… in fact even down right dangerous. It is anything but healthy as we try to stay frozen in the past.

Jokingly I have developed a comment when I introduce myself. It is a great icebreaker. Here it is… “Hi my name is Murray and I am a recovering Minister.”

The typical person that I meet in the Mall stops and asks more. Some are recovering alcoholics and they have heard that intro many times before from fellow AA members at their weekly meeting. Recovering from the addiction is huge… and stating it out loud is even bigger.

I was a minister for 34 years in full time service. I was set free in 2008 when I stopped working in the church. But I am still a minister… just not doing that stuff anymore. Yet a part of me desires to go back and do it again… I shake a little and my body trembles as I consider the possibilities… then I walk away and say no… I can’t do that any more… I am free of that…. And my body trembles…

I am a recovering Minister… once addicted to the hours and the tasks at hand… now set free… kind of… and finding a whole new role.

Now that is only my situation… what about yours?

Kids are gone and some grand kids are now appearing… “I am a grandpa.”

Kids are gone and there are no grand kids yet… “I am an empty nester.”

My wife is dead… “I am a widower.”

“I am divorcee…”

“I am a…” (now you can put your own words in to the spot…)

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I believe in Atlantis

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Today’s Blog Post

Why I believe in Atlantis
(For some of you that read this Blog regularly, here goes another quantum leap – hang on – from my Sony Camera - yesterday’s post to Atlantis today.)

Well why not…believe in Atlantis!?

Atlantis was a place and I love new places to visit… it is part of my age thing. I love to travel. Some people talk about being a “Boomer” at this age – but I have a feeling it is more likely a “Bloomer”… blooming where I stop over.

Now you know that I am a little nuts. How can anyone go to a place that doesn’t exist?

Further, as a Christian Pastor/Leader, you don’t believe in the fairy tales of all those years ago – do you? I mean – come on… it came from a guy named Plato who told a tall story around 360 BC!

I can remember way back when I first heard of this place called Atlantis. It had the bits and pieces in it of a complete fabrication… a pipe dream. But people were actually actively searching for it off the coast of Europe and the top of Africa.

When I heard about it as a boy in school I trucked home to ask if it was true. Then I continued to ask more questions of my Sunday School teacher too. I think the patent answer given was something to do with Myths and that as a Christians we don’t believe in Myths… we believe in the Bible.

Well that was an answer – but not necessarily one that I could swallow or accept. There was lots of stuff not in the Bible that teachers in school talked about, but Christians wouldn’t (or couldn’t).

I think the Atlantis account was so far fetched for some that they just dismissed it entirely. They felt that it was just impossible for a whole city, let alone a country to disappear altogether.

And add to that a being called Zeus that called all the other gods together to discuss the affairs in Atlantis. Then after coming to a conclusion that Atlantis was not what they liked or wanted, they did something to eliminate it entirely.

Imagine. An entire population snuffed out. But not just a population but also their whole country along with the cities and all the structures – kaboom – zap… it was all gone.

Now any good Christian knew that could never happen. God was in charge. God was not Zeus for sure. He would never do that kind of thing. That was not a “Christian way” to think.

After all, we know that Evolution is not possible. Worldly Scientist have concocted these ideas to weaken our faith… and now they are spreading stories, myths and fairytales through and to our kids in school. Zeus… yah, right!

But then the Bible had some amazing stories that my friends couldn’t believe either. There was the Tower of Babel story where everyone tried to build a tower to reach God. God didn’t like it so he confused all their languages in one fell swoop and because they couldn’t talk to each other – they spread out all over the earth.

The Tower of Babel happened after God had wiped out all the people of the earth with a huge flood that killed every body. The only people to survive were Noah and his wife, their three sons and their wives – eight people.

So I could be sure of two things – Adam and Eve were my great grandparents a way, way, way back – and so was Noah and one of his sons… the light colored skin son.

That is what I learned in Sunday School and church… and believed it.

I also learned that God used Joshua to wipe out one city called Jericho… and you can’t find it today!

But long before that Lot, Abraham’s nephew, left Sodom and Gomorrah, just before God roasted everyone alive in those two evil places – by sending down Fire and Brimstone from heaven.

But Atlantis was way too hard for any Christian to swallow because it wasn’t in their Bibles.

I thought about this over this past week as Japan was shaken by the recent horrific earthquake… and then parts of the country were completely snuffed out by the following Tsunami. One minute there was a village or small city, the next there was only refuse – or maybe even nothing. The huge Tsunami simply cleaned off the entire country side with one wave in and one wave out. Swish it was gone.

Further to that the authorities are now telling everyone that the entire country of Japan moved 3 to 4 feet east on the Globe. The World itself wobbled and then steadied with its own axis shift.

Parts of the world will be closer to the Sun now and other parts further away. Global warming will become even a greater issue. And this one is not because of fossil fuel burning… it is Zeus’ fault… ooops I mean it was God’s fault.

Well I don’t know who’s fault it is… but it isn’t mine… so it must be Zeus… or God or whatever.

Yesterday an article was published that quoted Mr. Paul Bauman who is part of an international team that claims it has discovered parts of Atlantis in a Spanish swamp. On March 27, 2011 the discovery channel will broadcast the recent findings.

In an article from the Globe and Mail Siri Agrell states.. quote…
“It(the TV show) chronicles the work of a team led by University of Hartford archaeologist Richard Freund, who believes he has found the mythical advanced society of antiquity in the muddy sediment of a Spanish marsh.” End quote.

After this past week’s events and the video we have watched, one must ask if a Tidal Wave in the western hemisphere that followed a huge earthquake, could have wiped out an entire civilization and made the country disappear.

Maybe my school teacher wasn’t that far off… and my Sunday School didn’t watch CNN or CTV or the CBC TV programs.

But wait a minute… it was sin to have TV in your home when I was first hearing about Atlantis.

Today as a Boomer/Bloomer I can’t wait for an opportunity to go see what they have found of Atlantis. Well maybe I will simply watch the Discovery Channel on March 27, 2011 – or the hundreds of repeats later on.

This week the world was and is shaking still. The earthquake did that… the shifting of one massive plate under another. I understand that now.

This past few years my own life has been shaking over and over again… with new discoveries. It has not shaken my faith but rather increased it. I know now why I believe and that it isn’t wrong to ask questions… of what or why I believe.

So today… going way out on a limb… I state… I believe in Atlantis!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Atlantis Story
New Researcher statement and findings about Atlantis

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Sony DSC W370 – Cyber-Shot Camera – Problems

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Today’s Blog Post

My Sony DSC W370 – Cyber-Shot Camera – Problems
I am writing this today about my Cyber-Shot Camera by Sony. Just because no one else has shared their problems.

I searched the Internet when I had problems and all I could get was all the wonderful stuff about it. When it breaks down and doesn’t work – it aint so wonderful anymore. Worse yet when you speak with the store that you get it from and the initial warrantee(store) or 90 days has run out – you are out of luck.

In fact when the one store clerk just rolled her eye balls when I used the word “Sony” in the same sentence with the word “problem” and then said, “Well sir that is what lot of people are finding. You need to look at a Samsung camera. Their service is very good!”

I knew when I heard that I had a problem.

Looking on the Internet again I found the Sony repair folk. They are not too far away – just down the road in Whitby, Ontario on Cannon Court. Sony on Cannon – seemed comical if you wanted service. Now I know it is not spelled the same – but it was funny… at the moment… and when you are uptight about the stupid camera that may never get fixed… you need funny!

Packed it up… shipped it away and waited. Then it came back… REPAIRED!

The packing slip work order stated

The mother board had to be replaced.



Thanks folks! It works now!!!!

But the CYBER-SHOT W370 is not what the old, or my first, CYBER-SHOT was. It was a Cyber-Shot DSC T1 – solid little metal body, Carl Zeiss Lens and it performed very well for about 5 years. That is about 20,000 photos later and in many parts of the world as we traveled.

The DSC T1 was so good that I was not hesitant about buying the new Cyber-Shot W370.

But they are not the same.

The video feature on the W370, set at 720, is a pain in the Butt! The sound quality is so bad – I could get better out of two Tin Cans with a piece of string between them. The VGA setting is a little better… but the video is of lower quality.

The focus on the 720 is ridiculously slow. Move the camera or have the subject move even a little bit and it is out of focus for a good two seconds. And an out of focus video done in 720 – is like maybe a 150 or less camera! Useless!

Now after having dealt with and had to cope with the lousy video quality… I could still take photos… but then the camera died with these examples of the screen shot and the camera’s photo shot… both were the same.

Nope… I doubt that I will go Cyber-Shot again… not unless it is lot like the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T1!

But then what do you buy and how do you know what to get?

Who do you trust as an ordinary, non professional photographer? I don’t know…

I write this today to let other Cyber-Shot folk know that all the good stuff written needs some of the other side.

The camera is working good today (all except the crappy 720 video). And it will work good for longer with Sony’s offer of an extended Sony Care Program – at
1 year for $49.99
2 year for $69.99
3 year for $89.99
4 year for $139.99

Now remember that I bought it for about $175 (on special introductory price).

Why would I want to spend nearly $500 on something that doesn’t work well?

Nope… I may have to get one the Care Programs – just so I am not stuck without any help at all.

I love Technology but what a pain at times… what a pain!

I would love to hear back from you about your Cyber-Shot issues too. The email is “  ”

~ Murray Lincoln ~