Sunday, March 31, 2013

Keeping my Own Secrets – after reading “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton

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Keeping my Own Secrets – after reading “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton
“The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton is a great book… it is brilliant, beautiful and believable! I just finished reading Kate’s latest book.  Amazing – really!

I am not sure if I can fully explain the book in a short review.

The book is about Laurel, Dorothy, and/or maybe Vivien. It is about 1941 through to 2011. It is about the Bombing of London, England and about surviving mixed with the intrigue of life that follows.

It is about my family as well – and maybe yours. After all none of us really know all the “secrets” that our parents contain within their life time.

What a statement to make!  It suggests that my parents didn’t really tell me everything.  That maybe I don’t really know who they are.

That statement is also being plain honest. There is more than likely something that you have not told your own children. They do not know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You were afraid that they wouldn’t understand – or maybe they couldn’t handle the truth.

It is from that personal basis and likely the hidden truth that we all have that Kate tells the story of these folk in “The Secret Keeper”.

It also shows that the kids will likely really want to know what the truth is…

It will also possibly make the personal secret that you carry be kept a little longer – just a little longer.

Intrigued yet?

“The Secret Keeper” is the fourth Kate Morton book I have read.  “The House at Riverton”, “The Forgotten Garden”, and “The Distant Hours” preceded “The Secret Keeper”.  Check out her Web Page.

Imagine having your first four books all published and all best sellers – while conducting the busy life of being a Mom and Wife in a small family. From her Web Page this is part of her story, quote… “Kate Morton is the eldest of three sisters. She was born in South Australia and moved with her family numerous times before settling, finally, on Tamborine Mountain. There she attended a tiny country school and spent much of her childhood inventing and playing games of make-believe with her sisters.”

Her books are being published worldwide!

Do I sound like I am raving about this gal… and these books? Yep!  Your guess is a good one. Kate’s words and ideas are now in me… deep within me… they are treasures to be savoured over and over again.

You need to read “The Secret Keeper”.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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