Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prostitutes – Sex Trade Workers and Fuddy Duddy Ministers

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Today’s Blog Post

Prostitutes – Sex Trade Workers and Fuddy Duddy Ministers

Come on get with it! Times are changing. Don’t you realize that in many places around our Globe today… prostitutes are a recognized group… and legitimate working group?

That is pretty much what I feel like when I take a stand that declares my displeasure with the decisions being made about the changes in the laws concerning Prostitution.

You will remember that I wrote about this yesterday… and pointed to the Ontario Court Judge that struck down three areas of the present law our province has on this issue.

Within 24 hours Appeals were filed in conjunction with this decision. The Appeals came from our Provincial Government. The Government had the time in that the judge ordered that changes would take place for 30 days.

Prostitutes are people that get money for having sex with other people. They can be men or women that are involved.

Now the very word Prostitute is rather mean and nasty. It is derogatory to say the least. It is a foul label to put on some one – unfair for sure. In our liberated world where the sensitive issues of the wrong use of words can get you into serious trouble.

In my Grandparent’s day, the Black People and the African had an entirely different nomenclature. They were described by the “N” word.

In my Parent’s day men that slept with men and women that slept with (– please note “slept with” meant having sex with the person…) were called “Queer”, fruits and lots of other things that were pretty nasty.

But all of that changed too as we are more inclusive and the new words used are much more correct. In fact we are so accepting now compared to my Parent’s day and age… that it is proper now to have a Gay Person come into a class room at my grandkid’s school and teach the proper way to talk about and to a Gay Person.

Please note that the once widely used term for a person that was called a Christian is a person of Faith. And the horror for a Born Again Christian is a Religious Nut Case – or the conservative element… which is some what kinder but it carries “nut case” in the small print and understanding.

Now 2010 we are in a NEW ERA. Prostitutes are no longer called Prostitutes… they are “Sex Trade Workers”. Now there is a radical turning point that few have noticed. What a subtle transformation from Slut and Whore (the old days) to Sex Trade Worker. WOW!

Now my stupid mind goes crazy with the transformation.

My one son-in-law is an Electrician and he belongs to a union, and would be classified as being part of the Electrical Trade.

The other son-in-law is a Funeral Director (once known as an Undertaker – which left feelings that he took you down below from where you are I suppose – so they changed that name as well). His group has a special association and though we may not use the term – he is in the Funeral Industry – he is a Funeral Worker.

Now the new designation of Sex Trade Worker has been flaunted… and made it somewhat more classy to carry on the business.

So when I need an Electrician or Funeral Director I pull out the old Telephone Directory and flip through to the appropriate pages to get a number.

How will the Sex Trade section look in the local telephone directory when the next stage takes place fully? Have you got the picture yet? You will in the new books coming your way.

As the law has been coming close to the change that is being pushed through… it is possibly no longer going to be a law breaker to be in the Sex Trade Work… or to hire a gal or guy to do the service… what will happen then? It is no longer then a Provincial law matter. So it is not breaking any provincial law. It can be taken away from that area and then dealt with under any criminal law sets… if there is a crime committed.

It definitely will not be a Criminal act of any sort if every one is doing the things that Sex Trade Workers do – the right way… with no embezzling, extortion or physical harm done.

The only problem then will be – where should the place be to carry on the Sex Trade Worker’s Industry? It is a municipal problem not under Provincial or Federal jurisdiction – at all.

Now where will the city or town or community set up the legalized Sex Trade Work place?

Do you want to see the NIMBY attitude get fired up – start making that decision in your town or city!? It will happen here for sure!

Now one simple question that we all need to answer is… who will use the Sex Trade Workers? That answered, we then can tell people where it should be located. Right?

It will be sleaze ball type guys right?

So maybe it should be in sleaze ball districts of the city… right? But won’t that make it kind of negative – isolated and seem kind of dirty?

I mean if your dad wants to go to see the Sex Trade Worker… won’t that put your dear old dad in a dangerous place next to sleaze ball kind of people?

If your son needs to go there – wouldn’t you want it clean so he doesn’t get sick?

If your boyfriend, or for that matter girlfriend, wants to go… or maybe… your mom….

I mean on a main street, near fast food restaurants and near the Malls would make more sense – right?

NOW – you can likely see my tongue pushing against my cheek.. until my jaw locked just now…

This is utterly stupid the way that we are going as a society! Absolutely ridiculous to say the least!

Wouldn’t you like to sit on the City Council for the next few years as zoning bylaws are adjusted to accommodate the new industry that is being recognized locally. The politicians and photo ops will be amazing!

Stupid – stupid – stupid!

How do things ever get this far into stupidity?

When you replace “Morality” with “Rights” it happens real fast. In Canada we are so fixated on the Rights of everyone… that we cannot see the affects on everyone and society.

But we have a really stupid guide line… if the person is below 18 we get riled up and say NO WAY!

We as a society maintain some sort of a wishy washy morality until that big birthday… then all changes.

What would happen if someone stood up and stated the obvious, a stronger set of Morals for all of us is not a bad thing? And Morals could quite possibly be linked to a “Higher Power” who is interested in this kind of thing.

BTW – in my Grandparent’s day, my Parent’s day… and believe it or not – MY DAY – the Higher Power was GOD… but even he is politically incorrect and doesn’t fit into any Rights Riddled Society!

God help God to get out of here! Our society doesn’t need him to be interfering in our affairs!

But there is one thing that all of our changes cannot get rid of… mankind and womankind – still has a conscience… way down inside.

I have spoken with Sex Trade Workers… and they don’t like what they do either. Their hearts are broken and their lives have been shattered… but there is still something called a conscience..

God loves them the way they are. And when he made them he put that wee small part in their “heart” or “mind” that still wants Him.

I am watching my leaders to see what happens now. With an election coming up in less than a month now… I wonder if anyone will ask the local politicians what their vision is for the Sex Trade Workers and Industry in our community?

Yep – I am an old fashioned Fuddy Duddy – pure and simple!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Minster comes out of the Closet about Prostitution

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Today’s Blog Post

Minster comes out of the Closet about Prostitution

I am in a very dangerous place at this moment. It could be the difference of going ahead in life and stopping dead to never do anything of value – EVER AGAIN. The situation is serious – very serious.

What in the world could make a retired minister ever face such a serious dilemma?

Here goes. And as I put these words into this Blog I have made the decision to take the stand and lose everything that I have built so far with my credibility. Gulp… here goes!

I should explain why this is going to happen before I actually do it. I am a retired minister… worse yet I am of the Protestant faith group, and even worse yet… I am the Evangelical clumping together… and totally worse yet I am a Pentecostal! God help all of you that are anywhere near me now – or have read this Blog not knowing the details of how dangerous I really am!

In the eyes of the World way out there, you know the ones that never go to church and think that all church goers are fruit cakes, I am a complete nut case. Anything and everything that might come from my mouth is pure craziness in the world of 2010. Nobody in their right mind would listen to the Idiots that sit near me, or talk like me… or think like me.

See… I have already placed our loosely crafted relationship with you being the reader and me being the writer at risk. You are at risk – just reading this “junk”.

And by far the worst part is about to happen… I will comment on something that has just taken place in Canada’s court system.

Here goes….

Yesterday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel, made a way for the laws concerning prostitution to be radically changed… in fact as it has been reported so far… it could make a way for prostitution to become a legitimate business.

On it is reported that.. quote…
“In a decision Tuesday, Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel ruled that the current law is unconstitutional because it contributes to the danger faced by sex trade workers.

Himel struck down sections of the Criminal Code that make it illegal to communicate for the purpose of prostitution in public, to keep a "common bawdy house" and to profit from prostitution-related activities.”
End quote.

In fact the news last evening on TV was filled with reports of this radical departure from what we have known about the laws concerning prostitution.

One of the Sex Trade workers that was involved in launching this challenge at the Ontario Supreme court said something about the public and business people saying something like ‘don’t worry about this… we are ordinary people like you…’ and “the streets are not going to fill with frogs…”

The editor of that TV piece certainly picked a terrible example to demonstrate the plus side of this major decision. DUH! Frogs?

Yet it(she) was a very good example of what should be shown. This is the potential of what your 18 year old and up… daughter and granddaughter will be speaking like at the end of their sex trade career – that they could potentially chose for safe work now!

Thank you editors and producers – that was a good one!

Yes, as I speak out I will put my person, my family and my whole being at risk as THEY ridicule me as being a RELIGIOUS NUT CASE for saying this is very wrong! The reasoning and the logic that has been used to arrive at this decision that Ms. Himel has come to is at the least a huge stretch and very wrong.

The quote that the Newpapers are printing are…
Montreal Gazette reported Himel… "These laws, individually and together, force prostitutes to choose between their liberty interest and their right to security of the person as protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms," she said in a decision that has been on reserve for more than a year.

"I find the danger faced by prostitutes greatly outweighs any harm that may be faced by the public," Himel wrote.
End quote.

It was the “greatly outweighs any harm that may be faced by the public” that stirs me up deep inside.

Obviously, Ms. Himel and others that are forcing her to make this statement have never spoken to a mother and father of a Prostitute. They have never been with the anguished parent that has a daughter that has gone completely out and away from all that she was taught in her family.

They have never been with the person that has been wracked with sickness and disease that she or he has picked up doing their sex trade.

The ruling states that we should be concerned about the potential danger that the ‘public’ has placed these girls in because they are not able to interview their potential ‘John’ to see if it is safe or not.

There is no morality involved. No one stating what might be good for society any longer. What really matters is the Rights of the individual… their safety – yadda, yadda. Yadda!

What about the safety and plan that the family had for their daughter or son… and the choices that they make being taught at that early age?

Wake up Canada. Your son, Your daughter, Your grandchild… is the next possible sex trade worker.. given the right or wrong set of circumstances. Declaring that prostitution is wrong, morally completely wrong… is NOT WRONG! Did you get that? Standing up and saying something because of your love for humanity… is not wrong.

I may be labeled a nut case… one of those in the church that will oppose this… SO BE IT. I am one of that kind!

But you already knew that when I warned you earlier.

But there is no way that the people that oppose this can get a word in edgewise. We are the religious right… the extremists, nut cases, that oppose anything and everything of progressive thinking.

All I know is that I have sat with prostitutes and listened to some gut wrenching stories and then cried with them. They didn’t want this for themselves and their families.

I have listened to parents that have lost their kids to prostitution. I don’t think they would vote for what is happening… and they are not religious nut cases either. They are mourning the loss of their kids. Yes they died! They died from the sicknesses and disease that the kids got from good citizens while having sex.

I have listened to the wife of a “John” that has been with prostitutes… and cried with her when his sexual addiction destroyed their family. That is not what she thought he promised when they stood at the church altar taking their wedding vows so many years ago! Not at all!

Am I riled up? Yep… just a little and I am also disgusted to think that smart people have fallen for this new way to make something very wrong seem right.

So today.. in this simple text.. this Minister takes a stand and says – this is nuts! Will someone with some brains please look at more than the rights of an individual? Will some one please look at what is good for society? For families? For kids? For the future?

God help us all!

Ooops sorry.. I invoked a being that is a myth in all of this stuff… imagine asking GOD to help us? How utterly stupid of me!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rising and Falling with Social Networking and Recession Stuff

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Today’s Blog Post

Rising and Falling with Social Networking and Recession Stuff

Fare Warning to Politicians… Social Networking and other stuff will have a greater affect on your job than ever before!

Unless you have been bitten by a “political bug” of some sort you will not know about Shawn Graham and his Liberal Party in New Brunswick. But if you live in New Brunswick you will know lots about Shawn.

Shawn Graham was ousted yesterday as the Premier of the Province of New Brunswick. The news report stated that he accepted the defeat graciously and wished the Progressive Conservative Leader, Premier-elect David Alward, the best of luck.

I was interested in reading the report (link below) from the “Times and Transcript”. And I am guessing that a whole lot of other folk across our nation will be looking on as well for some important reasons.

Shawn Graham represents the new order in the political world. The new order being someone that rises quickly to a place of power and then tries to do something quickly as well. He is very much unlike the Old Boys of politics or the old days. Mr. Graham is only 42 years of age and has already served a full term as a Premier of the Province. He started the job when he was a mere 38 years old – imagine!

During Shawn Graham’s term of office some major shake ups have taken place… much like it has all across our country. Two of the major shake ups have been crucial ones to look at… for I feel that it will likely have some effect on many other political leaders as well – in days to come.

Shake up One…
Social Media was used widely in the protests against Mr. Graham’s actions while in leadership. The article relates that the Federal Beausejour MP Dominic LeBlanc made some comments about the results of this election (for non Canadians reading this – an MP is a Member of Parliament in Ottawa and an MLA/MPP is a Provincial Leader – either Member of Legislative Assembly or Member of Provincial Parliament)

The Times&Transcript said… Quote…
“LeBlanc said he feels the advent of social media and technology have made it easier for protest movements to mount and challenge governments. "That will make voters much more volatile, and you had an activist government that decided to attack difficult problems head on and, in so doing, you built up some of this agitation."
End quote

Since 2006 when Mr. Graham was elected Social Media, things like “Facebook” and “Twitter” – along with the technology to use them with great ease – i.e. Blackberry and all the rest, have come into play in a huge way.

In the past when the Old Boys were fighting for their political careers, they only had to worry about the Old Biddy on the hand crank telephone and the party line – listening. Today the new generation will rise and fall in a heart beat with the help of the Social Media.

Most of the Old Folks that I associate with, folk my age, don’t even know what the term Social Media really stands for… nor would they know how to use it!

Mr. Graham’s age group knows it well and uses it al the time. And as LeBlanc the Federal MP points out – it may well have added to his undoing!

Shake up Two…
In the last four years the number one problem faced by every Political Person (an all of us) has been the “Great Recession” where everything has fallen and everyone has been affected deeply. There hasn’t been one person that hasn’t felt the deep blow from this Recession.

There is less money coming in and fewer people doing what they did before… at least they are thinking that way. In reality things have not been easy for anyone.

Now put yourself as the Leader over a Province that has felt this deeply. Every decision that you make will have some kind of an effect by the Recession mind set. Basically when everything is pushed aside… people are upset and want to blame some one… for something that they may not understand… and when that happens the Leadership will be at fault – for everything. Some one will have to pay… why not the politician, the elected leader????!

The Leader has been leading us and things went from bad to worse… so it must be his fault! Dump him! Get a new one with better promises and everything will be okay.

I think the important part of the article that I read about Shawn Graham was his call to the Mr. Alward wishing him the best of luck. He will certainly need it now. All that changed is the leadership.. not the affects of the Recession or the Bad decisions made prior to 2006 – nor the social networking.

So what in the world has New Brunswck have to do with my area of Canada? I think it is simple. Their election is one month ahead of ours. There has to be some politicians in our Province of Ontario that are having long meetings locally… and are worried sick.

In our own city the mayor and councillors are up for the election that is coming at the same time. I noticed one thing locally… there is way more folk running for leadership now… and they are using a number of new ways to reach people. The local problems haven’t changed much… but new leadership hopefuls think they are better than the old guys that were leading up to now… yikes!

The problems have not changed one bit. The answers to the problems will not change. Yet we will expect the new leader to fix it.

Our new man on the political block locally, a mayoral hopeful, has some election statements that irk me… his signs and brochures say that he represents “Leadership that works”. What an ego… and what a comment about others that went before you. They didn’t work and you will.

I notice that this particular local politician has not done anything in politics before. But he has all the answers. Is he ever in for a surprise.

The month of October in our area is a big one. We have an election coming and things will change big time.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, September 27, 2010

Reviewing Facebook Places

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Today’s Blog Post

Reviewing Facebook Places

I think the first time that I felt somewhat threatened with a “Privacy Issue” was in China in the about 1981. That was way ahead of any of the Privacy Issues that surround us today.

Maybe it wasn’t China, it was when I was a boy and was visiting my Grandparent’s Farm in southern Saskatchewan – long before the Privacy Paranoia of 2010.

In China it happened when I went to the Toilet in the Hotel Room. I sat down on the “throne” and looked to my right where the toilet paper was normally hung. Instead of the TP being in that place, there was a telephone within easy reach. No kidding! The intention was to make your stay in that room the most luxurious possible… when the telephone rang you could speak to the inquiring party – instantly without missing a beat… or losing concentration. Now that was funny… because I didn’t know anyone in China! DUH!

When I was a boy on the farm it was again the telephone that had caused the issue of privacy to appear. The wall telephone that was mounted for all to use… a wooden box with the receiver hanging on the side and a mouth piece mounted on the front, was activated by rapidly turning the crank to notify “Central” that you wanted to talk to some one. She would then send out a Ring Tone to the party that you needed to speak to with a combination of so many LONGs and so many SHORTs. Like Two Shorts and One Long was the Jones family… hearing it… the Jones Family telephone would be answered if they were home. Three Shorts and One Long would notify the Smith Family that they should pick up the ear piece.

Later on you could do your own Two Longs and Two Shorts – it was direct!

Along that rural telephone line there were “busy bodies” that would pick up to listen in on what you were saying. Privacy Issues were a problem with “some old biddies”.

Well here we go again… Facebook has announced last Friday that they have made it possible for Canadians to add to their Facebook experience something called “Places”. We are favoured country in that we can now allow our friends to know exactly where we are…. EXACTLY… the spot where we are situated at that moment!

Now it has to be done through your Mobile Facebook application… using something like a Cell Phone that has the ability to see your Facebook on the tiny screen. Lethargic people that sit at their computers at home can’t get in on this.

From what I gather the Cell Phone reports where you are, so that Friends know exactly where you are at that moment. Then following that revelation, the Facebook Friend can run to that exact spot that you are to talk to you – in person… or by texting across the table from each other.

Now let’s think about this cool application that is now available for all in Canada to use.

Using my China experience and the telephone in the bathroom while you are on the throne… you can see we have now caught up to the Chinese. Oh boy!

On the very positive side a smart mom or dad can now tell exactly where their teenager is at any moment… on a date, after the curfew has expired and/or their teen is sitting in their date’s car “just talking”.

A husband with a Cheating Wife could get to where she is at quicker… or visa versa.

And on and on…

Being 66 years old I am not sure why I would want all my friends to know where I am at that exact moment. With me there is a small privacy issue that I need to keep to myself… I need just a little time alone. How about you?

As I do the Tatting and Wood Carving demonstrations I have noticed the new phenomena around me. This summer more than ever it has been taking place. More and more people are walking by with their cell phone in two hands and staring at the tiny screen. Notice that they are walking, not standing still… unless the apparent message is startling… in which case they do stop… rapidly tap in words on the tiny keyboard… then start walking again.

No it is not just teens… it is old folk too… even people my age.

The one exception to this is the One Hand Wonders that hold the communication device and scroll through messages, tap out new messages and send new messages with one thumb only. They blow my mind.

Now a smart teen can loan their phone to another friend, or leave it in the car… or at home…

This is a whole new era as of Last Friday. Our life as we knew it has changed completely if you are connected. And you didn’t even know it happened.

When I was checking about the new “Places” feature it showed that 2,444,586 stated that they liked this… and encouraged me to be the first among my friends to try it out.

Sorry I can’t do that.

Most of my friends are of the very old school… when they are in the toilet and the phone rings… they yell at someone outside of the Throne Room, “Can some one get that… I am kind of busy!”

Facebook Folk – the feature looks great! I approve. Old people like me however will struggle a little as we get on to this new fangled idea of yours. BUT thanks for getting it ready for Canada.

BTW – my Friend did offer a good suggestion and an idea where he will be using this feature. When his loud mouthed Brother-in-Law is heading his way across town, coming for another free meal; they will have enough time to close the blinds, lock the doors and turn out the lights before he gets there!
~ Murray Lincoln ~


Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Last 96 Hours – what will I do with them?

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Today’s Blog Post

My Last 96 Hours – what will I do with them?

I needed a day to sort out my thoughts and emotions. It was very hard listening to my friend. He poured out his heart to me as I sat on the hospital bed yesterday at lunch time.

John had emailed me about two weeks ago to tell me that he had been diagnosed with Cancer… his email read as follows… quote…
“Sometime in August, I passed out on the bathroom floor. This prompted me to get a doctor's appointment. The doctor ordered a number of tests, including, blood, ultra sound of my organs and x-rays. When the results came in, I was told to go immediately to the emergency department of the hospital. This was on a Friday about 2 weeks after the bathroom incident.

I was treated and sent home, but they told me to come back.

The following Monday, they did a CT Scan. An appointment was made with a Dr. McFadden, and on Wednesday, he took a bone marrow sample and informed me I had Acute Myeloid leukemia (AML). The rest of the week, I grew increasingly ill and ended up back in the emergency department on Sunday morning. I've met with many doctors who are starting treatment for AML.

However, unless the Lord Jesus heals me, they have told me that I may not live past the next 4-8 weeks.

Sorry to drop this bomb on you all but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

Please remember me in prayer and add me to any prayer lists you are aware of.God Bless,
John A. Miller
End quote…

Imagine – 4 to 8 weeks to live. This news came to me on Sept 10th.

Yesterday he told me more of the story and what has happened this past weekend.

John was at home. On Saturday he had a very bad pain in his lower abdomen – below his navel. He called a nurse that was coming to their home to look after John. She came and then called the ambulance.

At the hospital he was checked over thoroughly and they found that his bowel was strangulated – had a knot in it and it was very bad. He could choose to have an operation or perhaps he would be gone in three days.

The family together decided that he should go for it and undergo surgery. The Doctor warned him that he may not pull through the surgery. In his condition he could well die while in the operation.

That was last Saturday. John was telling us the story six days later.

Just before we came into his room the Doctor had visited him and was very clear with John about the prognosis. “John, you will likely die in the next four days.”

As I sat on the bed he had just called his wife with the news.

It was a sobering moment for Alida and me… and John… then later Alida and I visited John’s wife Joyce. Joyce told us of John’s call… “ I will die in four days, the Doctor said.”

Joyce was processing the words as well.

My question is… what would I do if the Doctor told me that I had 4 to 8 weeks to live? What would I do if in that time my medical condition worsened and then I was told that I may not live through the operation? Then coming out of the operation, I was told that I would likely die in four days?

As I sat there listening to John, he told me of the plans that he had. He wanted to help build at least two water wells in Africa each year. He had a plan to make that happen. “I guess I will have to leave that one alone.”

“I had a plan to write the history of our church. I have received some of the material already…but I guess I will have to turn that over to Milt and Mary…”

John went over his check list of things that he needed to get done in that 4 to 8 weeks.

He now had 96 hours left. That was yesterday morning. Tonight it is about 60 hours… and time is running out.

You likely are asking how they could possibly know. Right?

His immune system is almost non existent. Any or all infection that his body is invaded by, will most certainly kill him… within the predicted time.

John remembered with Alida and I some fun things we used to do together.

He had taught Alida how to drive. He had been a close mentor to me as I began to work with boys in our boys club. He probably was the one that had prompted me to get looking into further studies toward my Theological Adventure and the Pastoral work that I later launched into – 37 years ago.

I prayed with John and we sang an old song that we had learned together… with Alida leading us…

As we left his room… I knew that I would not likely see him again. This was the last time… oh boy.

Then I started thinking back to the fact that John had a medical check-up sometime in January or February 2010. Everything was very good. He was healthy – very healthy. In August he had passed out and now in September… maybe by the end of the month he will leave his family for good.

It is close to home for me. I am just a little younger than John. I am healthy… and look forward to quite a few more years.

BUT the nagging question is, “What do I need to do make sure these plans I have are in order and maybe even complete?”

The reality is that I have no guarantees of anything or any time… I am whole lot like my friend John….

What do I have to do now?

If I had only 4 to 8 weeks left starting now… what would I do? What will I do with my last 96 hours?

It has been a long day for me… a long, long day….

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Story of Percival and Rose

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Today’s Blog Post

The Story of Percival and Rose

I think that you need to hear a True Love Story. In this sometimes flaky world that has some strange ideas of what Love and relationships are all about… we need to hear about what real love was some folks.

Get you box of tissue ready… some may cry… fair warning.

The year was about 1915. A friend of Rose told her that she could do something for the War cause by possibly writing to a lonely soldier.

Rose was about 16 years old. She lived in Britain and the War was close by in France. Thousands of men were losing their lives and twice as many families were deeply affected.

Some how Rose received Percival’s name. Percival was originally from Britain, but as a young boy he had moved to Canada with his family. Now as an adult he was serving his new country Canada by fighting in a war that was miserable.

Percival’s job in the war was to drive a team of horses with a wagon back and forth to the front lines carrying armaments and supplies to the soldiers fighting there. There was danger and fear filling every day.

Unlike the tour of duty that modern soldiers have – Percival was doing his part for at least three years.

That is how long Rose wrote to him.

As I sat listening to this fascinating story of True Love, “Esther” spoke softly of her parents, Percival and Rose. “Esther” is in her early 80s now… and most of her family has gone.

When Esther first spoke to me she had told me that she was raised by family members, and she couldn’t remember her parents very well. She remembers nothing of her mother and only a bit about her father. What she tells of now is what she has gleaned over all the years of hearing stories of those old days.

Her journey back to those old days started when she opened an old box that her father had all those years. I believe that she received it after he had passed away. In the box were all the letters that had been kept by Percival – written by Rose. There were three years of letters in the box. Each one was written to encourage a lonely soldier that lived far away in a war torn countryside.

By 1919 Percival returned to Britain on his journey back to Canada. He stopped to see his beautiful letter writer. He had a mere 10 days with her in which they were married. She was 19 years old and he was perhaps 12 years her senior.

After a very short honeymoon he reported to his troop and headed home.

One can only guess the heart ache and the emotional rollercoaster that they must have felt when they parted. Three years of waiting, a marriage and then a difficult goodbye… not knowing when they would see each other again. Times were tough and a journey to a far away country on a Steamship was slow and expensive.

Rose heard in the following two weeks that it was possible for the War Brides to follow their husbands to Canada and begin their new life together in a new country.

Can you imagine what it would be like for a 19 year old girl, in the post “World War One” era, traveling alone, her own parents gone when she was very young and nothing at all holding her back in England? She had never been out of Britain… and only knew of Canada… and a place called Peterborough from her soldier boy.

Boarding the ship about two weeks later she took to her birth. For four solid days she was violently sea sick and never left her small cabin. On the fourth day she was feeling a little better so she got up and headed outside to walk on the deck. She needed fresh air badly.

She stepped on to the deck and looked to the left. Walking towards her was a tall young man… that she recognized… it was her brand new husband Percival!

Something had happened to delay Percival’s departure and he ended up on the same boat as Rose.

What a love story!

They came to Peterborough to begin their life together. They had three children and were doing well. Two boys and a wee girl named Esther.

From what I gathered the influenza that came back with the soldiers from the War… hit the area – or another severe sickness that came their way.

First Esther became very ill and was taken to the Hospital. She was not expected to live. Her little 5 year old body was almost lifeless with this terrible sickness. Next they took Esther’s grandmother to the same hospital. Then Rose was brought to the hospital to deliver her now ready, fourth baby.

The baby was born and then died. Rose died shortly after that. Then the grandmother died following that.

Esther recovered slowly and knew nothing of what had taken place in the hospital.

Her dad Percival never really recovered from that horrible few days. His Rose was gone. His new baby boy was gone. And his mother was gone. The grief was just too much.

Esther never really knew her dad from what she said to me.

At about 75 years old Esther took her father’s box out and read the letters from Rose. She then wrote a book for her own family about a soldier’s love.

That led to a second book and a third… which were published only for her family to read.

Esther looked at me and said, “You need to write your story as well.”

I have been pondering her story and life since hearing her share it with me. I think it may be one of the best stories of love that I have ever heard. WOW!

In Esther’s later years she travelled to England and met with her mom’s relatives that remembered her well. She saw where the 19 year old had lived and heard many stories about her mom… that she never knew all these years.

The love stories were eventually written… but the true love stories were wrapped up quietly in quiet senior citizen that doesn’t say much… ever.

As I listened to Esther, I began to think… how many more stories are there… that I need to hear… and that they need to tell?

Oh Boy…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tatting for the 2010 Festival of Trees

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Today’s Blog Post

Tatting for the 2010 Festival of Trees

In Peterborough, Ontario we have a delightful community event coming in November, just prior to the Christmas rush. It is ideal to hold this event at this time as people are geared up to think of their Christmas Celebration.

It is also an amazing Charitable event that does a wonderful job of raising money in our community. Last year $210,000 was raised through this event. This helped the local hospital, the local Hospice group and also the local Health Services Foundation that purchases specialized equipment to help all of us.

Now the focal point of the Festival is the Christmas Tree. Trees are purchased, sponsored, decorated and then raffled off to raise the money that is brought in.

The unique thing is that at the end of the week’s events many different families will receive a brand new, fully decorated Christmas Tree.

I have made a huge decision to take one of these trees on as a project over the next few weeks. It will cost me time, energy and some money… to place the tree in the show.

My plan is to cover the Christmas Tree with Tatting and Wood Carvings – all made in the Misty Hollow Carving Shop. And at this very early stage I have completed the first steps to making this happen.

The Tree will be a my first huge step into making my Business a Blessing. If it isn’t a Blessing it is hollow.

I am excited about the way that everything has come into place to make this happen.

Each year we have attended the festival, I have nudged myself saying, “You can do that!” or asking “Why couldn’t you do that too?”

Many of the trees are from professional companies such as Home Depot or Canadian Tire. So why couldn’t Misty Hollow Carving step up and take on a similar project – and do some good at the same time?

Finally I made the decision… and have launched out!

Do you have any idea how pretty a Christmas Tree is when it is covered in Tatting, Teddy Bears and small carvings?

I don’t think they do either… and the WOWs that I have received so far has been amazing.

Gotta run… more Tatting to do today!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Some examples of My latest Tatting

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Festival Of Trees Coming

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Today’s Blog Post

Festival Of Trees Coming

Tatting at the mall today… gotta run… more later…

Big Decision made – I will be placing a Christmas Tree in the Festival Trees for this Christmas… completely covered with Tatting and Wood Carvings. Can’t wait!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again

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Today’s Blog Post

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. Man this must be hard for her! She has failed another Drug Test this past week and will be in court again. This time she could get more time in prison for violating her probation orders.

I have pointed to her before and have shaken my head as everyone else did. Coming from her troubled past and complicated family she has struggled in so many ways. It is touch no doubt.

Yet in Andrew Blankstein’s, (of the Los Angeles Times) article there is great hint as he quotes a statement by Lindsay regarding her friendships… in Vanity Fair… quote..
“ She told Vanity Fair that being in jail taught her that she needed to stop surrounding herself with people who lure her into trouble.
"So many people around me would say they cared for the wrong reasons," she told the magazine.

"A lot of people were pulling from me, taking from me and not giving. I had a lot of people that were there for me for, you know, the party."
End quote…

This young lady is truly getting the idea and maybe seeing for the first time what is helping to hold her addiction in place.

Complicated family and a past that is difficult to deal with… then connecting with no so good friends… leads to major problems…. That is what Lindsay has lived all her life from what I have gleaned so far.

Guys coming from prison in Canada cannot have anything to do with other guys from Prison… no close relationships. However some do so and then have more problems. DUH! Get smart and listen to what the folk that know are telling you!

It is one thing to know this and quite another to do something about it.

How do you leave old and good friends?

Lindsay is struggling with this and you likely are as well!

I know some one now that has cut off all contact with any of the solid friends that might help. And now this person has replaced each of these with one “friend” that has his personal intentions of self satisfaction applied to all that is done. In the illegal world it is called RAPE…. In the world that these folk live in it is now called “finding yourself”. It is so sad to watch… so very sad!

Lindsay Lohan has been deceived… why would some of us not be the same? You better believe we can get there very quickly… very, very quickly!


~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Joy of Blogging

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Today’s Blog Post

The Joy of Blogging

First I want to say “Thank You” to all my friends that have made this Blog a success. And it has been a success for sure.

Today it has climbed to 39,856 people(will likely hit 40,000 by Wednesday) that have visited the Blog and 50,649 pages have been read. The number of people is fairly easy to determine and are like hits on a Web Sites. The most interesting part is the fact that many have read more.

The subject that has been written about is found by search engines as well… when people search for a word. When they click on the ‘Search’ and the results come – this Blog will be found – almost in the first few pages or maybe the first page – often.

Now the other interesting thing is that the subject that is written about often is not found until months later – or maybe even years.

I have been Blogging now since late 2005. The first one that I began with was the Northview Blog which continued until June 2008 with postings. However, not posting any longer doesn’t mean people don’t visit – or click on to it.

The Northviewchurch blog has had 26,606 visitors and 36,623 pages read.

It is a little ego trip when I read that 87,272 pages have been read – of what I have written.

My little ego trip is an inexpensive holiday. Wahoo!

Now as a minister in churches and adding up a total of 35 years I have averaged about one sermon a week. That is about 35years X 48(about the number of weeks a year that I preached on average) X 5 pages per sermon = about 8400 pages.

And being careful to say this… only about 10% of any audience actually listened would be a good guess.

My Blogging has produced more listeners by far… and far more responses.

Most people in church cannot remember what was said Sunday AM – by Wednesday evening. With Blogging they have come back two or more years later to read it over and over again.

I am thinking that Blogging is better than Preaching – by far!

Now the one thing that I have also deduced from my Blogging is that you can make people very Angry or very Happy… and sometime some are “Ho hum” in the middle… but they do react in some way.

The problems that I have encountered is that each day you need to have something to write about – when you do a blog like this. I made a commitment to try to write each day.

The old Northviewchurch blog had 625 posts in the two years of running. My newer Murraylincoln blogspot has now had 776 in two years running. That is a total of 1401 times that I have sat down to write something for my readers.

Whew – no wonder I feel tired sometimes! Not really though.. because the act of writing has energized me. As I stopped preaching on a regular basis each week in June 2008, this has been an absolute joy to do. There were no sermons to write and preaching to prepare for… like there was from 2006 until 2008! And now people were listening.

Some have stated that a Blogger should not write too much… keep it short and simple. I do neither. I feel that I have something to say – good or bad depending on the audience… and I had to say it. I have found people will read if they want to… and not read if they don’t want to.

The joy is that they have a choice in this mode… in church as pew sitters – they would fall asleep, read a book, read the magazines, talk to each other… and simply drift away.

In church I could see what they were doing… in Blogging I could really care less.

In church my sermon was rated often by the Offering that was give or received.

With Blogging I could care less about the offering or what the reader thinks. There is lots that is political in Blogging – but not near as much as there is CHURCH. Politicians out in the Big World have no idea how much Political Stuff goes on in CHURCH! Yikes.

This is not about CHURCH – but rather about a better way to communicate.

If Jesus was alive I would bet you that he would have been a blogger. Every bit of the parables would have made great blog topics. And the other thing that I know – he wouldn’t have given a Ding Dong about what people thought. Political stuff in his Religious Protesters was just more stuff to get him going.

So if you are considering Blogging… I suggest that you jump in a try it!

Just think of a Coffee time together with other employees at Break Time. Now start talking about what ever issue that you have noted. Then write down what you are thinking.

Watch out because people will read what you say. And Be careful what you say about people.. they sure don’t like to read Four Letter words… and many don’t do the words that are three letters as well… words like “FAT”… ooops!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Justin Bieber – Hooters and my Grandkids… Yikes

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Today’s Blog Post

Justin Bieber – Hooters and my Grandkids… Yikes

Now this is not a Sunday Morning Story for most church goers. They will have missed it completely and even after reading this they will not understand. That may happen because most are too old to remember the Heart Throbs they once had in their lives. In fact when they hear of some one like this… they truly do not understand.

What in the world am I referring to?

Well the article states it this way… quote..
“None of the (servers) really got to talk to him. He was surrounded by his fans,” she said. “That’s how we knew he was coming in, it was all 14-year-old girls. And they all kind of move as one.” End quote

Now that is funny! Justin Bieber had popped into the local Hooters restaurant to get a photo of himself with six of the servers at the restaurant.

Oh boy.

He is swarmed by a million adoring 14 year old girls that think he is the sexist thing alive… and 14 year old girls know about sexy… from what I have witnessed! The clothing, the style and the just about everything about them is well… seriously trying to show sexy! How else do you say it?

Even in the local church you will see that dynamic happening now. Too much sexy for church sure… but that is the way that they dress every day – all the time.

Now back to my story. Justin steps into the local Hooter restaurant for a photo with sexy waitresses. Sexy waitresses? What in the world are you writing about Lincoln?

Well you see the word “Hooters” has nothing to do with a sound that some silly Owl makes… although the Owl was graphically involved with its large round eyes staring at you. The artist that graphically rendered the Owl… thought that chest area of a well endowed young lady… looks the same… and from there the Restaurant takes it name “Hooters” – as all the waitresses hired must have certain attributes that will show and be shown.

And Justin, acting like any young teenage boy kind of is fascinated with a place like Hooters… because… well… the visuals are rather visual.

The person writing the story spoke with one of the Hooter Waitresses, ‘Tania Biggar’ (I have no idea if that is her real name – ahem). Tania said that it was likely Bieber’s haircut that has made him famous. Okay?!

Take a look at the photo sent in by the Hooters restaurant in the West Edmonton Mall… you will see Anisa, Kristi, Caitlin, Tania, Mandy and Courtney along with Justin.

Any Teenage Boy I know would die to get this opportunity of life time! Teenage girls chasing you… and ‘women’ standing with you… yikes!

Where do I go with this?

I am 66 years old – but not dead.

I have 5 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter that are coming into their teenage years. Oh Boy.

I wrote about Emma yesterday. She is so far away from chasing a guy with a haircut through a Mall… that it is not funny. The Grandsons however are more likely to walk closer and closer to the Hooters restaurant… and peek in. Their dads won’t go because it costs too much... ahem!

Oh boy. It is a different world for our kids.


~ Murray Lincoln ~


Saturday, September 18, 2010

When a Grandparent Gets Excited – Wahoo!

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Today’s Blog Post

When a Grandparent Gets Excited – Wahoo!

I held my breath. The Team lined up and positioned themselves at the readied crouch. Their helmets glistened in the sunlight. The tension could be felt by all of us.

The opposing Team glared through the grid mask with their mouth guards in place. They too readied themselves. Their one intent was to do everything in their power to ‘kill’ the players in front of them.

The Red Wall of the Chargers was about to smash through the Yellow and Black Wall of the Steelers. The moment that the Center lifted that small brown ball off the grass, tossing it backwards between his legs, all Hell would break loose… bodies would crash and clash against each other.

The entire Red Wall had one target in mind in the next few seconds. The Ball would be directed back to one person and then the last person standing, just behind that dude, would quickly kick with all the power that could be mustered. If successful, their Team would gain more points, if not they would lose. One kick would make a difference – completely!

Now if you can imagine the danger that is involved at this supreme moment. The Red Wall doesn’t want the Kicker to kick that ball over the uprights. In fact the Red Wall’s sole purpose is to squash the Yellow and Black Team – FLAT. And in particular make sure that the Kicker is rattled enough, knowing that great hurt could come upon every part of his body if the players in front of him fail to hold the Red Wall back!

My words cannot really show what the total feeling is at that one moment in time.

But I can tell you I was sitting in the stands holding my breath. I was crossing my fingers and anything else that I could cross to make sure that the Kicker did the best ever! This was my total purpose for getting out of bed early on a cold Saturday morning… and to sit on this cold stand. I was there for the Kicker.

My heart beat and my gaze fastened on the play that was about to erupt.

The Kicker is my Granddaughter, Emma Lindsay. She is the only girl on her Team. There is one other girl in the Kinsman Football League and she plays on the Red Wall’s Team – The Chargers.

I bit down on my knuckle hard and hung on to the seat I was sitting on. “They better not hurt her!” was my first thought. “I hope she can not fold under the pressure of the glares that they are giving her...” was my second. And the third was expressed by my slightly over excited wife, Emma’s Grandmother when she bellered at the top of her voice… in fact it was a genuine SCREAM… “COME ON EMMA YOU CAN DO IT!”

The ball was snapped backwards to the Place Holder, he positioned the ball and Emma kicked it for all she was worth. The Red Wall was coming as the ball screamed out from Emma’s foot and sailed way up above the cross bars and between the left and right uprights.

OUR EMMA DID IT! Hokey Mokey – My granddaughter will make it to the CFL and the NFL easily… we screamed and we pounded our feet and we carried on – like we were crazy… then sat down… because the entire host of family members of all the players (both teams) had turned to look at these two crazy old, white haired people that had just had a fit on the top row of the bleachers!

Okay, Okay… I admit I get a little excited. It was Emma’s first game on the Senior Team, her first game of the season… and it was her first kick under REAL PRESSURE! And she did it well! WAHOOOOOOOOO!

People in the stands with us were still looking at Alida and me. I said simply for all to hear… “That is MY GRANDDAUGHTER that just kicked that ball!” They stared at me kind of funny – so I sat down again.

The guy sitting beside me explained that his son was on the Chargers Team – The Red Wall. He was Number 4. And Number 4 had just run the ball well down the field. All he said quietly, almost under his breath… “Come on Donny, you can do it…”.

I looked blankly at the dad of Number 4… and thought to myself… “Man this guy needs to be a grandparent to get some excitement!”

Okay I admit... not everyone is quite as excited as I am. I just get into it… but not near as much as he Grandmother does! Sheesh!

Emma is part of the Saturday AM Kinsmen Minor Football League in Peterborough. And with the help of some amazing volunteers, the Kinsmen have brought about a miracle for the kids of our community. And with the help of the parents and grandparents that get the kids to the practices all week long after supper until dark… and the kids that put everything they have into it… our community is a winner.

Each Saturday Morning four teams play hard at two games on the Senior field – with two games completed by about 1 PM. And at the same time, four Teams that are considered the Juniors, play on the other field. How can I tell you it better… Peterborough has football for almost the next two months! Wahooo!

It has taken almost 10 hours for me to collect my thoughts enough to post on this Blog. I have settled down and my heart rate is back to normal again.

I am happy so happy… so very happy! Wahoooo! Oh Yah Oh Yah Oh Yah!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dealing with Canada’s Aging Population in its Prisons

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Today’s Blog Post

Dealing with Canada’s Aging Population in its Prisons

As I sat with a group of Seniors yesterday talking, we discussed the Clifford Olson case. They had heard about the Clifford Olson Pension cheque fiasco… They offered some reflection on what they thought.

Like most people they were shocked to think that there are more than 500 people in our Canadian Prison system who are Senior Citizens. These are the kind of people that the Government is trying to take the Pension money away from.

As you look closer into the issue you will find that the Bill that the Government is trying to herd through the Parliament is primarily targeting men like Clifford Olson. In other words they are trying to target people that the general public doesn’t like in simple terms.

BTW – one thing to note is that in relative terms Canada has far less Seniors in Prison than the USA does.

Quoting Peter Worthington’s article March 22, 2010 in the Toronto Sun Newspaper…
“It also raises the question of aging inmates in our prisons. In the U.S. there are some 35,000 prison inmates who are over 65. Most of them have committed crimes that will never entitle them to parole. In Canadian prisons, there are some 500 federal inmates 65 and over — 1.5% of the prison population. That’s an 87% increase of inmates over 65, since 1993.” End Quote

Peter points out in his article that Canada has 131 of every 100,000 people in Prison. The USA has 750 of every 100,000 in Prison.

Now with a possible 87% increase in the Senior Population in Canada’s Prison System – we have a growing problem in Prison Health Care.

The same thing happened inside of Prison as outside. When people grow older their health needs increase. They need to have more Health Care provisions increases dramatically.

These men in prison have basically the same intake of food for the entire time they are in prison. As their age increases they should have different dietary offerings – but that doesn’t happen.

Seniors on the outside are able to make better choices… but inside they cannot. They eat what is put in front of them. Diabetics and special concern people eat the same. I mean the authorities can’t pamper to these guys – they are criminals for Pete’s sake!

But an important thought to consider is… are you ready… they will eventually get out of prison. They will come out with some major health problems that have not been dealt with. And when they do, our Health Care System will look after it Provincially… adding further strain on a well taxed system already.

My point… Seniors should not remain in jail or prison… not the regular prison at least. They need to be placed in a secure senior’s home – on the outside or prison.

A friend of mine is about to accomplish this kind of thing. He has made an investment of a huge amount of money and organizational time. They are about to build a reasonable senior’s housing unit that men that are in trouble heath wise can be moved to.

As I spoke to him about what is happening he pointed to the need that many of the men have in prison… dementia. He has been asked if he would prepare for the handling of men with this problem. The prison facility cannot handle this kind of person. As time has gone on there are more and more of these folk inside.

An obvious fact is so evident… these kind of folk will not commit crime any longer! A sick old man is simply sick. And like all sick old men the primary concern that they have is their health issues. Their new norm of a “health issue prison”, blood tests each day, better diets, more tests upon tests already done… pretty well occupy most of their time.

Why not spend more time on making better decisions about men in prison and releasing seniors to the community… THAN FUSSING ABOUT CLIFFORD OLSON!?

If the Government wanted to show their great ability to THINK… and do the best for all of us… why would they not address this issue in a better way?

I guess I have the answer to my own question… really… “Because they are the Government that wants to get elected.” And a Government in that state of mind usually says and does things that will look like they are looking for votes.

What would happen if all Canadians began to THINK about a better way? Politicians would not be able to get on small band wagons and say silly thing without thinking… is my guess.

The non issue of whether bad men, that are old get a very small pension while in prison… is what they major on. No one so far that I have listened to as Federal Politicians do any thinking at all. THINK ABOUT IT… is all that I ask. What is best for the whole system and for Canadians?

Now there is an issue that no ones has thought about as well. Suppose that the man is released as a Senior. He has not worked for 15 to 20 years. He has no money because we have taken his pension away. How will he live from that minute on?

If he has a Pension inside… he will have money stashed in a Bank Account when he gets out… not much but some.

Coming out of prison without any money is stupid. It is easier to commit another crime and go back rather than try to live without money. Inside they feed you and take care of you… outside they hate you and give you nothing. Why leave Prison?

Take their Pension Cheques away and they far less reason to want to get out at all.

THINK CANADA THINK! Don’t believe men and women that have their own best interest at heart. THINK!

One political handler close to our PM stated today in a Toronto Star article about Olson’s offer of his Pension Cheque… quote “We will not accept one penny from a reprehensible child killer,” said Dimitri Soudas, Harper’s director of communications.” End quote.

Good protection comments for political leaders.

What would happen if Soudas would have said…
“Our PM has been giving this matter considerable thought. He feels that our Country needs to take a far more positive stance in dealing with Seniors in Prison. This publicity stunt by Mr. Olson is trying to show himself off. Instead we would like to announce today that, under our great organization of Correctional Services Canada, we are taking positive steps to keep our community safe and also help aging Prisoners with their health issues. We are opening a series of self supported Health Care Centres that are designed just for men coming from Prison. These will be secure facilities that will be equipped to look after a wide variety of Health issues of these men. We recognize that these men that have committed crime are our dads, our uncles, our brothers and our grandfathers. What they did was not right. But what we are about to do is right.”

Please note that I am dreaming here… and it is What if only..


~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, September 16, 2010

So what do you think of Clifford Olson and his Pension Checks?

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Today’s Blog Post

So what do you think of Clifford Olson and his Pension Checks?

So what do you think? Should Clifford Olson receive his Old Age Pension while he is serving life in prison? He murdered at least 11 people and is serving a Life Sentence.

Now some wonderfully weird Parliamentarian has reacted to Clifford getting money from us as a Pension from Canada. He worked and paid into it over many years prior to his incarceration – so it is really his money. Now the Parliamentarians – our MPs – want us to stop paying him.

Actually it was more likely a “citizen” that found out he was getting the cash and has done the work up… getting other people worked up… and now it has become one of those “Fad Political Things” that MPs can get points from.

Yeah… the Conservatives did it AGAIN! Another brilliant thought that was never thought through.

Today at our “New Friends” senior’s group – Thursday afternoon – it was discussed today. It had hit the news again… this time it was Clifford himself that has caused the stir.

You may hate him for what he has done… and maybe even because of what he does – or will do… but this time my hat goes off to the Murderer… to the scoundrel… to the low life Clifford Olson. Clifford you have pulled off a brilliant tactic.

Clifford did this by sending his May Pension Check, all $1169.47 of it, to the Prime Minister of Canada as Political Contribution to the Conservative Party for the next Election! And in doing so, he was able to get the attention of the Press… who are all over it!

Think of it… Clifford in a masterful way has told the Government to stick it.

Clifford loves attention. It seems to me that many of his crimes he committed were likely revolving around this swirl of emotions that he gets with the publicity. Right now he is watching all the news reports of the check and the Prime Minister.

Think again… how does our PM deal with this? Have you ever seen a politician give money back? It is not possible. It would be like Niagara Falls flowing back up the river and going west from where it came.

Clifford is a Senior Citizen. Clifford is a Canadian… and he is deserving of what all other Canadians would receive – just like all the other guys in Prison are deserving of it.

Now you say… they shouldn’t get it – BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD MEN… they have done bad things! We can judge them and take it away because we say so. We are better so we can bring that judgement down on them.

Let me remind you – being a Senior is not bad… and taking away what is rightfully theirs is not right.

Now I know some Seniors that are the worst Human Beings on the Planet. They have not been judged for what they have done to weaken their wife’s resolve, destroy their children’s lives because of their nastiness… and they still receive their Pensions! So why can or why would anyone be able to take Clifford’s money away?

We have taken his Freedom… his right to be free… his right to connect with an outside world… and in doing so we have purposed to pay $150,000 a year to keep him there forever. In doing so we have already spent $3,000,000 on him alone… and will continue to do so until he dies… which could be somewhere around another 10 years or so. Clifford could cost us $4,500,000 before he is done.

And some one thinks of a big deal and makes it is a big deal of saving the Government a little over $1100 a month by cutting out his check!!!!

How stupid can we be????!

Now the fun part is that the other 350 plus people(I think there are more than that) that are in their retirement years – in prison – are talking of Suing the Government if they carry through the cutting off of their Pensions.

There are lawyers that are biting at the bit to take the case, maybe even for nothing, that will have heyday with this one!

If you cut off the Pension for these guys, they bring a lawsuit, it will cost us more than the $4,620,000 that we might save in one year.

The under current here is more serious. If the Government can get away with this thinking and action… they can do it to anyone… at any time… as Senior Citizen it can happen to you!!!

So what do you think of Clifford Olson and his Pension Checks?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Master’s College and Seminary comes back to Peterborough – I was there!

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Today’s Blog Post

Master’s College and Seminary comes back to Peterborough – I was there!

I am impressed! I was blown away by what we witnessed yesterday at the College that we visited. It was a new look at the NEW Master’s College and Seminary.

For those that have no idea where Peterborough is and what MCS is all about… I can say that it is a Theological College that had its roots in Peterborough for many years… and then was moved to Toronto, Ontario… and now has been moved back to our city again.

We attended a re-introduction meeting to the College yesterday. We toured the old facilities that were being brought back to life again after being closed for a number of years. One group had taken up residence for a short period of time but as a tenant it had not worked for them.

Following our tour we attended a gathering of the student body in one of the large amphitheatres that is used for classes. It was a Chapel Service where some one speaks a devotional and then the student body enjoys a session in music and praise. For those of you that have never had the opportunity to take part in this kind of Student guided service – words are hard to explain what happens.

The time together is far more exciting than the average church service that ordinary churches provide for their congregants. It is alive to say the least…ordinary churches are kind of … well… dead in comparison!

Following the Chapel Service we joined in meeting students around a BBQ on the back lawn.

I was impressed by what I witnessed. There are about 40 students in the first class… more than last year. The second, third and fourth years are also greater in number than the previous years.

To our delight Alida and I met two Chinese students that simply made our day. One was from Shanghai and the other from Guangzhou (Canton). I have two new friends that I hope to support in some fashion.

My friends know some of the struggles that we have gone through in Peterborough as the College was pulled from our community a few years back. The struggles that our own church went through were great as the student body was shuffled off to Toronto under the “new vision” for the College.

Dr. Bill Morrow, the College President, pointed to another important fact that I had not really considered… this move for the student body is the third or fourth for some of them. They are now settled in a more permanent setting… and they love it. It is new for them – but it is like home. No wonder they are so enthusiastic.

Emotions flooded over me and I cried – wiping tears from my eyes. “Our kids” had come home again. It is good to have them in our city!

Someone asked me if I would be involved in some way at the college. I couldn’t answer when they asked me that question. There were so many feelings and thoughts that I was personally dealing with at the time… there were no words.

Now I think I have an answer… “yes I will”… cautiously. I will drive students to and from school to church… if I can help that way.

Right now there is a need to unpack the boxes of library that is being moved back from Toronto…. maybe that way too.

Right now they need someone to help with some writing assistance and library work… maybe that would be an area too…

Just being with the students and listening to their zeal… is one of the great reasons to get involved again.

Over these past few years, after the college left Peterborough, I have attended way too many funerals and met too many people that are getting ready for their own… I need new life.

Gotta run and meet some younger people – it is Tatting Day today at the Mall. There are some younger people meeting me today to learn how to Tat. Wahoo!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

“Be smarter than you are famous” – Merv Griffin

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Today’s Blog Post

“Be smarter than you are famous” – Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin said, “Be smarter than you are famous”.

In 2010 – “So who was Merv Griffin?”

Wikipedia states the following…Quote
“Mervyn Edward "Merv" Griffin, Jr. (July 6, 1925 – August 12, 2007) was an American television host, singer, and media mogul.[2] He began his career as a radio and big band singer who went on to appear in movies and on Broadway. During the 1960s, Griffin hosted his own talk show, The Merv Griffin Show, and created the game shows Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Click, and Merv Griffin's Crosswords. He is considered an entertainment business magnate.” End quote

He died in 2007 and in 2010 very few younger people will know the name – let alone all that he did. Yet he was one of the most wealthy people of his time. The things he created and the things he was involved in are still growing and going on.

This month the TV programs “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” started their 27th and 28th year of Broadcasting. When you think of all the other programs that have come and gone in 28 years – this is amazing!

Both of these were a brainchild of Merv Griffin!

Yet in 2010 – few of the emerging generation remember him or know much about the character.

When he stated the obvious, “Be smarter than you are famous” he was right on… and away ahead of his time.

In 2010 the common practice and the thing that most people want deeply is their 15 Minutes of Fame… just 15 minutes would be great! Even 5 minutes would be nice… of how about a simple wave to a TV Camera as a TV News Reporter is out on the street? Would that do? – you betcha!

This past week, Pastor Terry Jones made it big time as he almost carried through his threat to burn the copy of the Koran(Qur’an). In fact with his stunt he almost launched a world crisis and put many, many people at risk… people that would be murdered just because they were American or Canadian in another part of the World. The radical Islamic factions had threatened to defend their Holy Book and the likelihood of western people being killed was real.

Pastor Terry certainly got his 15 minutes plus some!

But applying Merv Griffin’s practical advice was not something he did. He was not smarter than he was famous.

I would have loved to be in the town or city where he shops for groceries this next week. His 15 minutes of fame will likely ruin his life and whatever ministry he had. The guy is a Gonner, a Loser, and a Freak to the rest of the world!

Maybe what needed to happen is that you really need to be smarter before you are famous!

Fame will leave you and vanish with the next fad – or famous person. Once the new person appears you will be caught in a ‘no zone’ area where you will not be known any longer.

To test this out I asked a person, that works in an important place in our community, if they knew my friend who once had an important job in that important place. The person that I was asking looked at me blankly and responded, “No I never heard of that person… how long did they work there? I have been there 5 years and can’t remember the name.”

I won’t tell you the place or the person because they are still important in their own mind. But in the world they were once important in – they are no even known! They once had years of fame – not just 15 minutes. Now they are not even known!

Yikes! Every Retiree has that feeling as I am discovering. I have polled a number of my friends on this topic. One suggested that it took a few years to let the feeling of being infamous become the new norm… they were now a nobody in a somebody world.

Today I am meeting a new group of Students that have entered our newly, reopened Bible College… the New Masters College and Seminary which has been brought back to Peterborough.

These are excited and amazing young adults that are about to become famous as graduate ministers in their small worlds. They will leave the college and become important in their worlds. WOW!

I am filled with many emotions today as I will attend the meeting this morning. I almost don’t want to go.

A few years back I openly questioned the stupidity of the move of the College from Peterborough. I became “famous” in my small world for not being a “team player” and not being onside the leadership as they made these dumb decisions to vacate the premises that they once had built. It just didn’t make any sense.

Now they have come back to the city again. WOW!

A person asked me how I felt about it… and I just stared blankly at the guy and said nothing.

I became famous a few years ago for saying too much. I was branded as a nut case that opposed leadership. But in fact my fame was the 15 minute kind… short lived.

Now I am dealing with lots of feelings that are hard to sort through. I am a sideliner that once was. And I know too much.

How do you deal with this kind of thing? I am learning and have few answers at this point in time.

Maybe you have the answer for me. Huh? How about it? Any advice? I would love to hear it!

I know I need to be smarter than I am famous – for sure!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Knit camBRIDGE Project – a Knitter’s Tribute

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Today’s Blog Post

The Knit camBRIDGE Project – a Knitter’s Tribute

As an artist I understand the feelings of my art and appreciate the feeling that comes from my art – especially when it deeply affects those that see it. When others participate in what I have done, it may be one of the greatest “highs” I have ever been on. The participation may be because they appreciate it or also because they don’t particularly like it. At least they looked and experienced it.

I have drawn someone into what I have felt about something – or how I have reacted to something.

Last Saturday I felt the art, I experienced the art, I was part of the art, I was involved in the art and I simply didn’t want to leave the art. The internal feeling I had moved me deeply and I wanted to run from the place and do art.

I know for some of my non-arty friends that means and makes no sense at all. Some pride themselves on being total failures with anything creative… which I have a hard time accepting.

Yet on Saturday I witnessed non-arty people being immersed in the art totally and then reacting to what they were immersed in. They were grinning, they were touching, they were talking and for the most part everyone in the art – was taking photos of it.

What it the world am I talking about?

Well it is kind of hard to describe. Let’s try this… something like I would do if I describe someone doing a painting… you need a canvass or surface or place to do your art… then you need material that will be applied to, constructed in or on the surface or place you will do your art.

A Water Colour Painter will need brushes, paint and paper to paint on. A wood carver will need some tools, some wood and a place to do his work as he makes something of what he has in front of him.

On Saturday I witnessed and experienced Sue Sturdy’s installation in Cambridge, Ontario. Sue has done Art. Sue has made perhaps one of the largest pieces of Art that Cambridge has ever seen… and she has done it amazingly well!

Between Cambridge and Galt flows the Grand River. Over the Grand River are a number of Bridges – one of these Bridges is on Main Street. This Main Street Bridge is the “canvass” for Sue Sturdy’s art installation – her piece of art.

Sue, along with hundreds of volunteers, has wrapped the Main Street Bridge with woollen pieces of art that are hand made from all parts of the world as well as locally. I am having a hard time describing the things that I have witnessed last Saturday. I can use the words amazing… but that falls short of what I felt.

The bridge is a cement, two span, bridge that supports the weight of heavy trucks and equipment that has crossed the Grand River for years over the Main Street.

Now for non Cambridge people you need to know that this area has been known as one of the main producers of woollen products for years. Knitting wool was produced here for a long, long time. The many knitting factories and supporting factories/industries were all along the Grand River. Cambridge, Ontario could possibly be called the Textile Capital of Canada.

The fact that the Bridge is covered with wool and knitting is a tribute to the area and what it is known for. The fact that more than one person was involved in this production of the pieces of knitting is also a tribute to the art form.

As you look at the Bridge you have to be impressed with the Billions of Hand Motions that it took to knit this much wool to cover this huge bridge.

Appropriately it is entitled the “Knit camBRIDGE Project”.

I do tatting… lots of tatting. Each little ring I make requires many hand motions that are done back and forth – over and over again – perhaps thousands of times over to make something special. But what I have done pales beside the knitters of the camBRIDGE Project!

I stood on the Bridge with my wife and was amazed with the tremendous amount of love and care that has gone into the covering of the cement structure.
Sue Sturdy, I love your work… and I love the way that you have involved so many in your art work. I wonder at what could ever be done to top this piece?

I include some photos here that I took to try to capture the Art that we experienced.

Thank you Sue and the many hundreds – if not thousands of volunteers that helped with the project.

~ Murray Lincoln ~