Friday, July 31, 2009

President Obama has done something amazing

Yesterday was a monumental day in the USA – and perhaps for the world. A Black Man sat with a White Man at the President of the USA’s table to discuss the difficulties that their initial relationship had encountered.

Imagine! The President had initiated a kind of peace talk between two people that had met under a very adverse setting.

And they did it over a cold beer… ahem… my tee-totaler friends might object to that part… but it happened.

President Obama accomplished something amazing… and in doing so orchestrated a possible new future.

It all started as some know – as the story goes – with Professor Henry Louis Gates returning from a trip to his home in Cambridge. He and his chauffeur struggled to get the door open. A person passing saw this and assumed that two (black) people were breaking into the home – and called the police. The Policeman, Sgt. James Crowley, confronted an angry black man that would not cooperate when asked questions… and that black man was the professor. So the Sgt. arrested the man – the professor.

President Obama made a statement publicly that will go down in history as well “…the Police (in this case) acted ‘stupidly’.

The media had a hay day with the fall out – so did the comedians.

So President Obama invited the two men for a cold beer at the Whitehouse.

Now over the years can you imagine what would have happened if other Presidents would have invited potential revivals to talk to each other at his table?

During the Martin Luther King days… and the March to Montgomery, AL etc – can you imagine what might have happened if the President at that time would have intervened?

What would have happened if a Governor in any state back then would have intervened and asked a Black Man and White Man to sit with him and talk it out?

I lived through those times and it was not liable to have ever happened.

You see we all were conditioned to hate each other…. Deeply. And sitting together was not something that a person like you did with a person like “one of them” – whether you were Black or White.

When I left home and moved to Ontario the first time I was thrust into a culture very different from my home days. The new culture had many more Black People than my home area ever did.

Up to High School I had never seen a Black Person – ever. There was one family in the city that I knew of that was Black. Their son was in our youth group at the church we attended.

Living in Toronto I came to know a guy that lived in Windsor. So on long weekends and time off I would travel with him to his home.

While there he took me to Detroit – across the river. It was there that I first saw Black People – thousands of them.

I thought it was great.

In a washroom in a large park I greeted a Black Man that was standing at the next sink washing his hands. He said nothing to me nor did he respond to my friendly greeting. He just glared at me as if I was venom of some sort… then he grunted in disgust.

I asked my friend what I had done wrong.

He suggested quite plainly that I had pulled a real booboo… and was lucky to get out of there alive. We were in a minority and there were no other Whites around. I shouldn’t have said anything at all… and he suggested that we leave right away.

I was truly puzzled and did not understand. It was my first real racial hatred experience.

When you are from Saskatchewan in 1966 – no matter how “country” you look – you needed to remember that you keep your white mouth shut in a large Black Detroit neighborhood.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time in Cambridge, Mass. and New Haven, Connecticut. Much of both communities are filled with under privileged Black People. Many crimes are committed by the under-privileged of these communities. The reason I was there was to work with them in any way possible to simply see their lives bettered.
Now 43 years later a Black President invited and met two people of opposite colours – had a beer with them and enjoyed their fellowship together.

I see that as amazing… simply amazing. What a difference time has made.

Today as I mull over these thoughts I am impressed with what Mr. Obama ash accomplished.

Now back in Canada… oh boy… we have a kind of “Racial” hatred – between the Conservative Race and the Liberal Race. Talk about wild. Each stands to do whatever to destroy what the other group has tried, are trying or may try to do… just because they hate each other.

Then you can add one or more of the other opposing political parties to the mix and they hate the first two with a passion.

Would you invite say… Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff to your home for a Cold Beer??? – or maybe a Cold Pop?

I don’t think I would try that one out in my home.

How about our local MP and his rival group of Liberal Leadership – to your table? No again. They seem to hate each other’s innards… at least the defeated Liberals do…

So you can see why I think that Mr. Obama has done something amazing… WOW!

Over the years of serving as a Minister I have witnessed that kind of weirdness in Church too. Now with their knowledge that they were to love each other – the way that God loved them… they still forgot what it was all about… way too often.

I am going to try to make it happen where I live… “T-R-Y”.

How about you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Am Making a Brand New Web

The delicate beauty of Mr. Spider’s Web caught me off guard. It was 6 AM and I stood on our front veranda savoring the start of another day.

There was much to do today. Always more work to catch up on and new ideas to try out. My new “Misty Hollow Carving” business has been a delight to work at. Each day is new adventure and with new people to meet and help.

As I was pondering my day and what would be next and what should be done second… I looked up and saw the Web.

The fine lines of the Web is amazing. The spider had worked hard over the last hours developing the intricate design.

So at 6:05 AM I retrieved my camera and clicked away the first few shots. Amazing to say the least.

The first shots were using the conditions as they were at the moment of the first sighting. The Sun was hitting the Web Just right and even some of the colour that was within the web fabric seems to jump out. Amazing… just the right moment and light.

The next shot was taken with a little help from a water mist that I applied to the Web. The spider wasn’t one bit phased by the water… and kept waiting until something his supper size would come along. The water mist may help.
The photos I made came out in unbelievable colour… and definition. ( I am sure that the National Geographic Magazine will want me to travel and shoot for them – it is a WOW Moment!)

I have been thinking about the Spider waiting so patiently for its catch. Working so deftly to construct the business and then waiting for customers to come along. Knowing full well that something good will come along is the secret.

What an amazing example of getting things done, preparation and perseverance. This Spider got the job done… no matter what.

A year ago I wondered about my future. Five years ago in the midst of professional storms that were brewing around me I doubted that I would survive. Ten years ago I did not have a clue what would happen when I came to Peterborough.
I know that some think I have the order of that last paragraph messed up… but that is the way it happened. At ten years – no clue, at five years… turmoil and finally at one year ago… questions and even doubt.

I had met with a counselor after leaving the full time ministry at the church. This wonderful lady had asked the right questions and let me talk. She guided me carefully. And then slowly a better picture came into mind.

Some one suggested that it would take lots of hard work to get something like I was dreaming about to work. A few kind people told me that what I was dreaming about would never work. Others just stared at me… not offering anything.

As I thought of the spider I wondered how many times it had its Web pulled down? I wondered what the obstacles were and the planning involved to bring it to select that particular spot?

It just didn’t give up.

Today at the One year and Thirty Days into my new adventure I can say that I am happier than I have ever been. Oh I still have some doubts, fears, frustration and maybe even wonder how it will ever work out… but now there is Peace… and does it ever feel good.

Somehow the God that placed that resilience in the Spider offered me a little of the same… and after finding it again… I am making a brand new web.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy News

So on a potentially ‘Rain Day’ what is good to read about? The news that is reported is usually filled with all kinds of good starters. Take a look with me…

How about the story of the Robber in London, England that tried to steal products from the Mappins Jewelry Store. The store clerk told him “No” and told the man to leave. And he did…

One of my friends did that just around the corner from where I live… but he wouldn’t listen to the clerk – and now he is in jail again. Oh Boy!

Or how about the fight in a Vancouver night club at 2 AM. A 20 year old girl was stabbed in the ear and had her chest receive a bite… from a 25 year gal – armed with a potato peeler.

Then there is the one about the 35 year old man that was receiving a parking ticket on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. He became irate and then bit the shoulder of the policeman that was writing the ticket. The reports said that the bite didn’t break the skin.

You have to leave Canada for the next one. It seems that lady in New Zealand tried get out of her charges of driving while intoxicated by calming that the Swine Flu had caused the problem. The judge wouldn’t buy the claim and she lost.

A Swedish couple takes the cake today for misguided tourists. While in Italy they were using a GPS gizmo to find their way to the Island of Capri. Instead of typing in Capri – they typed in Carpi – which then took them to a place 400 miles away from their original destination. Duh – that is like some where the distance between Regina and Winnipeg – or Toronto and Montreal. I guess Sweden is different than Italy….

One person that had spoken to about the lost couple asked the question – “Capri is an island, they did not even wonder why they didn’t cross any bridge or take any boat.”

On this ‘going to be wet day’… I am thinking the world is filled with some strange people that have many strange stories.

I was reading an article that quoted the Mayor of Venice saying that tourists should come to his city and throw away their maps – and SIMPLY GET LOST. Have you ever looked at an aerial map of Venice?

Today I am going fishing between rain clouds. I am going to sit and do nothing… for about 10 minutes… or more.

Tomorrow’s new headline will read… “Old geezer is retired and doing nothing…” Oh yah… Oh yah oh yah!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just way too much fun!

I think this is what happened. My grandson was laughing so much when he gave me the story line – that I had to stop him a few times to totally understand.

First you need some background. My daughter Dana doesn’t like things that are wiggly, squiggly or hairy or fuzzy or have feathers and other odd things that you are not expecting. Come to think of it she also hates dead chickens… and stuffing a chicken that you are going to eat requires surgical gloves and other instruments to fill the chicken’s cavity.

Now to the story.

The family has been on vacation. They arrived at what my grandson said was a Loblaw’s Grocery Store. Outside the store was a bargain table which was situated close to the large glass window.

As Clifford stood their looking at the bargain table a little bird swooped in towards the store. Probably thinking that he had room to keep on going or the large glass window pane made it appear that he had more room… SPLAT – he hit the large glass pane… then fell stunned to the table top beside Clifford.

Way too Cool! A boring shopping trip was now alive with a twitching bird that had brained itself.

Emma our granddaughter was standing near by. When she saw what had taken place her inert nursing ability kicked in. She immediately picked the poor little Chickadee up in her hands.

Emma some day will be a Vet or a Major Surgeon of some kind. Yucky stuff doesn’t phase her at all. In fact she loves wiggly, squiggly or hairy or fuzzy or have feathers and other odd things that you are not expecting. She will pick them up just because.

Emma decided in a split second that she was going to take care of this little feathered patient – FOREVER! If she put it down something or someone would eat her new charge. There was no way that would happen.

My daughter Dana then became involved in the decision making process. There was no way under God’s beautiful heaven that the bird was going to travel back to the cottage for Emma to nurse it back to health. Her input was definitive. Done!

Emma however has a big heart, beautiful grin and can shed a tear in a heart beat.

More background…
The family owns a Honda Van with three rows of seats. Dad Bruce was driving. His Dad, Doug, was sitting beside him. The second row of seats is occupied by Dana, my daughter and her mother-in-law Sandra. The back seat was for Emma and her brother Clifford.

Emma finalized it… she boarded the Van with her new treasure cupped in her hands. Sitting down was the next challenge. With her hands cupping the Chickadee she realized that she needed to put her seat belt on. That meant putting the little bird down on her leg and doing up the seat belt.

The Van doors are closed by this time.

With the bird having received some CPR with Emma’s hot young hands… or perhaps having just waken up with the beginnings of nasty headache from hitting the window… IT WOKE UP… to squeals to delight from Emma. Her new pet was alive and well… and starting to flap its wings.

Her mom was sitting in front of her in a closed up van that was rolling… and with the sudden revelation that the bird was alive and fluttering wildly behind her… well… reacted rather oddly.

Clifford put it this way… “MOM FREAKED OUT…! So did Grandma! It was too funny.”

Now think for a minute Dana. It is a Chickadee….dee…dee. Not a CROW or an OWL. It is little and soft and cuddly. It is beautiful… not harmful.

I do not know where I went wrong in raising my daughter? Where did she get such a fear of living things?

Maybe it was the time that her mother and I were dating – and I found that giant Dragon Fly on the car front. I had plucked it off the grill and brought it back to Alida to let her see the beautiful creature… I can still remember Alida exiting the car out the passenger’s side and running down the road as fast as she could.

That crazy dragon fly almost ended one of the first dates with her… and maybe a lifetime relationship.

How in the world will Dana ever visit Emma’s Veterinarian Clinic in days to come?

Back to the Van and the fluttering/screaming passengers…
Clifford related that on a subsequent stop Emma brought out her new treasure to allow it some time to stretch its legs on the grass. As Clifford and Emma looked on the Chickadee started to run for cover. In seconds it was in the heavy undergrowth and free.

Clifford last statement was… “The best part was when Mom and Grandma freaked out! That was too funny!”

Ah summer holidays… and family times together. Just too much fun!

BTW – Clifford is telling me this part of the story as his family dropped him off with Grandma and Grandpa Lincoln for a three days rest. They are heading on their White Water Rafting Trip… and because of a broken collar bone in last week’s rugby game… he is playing Wii with grandpa this week while the rest of them get wet.

Ah summer holidays… I now a have a fishing partners these few days! Just way too much fun!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, July 27, 2009

When Clouds Come and Floods Happen

This is from Peterborough's Flood - 5 years ago...
This is Toronto's Flooding this past weekend..
Five years ago we woke early to the sound of very heavy rain. Usually it comes and then goes – like regular rain storms do. The clouds come and then drift on by. But that morning it never happened. They came and settled in for about three hours.

At 4 AM I looked outside to see what was happening on our street… and by that time the river flowing down our street was about 18 inches deep.

The sewers were filled with water as they tried to handle the amount coming at them. In Peterborough are sewage system has both sewage and storm water.

The end result was that the whole mess came up our drains – filling toilets and the shower drains in the lower level. If houses didn’t have washrooms in their basements – then the water came up the clean out pipes.

Our city was a mess for weeks with garbage piled as high as six feet in front of houses as people emptied the filthy contents of their treasures mixed with rotten sewage. With some streets it was like a tunnel of refuse on both sides of the street.

In Toronto this week it happened to them. People are flooded out and homes are ruined. We certainly feel for them and understand!

Streets are also being washed out – showing the huge sink holes which then shut down streets for weeks – and in this case maybe months.

With every cloud that comes over Peterborough there isn’t a person here that doesn’t take a second look at the sky to see how big it is… wondering if it will happen again.

The flooding is a terrible thing to go through… and a nightmare to clean up after. The last one in our community left me with a hernia repair and lots of recovery time afterward.

What do we do with these natural tragedies? The easiest thing to do is blame our politicians… or government. In Toronto’s flooding this weekend some residents are blaming the city engineers… they haven’t done enough to make the street perfect.

It is always some one else’s problem… or someone else’s decision that caused my pain… and problems.

Sorry to say – it isn’t that way.

In Peterborough during our big flood – the leadership given by the local city councilors was amazing to say the least. Everyone suffered and everyone helped.

An amazing thing that takes place when the whole community comes together and works as one – it is a Community Wow Factor!

It is sad that nothing like this takes place until there is a disaster or tragedy. Wouldn’t it be something if we all pulled in the same direction – instead of pulling against each other?

I am convinced that God allows these difficult things to take place in order to get people moving in one direction.

Reading the story of Moses over you will see the people that he leads not always cooperating. They had their own ideas of what they wanted and what they preferred. But when everyone had the same problem with food or a lack of it, or water or a lack of it, or an enemy coming after them… they chose to work together – follow God’s direction and get moving.

I am convinced that many of the difficult things that come our way…are for a good reason – to get our attention and get us moving again.

There is nothing like good opposition or difficult times coming along to get you moving on to better things. The recession and the problem of hard times have been good for all of us. Cut backs are not bad – but rather the best thing for us to see what we have is amazing… what we don’t have is not a consideration.

Yesterday as we drove through the countryside we looked at trees that were way older than Canada. We saw lakes and rivers that existed way before this country was even dreamed of.

Coming down the road towards us were fairly well off tourists that had driven along ways to come and see what we have as a wealth of attractions. Here we are now situated in the middle of the best part of our province – surrounded with some of the best of everything – and all we have to do is look up and around. We are blessed.

In my own life things are tighter than they have been for a long time. But things have never been better… we recognize that we are blessed.

I am convinced that when the difficult times come… we are more blessed than ever… because we can stop and see what really matters.

We truly are blessed.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
Take a look at these images of the Peterborough Flood

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Correctional institute inmate. Can you imagine being in a cell? Still thinking, dreaming, yearning?"

A mysterious person dropped off a weird magazine at our home. There it was sitting on the dinning room table with its bright colors broadcasting its presence. Before I picked it up to look – I glanced left and right to see if anyone was looking.

The price states that it is $4.49 Canadian.

The front cover shouts out that “Camilla’s $250 M Divorce Deal! – Charles Orders her OUT before William’s Wedding”. The Top Banner screams “Who’s Gay and Who’s Not”.

Again – I looked left and right to see who might be watching me. How in the dickens did this get into our house? Hokey Mokey!

Yah – I stumbled through it by reading the page after page of stuff – that was hard to believe. Yah so – I know better – but it was – well – kind of …entertaining to read the full blown BULL on each page.

I do not know if any of it was true… or if some of it is true and but not all of it.

The best of what I read was just past the center section of the Mag… there was the “Sheela Wood Friendship Club”. There is very small print were 43 Ads from people wanting to meet someone.

Yah I read them all. Duh! and Doh!

And guess what I found that there is an answer for all the guys we have in prison in Canada. You can place and Ad with Sheela and she will find you someone to help get you out… REALLY! HONESTLY!

The Ad reads…
“FL 112-098 Correctional Institute inmate. SWM 32. Good hearted badboy. Been in twelve years. Shed a thousand tears. Love play, lots to say. Enjoy writing, studying, thinking and laughing. Please respond.”

Can you imagine… someone is now writing to him and wanting a relationship.

But it didn’t stop there…
KY 012-791 Correctional Institute inmate. Mature, hazel-eyed, WF, 35. ISO older gentleman, LTR, loving, sincere, stable, honest. Let’s cuddle, explore life. Spoil me. I’ll spoil you! Release October. Looking to relocate.

Or how about…
GA 112-068 SWMC Helpmate. Homemaker, best friend. SWF must be Born-Again, biblically divorced, mature Christian, medium build, good health, 50-55. He is 5’9”. 180 lbs, 60 years old. Great sense of humor, relaxed, thoughtful, professional. Photo, phone please.

NY 112-099 Correctional institute inmate. Can you imagine being in a cell? Still thinking, dreaming, yearning? Connect with me! Irish, 37, wants adventurous, loyal woman. Take a chance. Write me.

Now I have your attention – or for some I have lost already – the magazine is the National Examiner – July 13, 2009. And I have no idea how it got into our house~!

Wikipedia states it best…
The National Examiner is a supermarket tabloid owned by the American Media Corporation. Like other tabloids, its contents have often come under question, and it has been derided for its sensationalistic writing.

The Examiner has the fewest pages and is the least expensive tabloid in American Media's portfolio; it aims for an older audience. While its sister publications focus on more current content (such as the National Enquirer's focus on celebrity news and Globe's political and culture stories), the Examiner focuses on longer-standing stories; stories involving Loretta Lynn and Elizabeth Taylor have been frequently featured on the Examiner's front page. Also prominently featured among the Examiner's stories are articles on daytime television, usually of dubious quality (for instance, an article on The Price Is Right published a week before the 36th season had already declared new host Drew Carey a flop and speculated the return of former host Bob Barker).

So today is Sunday. Some people are going to go to church today. They will listen to some songs and to some preaching. Most of them believe in God. But they would never buy the National Examiner… and if they did they would cover it when the preacher comes by to visit.

In retirement I have much more time to think. I am of the older age – “the older audience” as Wikipedia puts it. I need to fill my mind with better things that what the National Examiner has to offer.

Now let’s see…? Who came to visit at our home in the last while? Who may have dropped this magazine off?

Puzzling to say the least… but very, very funny. God and I had a good laugh today. Just too funny!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yep – I gotta go fishing

I am pretty sure the feeling that I am experiencing at this moment is that of a need to go fishing. Yep that’s it a “Need for Fishing”.

It is better than other things that may come along offering to help me feel better.

LCBO – the Ontario Liquor Store – offers me unbelievable things from their bottles. The Chapters Bookstore offers me books that will make my summer better. The Seven Eleven Store has a huge slushy that is suppose to do wonders.

But there is nothing like fishing… nothing at all. That special moment when something big below the water surface gulps down the worm that I have secured to the hook on my line… then with a mighty first pull tries to keep my worm… the fight is on. Oh Yah… I can feel a fishing trip coming on – very soon.

Alida and I need the pleasure of letting our canoe slide into the water and then the moments that come as we glide over lily pads and through silent coves and still bays.

Add that pleasure to the tug of a fishing line and well… you will have a hard time with any advertisement enticing me to a product that I do not need.

Yep – I gotta go fishing….

So if I don’t show up at something you are at in the near future… you will know where I am…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Electrified Firewood

‘Disconcerting’ is a good word to explain the feelings when you finally fell asleep at 2:07 AM.

At 1:25 AM I woke to the beginnings of a wonderful thunder storm that was nothing short of spectacular. Talk about the wonder of the heavens. The lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. Some seemed to be just over the house.

Now I love a good storm – and loud and good storm will do great things for our yard and flowers. Everyone knows that.

Wondering from my bed to the front porch was the next action. I stood watching the rain pelt the pavement of the street. No wind just rain – lots of it. I looked up at the dark clouds rolling over the city slowly and at that moment I saw the new moon appearing through the branches of the huge tree in our front yard.

Wait a minute – there is no moon in the sky tonight – it is completely overcast from the heavy rain cloud laying on us now. But this moon was bright… and twinkled through the branches brightly.

Then there was a second moon…. I was now more awake. It WAS NOT A MOON or MOONS – it was a fire ball in the top of the tree as the water soaked tree bent forward lower and lower touching the power lines.

BUT it was not just any power line. The city has blessed us with a 20,000 volt line – six lines actually all carrying vital juice to our community. It is a major power line.

The wet tree was wet all the way to the ground… inside and out. As it touched the tree branches 20,000 volts or some portion of it made a complete circuit to the ground and ZAP – POP – Snapple – CRACKLE – the old tree burst into flame at the top.

For one half hour there was an on going sizzle in the tree top – which is about 65 to 70 feet above the drive way.

I stood bare foot on the driveway looking up – in puddles of water… with about a potential of 20,000 volts finding courses to the ground.

Come to think of it as I looked on… when the branch touched the wire it burst into flames and then as it pulled away – a mini lightening bolt was arcing from wire to tree branch.
I stepped carefully out of the puddles and back on to the deck… wiped my wet feet off and looked up.

That was when ‘Disconcerting’ came into mind. I wasn’t sure if more was going to happen as I slipped into bed again. The breeze was picking up and whatever happened – would happen anyway.

I had the weirdest dream after that.

This morning a number of branches are looking like they have been too close to the fire of a wiener roast. They are brown and singed on the ends. There are smaller pieces laying on the ground.

The wonder of last night was the fact that I could sleep soundly and then wake to a whole new world with small bird singing.

‘Disconcerting’ just simply vanished and was washed away with the water that rolled down the street.

The Public Utilities guys just left. Apparently the Department will have to cause an outage for the whole community early next week – or sooner if more storms come – to shut off the 20,000 volts of power. Then they will cut back about 20 feet of branches. They told me today the minimum clearance a tree branch should be from the line is 10 feet. At this point we have maybe between 3 inches or up to 1 foot for the whole top of the tree.

I am going to get more firewood soon! Electrified Firewood… it aught to burn well.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Extremely Hot Spots

As a boy I remember walking on the creaking sidewalks and then peering down into the teal blue water. I wondered where it came from. What made it so hot? As the steam rose from the caldron below our feet – it was amazing.

At another part of the Yellowstone Park you could see the geysers blow their tops. Old Faithful was one of the geysers that worked like clock work blowing a huge plume of hot steaming water into the air at exactly the same time.

But after reading the information supplied in the article of National Geographic Magazine – I am not sure that I want to stand over these hot spots again.

The artist’s concept of the happenings below the surface of Yellowstone is disturbing to say the least. You can see that above in the illustration. The artist has shown the cut away of the land south of Yellowstone as if some one has removed the large piece of pie – and you can see into the remainder of the whole pie.

The fact is that the surface of the earth that Yellowstone Park rest on is only a thin crust or land – maybe one to five miles thick at some places.

When you walk on the surface almost any place in the Park you have the sense that something big is happening just below your feet. When a geyser blows its water contents up into the air you can feel the ground rumble below your feet before it takes place.

The fear that exists now is that Yellowstone National Park could disappear in a few days if a super volcano blast took place – where the entire area could go poof up into the air – then collapse back into the massive hole that would be created.

The article link is shown below in the “Source”. You need to read it. It is quite amazing to say the least.

As I read the words in the article I started to think about the frailness of the planet that we live on. It is truly amazing that we survive as we travel over such a frail body. Frail… with its thin layer of dirt and rock covering a gigantic molten mass – the inner core of the earth.

BTW – you cannot dig through to China – or wherever – you would melt after a few hundred miles down… if you could make it that far. At the crust over the Yellowstone area – you would not need to go that far – 5 miles would have you a goner.

What a creation we live on. Our creation – the living things above the crust are amazing all alone… but then what is below us is simply stunning.

I am not sure what will happen later in my ‘after life’. I am sure where I want to go… but not sure what will take place. I am hoping for a large video room – say – about as high is the blue sky is now. Then I pick up the remote and select the video on “Creation” – push the button and “WOW!” would you look at that! The entire building process will unfold in front of me.

Oh I know that I have watched a bundle of TV in my 65 years of living. I think I saw the first one with Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show – Sunday night when I was about 12 years old – 53 years ago. But that has influenced the imagination for sure… I want to see the epic showing of CREATION… Thanks God… that will be enough for my eternity.

Today it is a rainy day in my world. Early this morning I heard the soft rain drops hitting our deck. The grass is happy. What is left of the old tree is smiling. There is a balance to my life now. But who knows what will happen next. I seem to live on a crust as well. I need not be in Yellowstone Park to think about eruptions – it can happen here and now.

But for today there is balance.

One the side….
I am saddened about the riot/disturbance yesterday at Warkworth Institution. One man is dead – perhaps from a drug overdose. Others are in the hospital the news person has reported.

The man that died was some one’s son. The others that are in the hospital are family members some where. Families have to be fearful today. I feel for them.

Today the prison is settled down a friend told me. But for days to come there will be many questions as to why it happened.

Pray for the staff and leaders in the Institution. They need help to today to make sense of a turbulent world.
~ Murray Lincoln ~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bionic Man – that is my friend Terry Manley

The Bionic Man – that is my friend Terry Manley. You better believe it! The Doctor has just operated extensively on him to give him new hope and help.

Yesterday he entered the hospital at 6:00 AM – having left Peterborough at 3:45 AM. He was scheduled to be first on the list.

Terry had been growing progressively worse over the years. A building deposit/growth of Osteophyte on his vertebrae in his neck was causing damage and pinching to the nerves running down his arms. At times the pain had grown so excruciating he had to be taken to the hospital for an injection of strong pain killers.

The pain radiates down his arm to his fingers and thumb at first. Then it became his entire right arm. Further to that the arm was now beginning to lose more and more function because of the damage.

The solution was to go into the area affected and remove the spur like growths of Osteophytes. As well the doctor planned to fuse his neck vertebrae at the same time… but he would make up his mind after he got into the site on Terry’s neck that needed this radical surgery.

When Terry woke his hip hurt more than the rest. The Doctor had opened his hip and removed bone to then make a new disk for his neck – that was inserted between two vertebrae to help reconstruct the areas that were affected around the nerve being crushed. They then finished the reconstruction by placing a Titanium Rod alongside the vertebrae in his neck.

Terry now truly will be called a “Stiff Neck” person… but he really isn’t – he is the Mayor of His Street at Elim Lodge – where his trailer is located. Terry is one of the most caring and lovable guys that you can meet… Definitely not “Stiff Necked” – but now he is… oh boy!

The truly amazing part is that they did all this surgery from the front – not the back of his neck. They had to slit his throat open – carefully or course. Then proceeding through the front to the back – opening a passage way through powerful neck muscles and other vital areas like the main artery to his head and the millions of nerves and tissues that make up the support of his head. You don’t have to think long to figure out the area that they are working in is small and very tight – not leaving room for any error.

Terry’s Doctor (I don’t remember the name) is known as one of the best. He has accomplished things in this kind of surgery that others would only think impossible. Terry will be shouting his glory and praise for a long time to come.

Yesterday I thought of Terry often. I prayed for him many times. Today I am happy and continue to pray for healing on his neck now, his neck fusion and the pain in his hip. Slowly but surely he will be better each day.

Our Plan…
Terry and I plan to fish together some day soon. He may have to have help to pull in the really big ones – with the new stuff neck… and I will be there to help him.

The operation was amazing to say the least. The Doctor’s ability is the best in the World. It has been an amazing week to say the least.

BUT – one thing needs to be said loud and long… Marion, Terry’s wife, is the most amazing person that I know. Every time there was pain she helped him. And that help has gone on for years. And through the steps up to this operation she was there every minute. She never gave up and was always there for Terry. Her love for him has only increased. Marion is amazing… sorry Marion – YOU ARE AMAZING!

“In sickness and in health…” words that all getting married people quickly passed over during their wedding ceremony … are real… they committed themselves to each other – forever. Terry and Marion did that – and meant that.

I am meeting a young couple this Thursday night to talk about their future together. They are getting married in early August. The best Marriage Counseling that I could offer would be to introduce them to Terry and Marion along with their story. “Kids – here is what these words are all about… till death do us part!”

Keep Terry in your prayers today and tomorrow and the tomorrows after that… and then slip one or two in for Marion.

Yes – for all those nosey types out there – I did have their permission to write all of this… all except the part about Marion being so amazing that is… I will have to deal with that later…

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Luck Catherine Mulroney

Poor Catherine Mulroney. Her cat is dead and she doesn’t know what to do with it. I feel deeply sorry for her sad state of affairs. I mean losing a pet is not easy… but not getting any answers as to what to do with it after it is dead is very much more NOT EASY.

Catherine lives in Toronto and her cat Snickers passed away at a very difficult time in Toronto – the CUPE union has a strangle hold on the city and the normal city services that people looked to – are down and out… everyone is on strike.

Catherine needed to find out how deep she had to bury the dead cat. One person suggested six feet deep – but as Catherine offered – no one in her family is over 5 foot 7 inches tall… No one was available in the entire Toronto area to offer the guidelines as to how deep the pet was to be buried. No one was there to offer the fact that you MAY NOT BURY AN ANIMAL in your yard…. If there is such a rule. And there are over 3 Million people in that fine city!!!!

Hey Canada and the USA – city people are weird. They are so completely city-fied that they cannot think on their own. They need some one to tell them what to do exactly… even how deep a dead cat should be buried.

I was raised close to the land and close to rural Saskatchewan. I was at the farm often. We lived in the city – but had strong rural roots.

When an animal died – you buried it. The depth was not hard to figure out. You dug a hole deep enough that would not allow the smell that is eminent… to not come up. If it did – the dumb dog might dig it up – or another wild animal might try the same.

If you didn’t want to have to rebury it – you put it down deeper.

But then on the farm a cat would usually just go away to die. Or sadly – it would be run over by a car on the road past the farm… in which case the crows would eat it.

In fact on the farm I cannot remember any one having a funeral service for a cat – EVER! Can you imagine all the men stopping their work and collecting around the garden… hats off… music playing in the background… and people crying…?

NOPE it never happened. Cats were like any other animal – we just didn’t eat them.

Cats were mousers. Cats served a purpose. Cats were animals.

Catherine, it is highly unlikely that you will ever read this… BUT I do feel for you and your family. I do understand. It is just… well… in the west of Canada – we did it differently than you city-fied people. We wouldn’t waste hours on a telephone calling to find out how deep to dig a hole. We just knew that it had to be just so deep… and then dug the hole.

And Catherine – the country folk know enough that if you were to dig a hole too deep in that city of yours – there a kazillion series or pipes and wires that are down there… one for water, one for sewage, one for gas(that will blow you up if you hit it) and one for your whatever else that you have in your house.

Keep it simple Catherine. Two shovel lengths down is good… and then fill – plant a few flowers and it is over.

And because the cat died this time of the year – you should bury it fairly soon. It will smell like any road kill does and that attracts carrion that eat what it smells.

If the cat died in the winter – wrap it in plastic and freeze it. It will keep well until the summer when the ground is thawed out. Out in the country we used to do that with people – in a cold crypt – that kept grandpa until the six feet of freezing came out in April.

This short and simple bit of advice is offered so when another poor city person asks their browser – “How deep should we dig the grave for our pet?” – there will now be answer for the poor city people that have forgotten how to think for themselves.

Good luck Catherine Mulroney. I know a pet psychologist – that does take in people as well. And should the next cat take a turn for the worse – I know a new business that Cremates the cats – some other city people told me about that one. The little box looks great and costs a pretty penny… but city people like that kind of stuff.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 1969 – How Amazing! I was there!!!

Where were you on July 20th, 1969?

I was in the Muskokas area of Ontario. We were camping with our little girl and my younger sister, Karen. The water was crystal clear and the day was warm. We had a great boat ride and caught lots of fish.

That afternoon after a great weekend we packed up and headed back to Oakville sunburned and happy.

It was a long drive home down the old Highway #27… no super highways then.

Along the way we stopped in stores to buy soft drinks(now known as Pop) – anything to stay awake. On the Black and White TVs along the way they had live coverage of the men landing on the moon. I stopped in each service station or store along the way to get a look at what was happening. Each stop was that much closer to it actually happening.

All the way home I thought of the images that I had seen that night on TV. The world had changed – but I didn’t know it. It was just an amazing thing that had taken place – and we didn’t know much different then… just another day in a growing world.

Today they talked to Julie Payette, the most recent space astronaut from Canada. I listened to her voice as the wake up call came to get her out of bed – ready for another Space Walk.

My how my world has changed. How things have sped by and stuff happened that I have no idea about.

My grandkids are slowly getting out of bed now with little or no idea of the world around them. The fact that a man walked on the moon 40 years ago today – doesn’t really turn their crank. The fuzzy TV images that are now re-shown make little difference in their fast paced life.

Their world moves on.

Mine however has changed radically as I now realize that so much has happened in such a short time – my life time.

I am going to look up this day and think long and hard or what will happen to my great grandkids in their life time.

I wish I could be there to see their reaction when the next level of space is conquered.

“Do you really think that it will happen? Will the world last that long?” someone asked me.

Well we wondered in 1969 too… there was a war on somewhere and people were treating other people in really bad ways. Perhaps that is why they wanted to get to the moon.

Oh boy… what a thought. My great grandkids could conceivably stand on Mars!

Much later…
I think I better go cut up some more wood from the tree that came down. Great Grandpa needs to get back to work this AM.

Thinking about the future…. while you young ones ready your space craft. I wish I could be with you… but right now I am enjoying Paradise! See you soon!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Old Tree Died - How Sad

So the tree was big – very big… and at 6:30 AM as my wife stepped out to look at the backyard it began to move. She was sure that there must be a big animal in the tree.

In Asia we had watched as the monkey family had invaded a tree and shook the tree from top to bottom. You couldn’t see them… but you heard them and saw the tree shudder with its visitors.

At 6:30 AM that is the affect it can have on you as you stare at the perfectly quiet, windless morning, large tree. It was shaking – but not from a Bear or even monkeys. It was shaking as it died a slow and painful death… one of it gigantic limbs slowly lowered itself to the ground.

For those that have never visited our backyard – the tree has a branch span of over 60 feet. And at 6:30 AM it could no longer hold up its one 30 foot long arm.

As I approached the tree I could see the problem that was so well hidden. There is the heart was the deathly rot that had destroyed the huge limb’s core. The branch had only been supported by less than a ten inch piece of wood that had any health left.

What a tragedy.

The next 8 hours of surgery required us to amputate 50% of the tree branches. This morning it is very different in our yard with less than one third of the covering left for the yard. And after looking closer we will be likely amputating the other major branches that are standing at a 45 Degree angle to the north. The rot is in the base of this huge branch as well.

As I look at it – it is old. It was vibrant for so many years. But then a sickness closed in to the wood that held the monstrous branches… and nothing could be done… nothing at all. Such a tragedy.

It is like life I guess. You can never tell what is lurking just below the surface. It looks good but we are not always sure of what is coming.

My reflection is simple. I am committed to live the nest possible while I have the strength to keep going. Time may change things – but for today – I am going to live strong and happy.

And part of that living today is to clean up the massive amount of wood that is laying in our backyard.

There are no words that will tell you of the pain my body has today… Oh boy….

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yes – I AM NUTS! Why couldn’t – or why shouldn’t something be done?

Over the last years I have learned that there are Victims of Crime. I met them. And after thinking it through – I have found out that I was likely a Victim of Crime as well. After a break-in at our home – we all felt the affect of that horrible time.

Just two days ago our kid’s neighbor had their Honda Civic stolen from their driveway. It was parked second car from the street. The car thieves put one of the cars in neutral and rolled it on to the street. Next they hot wired the Honda and drove away between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM.

The grandmother that owned the Honda Civic was the “Victim of Crime”. Every one on the street is a “Victim because of Crime”. They didn’t lose a thing – except their security and personal sense of safety.

As many of you know I deal with men that are coming from Prison. Because of their crimes they were sent away to do their time and pay a debt to society. In actual fact society pays a huge amount of money each year they’re in prison – with no payment made back to society by the offender.

Worse yet when they are released from prison – they have a great difficulty finding employment which will make it possible for them to make the money to survive. And if they had employment they would pay taxes which would help pay back society in a small way… and a very wild idea from way out in left field – they could pay restitution for their crime. But that will never happen in our society.

Many will apply for public assistance and then society will continue to pay – forever. In Ontario that is called “Ontario Works” – a classy name for Welfare. And in Ontario if he is sick, disabled, or simply broken and unable to work – he will soon be on ODSP – Ontario’s disability payment for disabled people. It is a great fund that relieves people in dyer circumstances.

Well… be that what it may… the last three paragraphs are simple political footballs that will never be dealt with – rather will simply always be there. The extreme on both sides of the topic will argue their ‘rightness’ forever.

Through all of this the “Victim of Crime” and the “Victim because of Crime” will seldom be helped.

In Correctional Service Canada – the Canadian Government’s department that takes care of Federal Prisoners and their sentences – there is a division that is very interested in the Care of Victims of Crime. Provision is made to help them where they can be helped – by controlling the movement and whereabouts of the Offenders when they are released from Prison.

BUT – in all of Canada there is no provision to help “Victims because of Crime”. And I do not mean the people next door to the person that had their car stolen two days ago. It is way more complicated than that.

If you have read what I wrote two days ago(just before this posting)… you will have read of my trip to Kincardine to help a man meet up with his children again.

It was a good day. Long but good.

As my friend visited with his three sons I was given the opportunity to talk at length with the mom of the three boys. I was given the opportunity to listen to this mom describe what happened to the family after the crime was committed. And believe me – I LISTENED CAREFULLY.

I have been dealing with and watching carefully what the ex-offender has been dealing with for the past 13 months after his release from prison. I have helped where I can to make the community safe and also to provide a better humanitarian relief for the ex-offender.

This particular ex-offender is sick with a very serious, life threatening disease now. If there is no cure or possible intervention he will die early.

His situation does not allow him to work. His is legitimately disabled and will never work again. He is on ODSP from the Ontario Government.

His crime broke his relationship with his family.

The family has a struggle to keep going. A now single mom cares for her growing son’s needs, food, housing, clothing and everything that is needed to survive… ON HER OWN… completely on her own! She has not yielded to the pressure to go on any form of Welfare at all.

As I listened to her part of the story a clear picture came into view – of the “Victim because of Crime” – hidden people that hurt and continue to hurt – forever.

She said some powerful things to me that stirred my heart deeply. She told me how she has moved from being “that poor woman that had the husband that did such and such… who now is in prison…” – to “that mom of three boys that is doing okay…”

Unemployed at one stage she re-entered the work force by being retrained in the SEB Program. From there she made herself ready to build a small book keeping business and ability.

She did tell me about the tough times even now. “There are times that I can’t even buy Milk for the boys. I simply don’t have enough. I don’t expect “***” to help me. I want nothing from him ever again. I need to move on….”

For one hour and a half I listened closely to the very difficult story of a woman that lost it all because of a Crime that her husband committed. I listened to the story of the “Victim because of Crime” and it stirred me deeply inside… very deeply.

In court – almost all the time – before the sentencing takes place the “Victim of Crime” or the family will be allowed an opportunity to state their situation for the judge to consider how the final sentence is rendered.

But never once in court does the “Victim because or Crime” get an opportunity to speak. If they do attend court and they do stay long enough to hear the verdict… they will slip out back to their own nightmare and start building again… or trying to…

But who cares? Who gives a ding dong what that small family is facing… if they can buy milk or not? Who cares?

I do not know the answer yet. All I can see so far is a system that is void of knowing the whole story… and God (the one I talk to often) … I don’t know what You or I can do about it….

Maybe there should be a new fund set up in Ontario? It could be called OFFFTHNBTAVBOC… that is “Ontario Fund For Families That Have Nothing Because They Are Victims Because Of Crime”.

It could be funded by Society giving ex-offenders a job – which instead of him paying taxes – he would be required to pay the equivalent amount into the OFFFTHNBTAVBOC.

Lincoln you are nuts! It would never work. These guys don’t deserve any opportunity – they need to pay for their Crimes!

But why does the 10 and 11 year old have to pay so much for something that they don’t even know about?

Yes – I AM NUTS! Why couldn’t – or why shouldn’t something be done? Tell me WHY !!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off to Kincardine...

In the next few minutes I leave for Kincardine. The goal today for my friend and I is to meet with his family. He is an ex-offender. His crime broke the relationships with his family - in fact a better way to say is - destroyed his family.

I could spend a long time telling you what it is like to watch the attempts of re-building a family. But I can't today. But should you like to go for a coffee some day - I could explain the thorough process that the Correctional Service Canada goes through to get to this important step.

Maybe there will be more tomorrow. I have to run now. My friend is waiting... I just hope he is out of bed!

If you get to read this early... pray for a successful day as we cross the lower part of our province and back again.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Have you heard of Internet 'traffic shaping'?

Wow! There is a new term I haven’t heard before… Internet 'traffic shaping'!

Have you noticed that certain times of the day – or maybe no particular time of the day – your internet connection slows right down… to perhaps even a crawl?

Have you ever cussed at your computer and wondered if you have picked up another virus or worm?

Have you waited for a long, long time – and wondered if you are back to old days with a dial up situation – even when you are connected to a higher speed connection?

And maybe… just maybe you are still on Dial Up connection and at times wonder if you have stopped entirely – and something is really wrong with the connection.

Well almost all of the above have happened to me over the last year… even the dial up when there is no wireless connection.

I have credited it to the slowness of a very full computer… that may just be acting up with the heating problem that is common in a lap top. But – even the Desk Top Computers were doing the same for some people.


Bell Telephone practices a nasty little sideline of messing people up… people that are connected to the Internet using their telephone lines (the hard ware) via another Internet Service Provider.

In my case I buy local – by getting my ISP from Nexicom in Millbrook, Ontario. The Nexicom company goes back in time to early telephone days – at least 100 years ago.

Nexicom buys its “air time” through and from Bell… using the telephone lines that Bell uses as well.

We should all be happy… right?

Nope – t’aint so…! Bell doesn’t like what takes place and adds misery to any one dealing with them… by “traffic shapping”… or purposely slowing the stream of data down… or limiting the amount of information that can pass the gate at one time.

In an article from the Globe and Mail – Matt Hartley states…
“CAIP — an industry group consisting of independent Internet service providers (ISPs) — complained to the CRTC in April that Bell was slowing certain traffic on the network space it was leasing to them.

Bell contends that it needs to manage or "shape" certain types of Internet traffic to ensure that a relatively small number of users employing peer-to-peer downloading programs that consume large amounts of bandwidth aren't bogging down the network for regular users.”

I can guarantee that it is happening in the Peterborough/Millbrook area. I can see it taking place before my very monitor’s eyes!

I am not a “Big Downloader” of Music and TV – etc. I just do 8 Track Tapes which has nothing to do with Bell. I do it in my garage – all alone – without Bell snooping over my shoulder.

But I do like the fact that the internet through Nexicom is provided local by people that I know… and Bell isn’t.

I was a long time Bell User for 11 years. But with retirement and the new realities of “fixed incomes” a lesser price was very important to our family. Adding to the normal telephone costs per month was a need for Internet Connection.

Retirement came… and so did the search for a better price.

Nexicom offered a much better package at a greatly reduced price – almost one half what Bell was charging per month – for the Telephone service and then Nexicom added the Internet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is cheaper and better.

Bell figured that out also and started messing with its customers… the ISP people and also little people like “me”.

In the Italian world – they call it Mafiosi – or Mafia. If we pay the money the big thugs will not hurt you – a protection service.

In Hong Kong it is called the Triad Gangs – they do the same as the Mafia – protect people. And if people do not pay the protection costs each month – they have visits from really nasty people that inflict damage on the business and the body.

YES the Mafia and Triad are REAL. So is Bell Telephone.

Two days ago I received a call from a friendly Bell Employee that was offering a great new package of services that he thought I might be interested in. He stated that he knew that I was no longer with Bell – had been once and perhaps I would like to look at their new presentation – with better pricing.

He enquired of my monthly costs and I shared with him a general amount. He restated that amount to make sure he had heard me correctly. He asked me again to make sure he heard me correctly… I heard him typing on his keyboard – likely doing a search for the ISP people that might offer such low rates…

In the middle of his going after me for more details… I thanked him for calling and wished him a real good day.

The fact that he was likely in India(or wherever) doing his little spiel was something that should be noted.

The fact that when I call the Nexicom people that I now deal with – in Millbrook and get a gal that asks me to hold. Or asks me for my number so one of their folk can get back to me about 15 minutes – impresses this Old Time Canadian. By Old Time – I mean – the kind that works hard for a dollar and believes in good service – and tips and returns when they are treated right!

Bell never treated me right – I could have bought a lot more equipment if I had not been paying the “protection money” to Bell for 10 years!!!!!

This Thursday the CRTC will be making a ruling of the rights of Bell to “shape traffic”.

A completely different direction…
It is all about communication after all. The greatest communication that I know is prayer.

Today I am so thankful that God has not placed a “shape traffic” order on my communication with him.

Maybe Bell could learn something from God… on receiving messages, listening, caring for its customers, loving its customers and serving its customers, and just being there….!

But Bell couldn’t do I am afraid… not for what God does it for. God offers it FREE – Bell has never known or ever understood FREE.

The more that I use a Bell Service – or my ISP – the more I have to pay… or get “shaped”.

The more I pray – the lower the costs… the better the deal.

Hey – you could pray for Bell this Thursday and for the ISP folk… and the prayer from me will be a little slanted one way as you may have guessed.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, July 13, 2009

Archie Cole loved 8 Tack Tapes

The detective work continues. Who is or who was Archie Cole?

Archie must be at least my age – or maybe my dad’s age. Now that sure makes the age range a little wide – doesn’t it? How do I narrow it down?

It all started with a box of 8 track tapes that I purchased at a Bethel Church Garage Sale late summer of 2006… I think. The dusty old box of 24 - 8 track tapes has been sitting on a shelf in my garage since that late August date in 2006.

Last night I began to sort through the box. The tapes were well played to say the least. They date back to 1974 – 1979 – from the publishing dates on the labels. About 35 years ago.

35 Years ago the cars had the ability to contain an 8 Track Tape player. The tapes were big to match the cars. My dad’s one car – huge green Chrysler – had that wonderful hole in the dash board and the place to carry a selection of Tapes.

So Archie was getting down to the beat of Glen Campbell, Anita Ward, Paul Anka and “25 Rock Revival Greats”.

How did I figure that one out? Well Archie had written his name on the outside of the tape’s cover.

But along with Archie writing his name another name was written as well. Her name is Sherry L. Carr.

Perhaps a true love story? It seems it could be so with about half the tapes with their two names signed on the outside jacket.

But then the rest of the story started to appear. One some of the tapes the two names appeared – but Sherry’s name was scratched out with some effort. I count at least 15 lines through Sherry’s name on the Glen Campbell tape – trying to smudge her memory.

This is turning into a sad story.

As I lifted one set of tapes from the old grungy box – a photo popped out from between two tapes. There standing on a river of lake shore was a couple that had just married. His groom’s man was to his left side – her brides maid was to her right… and with them two kids stood – not sure what they were doing… the ring bearer and the flower girl.
Who are they? The clothing and hair do would suggest a 1970s wedding. And it is 3:30 PM in the afternoon according to the best man’s watch.

From the background it would appears to be the shore line beside the United Church in Warsaw. (I have fished there…)

Was one of these kids Archie’s? Seems about right in my mind?

I did a Canada 411 search and found an “A. Cole” on the listing in Peterborough. When the answering machine kicked in it was a woman’s voice asking me to leave a message. Her name wasn’t Sherry.

I am guessing that Archie passed away in the last few years and his widow answered the telephone with the message. The kids had taken the 8 Track Tapes to the garage sale.

I found an S. Carr on Canada 411 also. When I called her she was not nice, when I asked her if I was speaking to a Sherry Carr. She gave me some other name and snapped that I had the wrong number! Conversation Closed!

So she doesn’t like telephone solicitors any more than I do.

Her voice is much older in sound.

I plugged in the Paul Anka tape… “Having my baby…”, then One Man Woman, One Woman Man…” and then followed by “Everybody ought to be in love…” filled my garage.

Seems like maybe these old tapes with two names on them are all old love songs – from the last century. WOW!

Oh boy – I better stop – in case I find out too much… a broken marriage… an old girl friend… a lonely dad that lived alone and played his 8 tracks until he died…. BETTER STOP.

It is amazing what you find at a garage sale – and when you look closely.

The couple in the photograph would have been in their mid twenties in the 1970s. That would make them near retirement now with kids of own… maybe university students…

I wonder who they are?

Maybe the guy in the wedding photo is Archie Cole – and that isn’t Sherry L. Carr standing beside him. Oh Boy!!!?!

One thing that I am sure of now… Archie loved 8 Tack Tapes and so do I!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

By The Way –
Today is our Daughter Dana’s birthday.
Happy Birthday Dana!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today is a day I celebrate my “young heart” and my “old abilities”

Today is a day I celebrate my “young heart” and my “old abilities”. Today I am the 1856 Carpenter at Lang Village – speaking to hundreds of people AND today I am very young at heart again as I savour the Classic Car Show that is held annually at the Lang Village.

Can it get any better? Nope. For quite a few years as the Minister in a Church I heard of these kinds of things happening on a Sunday… but I had to work that day. Worse yet many of my friends and some congregants returned the next week to tell me that they had been able to attend… and I HAD TO WORK!

Now I am finished working and Sunday is a Day of Rest – where I don’t have to work any more. I still love church… but a Classic Car Show is some thing I love too….

I have to run. It takes some time to get the suspenders on right and the weird pants need some adjusting…

The following was shared with me by a friend and kind of fits with the feelings above…

Have a wonderful day – whether you are working or not…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone...
4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.
5. Pay off your credit cards every month.
6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.
9. Save for retirement starting with your first pay cheque.
10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.
12. It's OK to let your children see you cry.
13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.
15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.
17. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
18. Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.
19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.
20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.
21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion, Today is special.
22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.
23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.
24. The most important sex organ is the brain.
25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.
26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will this matter?'
27. Always choose life.
28. Forgive everyone everything.
29. What other people think of you is none of your business.
30. Time heals almost everything. Give time.
31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
32. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
33. Believe in miracles.
34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.
35. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.
36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.
37. Your children get only one childhood.
38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.
39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.
40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.
41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
42. The best is yet to come.
43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
44. Yield.
45. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift."

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do you see the Colour….? WOW!

I find my relief from these silly political things in strange places.

I find relief in colour and brilliant colour of things around me.

On one day when I needed relief I found an abundance of colour. It washed over me in every possible way.

We walked into the supermarket and there was colour splashing every where… people thought I was nuts taking the photos in the Fresh Produce Department. You can see the colour I found.

At the evening baseball game where my grandson was working as an Umpire… I shot the clouds and the sky.

When I see the colour… and all that is around me… I am steadied in my up side down world. God is still in control. It is good… still good.

With the G8 Meetings this week and all the reports flying across the world airwaves… and the statements made… the words said… and the politics shown… I needed colour…. And it washed over me again and again.

Last evening we visited with friends. Their home is special place surrounded and filled with colour. Their home sits on a beautiful lake… splashed with colour… their dog ‘Mac’ is a wonderful colour…

What is it about colour that is so soothing? I think it is the fact that as I see it, capture it in my memories… it stays the same. Though it may fade and time will change it – it is fastened to memory blocks that never leave.

Some one wrote to me today about Avonlea, Saskatchewan. When I read the note I remembered Avonlea… a few miles west from Truax… where the sky is a brilliant blue on a sunny clear day… and can be almost black on a heavy rain day… but when the sun peeks out at the edge of the heavy clouds the golden grain in August glows against the dark sky on the horizon.

Even on the flat prairie you have beauty in the colour – which stretches as far as you can see.

Colour soothes my soul and my mind.

In the supermarket a lady in front of us had her son fastened into the shopping cart. The little guy grinned at me over his soother that bobbled up and down in his mouth. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled and when the soother fell out … his two shiny white teeth sparkled… the tussle of red hair fell across his forehead. Oh the colour that was there…

Have you stopped to see the colour that is all around you?

Colour washes away STUPID.

Have you ever thought of the fact that God could have made everything in grey, black and white? Colour could have been avoided in creation to save the expense. BUT instead he added every colour possible to his creation to make it just that much better.

Today I thank God for the colour he gave me… and the fact that I can see it. He created me to be able to see! WOW!

I have to run this AM to catch the sun coming up one more time. I just stared at the near full moon for a long time this AM when I went outside at 5 AM. The colour was waiting for me now… even though it might rain… there is colour!

Oh wow! Did you see that? Do you see the Colour….? WOW!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…. How stupid can one bit of non-information be?

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…. How stupid can one bit of non-information be?

What am I referring to? Well on this day in History, July 10, 2009 at 4:30 AM, will go down that “The Star” newspaper – and Susan Delacourt reported on the developing story that Prime Minister Stephen Harper received a Communion Wafer from a Catholic Priest and didn’t eat it! Good Gracious and All Things Political – CAN YOU IMAGINE ANYTHING SO OUTRAGIOUS TO REPORT ON….

I am utterly astounded that Susan – dear Susan was given this unbelievable task of writing something so… well… STUPID!?!?!

And if you get a chance to read it she makes reference to a Great Developing Bard – Rick Mercer, the Canadian that makes his money at poking fun of EVERYTHING.

If you haven’t heard or looked at the video that was posted on YouTube… the Prime Minister received a Communion Wafer and didn’t put it in his mouth immediately… like eat it immediately… and Rick Mercer (and others) suggested that he put it in his pocket along with his gum… supposedly old gum… which Rick mercer must have done at some point in his life to be able to suggest the idea.

Reference to the fact that Harper is a Protestant – not Catholic – had received the Wafer – at a Catholic Funeral where Wafers are given out as part of the Body of Christ.

What if he had not received the Wafer? What if he had made a big deal out of the piece of cracker and shook his head… “Sorry Mr. Priest… I don’t do Catholic Bread…” and the priest stood there staring at him until he took it? That would have made for more jokes and more YouTube posting FOR SURE!

Every Communion has two parts… the Communion Wafer and the Cup… so Dear Mister Mercer – what did he do with that part… or was he only partly blessed? Hey Susan… did you forget that part of the story? Did he put that in his sock?

But the biggest and funniest stretch is Ricky(or Susan) connecting the dots and making the $400,000 fiasco of giving to the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto… and a Catholic Communion Wafer…in the same story. Ricky – you are something else! So are you Susan.

The section of Susan’s article that deals with this area…
“But in the case of the Pride financing, Mercer believes the joke's on us – either in the media or in the audience.

It's a classic case of sending two messages, Mercer thinks – first giving the money to gay activists and then, in a rare act of tolerating outspoken MPs, also conveying the message that Conservatives didn't like giving the $400,000.

"He's managed to have his cake and eat it too," Mercer says of Harper. "He's managed to give them the money and act like he didn't give them the money."

Nanos isn't so sure that Conservatives should be comfortable with how that story played out. Not only has this week hurt the Tories among their core voters, but their seeming embarrassment on the gay pride issue might also limit their growth potential among moderate voters, especially in Quebec.”
End quote…

They think that Moderate Voters might turn on the Conservatives with “the $400,000 Gay Thingie” and the “Wafer in the pocket thingie”.


Maybe that should be applied to the decision to give really silly adults that parade their stuff up and down a public street in front of as many TV Cameras as possible to try to fortify their gayness? Imagine the persons that had to give $400,000 of My Canadian Dollars to that group? Now that is STUPID!

Giving Notice Now...
I am planning a really offensive rally with a Parade next year… it should be planned and ready just a week before the Gay Pride Parade day… It is for Conservative Christians of all faith groups and denominations. We are going to walk the streets of every city in Canada… singing songs and hymns that we sing in church and wave banners… our Ministers will be fully clothed and so will our people that join in… our Preachers will stand on the top of the Floats that are in our parade – preaching the Word of God – all avoiding the texts that say anything or might even refer in the smallest way to a GAY person… and they will tell the whole story… Telling how God loves you know matter what you do or say. How God loves you whether you put a Communion Wafer in your pocket or not… whether you are whatever in your sexual orientation…

We should get at least $400,000 for our exhibition of God and his Glory – don’t you think?

You don’t think so…? How about $200,000? Maybe $1000? Maybe $50?

You are shaking your head…? Why? You mean that our Ministers would have to preach naked? No way? And the Choir behind him or her... singing… Naked too? No way!?

Sheesh… am I ever glad that I am retired.

And you say what…? We would have to give out Catholic Communion Wafers along the parade route…? But what if Ricky Mercer is watching and YouTubes us doing that…?

Won’t we be afraid of the Moderate Voters in Quebec?

Now I pull my tongue out of my cheek and listen closely to the host of Westerners – that is... west of Ottawa and they are shouting with a really loud voice… what is that? Say it again? You what… what’s that you say…

It is not a Shout of protest… it is an INVITATION to come and try that nonsense in Northern Ontario….in Manitoba… and Saskatchewan… and Alberta… during mosquito season… ?

A naked or nearly naked Gay Pride Parade while swatting blood thirsty mosquitoes – would be really funny. Full grown people half dressed and moving rapidly to the stinging little beast of rural Canada…. Now that is worth a Ricky Mercer notation… and IT AINT SEXY… it is FUNNY!

As to eating the Wafer thingie… well you might mangle it before you eat it…. you swat the mosquitoes… and then you would have some priest somewhere in rural Canada demanding to know why you did what you did…

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid….

~ Murray Lincoln ~