Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Welcome and Thank You 2011 for all the lessons

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Today’s Blog Post

2012 Welcome and Thank You 2011 for all the lessons

I am standing on the door step of 2012… just about ready to cross over into a whole new year!

As I begin to write this piece for the Blog I did some rough calculations. I have now completed 8745 hours of living in this past year – of 8760 that will be done at midnight tonight. I have been awake about 5900 hours of that time. And in those hours there have been many lessons.

My how the time has flown by! It seems just like yesterday that I was sitting and doing much the same kind of thing… typing a posting for my Blog.(see Link to that post below)

Together with all the events of 2011 I am thankful for all the great things that have happened… and even the not so great ones.

No so great – was yesterday when I backed into the front left fender of the little car behind me. No damage at all… only a light bump on her front left wheel. The Mall Lot was full cars and many were looking for and trying to be first into the parking spaces. I was exiting one and the young gal was hoping to get one down further. Bump! Thankfully there was no damage – just my nerves shaken up! And I think I destroyed her shopping day!

The great ones were the many shows and opportunities that we have had with Misty Hollow Carving and the Misty Hollow business. We have met thousands of people in the course of being in the community.

In 2011 it has really sunk in I have completely transitioned to a non-pastoral mode. In fact it is good to be what I have become – free of church pressure and politics. It has taken almost three and half years to see that all removed. And does it every feel good!!

This past week in another Mall I bumped into a fellow minister that is younger than me. His church has been bounding forward and the attendance has almost skyrocketed. The youth group alone has grown from a handful to now averaging over 200 per week – sometimes as high as 300+.

When I shook his hand and asked how he is doing, he smiled a little and then said, “Not so good. I have resigned my church. You may have heard (I hadn’t). I have some major health problems now…” Then he told me what they are looking at with his issues.

This young minister has about 10 more years to go before he is able to retire… but in one fell swoop it appears that his ministry is over. What a terrible way to end the year.

I assured I would be praying for him.

I walked away and thought I am free of all of that. The pressure has been great for this friend. The things he has faced are huge in this past year. Now he has to step aside.

I am free of all that… sorry I know I said it already… it is really sinking in now. F-R-E-E of it all… and living great!

I read this morning that Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto has some huge personal problems that are coming to light. There seems to be domestic problems inside the house. A newspaper report (see Link Below). It seems that a number of 911 calls have come from his home… the most recent one was on Christmas Day when it was reported that.. quoting the Toronto Star reporter…
“On Christmas, Ford’s mother-in-law called police between 4 and 5 a.m. to report that the mayor had been drinking and was taking his children to Florida against the wishes of his wife, Renata.” End quote

The Newly Elected Mayor and full of power… even sitting on the Police Services Board… now another side is showing. Using the 911 call for a domestic disturbance is serious business in the police’s eye… women die in these situations.

Yet, being elected to the highest position in the most powerful, world class city – as the Mayor – has not given Rob an easy ride.

I am FREE of all that… completely FREE. No more pressure. A whole lot less family stress and we can live normal lives now… not the one of the Fish Bowl Family – that every Minister knows (right along there with the Mayors of Cities!)

2011 has taught me more than anyone can imagine. I accept the lessons and look forward to 2012 with excitement.

I know that there will likely be challenges and some wee problems that will come our way… maybe even bigger than wee… but the wonderful things will compensate for what will be uncomfortable. And through it all I am FREE of that other stuff… very FREE.

In these last hours of 2011 I can Thank God for his Guidance, his Grace and his great Love for me and my family. It was because of what he did for me that I am here. Truly… Thank You Lord for every bit of it!!!

Welcome 2012 – I am looking forward to all 8760 hours of living!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Friday, December 30, 2011

Poker Players Problems

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Today’s Blog Post

Poker Players Problems

I have watched the Poker Players on TV from time to time. They seem to be ordinary guys and gals. But they also win huge amounts of money in the games that they play making them less than ordinary. It is not out the usual to win stacks of money that may total into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more… and that is just from one game.

A fleeting thought one day came to me, what happens when these folk go home? They are well known now from the TV program and the amount that they have won was shown on TV. The potential that they are multimillionaires is very great. If not millionaires, then fairly close to it.

What would I do with the extra money that I might get – soon?

Now in case some of my “friends” that read this Blog suddenly go ballistic and start a rumour that I am playing Poker… I am not – I could never control my facial expressions when I get a good hand!

Well one example of the problems with extra money comes from the story this morning about Jonathan Duhamel, an ace poker player from the Montreal area.

The news today stated that the police now have some folk in custody that were involved in the robbery of Jonathan at his home. One of the folk that robbed him was a former girlfriend of a few months back. She came back to his home with some “friends” that then beat Mr. Duhamel to a pulp… and stole his money and things.

Can you see the problem of being rich and well known? Add to that a person that you let into your life has come back to do you great harm??? Whoa!

I mean if I won lots of money – or made lots of money I would think the best place was to put it in the bank immediately! Wouldn’t you? But this dude went and bought a Rolex Watch – which was taken in the robbery.

Looking back over this year I can see the potential danger for us. My wife is a gambler and so is my mother. Both of them do this Reader’s Digest gambling thing. They both fill out the crazy forms and mail them off each time the new offer comes. It could be that one of them will win big time… and our house will become known as the place that now has a Million Dollar Winners living there.

Can you see my fear? When my 91 year old mother wins big, and she is convinced that it will happen, she will be all over the TV and the Newspapers. Do we really need that?

She has a habit of talking to complete strangers when she walks to the store sometimes. One day last summer she came home to tell us about a little less than lovely lady that had befriended her while she was sitting on a bench in the store. The lady told mom how she was down on her luck and had lost her father, had very little money left and didn’t know how she would pay the rent. Mom liked her and gave the lady her telephone number and address… Good Lord I hit the roof when that happened!

We don’t want to be a Good Samaritan to a lady like this that has a good story.

Nope the lady never called. But if my mom wins big someday soon… we may have a visitor or two.

I have come to think about this a lot and the story of the Montreal Poker Player kind of brings it back to me again. It is good not to tell anyone that you have money, or that you received a lump sum payment or whatever!

I wear a Wall Mart watch that is worth about $15. I am on a pension that is not changing. I can’t make any huge around the world trips. BUT if my wife wins… or my mother wins… “Houston… we have a problem!”.

This started out to be a good day until I read about the Poke Player and his problems with former friends.

Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

McNightmare at McDonalds

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Today’s Blog Post

McNightmare at McDonalds

“Someone should tell McDonalds what a nightmare this place is!” my said. “Look at the garbage piled up!”

Her statement was right on. This had to be the worst McDonalds we have been in for weeks. This is our New Look McDonalds at its absolute best – or worst!

In our home and life McDonalds Restaurants have been a part of what we do since 1968 or 1969. The first place was Oakville, Ontario… down near the bottom end of Kerr Street, not far from Lake Ontario. Our daughter Dana was just a wee one when we first went in for a treat. She loved their soft ice-cream cones. When her sister Anda came along we made McDonalds a family place to come and get away from the hot apartment during the summer.

I tell you that to explain that we are frequent flyers at McDonald and have been for the past 43 years or so. Now we fly to McDonalds with Grandkids that eat way more than I do.

On Tuesday, December 27, 2011 my wife and I were in Vaughn Mills are for a Hockey Tournament. After the game was over we headed to the McDonalds that we saw on the way in. This McDonalds is right across the street from the Vaughn Mills Mall – one of the super Malls of the Toronto area.

There were no Hockey People in that McDonalds – they were all too smart!

December 27, 2011 was a busy day. Post-Christmas and everyone was out roaming the malls and businesses for bargains. The snow storm was coming that evening and perhaps everyone knew that so they came out of their homes.

This McDonalds was busy as we entered and the lineup was long. But that lineup was mixed with the oddly building crowd that had given their orders and then were standing now in the growing crush in a haphazard way in front of the counter.

Now picture if you can… more people coming through the door and more people ordering… one after another. More people have to back away from the counter to let the ordering people place their orders. But the orders already taken are not being filled.

In front of me is a counter space that is laden with order receipts that are laid out in order to the left of the cash register as I looked on. The young lady kept calling out to the waiting lineup, “Next please, Can I help you?” and another person in line would move through the growing crowd of those waiting for food.

At one point I counted 10 orders not filled and still more were being taken before the others were filled!

People were now getting edgy and restless as their order was not coming and more were being taken. The first thought is, “Maybe crowd control out front would be a good idea?” Maybe a host or hostess could help with the growing line up and possibly chat with the customers that were now uneasy as they jostled each other…?

One young twenty something pushed me hard to the side so that he could place his order. I had to pull back my fist that was growing hard at the end of my hand. I have done self defense and my grandkids don’t need to see their grandpa on top of a young jackass covered with ketchup!

“Maybe we should not come back!” was my main thought at that moment. “What a bloody nightmare this is getting to be!”

BUT – this is not new at McDonalds in recent times. Ever since they reconstructed this “New Look” to house their McCafe presentation, this log jam of people has been a potential problem at every McDonald we have been in. It was on December 27 that I saw just how bad it was.

In our own McDonalds in Peterborough, at the corner of Landsdowne and the Parkway every lunch and dinner is the same. People are hungry and want their food. They seem to get hungry at the same time… and rush into get something. Then the jam up starts at the register and ordering place… and the waiting off to the side place… that is often stacked four deep as the scurry behind the counter takes place.

It almost works… almost. But as I watch it over and over again.. the constant build up takes place and people are unhappy… very unhappy.

The second major blockage that most families don’t see is the Senior and Breakfast Hungry Morning crowd. The Seniors mass around the counter for their orders and for their refills. The refill requires that the dirty cup is discarded and the new refill be ‘ordered’ through the cash register… so that the computer system that sends the information to the girl at the coffee station can fill that order. All you see is the back of her head and body… until the coffee is delivered to you in a snap. She hasn’t time to smile or interact with a customer – she is now a part of the McDonald’s Machinery to get you better service and keep you McHappy.

This McChange took place because Seniors were steeling the creamers and sweetners! – so we were told by staff!!

Back to Vaughn’s McDonalds…
The order finally came for my wife and I. My hungry grandkids were on another tray that my son-in-law was carrying.

First stop is the pop machine and the ketchup dispenser. Good Lord… what a mess. There was no ketchup in either dispenser. But there was ketchup all over the counter.

There were no napkins and only a few lids for the drinks.

There was pop everywhere!

People without napkins were pushing back through this area, through the “waiting for their orders people” and past the “placing their orders people”… to ask staff behind the counter for help and a pile of napkins.

The staff on the other hanf were doing their best to keep up and not make eye contact with the growing unhappy crowd at the order desk.

I gave up on napkins and was happy that the pop machine did its thing… I stepped over garbage on the floor and the sticky pop area where kids had spilled stuff… and walked around the garbage unit that was jammed full and running over on to the floor. The trays on top were teetering as they were piled high.

Was it a long time since things had been cleaned? I don’t know… but with the crowd out front coming in and orders coming in… some people frustrated with what was happening… they were reacting in a way that was not nice.

So you don’t believe me? I probably made it all up – right? Not in this day and age… here is my proof. I took out my camera and shot what ever I could. I should have done it earlier before the ketchup counter was wiped clean by a customer. As I approached that area a young lady was trying to fit in the new ketchup bag that was not doing what it should… or something was broken when the angry customers banged away to get the last drop of ketchup out. I had stepped away when the young guy was hammering it with his fist.

Whoever thought up the pretty ideas and the new designs for the new look.. had no idea what customers need. What a bunch of McBaloney!

McDonalds… McCafe… McNew… McNightmare… and I am McOuttathere!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Are?

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Today’s Blog Post

Today I am copying in a Blog Post from Majorie Pagel.  (Sorry – I do not have the Link to her article.)

I couldn’t say it any better.
~ Murray Lincoln

How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Are?

By Marjorie Pagel
Sept. 27, 2009  
A couple of weeks ago I was invited to talk to a group of churchwomen in Winona, Minnesota, on the topic "Never Too Old."  Typical of most groups of churchwomen, these were mostly in the over-60 age group, and one delightful woman sitting right in front of me proudly admitted to being 95.

I'm not an expert on the subject of aging, but I do know that as long as a person remains reasonably healthy, there's always something she (or he) can do.  In preparation for the talk I brainstormed some ideas and searched the internet for some other interesting tidbits. 

C.S. Lewis said: "You're never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream."  And do you know about Ann Marie Robertson?  Her arthritis caused her to give up a career in embroidery when she was in her 70s, so she took up oil painting instead.  Almost everybody knows her -- as Grandma Moses.

While some octogenarians compete in sports and one 95-year-old woman got her college degree, the point I made in my talk is to do those things you enjoy, to use your God-given gifts, and to take time to bring some happiness into the lives of others.  

The musical entertainment for the morning was reminiscent of Garrison Keillor -- the Sons of Norway singing songs in Norwegian (and one in English.)  I was happy to see they now admit women to their ranks, so they should call themselves the Sons and Daughters of Norway.  The man who introduced the musical numbers asked the audience the question in my blog title: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?"

I like that .  Sometimes in my heart I'm still a girl .  Other times I'm maybe 25 or 30.  I see that girl, too, in the eyes of Susan Boyle when she sings her heart out about dreams coming true .   I've watched her performance on "Britain's Got Talent" at least a dozen times, and I never tire of her.  I'll be in line when her first album is released next month -- happy that she didn't consider herself "too old" to launch a musical career.

I'll end here with a wonderful quote by poet Thomas Bailey Aldrich: "To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent -- that is to triumph over old age."
Top 5 quotes from Age

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, December 26, 2011

My How the World has changed!

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Today’s Blog Post

My How the World has changed!

I know that I have likely taken you down to the Old Farm House and to my Christmas’ past – way too many times. You are likely sick of it. Too many Memories have flooded my life as I have gone there.

BUT there is one memory that I cannot get from the Old Farm House in southern Saskatchewan when I was a boy. That memory is something called Boxing Day – the day after Christmas. It didn’t exist for me. I never learned what this was about until after things like “Malls” were invented. And the “Malls” that we have day came long after the Shopping Center.

Shopping Centers were there when I began my work as a computer and business machine technician. My work was to help stores sell more and sell it faster with better business machines.

But even that memory of the old Shopping Centers of the 1960s is so far back and so quaint that it is difficult to conjure up the old things we did way then.

Today is Boxing Day in Canada. Today is a Public Holiday where everyone will run to stores that will be so crowed it will be impossible to breath. Other than the fun of pushing and shoving someone else around – something like Rugby – it is not appealing for me at all.

The photo above is taken at the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto a few years back on a Boxing Day Sale. Yikes! Is that place even built to hold and support that many people at one time?

I do remember my Aunt Marg telling me on the day after Christmas, on the Farm, that Boxing Day was the day that we all pack up our boxes and Christmas wrapping paper. Too funny. It was a good way to get kids to help.

The tradition however does go way back and is a real day of celebration. Some of the evidence shows that it was the day that the very wealthy would give a box filled with gifts and perhaps even money to their servants. It seems to be the day that they received their “tip” for all the hard work that they did the day before as their Master and his family over ate and celebrated to excess… while being waited on hand and foot.

My wife is that servant for our family.

Yesterday she rose at 6 AM with me. Together we prepared a 31 pound turkey and began working on the rest of what needed to be done to host 12 people for our Christmas Dinner at 6 PM. The Turkey roasted for 10 hours slowly… Mmm MMm MM! was it ever good. She cleaned up until 12:30 AM (with my help).

Now our own tradition has kicked in… we slept in today. I stayed there for a long time – 7 AM and my wife will get closer to 10 AM (if not maybe 11 AM).

As I look back there are more memories again. Christmas is about our traditions as a family. Each year we have done basically the same and have added small things along the way.

Boxing Day today is one of sifting through the present memories made just yesterday… and being thankful for what we have experienced over all these years together.

Personally, I will not go to a store today… I don’t think. I don’t need any more of anything… I don’t think.

I wish you a great time as you push and shove in a store today. And if you decided to stay home and enjoy the quiet – Bless you richly.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Heavy Times mixed with Wonderful Memories

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Today’s Blog Post

The Heavy Times mixed with Wonderful Memories
Christmas is about all the warm and fuzzy things that I remember. As I child I only knew the excitement of getting up early to open the gifts that we were getting on Christmas.

As an adult things changed and when our own kids came along, Christmas became all about them. Watching their excitement was the pure pleasure that we all looked forward to each Christmas morning.

Now as a grandparent I am thrilled to see our grandkids just as excited and just as “I can’t wait..” as their mommies used to be as little girls.

But as I grew older I also started to recognize that not everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Some share little of the deep things that they have had happen over the past few years.

As I type these first few words today I have been hoping to point to the special people that will not have quite the same reaction in their home this year.

I am pointing to my friend Evelyn Wilson. Evelyn is a fellow Minister. She and I have much in common in that our work has revolved around working with children.

On February 10, 2011 her daughter Katie passed away. Before that day Evelyn shared with many of her friends about the struggle the family faced with the battle of cancer. Evelyn graciously shared so many of the details of their journey and has continued to do so by way of Facebook. Each month Evelyn has dared to place her deepest feelings open for all to read. The intent is that we might pray for the family as they journey this long path of Katie being gone. And the intent is help us all remember Katie as well… along with the family.

Brent and Evelyn were blessed with three wonderful kids. Jacqui, Katie and John. John is just about to leave High School. Jacqui is in her second year college. And Katie is now with Jesus.

This morning early my friend Evelyn posted the following to her Facebook page “Katie’s Journey”. I can’t write it any better. I am asking you to read Evelyn’s words. If you pray… please pray for Evelyn and her family today… today is their first Christmas without their vibrant daughter.

Thank you Evelyn as you read this as well. Thank you for caring enough and being brave enough to let the rest of us see and know what you are going through. Each one of your posts has been a blessing to me.

Today I looked through Katie’s Facebook page again. The page is still there after these 10 months. I looked through all her photos and borrowed some.

Evelyn and Brent, God bless you this special but difficult day. We love you a whole lot!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Katie’s Journey – by Evelyn Wilson
(The Following words are from Evelyn Wilson, Katie, Jacqui and John Wilson’s mom. She posted these to her Facebook Page entitled “Katie’s Journey”)

Happy Birthday Jesus! It’s Christmas day and it is just not the same and it will never be. There was no one to wake up her brother and sister at 4am to get the stockings , it is almost 7 am and it is quiet in the house, that has not happened since before kids in this household. John has just gotten up.. well actually he tells me he never even went to bed so he is making us some tea.. There is no one to say ..can we get up and open the presents .. and our normal response was Not before 7 ( when the kids were younger) and the last number of years not before 8.. for those of you with young children.. the day will come where you will have to wake them up for Christmas when they are in highschool.
We had our family dinner ( just Brent and the kids) as we have done on Christmas eve since Christmas day has always been busy with extended family. We had our nice dinner and then our birthday cake for Jesus ( always a dairy queen cake) but the missing piece of the excitement of a birthday party was different. I didn’t get the balloons up or decorations up as I normally decorate for a bday party. It just didn’t happen.
We then went to church for Christmas eve service, we found a time of a 7pm service which worked better for us with supper.. and the second item on the night was someone reading the poem about spending your first Christmas in heaven.. wow that was tough to hear that but again Tears Mean Love but it was a lovely evening despite how numb I think we all felt. We saw lots of friends and cried with some.

It was very different with stockings.. I put out Katie’s just so it was there but when I handed them to Brent ( he always gives them to santa to fill) He said what is this one for .. and it was oh .. just habit grabbing 5.. and we broke into tears. The tree although filled with presents sure looks empty .. it just seems to have something missing .. there just doesn’t seem to be enough presents to go around.. something is just missing. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold, but I am sure there will be many tears today and many thoughts of Katie celebrating in Heaven.
I know that when we are at my parents house with all the cousins, anuts uncles, grandparents that it will be another time of lots of love. Tears mean love. We will enjoy a wonderful dinner with all the fixings and I think back to Katie last year who always loved grandma’s turkey dinner but espescially her mashed potoates.. she would eat a whole plate of them if we let her.. we will then have a few days before we head to Ottawa to celebrate with the Wilson side. As I think of a year ago.. knowing that we had a great Christmas together – we had just got back from the Disney cruise, Katie met Sidney Crosby on Boxing day.. we are remembering fondly our precious Katie and how she loved life and loved Christmas and was ripping and roaring to go so early. I think we will be lucky if I can get Jacqui and Brent moving before 10 am…lol but I don’t think I will let them sleep that long..since we need to eat breakfast before then or we wont have room for moms dinner… Brent has decided to make pancakes.. they were Katie’s favourite and I don’t think he has made them since she passed away ( from scratch not mix) .

As you all celebrate this year with your loved ones, enjoy the time and the excitement espescially from the kids and despite being woken early.. enjoy those moments. For others of you who have lost a loved one and this is your “first” ..know you are thought of today and your loved one is not forgotten as well. Have a great day and a very Merry Christmas and Happy birthday to Jesus. Thank you God for the gift of your son.. so we can have the gift of Life and the HOPE .. I cant wait one day to see Katie who I am sure will give everyone the biggest tour of Heaven. Thank you again for all the comments, notes, emails, Christmas cards and special thoughts for us during this time. We are blessed and we take one day at a time and appreciate the Love . Tears Mean Love

Evelyn, Brent, Jacqui and John and our forever angel “Katie”

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Memories – Good and Not So Good

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Today’s Blog Post

Christmas Memories – Good and Not So Good

I truly believe that all good memories come from my childhood. It wasn’t until I became older that I started to realize that all Christmas Memories are not all good. I could say some were bad or even very bad… but there is always something that comes from the memories even during the dark times – that is good.

In dealing with this thought I made a list. I tried to list 10 of my top, very good Christmas Memories. Then to try the other side of it all… I listed the 10 Memories that were not so good – or even bad. Next I listed the very top 3 of each of these lists. In other words the ones that still stand out after years have passed. With the six now listed I removed the 14 others by shoving them aside.

A simple little exercise for sure but with it I found myself looking at a mixture of emotions that even now stand out sharply in my mind. In fact there was so much emotion mixed with these Christmas Memories that I am having some difficulty dealing with them at times. Memories that hang around that way are my are the basis of my nightmares.

Now I could ask you to do the same exercise before I go further telling you my story.

Have you made your list yet? Good. No? Try it to see what happens.

I found that the not so good memories almost always happened near or at the same time the really good ones took place. Or another way to say it… the bad reminded me of the very good ones that took place.

I will give you an example.

Our family had moved from Canada to Hong Kong in very early 1981. The move started right after Christmas 1980 and ended just at the end of our youngest daughter’s birthday. The day we climbed on the aircraft to fly across the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line was her birthday. No sooner had the stewardess brought her a birthday cake we crossed over the date line and the birthday was over. Really weird.

That 1980 Christmas in Saskatchewan was very hard. No, not very hard… it was almost impossible to deal with. I had just left a well paying job where I was very well known. I was leaving the National and International Leadership position of a huge group of leaders all over Canada and the World… to become someone that no one knew. I was heading to a country and apart of the world that knew very little of how important I was in my huge world. That Christmas time I was unemployed and down low with emotions on one side. However my new job was waiting for me in Hong Kong with a new salary that was 1/3 the size of the Canadian salary!

I was also leaving our family behind. We knew when we climbed on that airplane that we would not be able to go back home for at least 4 years. That actually turned into 5 years at the end.

During that first six months an uncle that had meant much to me, died. Three other close friends in our lives died suddenly… and then my dad had a massive heart attack that almost took his life. We heard about it by way of a slow letter that came a few weeks later. There was no email then and telephones were not possible on my salary.

The next Christmas, 1981, was very tough as we thought of my dad and mom back in Saskatchewan. I don’t think that I could have been any more homesick than at that time. Uncertain health conditions in your family kind of kill the jovial spirit. We were into the throws of culture shock. The language study was going slowly. The internal politics of the new job and position was affecting a whole lot of people.

These people that I went to work with hated each other’s guts to say the least. They were all older than I was and each tried to pull me their way to begin hating the other. I was in the middle of the worst political and structural hatred I had ever experienced. Two different Canadian factions hated each other and had major power struggles between each other weekly. Two more Chinese factions also hated each other and one of them hated all things Canadian – or I should say “white”.

Now all of these factions were the top Christian Leaders of the Christian Organization that I worked for! Good Lord if that was Christianity at its best – who would want it!!!?????!!!

That 1981 Christmas was very bad. But in the midst of it all… Alida and I with Dana and Anda – our two daughters, had the best Christmas with each other. With next to no salary, as it seemed, we had to make do with much less. Yet we did things and saw things that none of our Canadian friends saw back home. It took us about two months to save for the Christmas dinner that we had and shared with four other lonely Canadians that Christmas morning.

That was so good with so many good memories mixed together with some really ugly ones.

In 1982 my dad had his quadruple bypass surgery and recovered well. By Christmas time he and mom were in Hong Kong with us. Talk about exciting. I can think of no greater time in my family’s life. We were together again. Dad had not died. Mom was doing great and our daughters had the two most important people in their lives with them at Christmas. And their Grandpa and Grandma brought special Canadian Christmas presents! WOW

But I was busy with the new ministry(work load) that I had taken on. I was wanted everywhere… and was becoming way too popular. The two “hating groups” still hated each other. My popularity with the Chinese People that came to us was cutting into their little kingdoms and now I was being hated more and more by these leaders. Oh Crap – this new position was supposed to be fun!

On that very strange Christmas day in 1982 we ate noodles on a boat in the middle of the Hong Kong Harbour.

 I had been requested to do a Christmas Baptismal Service in the middle of Harbour onboard floating barge that served as a school and church for a different tribe/group of Chinese people that lived only on boats and seldom came ashore.

On the large barge they had a huge steel tank welded together. I climbed a step ladder to get into the water that had kind of been warmed up before hand. The outside temperature was about 10 degrees C… and there was a cold wind blowing in from the ocean.

As the 30 some people each came into and out of the tank to be immersed in the water for their baptism, each climbed up over the ladder and down to where I stood. Each gave a long testimony to the surrounding crowd before I dunked them.

I was already shivering by the time the 6th person came into the water. I was wet. The water was now lukewarm and I was not enjoying this anymore. By number 30 I was nearly frozen… and was turning from a white man to a blue man.

They helped me out of the tank and I walked stiffly over a gang plank to the next barge where my dry clothes were waiting. The cold ocean water looked up at me from below the gang plank and smiled. I almost fell in!

We ate hot noodles with the happy congregation for the Christmas dinner. I returned home with an already bad cold that eventually turned into pleurisy – taking a huge toll on future breathing.

Boxing Day my dad and I walked through the tunnels and embattlements that the British Soldiers had established in the mountains to defend against a possible Japanese invasion. It was also where hundreds of them died that horrible day when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong.

My dad’s great pleasure was to see the History that he knew so well… and was a wonderful gift to me.


The good mixed with the not so good memories have flooded back to me.

Oh you want some more of mine..? Sorry – the Blog is already too long. The rest will likely be in the book that should be written by me… that is kind of getting to the stage of being written.

The Hong Kong chapters could now be written as the angry and horrible old Christians are now all dead.

Some of the rest are yet to die and their chapters will have to wait a little.

A book comes from memories – good and not so good.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Christmas Gift in the Old House on the Farm

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Today’s Blog Post

The Best Christmas Gift in the Old House on the Farm

The house was crowded with all of us flooding into Grandpa and Grandma’s place in that Old House on the Farm at Christmas time. I was 10 years old. At times it was too much and too many people. It was good to get away from it all. But in a small house it was hard to do that.

My favorite room was what everyone called the West Room. Situated on the West end of the house it held the two couches and a chair which were around the edge of the room. Eventually at the southwest corner of the room the television would be perched for all to see. However when this best Christmas Gift happened to me, TV was at least two years away before it would come to the Farm.

The large oil “Space Heater” was located just to left as you entered the room… that would be on the east wall of the West Room. With the only other main heat being produces by the Kitchen stove, two rooms away, the Space Heater was needed in that West Room.

Sitting on the large couch near the Space Heater was an enchanted place. The sound of the endless winter west wind howling against the old window was mixed with the pop and hiss of the Space Heater. When it went on and off with its flame inside, the metal around the Space Heater expanded and contracted to give off the noses.

Now before you entered the West Room there was the Middle Room that housed Grandma’s sewing machine, the Wall Crank Telephone, and the trap door that let you to descend to the Root Cellar below. There was also door that led to the lean-to where the Cream Separator was housed along the stuff like old clothes and parkas for the out of doors. Grandma made the guys take off their “Barn Clothes” here because of the stink. Some people called it the Mud Room.

The one special thing about the Middle Room was the long storage shelves that had the long doors covering them. In that storage area one place held all the Popular Mechanics and Mechanics illustrated magazines. They were stacked high and available to the grandkids.

I was digging through that area this particular Christmas time, looking for a possible new magazine. Instead of a PM or MI magazine I found a larger magazine that was a mixture of photos and stories. I wish that knew which magazine it was – after all these years.

As I flipped through it one picture caught my attention. There was a huge dragon with its mouth open and below its head was a pile of Gold Treasures. It was a Pirate’s stash for sure. The sub title said something about “my hair turned white overnight….”

I began to read the story slowly and then it had me. I was into it.

I walked into the West Room and found the couch behind the Space Heater, curled up and began to read the amazing story. The hero adventurer was looking for shelter from a huge storm. He rowed his small boat along the ragged cliffs until he found what seemed to be a cleft in the rock face. As he approached the area he realized that the cleft was actually an entrance to a cave. The tide was low and the opening was easy to go through… so he did.

I followed him in the boat, under the dripping rocks, turning this way and that way… with just a little light showing over our shoulders. The hero took out his lantern and lit the wick. I could smell the smoke of the burning wick as the smoke curled up to the cliff ceiling.

The story was masterfully written to say the least. And I followed every word at my own speed. It was so real… and all that the hero did came alive for me.

As his lantern’s light shone from the boat the hero could see the flash of the jewels in the one crown and then another. The Gold chains and goblets glistened in the beam from the lantern. The Treasure was so much and so brilliant that it took my breath away! There was a pile of it!

The hero climbed from his small row boat up the slope to the Gold. Amazing – simply amazing! How could he ever take anything back with him? His boat was far too small. Worse yet the tide that had been out was now coming back in and the cave entrance would be secluded again from view on the outside and inside.

It was at that moment that the hero was considering what he should do next that he heard a noise off to his left… somewhere behind the Gold Treasure… a gold cup or something moved slightly giving a rattling noise. Then another thing moved. The heroes’ footsteps and his disturbing the pile of Golden pieces had caused something to wake up.

The huge dragon’s head appeared from behind the pile and a curious eye looked at the hero. Realizing he was not alone, seeing the man, the dragon came closer and became bigger and bigger. It had found a place to hide away and also to protect the treasure… now someone had come into its lair.

The story continued with the Dragon flashing out at the hero. The hero running and hiding – here and there. At the last moment the hero made a dash to his boat and rowed frantically to the now very small opening of the cave’s entrance. The boat scrapped against the top of the entrance as the waves and water pushed into the cave. And suddenly he was clear to the outside world again. The storm raged and the light was growing dim. His lantern was inside the cave.. but he was safe. The dragon was still inside protecting its treasure from any intruder that might come again.

The hero was taken in by a stranger he met and given a warm bed much later that night. In the morning when he woke he washed his face. It was at that moment that he was shocked and couldn’t speak… his hair had turned perfectly white.

As my eyes followed each word and then came to that last part… the story ended. Nothing more. The hero was safe and his hair was now white. What next? I want more!

I looked up at the window pane that was frosted over on that west wall. I heard nothing but the wind outside and the Space Heater inside. It was still as could be in that room. But just minutes before I was terrified and could feel the water dripping in the cave, see the Gold glistening and here the dragon coming.. I felt the panic as we headed to the cave entrance. WOW! The prairie wind kept blowing forever.

This was the very first story that I read from an adult magazine. It was the first adventure that I took outside of the flat prairie and to another world.

I became a reader of anything after that wonderful experience in the West room.

For 57 years I have wondered about caves with treasures. I have thought about dragons and heroes… and row boats… and adventure. In fact it was at that moment that my imagination was set afire and stirred so deeply that I couldn’t speak for a long while. No one would understand the trip that I had taken that day so long ago.

This week I am finishing the reading a Dan Brown book. I have a Ken Follett book ready to go after that. This will be my 57th Christmas with a good story… and I love it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Old House on the Farm – Christmas Memories

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Today’s Blog Post

The Old House on the Farm – Christmas Memories

When I was a boy we lived 55 miles from the Farm in my growing up and during my school years. The Farm was at Truax, Saskatchewan and we lived in Regina. Truax was a very small town and the Farm was located 3 miles west of the town. Regina was the Capital City of Saskatchewan – the biggest place I had ever known as a boy.

As this memory comes back from its hiding place of over 57 years or more… Regina is not a big city. I have since lived in cities of over 6 Million people. Regina at its very best now hovers around the 175,000 mark on good days. But in 1954 it was the Centre of My World for me, with Truax really being where the Universe had all started – the very heart of all things. Truax was the centre of everything.

It was the place that we spent all our holidays at. And it was the one special place that we all went back to at Christmas. Year after year we returned to Grandma and Grandpa’s House on the Farm.

From the age that I started to remember until about 10 years old, this Farm House was amazing to say the least. It represented all things that our family represented. And the people that came back into it at different times of their lives each brought part of the Old House’s personality. The Old House held all the memory like a treasure chest for all our family.

The Old House wasn’t big but it had been the epicenter of raising 8 children which included the oldest son who was a quadriplegic. My Grandfather had purchased two older, small houses and then joined them together to make a house for 10. But it is smaller than the home I live in today with three people making this one full!

Now you can imagine as the children started to marry and then bring home their spouses for Christmas and special celebrations, it became more crowded. And when these married ones started having kids of their own… it was very full and very fun at times. I think as the oldest Grandson (second grandchild) my memories are longer and more.

Rather than give a long list of memories in that old house I will simply say there was family that made the memories… sometimes good and sometimes not so good… not bad… just tense at times. But what would you expect in a small, old house with lots of bodies?

I write about the Old House on the Farm as the Centre of my Universe. The City we lived in was the Centre of My World – but the Farm House was where we came from.

Even today if I were able to drive out to the Old Farm and stand where the Old House used to be… I would have flash backs or memories from long ago. When I am able to be in Saskatchewan and Regina, and if we have the time, I will always drive out there to just “be there” and sense again all that took place so long ago.

It is so strange really. The House is long gone. My Uncle that had bought the farm made the decision to get rid of the old building. The raccoons and other vermin were using the old place as a sanctuary… and slowly each season they were tugging the heart out of the old place. One day with a powerful machine he dug a big hole and had his own private ceremony laying the old dead body of the Old House on the Farm to rest.

But when I heard of the Old House’s final demise… it hadn’t changed a thing. The Old House was still there in my memory… vibrant… full… smelling the same… sounding the same… and still the Centre of the Universe for me.

Memories are the Library of the Mind… a wonderful quote.

Where is your Centre of the Universe as you grew up… when your memories were being formed at that early stage of your life? Now what have done with these memories? Do you savor them or do you regret and wish that you could simply get rid of them?

This Christmas I intend to write more of them down… just so my Grandkids and the Great Grandkids will be able to know where they came from… with their roots away back there.. in an Old House on the Prairie… west of Truax and southwest of Regina… a million miles from where they live now.

Memories – a gift from God this Christmas.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Best Memories – collected and written down

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Today’s Blog Post

The Best Memories – collected and written down

“Grandpa, my coach really liked what you wrote!” Clifford said.

Now this isn’t the most exciting opening to my post today… but it may be the most important one for you!

I have been thinking of Memories over this Christmas season. I started by the quote I found a while ago, “Memories are the Library of the Mind”.

I have an idea for you for your personal Christmas Gift this year. It is the best one that you will ever receive. It is also the best one that you will be able to give your family. Are you ready for this?

Write down your memories! How ever you do it – just start doing it. And if you are doing it – keep doing it. Your family will love it when you pour out what you remember from your life.

Likely if you are reading this Blog, you understand the workings of a computer. You need to use the computer to get the thoughts, memories and all that you are into a recorded memory.

It is better to use it that way – than play Farmville or Solitaire for hours on end. If you are doing just that… imagine after you are gone your grandkids will tell their kids that, “Grandpa could play a mean game of Farmville, Solitaire and whatever on the computer… and he sent Greeting Cards to us at Christmas…!” Your grandkids will hear at that pronouncement and ask, “What is Farmville dad?”

When your Grandkids grow up they will not likely have Farmville to try to beat your score. They will want to know who you were.

I can guarantee that the kids will appreciate it. I am absolutely sure that your grandkids will love it – someday.

Now I know that some will gaff at my suggestion and claim that they could never do that kind of thing. And I know that most of my relatives of two or more generations before me believed that too. Either they had no time, or saw no reason for it to ever be done. They passed into memory of some and the rest of us just never knew them. I only know my great grandfather’s names and the little that they did to or with my own grandparents. For the most part they are not in my Memories at all.

Unless I pass on what I know my kids will never know. Unless I place my Memories out there my grandkids will never know what I felt.

Unless you do something about your life and record it somehow – you will also be a distant Memory – or no Memory at all.

Words written down are powerful.

Even pictures drawn are a powerful record of what we saw and how we saw it. Think of the drawings on the walls of caves by Cave Men of long ago!

Last night the value of my words written down came home to me with a powerful force. My words had meant something to my Grandson. WOW!

Today’s illustration…
On Monday night my Grandson Clifford called to speak with me. I was out visiting and came home late after he had gone to bed – so I didn’t call him back right away. His message seemed to be urgent. Last night I called him back.

His voice was excited as he told me of what happened at his “Football Banquet” on Monday night. The boys and their families had joined together to finalize their season with food at the Boston Pizza.

As Clifford spoke to me on the phone I smiled.

The audience was made up of the Players from the Adam Scott Lions football team along with their parents and their coaches.

Some point in the celebration evening Clifford explained, the coach rose to share some words with his team and audience that were gathered.

Clifford told me that the Coach explained he was going to read something that he had found. He explained how much he appreciated the words and the article that he was about to read to them. Then he began reading the article.

As Clifford listened to the Coach read the words he looked up in astonishment. He told me excitedly on the phone, “My coach was reading what you wrote Grandpa. I remembered that you told me that you had written about our team on your Blog!”

There were lots of other words that Clifford told me on the phone last night. And in his own special way through the words he told me how much he and his coach appreciated the words that I had written down and published for the world to read.

The fact that his coach had found something and then read it to the team made it even more important. The coach has established a relationship and respect of his team members that is simply amazing! To have his coach make the statement he did and then he read the words that were printed… was important. But to make the connection that his own Grandpa had written the words was the coolest part of the Banquet.

“Grandpa, my coach really liked what you wrote!” Clifford said over and over again.

I grinned and felt a warmth inside of me that was brand new. My Memories had made a difference. Recording what I saw and felt that tough day of the last football game – had struck a note for the Coach, for the families and the for this amazing football team – the Adam Scott Lions of 2011!

If you would like to read what the coach read for his team... check out

Thanks Coach of the Adam Scott Lions and all the assistant coaches as well. You guys have changed the course of one young man’s life (and all the rest I am sure) with the amazing work that you have done this year.

And by reading this simple Blog Posting at your special night, you encouraged this old man to keep writing. Thanks coach!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not So Good Memories – Some Christmas Memories and Christmas Times are very hard

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Today’s Blog Post

Not So Good Memories – Some Christmas Memories and Christmas Times are very hard

For the past few days I have written about those warm fuzzy feelings that come from my childhood days. The times when Christmas gifts and their memory were stored deep within our minds with wonderful memories.

But Memoires are not always so good. The years that tragic things take place in our lives leave a deep memory that we would just like to erase – or never have had it happen.

It is during some of my celebration times, when we have Christmas again, that I am reminded that not everyone is celebrating in wonderful ways.

Last week (December 14, 2011) I wrote about Junior Cobb, the great wood carver that had passed away. I wrote about how his life had affected/touched mine and what I intended to do with what had happened.

Since writing about Junior Cobb I have not stopped thinking of this man and his family.

Last evening I received a response to my Blog Posting about Junior Cobb. The response was from Junior Cobb’s daughter, Kathy Ann(or KathyAnn?). And it was my great honor to have Kathy Ann to take the time and send her words my way – for all to see.

To help you understand better about this thinking of Memories… and the not so good ones… I am reposting Kathy Ann’s words to all of us. Many may not go back and look at the words at the end of the post I made.

From Kathy Ann – Junior Cobb’s daughter.. quote…
“I am Junior Cobb’s daughter. I gave up five years of my life to take care of my father and he was a great dad but within those five years he started getting worse in health problems. I was doing it because he was my dad and last year in December my dad and my boyfriend both found out they had cancer. So I was having to take care of both of them and as days went by it was getting harder on me. But I was trying my best to do what I could. Then my boyfriend passed away on May the 28 and I had put my dad in the nursing home on June 1. Then I felt bad so I decided to get him out again. But I just couldn’t do it so I had to take him back. That’s where he had passed away but anyway I just thought people should know my part of the story my email address is

End quote and pause… (KathyAnn – I changed it a bit with some punctuation to help other folk catch it better)

Thank you Kathy Ann for letting us not forget what has happened to you over this past year. I am hoping that you will know how much I appreciate what you did for your boyfriend and your dad. No one will ever know just what you have gone through.

Thank you for being the “Angel” that both of these men needed so much. God has truly blessed you with an ability to care.

But having said all of that, you have helped me to not forget the many that are suffering deeply this year with the loss of someone close to them.

I have a cousin that has lost her son this past few months when he committed suicide. I can’t fathom how they will face Christmas this year. There will be one empty place on the couch as they open presents. There will be one empty chair at the table where he sat as a growing boy for Christmas dinners.

I have another friend that lost his wife and still another than lost her husband. Each home has been suffering a “stillness” that is had to deal with. Each life has been turned upside down with loved one passing away.

Mixed with the wonderful memories of Christmases past and all the boyhood dreams are the memories of the great loss as well.

Today I was thinking of my own brother Glen Lincoln. Glen passed away 17 years ago now… just after Christmas time. He also was carving wood when he died.

His wife, my sister-in-law, Heather has lived on and raised two great kids. Woody is in college now and his sister is just beginning her next years after high school graduation. I am proud of them all. But I have not forgotten what happened and am saddened as the Memory comes floating to the surface.

Heather, if you read this, we think of you often and love you very much! And kids… your uncle loves you a whole bunch. Living so far away from each other makes it impossible to do much “Uncling”… but I remember you often.

All my boyhood stories include Glen. We did so much together and they are all Memories that I cherish deeply.

Oh boy… when the Memories flood up to the surface… sometimes a lump comes into my throat…

KathyAnn we are thinking of you today. You are not forgotten. Bless you richly!

Not so good memories mixed with the wonderful ones… is called Life.
~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, December 19, 2011

What was Your Best Christmas Gift and Why?

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Today’s Blog Post

What was Your Best Christmas Gift and Why?
Over the years you have received a lot of gifts I am sure. Some you can remember and others you will not.

May I ask you which one stands out in your mind as being the best? What age were you when you received it? Can you smell it after all these years? What was the colour? What sound did it make? How did it feel against your cheek when you hugged it?

Wham. Bam. Wow! The memory came back and the item came back to your mind – even though you have not thought of that one for years!

I remember sitting on a couch when I was about 12 years old. We were watching the black and white TV. I was holding my brand new Hockey Stick that my sister had given me. With Dad’s help she had chosen to give my brother and me the new sticks.

I held the stick close to me and leaned my face on it. The smell was of new electrical tape, the cloth kind, that was wrapped around the stick to help protect it and help you make better shots. The hard wood of the stick had a smooth polish on it – the right from the factory smell guaranteeing that it was brand new. Wow what a rush!

Our gifts had all been opened that morning and we were waiting to go out later and play hockey on the outdoor ice rink at the end of the street.

About 7 or 8 years before that at another Christmas I remember opening that one heavy package that was wrapped with the bright coloured paper. There inside was that amazing wine coloured Jaguar car. It was made of metal and the steering wheel moved back and forth making the front wheels steer. The rubber tires had that fresh rubber smell and the paint on the body was cool against my cheek as I held it close.

These two old but still new memories came back today as I looked through my old Library of my Mind. It took just moments to retrieve them as I thought about the two old and very small houses that our family lived in at the time.

The shiny new linoleum on the floor glistened as my brother and I slid across it with our news socks we got from Grandma. It was like skating inside with no ice. Mom had polished the floor to protect it…. What fun!

Yesterday afternoon in the Mall we sat eating our food. I looked up and saw a funny looking old guy with a scraggly beard. His clothes were kind of old and he was alone. There didn’t seem to be anyone with him.

His face is now stored in my Memory forever.

There was a young lady across the way from where we were sitting. She was with her husband and baby. She nodded and smiled. Last time I saw her she was about to get married and there was no baby planned yet. That was a few years ago now. But we still recognized each other.

As I roll on and on with the memories I am thinking that this year’s best gift is the ability to remember and have such a rich Library in my Mind. The ability to draw out the right book at the right time is a little slower now but the oldest books with all that they have in them are the best. They come easiest and are the richest.

The computer game I played two days ago isn’t there the same. The Password for my computer programs are only brought back by opening the file that I stored them in. That stuff just became part of my life in the last few years.

The hockey stick and the wine coloured Jaguar were there first. And they are the best ever!

Memories so rich and full. I love them and need to sense them over and over again.

How about you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

“Memory is the library of the mind.”

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Today’s Blog Post

“Memory is the library of the mind.”

“Memory is the library of the mind.” ~ Francis Fauvel-gourand

I came across this amazing quote in the last little while and have been thinking about it lots. This is especially true with Christmas 2011 just days away. In one week’s time we will be making memories for this year – and they will be added to the Library of our minds.

My wife has been placing the Christmas Tree Ornaments on our tree again. Every once in a while we have looked over the special ones that we have added over the years. Each year we have added more. The Tree becomes a Library all of its own with each tree decoration with great memories.

On top of our tree we do not have the traditional Angel mounted. Our Angel is the next row down. The top has a flickering bulb that is part of the Birthday Candle that tops our tree for over FORTY YEARS! When our girls were very young we started decorating our tree as if it were a Birthday Cake for Jesus. Everything on our Christmas all these years has focused our kids and our grandkids attention on the fact that we celebrate a special season where we remember Christ’s birth.

This tree is covered with memories from all the places and all the ages we have lived together. It is a Memory Tree as well as being a Birthday Tree.

The celebration of Christmas has certainly changed for me over the years. As a boy it was different for me. We didn’t have all the toys that the kids get today.

I can remember that we would get maybe one toy car or something like that. But as time went by Dad and Mom had more money and salaries were perhaps increased a little each year. Christmas grew into more.

Even as I write these words the Library in my Mind has been sizzling with activity as new and longer ago memories have come rushing to the forefront. WOW!

This is my 67 Christmas with my Mom. She is now 90 and will celebrate her 91st birthday in January. She is not as spry as she used to be… much slower and not able to move as fast. But her memories of the way it used to be and all the fun times we had within our home and family are still there. Her memories are just as clear as they were when they happened.

There are times I realize now, that I need to be recording more of what was said about those old days… as she speaks about them. But even now her voice is not able to do what she wants it to do. It is now harder to hear what she says. (Partly my own hearing – but the rest is her getting it out.)

Today I am simply relishing the wonderful library that I have stored away deep inside. But I too realize that I need to get it to paper so that the family will know what happened way back when we lived through the life we had.

Wonderful memories… simply wonderful.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Me and My Android on board the Galaxy Ace GT5830

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Today’s Blog Post
Me and My Android on board the Galaxy Ace GT5830

Okay I think I am ready. I have the “Thing” in my pocket and I am ready to take the next big step.

My pocket now has an Android in it. Who would have ever guessed that I would own one let alone have it in my pocket!?

Actually it is not the kind of Android that was first shown in the Star Wars mode. It is much smaller and thus the reason for being able to pocket it.

The android is the name of the operating system that is on board my new Galaxy Ace GT5830 phone thingie.

It beeps and leaps making weird noises in my pocket. It is almost alive. Yikes!

And this little gadget is nowhere near as fancy as some others are at the store.

It all began when my other old Cell Phone suddenly sprang to life and gave me the Text Message info that we were eligible for an upgrade at a ridiculously low price. What a thing to do for me just days before Christmas. As my wife and I looked over the offer, she said, “Merry Christmas to you…!” and I knew that it was mine! Wahoo!

As I look back now and think of what we have come through to this point in life. Wow!

I remember when we rolled into the farm of my Grandparents. It wasn’t long after we arrived that the big box on the wall would come to life with the sound of the bells inside signally that someone was calling someone on the line. The sound would be in combinations of Rings… i.e. One Long and Two Short Rings, which was different from Two Long and Two Shorts… or from One Long and On Short… and which was very different from the way that my grandma would pick up the receiver and turn the crank rapidly make on very long rings to wake up or call the Central Operator into action. She then would connect the right wires and send grandma’s call to the right person she was trying to get.

Now my new telephone will reach around the world in a heartbeat. I can Text my friend in Korea in a heartbeat… and if they are out of bed they will answer in the next heartbeat.

I can Facebook them, chat with them, Tweet them with Twitter, email them and even let them know exactly which restaurant or business I am in at the very moment I touch one button… and the Android will ask me which person is with me and if I wish to tell others that we are together.

Can’t yet figure out why I would want to let all my 1000+ friends on Facebook that I am in such and such a place at that moment. The ones in Africa or Asia will be in bed when I message them. Duh!?

Another Ap lets me touch the screen and immediately it will ask me where I want to go… it finds it and then shows me how to drive there, down to the very last step of the journey.

This gadget completely destroys the idea that Men will not ask directions or look at the Map to get somewhere quickly.

I can connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime, and at the same heartbeat again. It will do this via the telephone tower located somewhere close or far… or by Wi-Fi the way that it did in McDonalds McCafe this AM… and offered me more Wi-Fi connections of close by businesses.

The Samsung Galaxy GT5830 is a blow your mind telephone and very easy to use.

Oh and by the way – I was worried about not being able to type fast enough… or to tap the right letter on the screen’s keyboard… DUH – I don’t need to do any of that now. I simply slide my finger over the keyboard, rubbing against the glass screen and stopping above the letter I want and then slide over to the next letter – never leaving the glass… and each letter I stop over appears in my text that I am writing.

But if that is too hard I can simply touch the screen and then speak… my words are typed out before my eyes – as fast as I can say them. Holey Mokey – what next!?

Now I have a great need to connect with someone. But most people my age don’t have cell phones or fancy communicators of any kind. They were scared silly when all this came into play. They do well to find the remote and operate the thing to get to their favorite TV channel!

But this cell phone is not nearly the top of the line. It is less expensive and very easy to use. Even my old friends could use this one.

This cell phone comes from a service provider that offers all the bells and whistles. We have been with this service provider for only three years. Funny thing is that the program we signed up for is not offered any longer – it is very much out of date and a new, better, improved one for a little less money was available now.

I am still trying to understand what the heck I have available in my pocket. I have no idea what the pops and snaps are coming from it every once in a while.

I thanked the young lady at the counter of the Koodo cell phone company for taking it very slowly with my wife and me. She was about 24 years old – 1/3 my age… and she spoke slowly to help me catch on. God bless this little lady – what a jewel.

Before bed time tonight I am going to get some more Aps. I think I would like to get the one that has a big smile on the screen – that looks like a great cartoon mouth… and when you speak the cartoon mouth mimics my words and mouth.

I haven’t got a clue why I might need that… except maybe to commit a crime of some sort.

This is way too much fun for a grandpa! Whoa!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Justin Trudeau’s comical use of words in a tragic time

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Today’s Blog Post

Justin Trudeau’s comical use of words in a tragic time

What a Hoot! The truth is finally out. The Members of Parliament are spreading manure within the House of Commons – our Canadian Government’s top place of making the best and biggest decisions that affect all of our lives.

What am I talking about? Well yesterday Mr. Justin Trudeau finally had enough and he said the word “S-H-I-T” in the House of Commons! Go figure. The son of the man that claimed to have said “Fuddle Duddle” in the same politically charged room.

In later interviews with reporters he claimed that he lost his temper and had enough of the Conservative Party’s method, statements and actions. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had just been listening to Peter Kent, the MP from Winnipeg, Manitoba area describe in a condescending way that another MP wouldn’t have even asked a question if she would have been at the Durban Conference in South Africa.

From what was reported in a number of sources the Conservative Party, also known as the Majority Government of Canada, blocked all the other party members from attending the Conference. So Mr. Kent’s answer to the MP’s question was anything but fair. He wouldn’t let her go and then chided her for asking questions about it.

Worse yet… or I should say… further to this… the Majority Government pulled out of any agreement affecting climate and all things Global Warming. It seems that the Majority Government has made its mind up. Because it is a majority and it is all powerful – it has declared that there is no such thing as Global Warming – the issue is dead and the rest of the “opposition” in our Parliament needs to get over it!

Mr. Justin Trudeau has said a nasty word that many people use when they are frustrated – S-H-I-T!

Now granted he could have used “CRAP” which might have been more tolerable. Or he could have used the word “FECES”, or “STOOL”, or maybe “Fertilizer”… or maybe “Male Bovine Excrement” (my favorite). But all of these and more are too hard to use when S-H-I-T is shorter, smaller and seems to be picked up better by the sound system of the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau has simply said what most of the Canadians outside of the House of Commons think about what happens inside – all the time! Shame on you Justin for letting our secret out of the bag!!

In the push to get things done the Majority Government formed by the Conservatives pushed through a huge bunch of legislation like a steam roller just before they break for Christmas. It has been frustrating for Justin Trudeau as well as anyone that is not Conservative.

There was no way that the parties that are not the majority party could raise any questions or have any points brought forward at all. The Majority Conservatives don’t want to listen – they simply must have it their way.

One Bill that was passed in a hurry was dealing with a great number of Crime items and how we deal with B-A-D People. The Majority Government is getting real tough on Crime and Criminals. They know what is B-E-S-T!

Last week as I visited the Millhaven Institution and listened at length to the folk that work there. They presented how the Correctional Services Canada – CSC is dealing with the Criminals coming into the system. They told of they struggled to house the offenders that are coming in and the difficulty that the whole system is having with the increase of the numbers being housed in Prisons of Canada.

It appears that the Tough on Crime idea that our Majority Government is pushing forward is working. More men and women are not getting out. There is less and less chance of men coming home the way that they used to.

But no new prisons have been built. The numbers are rising. And when that happens the dangerous criminals are forced into the same sized cell that housed one person before… there are now two men using that space. In some cases three men are using the same sized space. Double bunking and triple bunking are now almost complete. When will four people in one small room that is six feet wide and 8 feet long… happen?

Oh – did you know that all budgets are being cut back to save the Majority Government money?

So in one area that I do know about… more men and women are coming into prison with the Tough on Crime policy and less and less are getting out… and no new Prisons are being built. Hmmm?

When will the first riots begin? And who will be fired for letting the riots take place? B-U-T how many will die in the riots that may come?

How soon will the “Hep C” and other sicknesses that are a problem now… evident in many places… become the greatest tragedy of all times?

B-U-T when you are Majority and you K-N-O-W B-E-S-T… that really doesn’t matter at all. It was the other Governments before this majority one that caused all the problems! E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E knows that.

Justin you are young. You don’t always think before you speak. But unless someone like you will stand up and says it like it is… there will be a tragedy coming soon like we can hardly imagine.

Oh C-R-A-P, F-E-C-E-S, S-T-O-O-L, F-E-R-T-I-L-I-Z-E-R, or plain old MBExcrement – you shouldn’t say S-H-I-T in Parliament!

~ Murray Lincoln ~