Thursday, March 7, 2013

Christie Blatchford’s great reporting about Ashley Smith and the Inquest

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Christie Blatchford’s great reporting about Ashley Smith and the Inquest
Not a lot of my friends are following the inquest of Ashley Smith’s treatment and death in the Grand Valley Institution.  They are tired of hearing about it and wish that it was gone now. That is likely felt by way more people than the people I know as my friends.

In an article this morning that was published in the Vancouver Sun (click here to read High Hopes for Ashley Smith Inquest) Christie Blatchford gives a good outline of where things are at now.  Please read this carefully.

Personally in this Blog I have also pointed to my own reactions to what was happening away back in October 16, 2009 Ashley Smith Died – The Saddest Story I have ever heard

Today I am thinking of the Jurors that listen to all this stuff about Ashley’s incarceration. They are looking only at what happened to her in “the system” – not what she was like before entering the system… likely a very troubled teenager – maybe with some very real mental health problems. The person(s) running this inquest would not allow this information to be entered into the evidence being given.

You can think on that for a while.

The inquest is not like a trial in court. Here the lawyers(many or them) are asking questions from their clients point of view. The witnesses that speak are likely just saying “yes” or “no”. It is all from a protective stance for those that might be nailed to the wall later on.  Not necessarily pointing to what might really need to be done.

If you have read the reports of the past and the beginning of it all… Ashley had an attitude that came out in her community.  Her attitude that got her into conflict with society started with throwing a Crab-apple at a mail man.  It ended with now one of the highest profile inquests about how she was handled – and with the Canadian Federal Prison system having all the fingers pointing at it – CSC!

The total system failed her – not just CSC where she died in their custody.  And that system includes her family and life before - that no one is allowed to enter into evidence.

Thanks Christie Blatchford telling it as you see it.  You are helping me to see through all the baloney of what is and was happening.

Readers of this Blog – please read the Links and do a Goggle search on Ashley Smith.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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