Friday, March 30, 2012

Hockey – Church – and the winning culture

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Today’s Blog Post
Hockey – Church – and the winning culture 

Fire the Coach! Get rid of the idiot of a General Manager!! Our teams are losing so someone must be at fault!!! Fire someone and do it NOW!!!!!

Recently in Toronto the Maple Leaf Hockey team fired their coach and had another one hired before the old coach’s seat was cool. Their team was not winning so the guy had to go… and new one was placed into the role to make the Team a winning team. They didn’t win and now it is over.

Yesterday the Montreal Canadians fired their General Manager. The “Canadians” had the worst record in history some say. The once hugely successful team was so low it was hard to imagine.

Now Montreal is looking for a General Manager that is perfect and can speak French. Their answer is somewhere out there in the big world of “Fandom”… all the fans are experts and know that he was the problem.

These are only two teams that have been infected by the attitude that one man can make it all happen. There are too many teams that work this way. Way too many!

But we have forgotten something very important here. The team is about players that play together – and do that well. Gone are the days of a loud mouth leader that can intimidate the lowly player that is too dumb to know the abuse that they were under all the time. Low salaries and abuse kept these idiot players humble and hoping for a spot to play – for their coach or GM.

People flocked to a Hockey Arena to see what the loud mouth coach said or did… the hockey players were secondary.

As time has gone another factor has also entered the equation of success. More and more players are really, really good. It is not like the old days when only a few were good and if they were on your team you would win. Now there are many good players, in fact so many that good is average now... and great players are filling each team as they move past good.

As I watch this hockey world I see good and even great players doing everything they should do in order to win. But the problem is the other team is just a little better. The other team wins not because of the coach or GM… but because they worked together better at that moment. They were just a little better.

The problem with the Win or Lose world is that Win is the only way… AND when someone WINS – someone loses. And someone will always be better – no matter how hard you try. But should you be that winner, eventually one more will come along and knock you off the winning spot. You will lose eventually.

So why write about Hockey? In fact if I am honest, I could care less about hockey more than anything else in my life. I have no idea of what is or isn’t happening. I had no idea that the Montreal Canadians had lost so many games – until it was announced that their GM was gonzo!

What I see in Hockey is our cultural shift. I see where a Win is everything. I see that a Win means more money and someone making millions off the attendance of fans at a game. And I see that when you lose and no one comes to the game the one at the very top doesn’t make any money – which is not good.

That cultural shift is everywhere. In so many things you must be a winner. It all becomes a game. More is better and the best is the most. The best can only be when you have more in attendance and more paying clients or fans.

And if whatever you are doing doesn’t produce a better something, someone must be at fault.

The big switch in thought…
The church work that I am most familiar with is also prone to this better and best attitude. It has a great need to be the winner in the community. It is in the game just like other teams of churches in the community are also in the same game.

And in the church the bigger and better team wins. But like hockey, there will also be a loser. In fact there will be many losers with only one winner.

It shouldn’t be that way. In my mind the churches are all part of the “Team”, working under one GM or Owner. But somehow there has been a cultural shift take place and we have become driven by the winning attitude.

Maybe it is simply the fact that the folks now running the whole operation are from a different cultural stream. They must win. They struggle all week to win in their business world – and on the weekend they see the desperate need to have their church do the same.

The last time I looked at what the church was all about, God was the centre of the focus with Jesus being number one. When did it change to where winning is number one and we will do anything to not be number two – the first loser?

It may have happened when we invested huge amounts of time and energy into buildings and carry gigantic debt loads that may never be paid off – ever!

As I have attended a number of different churches in our community I see one thing that becomes strikingly clear. The churches are not full by a long shot. They could seat up to 500 hundred or more – but have as little as 75 to 100.

In some cases the churches have an idea that they will get some of the folks to leave one church and attend theirs by offering a bigger and better program.

Man, does that ever sound and feel like the hockey world!!!

Since retirement came to me at 64 years and two months old, I have been given many stories where ministers that are about the same age are worried about their position as “coach” or “GM”. They are afraid that they will not make it to the end of their 65 years… because they will be fired.

And some have actually felt that pain as they were finally fired. The church needed a new coach or GM.

Going back to hockey again. A hockey team wins when the great players and the good players – and even the not so great play hard and well.

A church is filled with Players. They are not fans. But perhaps that the is the real problem somewhere back there players gave up. They became fans. Fans started knowing better than anyone.

The church came into existence not to be a winner… but rather a place that offered Life more abundantly.

What is a winning culture in a church?
As for Hockey… I used to play and loved it. But it was fun back then.

As for church… well many of the people I met this week used to attend… but it was fun back then….

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Great Canadian Debt Load – what am I going to have to do about it?

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Today’s Blog Post
My Great Canadian Debt Load – what am I going to have to do about it?

Today is not really a good day for many Federal Government Employees. A host of them will be finding out what is happening to their jobs.

On the news this morning different people were interviewed as to what might be happening to jobs across Canada. One figure was spoken about as 26,000 people will likely lose their jobs – many of these will be front line workers that actually do the main interaction with the public.

The Canadian Government has stated that most will happen through attrition… meaning that people that retire will not be replaced.

Some of that could be true but what happens when the work load now done by two people is required to be done by the one – that didn’t retire?

Do you suppose that someone left working twice as hard to get the job done… might burn out… go one medical leave… the cause the Health System to quake under a new strain?

In Ontario we have just found out yesterday that our province is also about to quake under even more cuts… if the budget is passed through Legislation. However with a minority Government now leading they could be defeated with this budget… and with people as mad as they are… the Minority Government of Liberals could be ousted… and these MPPs will be looking for work at the E.I. Office….

But the E.I. Office will be shrinking drastically after today’s Federal announcements of the huge cut backs that are necessary. The once-upon-a-time employment counseling that was available is being eliminated with other cut backs. The poor MPPs will not have a place to find out what will happen next… and will get in line with all the others that will lose their jobs.

Hey Ontario and Canada – we are in trouble.

Maybe if we hadn’t participated in two recent world conflicts – Afghanistan and Libya… we would have a little more money to pay down debt.

Maybe if we had not been so generous with bailout money a few years ago… we would have even more money.

Maybe… maybe… maybe…

Maybe we are in far greater problems that we thought we have.

Maybe if they raised the HST one or two percent… would help pay the interest that is paid each day on the money that we owe as a province and a country?

I know one thing… I am so glad that I do not have to find a solution to the problem… and the difficulties of finances.

I did that over and over again in the churches that I served as a minister. For 35 years I watched the churches struggle with their financial problems. Debt was there… people that paid things off in church were dying… and the resource to pay the big mortgage payments was dwindling each year.

Many times I questioned how the church got into debt as far as they did. I wasn’t there when they took it on… but I was there when it wasn’t paid off… and it became my problem.

Big debt kills churches. That happens because the churches couldn’t foresee the future well enough.

On the side a person in our community that attends another church I know fairly well, told me that their church is going to build an $800,000 expansion this next year. They have people that can pay, with good jobs and money. After the announcements by the Governments this week.. that plan needs to be adjusted.

They also have people that left our church in a debt crisis to attend this church that is ready to build.. some of their reason for leaving was that they were sick of hearing about the debt our church had incurred 22 years ago and that wasn’t paid off.

Debt kills. Personal debt kills marriages. Corporate debt of churches – kill congregations… and Debt will kill countries as well.

Now on that downer note for today’s posting… I ask what are you doing to keep your debt down? What are you doing to eliminate your debt? What are you doing to prevent ever going in debt again?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“Which person is more beautiful?”

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Today’s Blog Post

“Which person is more beautiful?”

I just knew it had to come someday. I knew that eventually Donald Trump would be in big trouble again.

Okay. Okay… I know I have likely turned you off and you are about to tune out. Hold on just a minute… I know that you don’t like Donald read a little further.

For years now I have watched and read the reports of groups and certain people that have tried to shut down the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Canada, Miss USA… or whatever other Miss “---“ there might be.

Particularly the women of Women’s Rights of all kinds have protested that it objectifies women. It makes them less than a woman to be paraded around like a prize beef cow in an auction ring. Her beauty is strutted in front of an ogling world – specially the swim suit division where she is showing all that she has.

Fat women need not apply enter this Miss Whatever contest. Neither should skinny ones. They have to be just right, sexy, not too fat, not too skinny and likely the best way to describe it is “luscious”. Hey – I ran out of words… even as a former minister.

In some ways I agree with the objectors to the pageant world. Having a woman try to out perform, out strut, out sexy the next person is a demeaning in many ways. I would specially object if it was my own daughters or granddaughter that were paraded that way.

Oh yes… I hear you… “Look at all the good they can do when they win the pageant!”. But I don’t buy it. You can do good and still not parade your stuff.

BUT and it is a BIG BUT… there is now another terrible thing to consider. It is horrible to think that Donald Trump and all his “henchfolk” have to deal with this NEW PROBLEM. Lord deliver us all!!!

The new problem is that one of the women that has tried to enter the Miss Universe pageant has been rejected. She is a beauty to say the least. But she is not a woman. She was born a man and made into a woman. And now she wants to compete for the Miss Universe title… the most beautiful, the most talented, the most intelligent and the most of the most of all women for this year. And the Miss Universe people will not allow her to be in this pageant because of her being originally a him. Ahem…

And Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe Pageant… it is one of his money making businesses. When the woman wins this pageant she will basically represent Donald at all his special money making efforts using the New Miss Universe.

Can you imagine? A woman/man trying to invade the arena for beautiful women…!

For the crowd that reads this Blog and don’t know… he(r) name is Jenna-Talackova. Jenna has special designation in her LGBT world as being transgendered. Transgendered are special people that have decided to become someone else of the opposite sex that they started out as. They did this by having a series of surgeries completed to remove all of what they were to become what they are now.

And for Educational purposes LGBT – stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgendered” which they have given themselves as a designation. I call them people – but they feel they need a special name.

You had to know that it would come to this. The fact that a former man is now trying to compete in a completely all woman world, blows men and women away!

No man has yet been able to conquer the world of pageants… he may own it but he could never enter it.

Now Jenna-Talackova has tried the inevitable. It would be her highest moment of recognition – to be crowned the most beautiful woman in the world. She has tried hard and done more than any other woman to get to this ultimate step up to a crown and glory… and she was refused.

More than 30,000 people are now protesting this rejection of Jenna-Talackova.
The comical thing is that I picked up the story from a “Hindustantimes”… and the Victoria Timescolonist… which both come from two areas that are not so open to Transwhatevers. (In my HO)

All of what is going in my humble opinion is in the minds of everyone. And the mind can change.

It is in the mind of Donald Trump and his helpers that this kind of thing of parading women across a stage with beautiful or little clothing on will sell and make money.

It is in the mind of the beautiful women that by doing this they will win and become the most beautiful women in the world – knocking out everyone else.

It is in the minds of men that ogle.

It is in the mind of Jenna-Talackova, that seems to think that this will make her more desirable, and the top of the achievement pile… likely making a way for all Trans people.

(And that simple thought brings another one, what about the Mr. Universe Pageant – and there just has to be one… could a Trans Man enter that? Would his macho buddies accept him?)

As I stated – minds can change… maybe it will take Jenna-Talackova getting into the pageant to let the rest of the world finally see that this is just plain nuts – all of it! Maybe all of it will stop?

Maybe if Jenna and all the other beautiful Trans People got into it and pushed the beautiful women out… maybe we could all see that this isn’t really beauty.

Beautiful women to me are wrinkled, some are saggy, some are plain, some are ordinary… and many are old.

If you could stand Jenna-Talackova beside Mother Teresa… and ask the question, “Which person is more beautiful?... what do you suppose the answer would be???

I wish Jenna-Talackova success in whatever Jenna-Talackova does. Because what she does will be with Jenna-Talackova forever.

Will Donald change his mind? What do you think?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will Mayor Rob Ford run naked in the streets?

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Today’s Blog Post
Will Mayor Rob Ford run naked in the streets?

I hadn’t considered how close I was personally to doing the same thing that Jason Russell did in March 2012.

Someone caught Jason on video as he ran out in the street almost naked, beating the ground and doing other stuff that shouldn’t be done in public. Oh boy!

According to Dr. John Deadman, in an article that Isabel Teotonio wrote, it can happen to anyone if the conditions are right (or wrong).

Quote from Isabel, Dr. Deadman said, “It could occur in anybody if the stress is severe enough” says psychiatrist Dr. John Deadman, associate professor at McMaster University. “It’s just a matter of how high the stress level is and what your resistance to stress is.” End quote.

Jason Russell was involved in making a powerful video about the problems with “Kony” a rebel leader in Africa. This video and his organization came under attack from all sides. The video also went viral on YouTube with over 85 Million watching it.

Some people loved the video and others hated Jason.

Add to this a moral component and a spiritual one… and Jason is then under greater stress than anyone could ever imagine.

I have been there as a minister in a church. In fact it happened many times in that role over 30 plus years. But it happened more in the last 10 years of my ministry at Northview than anywhere else. Even thinking back to what took place over the Northview days makes my stomach queasy at times.

(A note here: It was only a few of “real gems” that caused the horror that we faced. But it helped to find out later that these same “gems” had caused other leaders the same kind of stress and nightmares! Not everyone did the kind of things that these “gems” will be rewarded for someday! But it only took a few to make it happen.)

So I can testify to a real issue with stress. Even today certain names, situations and things that took place in the past can set me off for a few hours, a few days or even longer. It takes a while to be restored or get better!

Recently a former assistant minister that had worked with me, referred to a certain night we had gone through together. He was brand new to the ministry at that time.

Certain seniors in our church orchestrated a night to never forget. The other seniors knew nothing of what they had planned. The young minister had sat beside me and was aghast with what two old people did.

He referred to that night as the “Attack Night” when he called me. That was a number of years ago now that Dear Sister S had her way to nearly killed the leadership of the church. She took on the entire board of the church and the pastors in front of her senior’s group… and tore them to pieces. That is why the young minister referred to it as the “Attack Night”.

The affect was complete. She showed everyone how nasty one person can get. More than half the Board of the church quit in a few month’s time and they left the church. I never recovered fully I am sure – neither did our young friend.

One of the other young ministers that night gave up on the ministry and finally life – he committed a quiet little suicide - all alone (– not just from the nasty old lady's actions but she was a start).

Stress in leadership is real. Stress when you are upfront and the centre of controversy is real. Stress can destroy your life and the original good goals that you have set out to do.

In a comical statement that I found early in my role as a leader simply stated, “It is difficult to remember your original goal was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators.”

I have been nuzzled by a lot of alligators for sure… and some are old with grey hair and not as nice as they think they are.

Well my opening title was about Mayor Rob Ford, the leader and mayor of Toronto. The man with a big heart and bulldozer effect on most people around him. A man that is under considerable stress 99% of the time.

Whether it is losing the votes that he wants to pass in City Council, being attacked by whacko CBC comedians in his own driveway, or shot at with wicked newspaper reporters… this man knows stress!

It appears that his original goal was to drain the swamp in Toronto and build a subways system for the people of his Kingdom. He had 24 nasty councillors on the Toronto City Council vote against what he wanted… and only 19 of his friends voted for him and what he wanted.

Mayor Rob Ford went a little weird from all the newspaper reports and online stuff I could read. Immediately he refused to accept the vote. He began making statements about how he would stop it. Then most recently he started plotting how he would replace the 24 city councillors that out voted him – with people that would agree with him! No kidding! (See )

There can be no greater dilemma than the one that Rob Ford faces now. He promised big time... to make a subway appear. Now a bunch of negative thinking idiots stopped his plan with a vote at the City Council. They want a Lite Rail system that costs less. 24 of them said NO to Rob.

It is almost comical to read about what is happening to Rob Ford… yet for Rob Ford it is not one bit funny.

In the videos that I watched of Jason Russell having his personal melt down as he walked around naked in the street… that wasn’t funny either…yet you could hear the people laughing and giggling as they took Jason’s video.

When the dear old folk tried to kill the leadership of the church some people laughed at what they saw happening.

I never laughed. I vomited. I was not the same after that – ever again. Some told me I needed to move on... but when the pain is so deep.. you will write about it years later – and it comes back as if it just happened last night.

In my case, the Dear Old Lady was involved again in other settings and even more people left our church because of it. So I finally got it… she really couldn’t stand my guts... right or wrong… I was dead. Good goals or bad goals… I would never be good enough for this old gal. Sheesh…!

Jason faces the same problem. So does Rob Ford. The little old lady will always win. Everyone else will lose – but she has to be right.

Mr. Mayor Rob Ford.. I feel for you today. I think of you often… and I hope someone is watching out for you. Stay clear of the streets… Rob… they are not a good place to be right now. And as far as being on the radio program… you need to let it be… just go vomit – you can deal with it later.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

No one immune from the sort of public meltdown experienced by Jason Russell, the man behind Kony 2012 by Isabel Teotonio
Melt Down video
Original Video – Kony 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

In The Bulb there is a Flower VU703

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Today’s Blog Post
In The Bulb there is a Flower VU703

In 1986 Natalie Sleeth created something that touched me deeply yesterday.

Before I tell you what that was I must tell you the setting were in when I discovered it.

Yesterday I was sitting in a strange church and listening to many things that were different. Their liturgy and music was very different from what I was used to. Everything was different from what I have known for so many years.

At the first few moments of collecting my thoughts in the huge church sanctuary, I was awe inspired with just the place. The giant rising ceiling and the stained glass windows simply took my breath away. But I guess new churches all do this to me – at least the stately old ones that have a history of over 125 years in the community.

If the pews could only speak!

We attended Trinity United Church yesterday which was a great experience.

The amazing organ thundered its way into my mind and heart. With the very talented Musician and Director of Music, Robert Grandy, serving as Organist, Choir leader and also playing in a special number with a violinist, Deborah Henderson; I was inspired.


The service was led by a fellow minister, The Reverend Kevin Derry. His Meditation and Reflection on Jeremiah 31:31-34 and John 12:20-33 stirred my heart. I have the heard and read these portions of the Bible before… but Kevin’s words and thoughts struck home inside of me.

It has been a long time since we have heard a Choir sing like Trinity United’s choir sang. One of my friends that attend Trinity had told me that the Choir is amazing… and he was right!

When reading over what I just wrote, it sounds a bit like a travel brochure for a tourist magazine. Well that is not far from the truth. I am “traveler” or “explorer” in Christian things now.

For years of serving as a Pentecostal Minister, confined to the one church building in the community we lived in and then driving by all the other churches each Sunday, I wondered what the other churches were like.

Of course I could never go into one of “those places”! They were definitely not like us! And if I, as a well known minister living in that community, ever walked into the “competition’s” place I would be shot dead by my own people back at the church I belonged to! Pure and simple – you don’t cross over that boundary when you are in the place that I was for so many years.

Not long ago we started to consider this wonderful time in our lives when we can do things that we could not do before… like visit other places of worship. And then we started to travel and explore… and what a time it has been!

I have found God is in all the wrong places.

For years my congregations were convinced that He only attended our church. In fact for me that has been the better part of my “knowing years”, all 68 of them. The Protestant and evangelical branch of the big tree of churches was the only one that I knew. And where we were was way out there on a far leaf cluster (– away from the competition).

As we progressed through the service we came to Hymn number 703 in the Voices United hymnal. As we began to sing the words the thoughts that came exploded with hope in me.

Whoa! Hold on Pastor! This is a United Church of Canada… and it doesn’t seem like a place that you can shout out, “Hallelujahs”!!!! But it happened in that Hymn 703… a quiet Hallelujah… ahem.

Here are the words that Natalie Sleeth wrote in 1986…

In the bulb there is a Flower
In the bulb there is a flower; in the seed, an apple tree;
In cocoons, a hidden promise: butterflies will soon be free!
In the cold and snow of winter there’s a spring that waits to be,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

There’s a song in every silence, seeking word and melody;
There’s a dawn in every darkness, bringing hope to you and me.
From the past will come the future; what it holds, a mystery,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity;
In our doubt there is believing; in our life, eternity,
In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

(HYMN OF PROMISE – Copyright © 1986 Hope Publishing Company)

I want to thank Trinity United for welcoming a retired Pentecostal Minister into their service yesterday. Reverend Kevin, you and the service blessed us. Thank you!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pierre Poutine and the NDP Convention

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Today’s Blog Post
Pierre Poutine and the NDP Convention

Okay I admit it I watched most of the NDP leadership convention yesterday! My Grandpa Charles Kirkpatrick would be proud of me – I am sure, in that he was a CCF-er way down inside.

Well it wasn’t all day. We had stuff to do. We were in an out a lot during the day.

It had started early Saturday morning with the results of first ballot being tabulated and announced. People cheered and carried on just like they do at all political rallies.

Then the second, third and then fourth ballot were received, trying to decide on who would lead this political party. What a long drawn out event it was.

It started at 10 AM and then finished at 10 PM. Most people thought that it would be done at 4 PM at the latest… maybe even 6 PM… but not 10 PM!

The NDP Party could not have asked for any better press and media coverage. The Conservative and Liberal conventions were never this long in my memory. If this had been over in the morning or early afternoon few people would have been watching… but now a huge chunk of Canada tuned in to see what was happening. After all if finished before all things Holy in Canada – “Hockey Night in Canada”!

But why so long?

Here is my educated guess. Are you ready for it.

Pierre Poutine was at it again. He fouled up the voting system that was done primarily using the Internet.
People across Canada and in the Convention Hall logged in to the Web Site, put in their password and then made their selections for the next round of voting.

The problem was that Pierre, and his helpers, did something to foul up the system. Somehow Pierre was able to get into the system and hammer away at the Web Site…likely trying over and over again to get in – like other people were. That volume from Pierre and the other folk that tried to get in plugged up the little old Web Site and the server. Too many people logged on at the same time! And everything went down to a snail’s pace.

Now if you haven’t heard of Pierre Poutine, he was created by either the Liberals or the Conservatives to mess up voters in the last election. He was a fictitious person created by real people to do nasty stuff that is now being investigated.

What should have taken minutes took hours. One man interviewed on the CBC program said he had waited on his seat for one hour and the machine was not responding. While he sat there another few hundred stood in line waiting for their turn to sit down.

Can you imagine?

But think of it for a minute. Pierre Poutine didn’t have to do much to mess it up. The minute that the next round of voting started people began punching in their numbers – at the same time… all 67,000 plus people. And if 67,000 people tried to do that over and over again – say 100 times… do the math…

The little old phone lines and air waves couldn’t handle the surge.

Pierre needed only to add his few thousand tries to the people logging in… and the system went crash-a-rooo!

The article this morning that I read stated that the company they used was in Spain. Now they had added an Atlantic Ocean between the delegates and the tabulating machines – two ways. And if the Ocean wasn’t the problem the satellite connections could have been.

During the long wait and after it was explained that the computer voting system had a problem, I sent a message to an NDP MP that I connect with. I told him that it was likely a “Robo Computer Problem” that the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada had sent their way to mess them up.

I thought that this next week more accusations in the House of Commons (Our Canadian Parliament) could be slammed and banged around for a few days before they get down to shedding tears over a wild budget ride that is coming soon (this week?).

My NDP MP friend never answered my posting. But my own MP in our area will likely be up shouting at the NDP this week that it never happened… and that he had it happen here locally… but he never said anything about it when it happened…

Yep I watched the goings on… and was impressed with most of what I saw taking place.
I congratulate Monsieur Thomas Mulcair, the new leader. This guy is brilliant and will do my Grandpa proud. Best of all he is not stuck in the sticky past of extreme left of it all.

The Liberal Party is likely a little more than threatened now. This new NDP leader and the new people that will likely join will upset their meager hold on whatever. My guess anyway.

It was announced this past week that the Progressive Conservative party was launching its newest attack ad campaign on Bob Rae, the Interim Liberal Leader. Personally I think that they will be rethinking that today with a new slammer at the new NDP resurgence. Wait and see.

It has shown me something that is very odd. The national leading party that has now secured a Majority Government is insecure. They are starting to attack their opponents 3 and ½ years before an election.

Grandpa Kirk, sorry you can’t really see this stuff happening. It is an adventure that is wild. It kind of makes me want to get involved… with... the Lord deliver me… a party membership… somewhere… but with who???


~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Many Different Styles of Leadership

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Today’s Blog Post
The Many Different Styles of Leadership

I watch people. I watch Leadership. I watch and see the different styles that are now coming into our view at many different levels of community.

The NDP are now trying to find their main leader. In fact about two hours from the time that this Blog is published the first ballot will give the delegates and Canada some idea who will replace their former leader that passed away.

The Conservative Party of Canada, in our Federal Government, has a strong leader. Strong may be too light in describing this leader. From all that we read he is not just strong he is all powerful. What he wants he gets. It matters not what others think, want or need.

Locally we are watching a young leader that is being thrust forward into roles that I doubt he is comfortable in. Our local MP is the “Secretary” for the Prime Minister, who is the one mentioned in the last paragraph. What the PM wants the Secretary delivers. Kind of like the old movies where the women that served as secretaries were at the whim of the Lord and Master of that Office.

I am purposely not stating names as my readers around world will not know the characters that play in these key acting positions of our “Canadian Political Play”. And like any play in a theatre the actress can change as the understudy steps up with their own ideas and leadership/actorship.

Locally we are watching three other positions with interest. Both positions are Mayoral – the folk serving in these areas are all Mayors of their cities.

In Mississauga, Ontario there is a Lady Mayor that is old and wrinkled. She has served her community for years as a remarkable leader.

In Toronto, Ontario there is a younger man serving in his new role of Mayor.

In our city of Peterborough, Ontario there is an older man that serves as our new Mayor.

In these three different Mayoral types there is a vast difference in styles of leadership. The lady is very different from the two men.

The young man is arrogant and feisty. He is a dictator type that knows best what his city needs. It is a circus of political things happening less than an hour from where we live.

The older man serving as Mayor in our city is very different again. What he says he wants. His power is partly in the fact that he has always been taller than all the rest on the school yard. Some people call that style a “bully”. Others that know him say he is a good guy that sings in his church choir, and has been in business a long time.

The old lady Mayor is congenial, warm, well spoke and seems to care. I have met her and when you get past her wrinkles you see the sparkle in her eyes… and you just wish you could vote for her. (Our meeting was at a conference held in her city where addressed our delegates.)

What an amazing difference in each of these leaders. Some we love, and some we hate so bad now that we cannot wait until another voting time comes – so we can oust them. Yet the great contrast is “we”, as a population and citizenship, voted them in.

How can we love them at one stupid moment and then hate them so much a little later when they start pulling off their stunts of power and dictatorship?

The answer is likely more complicated than my suggestion here. They show us only on side, the side they know we want to see, when we are making our choices at the voting station.

We really don’t know what kind of jerks they are – or what kind of saints they will be – after they are elected.

Now I seem to be knocking our revered leadership. You know the ones that our English Language and protocol is adamant that we use.

The one where the dictator type Mayor is introduced(properly) as “His Worship” or “Her Worship”.

The one where we almost stand in awe of the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable ……”
Or the one where we stand to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce to you The Premier of Ontario, Premier…..”

The awe and respect that is still there in me is almost shocking… at times.

When the guys and gals that were elected to these positions, lives across the street from us, they were our friends, our football coaches, our committee members… and our friends. Now elected they are something different and at times obnoxious and plain old stupid… with a powerful title.

Nope it is not just in politics but also in other places. The one place that I know is the church. We see it here as well. And it happens in every denomination and style.

The top guy in this role of course (and it has to be a GUY) is the beloved Pope. Upon his elevation point he moves from a human being to almost God like. People bow and bend to this Holy Man. Kissing his hand and ring… yikes. (Oddly enough they also have been known to assassinate him.)

As some of you know I am Protestant… from the protester’s group that at one point in the far past refused to scrape and bow to some dude in a big house in Italy.

Instead we set up our own kingdoms of Protesters… Protestants that is!

And being as human as we are we just had to have leadership in place to lead us. And leadership always has its special way of being above others, in privilege and remuneration.

I have served in a number or roles within my own church group. I have seen it all.

Moving from the top Politicians in our country to the lesser politicians; to the top city politicians and the lowest leadership within the community; to the church and community group leadership… I can honestly say I have seen almost all of it – good and bad.

I am confused at times why I – or we – need the dictator type. But we get them or accept them anyway… then we hate them later and try everything in our power to get rid of them… and then simply find another person to replace the one that hated with some one that is every bit the same.

Why can’t a leader be like they were before they became a leader?

God, help us all. Here is to better leadership and a stronger community that doesn’t need dictators of any kind.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Marilyn’s Zit Immortalized – the power of Facebook and Blogging

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Today’s Blog Post
Marilyn’s Zit Immortalized – the power of Facebook and Blogging

It was an earth shaking day for my young friend Marilyn… that was Tuesday March 20, 2012. That unbelievable day Marilyn got a Zit.

Imagine a Zit… a horrible red spot filled with some sort of internal body fluids. And that Zit is on your face! Good Lord I do remember what a Zit is all about… when I was a teenager!

March 20th, this past week when the Zit appeared, was a tough one for Marilyn.

Marilyn is likely in better shape than any of the rest of my friends on Facebook. She runs each day for at least 5 kilometres and sometimes 10 kilometres.

This is what my friend Marilyn typed out for her world to see… now I immortalize it by posting it here again…

Marilyn said to her friends on Facebook…quote…
“so in 3 weeks I turn 50, I'm battling to keep my body parts in their God intended place and today I get a zit......seriously why?? When are you too old for these things?” End quote.

Well… this is where the story begins… it isn’t about Marilyn or a Zit – but about her friends and the phenomena of Facebook.

Before Tuesday March 20 was over, 22 of Marilyn’s friends had made a comments on her Zit… or at least her having a Zit. Can you imagine!? They were all encouraging her.

Of course most of her friends were kind and supportive. Most of her friends also are about the same age, except me. I am older of course, in fact much older than 98% of my Friends on Facebook… or maybe that should be 99.5% !!!

My comment was simply from a much older point of view and a person that has gone much further into the aging process than Marilyn has… ahemm.

On March 20, 2012, the day of the Zit… I wrote…
“I really hate to tell what comes next... really long and fast growing nose and ear hairs that come within hours - and you wonder why people are staring at you in a funny way... then suddenly you will die to get a "depends" on --- but be worried about your butt being odd shaped - i.e. flat across instead of the cute buns you used to have...and no matter how much duct tape you use to pull your skin back off your face at night... the wrinkles slowly ooze back into place in the morning. MARILYN - soon a ZIT will be a wonderful thing to get!!! Bringing back huge memories from the very long. long, long ago.” End quote

Marilyn replied the next morning… quote…
“I'm glad I didn't read your piece of "joy" before I went to bed” End quote.

Now I know that some on my more sensitive readers will be so supportive of Marilyn and her having a Zit.. and wonder how I could ever say such a thing to this poor gal…

Marilyn was in a youth group/college and careers group that I served as their pastor. I was the leader of this notorious group long ago. And much earlier before that her dad and I knew each other as fellow pastors. We have known each other since she was much younger.

Only on something like Facebook can a person’s Zit become the center of attention. At no other time can I remember a Zit ever holding so much attention. No one Zit that I have seen has had 22 plus people read about it… and now with my 1000+ friends and acquaintances on Facebook potentially looking up Marilyn’s name on my friend’s list… they will all join into the thought about Marilyn’s Zit…

Today another 165 or so people will read about it here on this Blog. And potentially this week over 1000 will read about the special place this Zit has had in our lives together. And the readers will come from east of New Zealand and all the way west to the Hawaiian Islands… with dozens upon dozens of people in all the countries in between reading about the Zit!

Can you imagine?

There is a power in this Facebook and Blogging. And today it all happens around a Zit.

Why did you need to know all this? I don’t know. You read it after I wrote it. I guess both of us, along with 22 of Marilyn’s friends on Facebook need to get a life. Too funny!!!

BTW – Happy Birthday Marilyn – our birthdays are the same week as I recall… not the same year!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

You don’t want to mess with my wife… if you do you are dead! Subtitle – "Facebook Impersonation"

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Today’s Blog Post
You don’t want to mess with my wife… if you do you are dead!
Subtitle – "Facebook Impersonation"

Last evening my wife came to tell me that her Facebook account had some weird things happen on it. She had two different requests come from people we know asking her to be their friends.

In both cases these were people that we know. Both were from “ministerial settings”. One was another minister’s wife and the other was a minister. She has spoken to the wife of the other minister from time to time over the years – but doesn’t really “know her” as a close friend. As far as the minister that connected with her, she knows about him but has no reason to be considered to be “his friend”.

But my wife is gracious and caring… and responded to both requests positively… and made them her friends.

Then something really strange happened.

The minister friend started writing to her on a “chat”. He became “live”. He was suddenly a real person talking to her in a casual way. She responded with her congenial way and he kept going. Suddenly he was way out in another direction with a very weird conversation that went on for a while. Not pornographic or anything like that… but really strange.

The worst part was that she had no idea who it was that she was communicating with… back and forth.. with a real person typing to her.

She did click on to the person’s small icon to find out more about him… Up came the guy’s face and a list of friends that he has. But there were only 95 friends… where in reality he has over 2000 friends… which was one of the reasons that my wife found it odd that he would want her as “his friend” when he already had more than he could ever communicate with. (This minister is top leader in our church group and a college professor.)

When Alida told me about this strange thing that came up on her Facebook program, we looked it over together. Yep she was right. The guy was typing the messages back and forth to her and there they were for me to read.

I copied and pasted the info into a word processor file, but didn’t save it immediately. The silly computer froze up and we lost it. Grrr!

Together we nuked the two impersonating people.

Then later looking at the two real people we found that other “friends” had noted that they were receiving weird things from them also.

So – was the impersonator another minister that has nothing to do with his time….? Or was it a lurker… a Peeping Tom on the Internet that was trying to connect with my wife.

Suddenly you feel dirty and almost invaded by a creep somewhere. Suddenly you don’t want to respond to anyone when they connect with you. Suddenly you lose trust.

This is not new…
Facebook people have a policy in place to protect you. See

In California they have a law to protect people from this kind of attack as well. If the person is caught there is a serious fine and perhaps even more.

In our area I doubt we could call our already too busy police for something as weird as this taking place.

However if you want more info and history – I have collected the Links below for you to read more. A Google search will provide more for you to read.

I am proud of my wife’s inner ability. She is becoming computer savy… but the thing that she has always had is an “inner smart”. She can tell when someone is simply full of it! She also has great reservation about some people… and she immediately had that when the impersonator began writing to her…

So – Mr. Jerk the Impersonator… go ahead and try it again. We would love to catch you red-handed. You are going down Creepo! You don’t want to mess with my wife… if you do you are dead!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Justice for Graham James or for the Victims of His Crimes?

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Today’s Blog Post
Justice for Graham James or for the Victims of His Crimes?

It was reported widely yesterday and today that Graham James, the Hockey Coach Pedophile that molested teenage boys on his hockey teams, received a punishment of Two Years in Jail. The Judge in Winnipeg Court handed down this verdict to the stunned Canadian public.

Articles that I have read today are showing signs of the public seething and dismay with the Two Year sentence he was given.

Usually Two Years means serving that time in a Provincial Jail; where everyone in there is Two Years less a day. Anything over Two Years would have him serving his sentence in a Federal Penitentiary.

In the Provincial System he will not receive any programming or counseling. In the Federal System he would possibly. And we know that with his high profile case and his name being as it is, he will be removed or separated from the regular bad guys inside. That will be for his protection.

I am guessing at this next part. If he serves time in the Manitoba Provincial Correctional system he will be in a very different crowd than that of Quebec and of Ontario. The prison population is entirely different in each area.

Manitoba correctional system faces huge issues with a large aboriginal population. And from what I have heard that is true of a number of at least two western provinces in Canada.

And trying not to be racists, white guys in an almost all aboriginal inmate population is not a good place to be.

How do I know? My Dad was an employee of one of the Western Provinces Provincial Correctional facilities. The stories that he brought home from his training and also from the actual scene of inside prison crimes… were terrible!

Simply put Graham James is not in for a good time inside a Manitoba Jail system. The guards will all do a great job to look after Mr. James and even protect him. His 23 ½ hours in the cell for two years will be good. His ½ hour each day (maybe) will be protected from others.

But think of it this way. When there is a string of bad weather days in your community and you tell people that you have “cabin fever”… that usually happens after a four day stretch of not going anywhere.

Try being in a small cell for 23 ½ hours a day… for two years. Do you think you will come out “normal”?

Nope. Neither do I. And Graham James is not going to receive an easy ride as he serves his next term of incarceration. Not at all!

But there are worse guys than Graham James living successfully in our communities now. They have served their sentences for their Pedophilic actions. They raped, assaulted, deeply wounded kids from babies to late teens. And they live out their lives successfully with support.

That support I have written about before. It is called COSA(Circles of Support and Accountability). And COSA works and works well. I have witnessed it up front.

But COSA can be made to not work if the attitude of the convicted man refuses help and pushes away from the COSA supporters. If he continues to manipulate he will go down again. I have seen it happen in our area just a month or so ago. The dude that messed up again and did not hold to his conditions is now back in prison again.

I do not know what Graham James is like. I do not know if he had a COSA around him. But if he did, even Graham James will start possibly living out a better and more productive life outside of prison.

BUT what about the Victims of Crime? What about the kids that are now adults that will never find freedom from the horrific dreams and nightmares and daytime shuddering thoughts that never let them be free????? What about them?????

You see our justice system does nothing for the Victims of Crime. The Crown Prosecutor and the Judge can do nothing to help them before, during or after the trial. The revealing of evidence by having the story of the nightmares told in open court does not make the Victim “feel better”. The sentence of 2 years… to 1000 years will not make the Victim of the Crime feel better. Nothing does that.

Support and understanding will help the Victim. Counseling that they cannot afford should be provided free. Support financially would be a great help when they lose their jobs because of not being able to work… when the nightmares are just too great. A fund set up to support the Victim would go a long way to help their families.

Perhaps that support fund could be set up to be the same as the amount that the Government will spend on the Convicted Pedophile. And if they need to help a dozen or more Victims per Pedophile – so be it. Then and only then, would the Politicians, that set the rules, would truly understand how much of an impact it has been on our society.

Graham James did not just harm the boys that he worked with on the hockey teams he coached. He hurt us all.

Now what will we do about it?

I am deeply moved by the stories and accounts of the three adult men that now stand shaken by the results of the court’s decision. But they will get help.

I am frightened right now by the fact that more kids last night were raped, sexually assaulted by a daddy, an uncle, a grandpa, a brother, a minister or a hockey coach (not forgetting the mother's, aunts, babysitters that can be abusers as well…Personally I have heard of four such cases). And worse yet by someone that should know better as a care giver, had no idea a man(or woman) like that would ever do such a horrible thing.

That little kid is now crying inside… and no one can hear him of her. The teachers will not see it at their school… because it won’t come out until their molester gets his two years in jail later on… much later… MUCH LATER.

I am caught in the middle and know way too much. God help me today. But more than anything else – God help that little boy that is crying now… and that little girl that can’t say anything at all.

God help us all.

And as sick as it sounds, “Thank You GRAHAM JAMES for making us more aware of what your kind does to our kids.” Thanks buddy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Monday, March 19, 2012

I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You - The End of the World - Six Days on the Road - I’m a Honky Tonk Girl - From a Jack to a King – old memories

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Today’s Blog Post
I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You - The End of the World - Six Days on the Road - I’m a Honky Tonk Girl - From a Jack to a King – old memories

It was a just a silly TV Advertisement that set off the flash back. Sheesh! Suddenly I was in a tent trailer in my parent’s backyard – 54 years ago. Swish!

It was late at night. I had a small light turned on and my hand was on the radio dial, slowly tuning in the different stations from far, far away.

After a carefully turning of the knob on the radio I was able to get WGN Radio from Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was over 700 miles away from that small tent trailer in the backyard of the Regina, Saskatchewan. Listening to that station from so far away, late into the night was simply amazing. The guy on the radio told about the place of Chicago and all that was in their area. The talk was interlaced with music, most of it was country… but some was rock and roll… or rather “rock-a-billy”. Lots of Honk Tonk and story kind of songs.

My Uncle Phil Kirkpatrick had trained as a radio technician and he worked at the local radio store. One day he had brought an old radio home for me to try out. The case was gone. All that was left was the base with the parts openly exposed. Phil told me that he thought all the parts were there and that I should try it out.

One tube was burned out. Tube? Yes Tube. Away back then transistor radios were still not ready for the likes of a 14 year old boy.

When I told Uncle Phil how I got it going, telling him that one tube was not lit up like the rest, and that I simply had bought another one. I told him that I had also taken the other tubes out and tested them. He asked how I did that. I had taken them to the drug store not far away that had a tube tester… and at the same time the machine cleaned the prongs/pins on the tube to make a better connection.

Uncle Phil’s comment was that I might put him out of business…

Being able to resurrect that old radio and then bring in a signal from 700 miles away was amazing. The feeling of the deep satisfaction, that came from taking that old carcass of simple electronics and get it to open a new world for me – was so gratifying.

Not only did Chicago come in but also Des Moines, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska. Each time a new station came on I would pull out the old map that my dad had given me. There it was another new city or town that was beaming their signal out where I was catching it so far away.

I cannot tell you what that did for my imagination and the desire to travel and see that world where the signal came from. It ignited it and set me on fire.

The TV Advertisement was trying to get me to order the TimeLife offer for “The Golden age of Country Music”. And it almost worked.

Over and over they played clips of
Singing the Blues - Marty Robbins
(When You Feel Like You’re in Love) Don’t Just Stand There - Carl Smith
If You’ve Got the Money, I’ve Got the Time- Lefty Frizzell
I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You - Don Gibson
Crazy Arms - Ray Price
Four Walls - Jim Reeves
That’s All Right - Elvis Presley
The Cattle Call - Eddy Arnold and His Guitar
I’m Moving On - Hank Snow
The Carroll County Accident - Porter Wagoner
The Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton
A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
The Three Bells (Les Trois Cloches) - The Browns
Waterloo - Stonewall Jackson
My Elusive Dreams - Tammy Wynette and David Houston
The End of the World - Skeeter Davis
Why Baby Why - Red Sovine and Webb Pierce
Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy - Red Foley
A Little Bitty Tear - Burl Ives
Thanks a Lot - Ernest Tubb
I Ain’t Never - Webb Pierce
Lonesome 7-7203 - Hawkshaw Hawkins
Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley
I’m a Honky Tonk Girl - Loretta Lynn
From a Jack to a King - Ned Miller
Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got?) - Leon Ashley
Hello Vietnam - Johnny Wright
You’re the Reason - Bobby Edwards

(Note: The songs names and artists listed I plucked from the TimeLife Web Site)

Everyone of these olds songsters and crooners I remember. And it all happened in that small tent trailer so long ago.

I grinned as I listened to the TV Ad. I wondered if my Grandkids will every understand their Grandpa.. or even care. So much will be lost when I am gone. Who cares what happened in 1958 – so long ago.

The little boy inside of me grinned widely. I am so thankful for the many old memories. If Uncle Phil could only know now what happened to me when he gave me that dusty old radio carcass… if only…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh Yes! A Leaking Roof – this is good!!!

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Today’s Blog Post
Oh Yes! A Leaking Roof – this is good!!!

As I looked for my book that was on the dining room table, it felt wet when I picked it up. That is strange. Then I felt the table it was dry but there was a film over most of it. Other things on the table top were still wet. There was water under something that was plastic.

Very strange… very!

I asked my wife if she had place something wet in the table top. No. That wasn’t it. She came to inspect the rest of the items and wipe up the remaining water. What could it be?

I looked up at the ceiling… OH NO! There was a light brown stain near the light fixture base on the white plaster ceiling.

The roof had been leaking!!!! With the tremendous rain and storm that we had, water finally got through the shingles. They are older now and showing signs of wear… and I knew someday I would have to deal with it… but wasn’t expecting it now!!!

For the next few hours, the use of a ladder and a light I was in the attic inspecting the potential damage.

Not one leak but rather four – and only one place where it came through the ceiling to the table below…

A quick trip to Home Depot to look for a roof patch and talk to their experts revealed a whole lot more.

Many people have been in to buy the roof patches. Many people have a problem now and will be getting a roof job done.

As we stood reading the roof patch instructions and speaking with the expert, another guy was buying and he had two roofs to deal with. His was much worse than ours.

So further inspection of the whole roof revealed a need for about $1200 worth of material to do the job fully. Ouch!

Retirement surprizes like this are not so cool. Thank God for a “Line of Credit”!!! And if it doesn’t get paid off – the kids will get less inheritance.

This little adventure of yesterday has a new lesson in it I am sure. In fact I see one now.

I am patient now. I have time now to lay one shingle at a time, working at my speed… on my time. Yep I’m going to do it alone… slowly.

Nope I am not going to lift the shingles to the roof by myself, a great big truck will come with the boom that will do that job. And thank goodness for the big driveway… that will let the truck load the bundles of shingles on to the roof!

I have so much to be thankful for. I am a senior that is able to do much of this on my own – in my own way and time.

This is freedom… wahoo!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

“Consumer Desire Storm”… CDS When “Want” and “Need” rub against each other inside of you

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Today’s Blog Post
“Consumer Desire Storm”… CDS When “Want” and “Need” rub against each other inside of you

I am in recovery now. One day later and the senses are just coming back after drinking a really large coffee.

Yesterday my wife and I did something very young – again. We wondered through and then took part in the Toronto Sportsman Show.

Our part in this adventure was to help as volunteers in the Buckhorn District Tourist Association’s booth at the show. We gave out the information about this amazing part of Ontario. The results were good and we met many great people that may well come to our area for a summer or winter visit.

Recovery? Yep. That is what it feels like today.

I wandered and wondered through the Show and was overwhelmed. I wanted to buy something from every booth and every company!

I was overwhelmed by all that I want… and struggled with the fact that I don’t need anything. Talk about a contrast to live with inside of me! The feeling inside is much like that of the Thunder Storm the other day – where two opposing factions collide and BOOM you have lightening flashing, followed by the super loud Band and BOOM of the Thunder.

When “Want” and “Need” rub against each other inside of you – you have a “Consumer Desire Storm”… CDS!

Recovery is from CDS today!

I did find the ultimate thing that would bring a huge smile on my face – I am sure of that. And I would try to get my wife to understand that – but she is way too wise for me. Sheesh!

That something is the YikeBike. It is like a tricycle that I once rode as a little boy… but without two back wheels as it only has one back wheel… and a larger front wheel… and the handle bar is behind your butt… with the seat between the handle bars.
Now doesn't that sound great? Doesn't it make you want to try at least? Take a look at

I used to ride on my friend’s handle bars as he took me to his house for some fun. It is kind of like that. Only this had no friend pushing peddles – only an electric motor…

My wife waited patiently at the sidelines as I drooled over this new contraption. I watched the young guys struggle to keep their balance as they tried it out. They were pretty good.

The thought flashed in my mind… “I CAN DO THAT TOO!” But as if mental telepathy was active again… I looked at my wife and her gaze was steady and unmoving… with the look saying clearly – “Don’t even think about it!”

But I need one. It would be so cool to ride over to McDonalds for my early morning coffee… and have the other old guys drool and be totally blown away by my new toy!

Then there was the amazing tent display… you cannot believe the new tents that they have developed to make it more comfortable to go further into the back country to encounter more wildlife!

But you should have seen the gun display and the powerful scopes that they have now made! Wow!

I think I need some of all of these things. Nuts the CDS is in full rage again.

I need to go to another show today in Peterborough… I just have to…

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Politicians that are always right and always have the best ideas – Whoa – can you believe that?

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Today’s Blog Post
Politicians that are always right and always have the best ideas – Whoa – can you believe that?

It isn’t the fact that the Ontario Government is to make huge cuts in its budgetary process and things that we have enjoyed are going to not be there…

It isn’t because we are all in trouble financially… and that we all have to cut back tremendously… like fewer big holidays and less spending on most things unless they are absolutely necessary…

I mean every retiree knows all about that kind of tightening the belt… right?

And I can even take the statements about the Gambling and the proposed changes that are going to be made shortly…. You know… where they are closing down certain race tracks and casino slot machines.

In Ontario, where we live, it is now getting tighter by the minute. One politician in the Oshawa are, Christine Elliott (PC), stated that Ontario is spending $1.8 million an hour more than they are taking in! I am not sure that this is true or not – considering it is an opposition member speaking about other party that they traditionally hate and lost to in the last election…?

But I do know that if my wife and I make a choice to go on a very expensive cruise ship, travel for six months on that ship and go half way around the world and back… it will cost someone something. That someone will be me.

And I can understand that the poor Government Leaders, the ones that are in power now and trying so hard to please everyone… are in trouble.

But we all want more… and they try to give us more. And when they need to cut off the spending that they thought they would be able to keep doing… there will be people that scream bloody murder.

Now none of that really bothers me at all. I understand all that.

BUT WHAT REALLY BUGS ME IS THE SMUGNESS of the Leadership… and one in particular that spoke yesterday when being pressured by the News Media folk.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan stated something strange on the clip I heard on the radio yesterday… when questioned about the idea that 69% of people surveyed were against the idea of expanding the Casino to the Toronto area… and making it a revenue source to pay down the debt of Ontario.

Whoa! He responded with, “Surveys are surveys… (brushing aside the idea).. we know that this is a good idea.” (as close as I can get to an actual quote while driving)

Now I know that all Surveys can be screwy at times and can be interpreted the way that people want them to be…

But what really bothers me is Mr. Duncan’s Patriarchal attitude, we are the Government and I am the Finance Minister…we know what is best. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Double Whoa! Being elected doesn’t make you smart. It doesn’t make you the wisest person in the Province.

It does make you powerful and able to do things that the rest of the idiots out there cannot do. You can spend until no one can pay for it. You can go into debt and not care about what happened.

You can be letting the worst kind of fraud happening right under people’s noses – and with their own money. CHECK OUT “ORNGE” and the wealthy Doctors that were running that Air Ambulance service. “Ornge” has screwed our Province out of many millions of dollars and the Health Minister never did a thing about it.

If one has done this – why not two… or even more? And there are likely more than just one outfit getting a rich pocket out of connecting with a Government that spends like it is on a round the world cruise on a very rich boat.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan needs to remember that the border Casinos, Windsor, Sarnia and Niagara Falls were all “great ideas” when they were opened. Now his Government is involved in supervising the shut downs because they are not profitable. Have you ever seen the size and beauty of these buildings in these three cities.

Some of us told them this would happen away back when they thought up the original idea – “Gambling is Good. Many people do it. So the Government should be in charge of it too!”

Now poor Toronto will get the glories of a privately run Casino… oh boy and TRIPLE WHOA!

Now would you think that maybe Mr. Donald Trump will be the gratuitous God Father to get Ontario out of debt? I do. He is already in Toronto and telling folk what a great idea the city is… But if not him and his hair cut… there will be others that see the opportunity to make it big with Gambling money.

Someone asked me…
“Now wait a minute Murray Lincoln… aren’t you being just a little hard on these poor Politicians? I mean. Don’t you do something with these folks through your Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy?”

Yes I do. I pray for these folk that are elected. I get to know them as real people that have real problems just like I do. I support them as people.

I will not pray for some of the ideas that come from them. I pray for the person and their families… and all the folk that work in their constituency offices across our province. See if you would like to see what I really do.

But because I pray for them, because I am a Minister, because I work as a Chaplain – I didn’t stop thinking… nor did I lose my brain.

When dumb things are said and done… dumb things need to be pointed out. And when DUMB is really understood… 69% against the decision will likely increase greatly.

The Liberal Party of Ontario is now in a Minority position. If the other parties chose to vote against them or their ideas, Ontario will be looking at another election. The other parties will not likely do that unless they see that the 69% is climbing as dumb ideas grow.

Today I chose to pray for these leaders that are just like me… human beings… and that are trying to please everyone. God help them today.. they certainly need it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My World was Shaken

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post
Terri-Lynne McClintic - Murderer
My World was Shaken

Each Wednesday I sit at the Peterborough Square showing my wood carvings, tatting and creative things that I make. A popular one now is the art work that I am designing for the Rubber Stamping that people use to make their cards.

On the display table I have my full set of Misty Hollow Wands (that look a lot like Harry Potter Wands – but are much better..) The Misty Hollow Wands draw people to the table like a Magnet.

At one point a young girl I’ll call “Lilly” stopped to look. Her Grandma was with her. They told me how Lilly had just finished watching all the Harry Potter movies with her mom. This was School Break and her mom had time with Lilly… a girl’s thing together.

Lilly has dark hair, a big smile with some teeth coming into places where the baby teeth used to be. She isn’t tall yet and has no need to dress like a teenager that is trying to be beautiful or be like someone that she isn’t.

Lilly is beautiful the way that she is.

When she told me her name, she beamed.

We talked about what she liked in Harry Potter. She came alive in those short few moments with me as she shared her life. I am a Grandpa and I love kids… and kids talk to me easily.

Then I asked Lilly how old she was.

She beamed from ear to ear and said, “I am eight.”

It was at that minute in time that my world was shaken deeply. I must have stumbled before I said anything because Lilly watched me… as did her Grandma.. I replied with, “Wow, that’s great!”

Lilly and Grandma left… and I packed up to go home. But I couldn’t stop thinking of Lilly.

That morning I had just read the account of the court proceedings as Michael Rafferty is standing trial for the murder of young Tori Stafford. His girlfriend’s testimony had been reported in the newspaper by Rosie DiManno.

I had read how Rafferty had brutally raped Tori in the back seat of his car as his girlfriend Terri-Lynne McClintic watched his bare behind sticking out the little car’s open door. I read how Terri-Lynne had promised the little girl it would be alright… and even started holding her hand as Rafferty raped her again, with the young girl screaming…

Then I read how Terri-Lynne claimed that she placed a bag over the young girl’s face and smashed her head with a hammer to kill her…

Yesterday morning I nearly died as I read the vivid account of the rape and murder of Tori.

When Lilly looked at me from her beauty and beamed saying, “I am eight…” _ I couldn’t speak.

Tori Stafford was eight as well… and likely was very much like Lilly.

I have tried to stop thinking of Tori and Lilly… but I can’t. They are both etched deep into my mind.

Tori is now safe away from this horrific scene – but she is gone. In my mind she is tucked into a heavenly place well away from the horrors that she last new in her own short life.

I am pretty sure that Rafferty’s and McClintic’s names will not be on that roster for that heavenly place – at least it appears to be so in my small mind.

I also know that when Mr. Rafferty arrives at Millhaven Prison for his assessment before entering his long stay, a whole lot of people there will know him well. Many watch TV like I do… Now there is an outside chance that he will be fast tracked to the range that the other very sick people now live forever. I wish him a long life of nothingness… and that will happen in his prison cell 23 ½ hours per day forever…
So you question my thought that he is guilty before being found guilty in the court he now sits in each day...?

No problem at all… he will be found guilty and he will pay dearly… that is my best guess. Just what he pays for and his part in this crime against an 8 year old and the rest of society… is up to one jury… and one judge… and then a prison filled with really bad people that all know….

Tori Stafford I am so sorry for what happened. I am appalled that our society and all that it offers produces the Rafferty and McClintic types of sick people.

God help us all.
Terri-Lynne McClintic - Tori Stafford
~ Murray Lincoln ~


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lorax and Me

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post
The Lorax and Me

As I sat last evening in the darkened theatre a whole lot of memories came flooding back. I was young again – very young. I had two little girls with me in this memory and both were excited about the movie we were watching. That was the memory. The girls were my daughters about 35 years ago… oh boy.

The movie theatre wasn’t a memory, it was a reality… and last evening was filled with kids of all ages… but mainly little kids of all ages.

Alida and I were sitting in one very full and packed out place with young families as we watched “The Lorax”… a knock out movie about trees and a kid that cares for one last tree nut to plant the one last tree.

The story is good for kids to hear… and it was Dr. Seuss telling it for us.

The music was great and the story line simple.

The number one thing that blew me away was the colour, the illustrations and animation. I was in overload by the time that it was over.

You should have seen the popcorn on the floor and the garbage. Think of your rumpus room with 300 kids in it for two hours… and think of the spills and the ooops… and then think no one stops to clean it up but simply walks in it after it is over.

Hey – last night I was young again… I giggle with the two 8 year old boys sitting beside me… and all the rest that laughed out loud in the theatre at certain times.

I highly recommend this one – you will love it. Take a kid with you if you can. If not become a kid for few hours. It will take years off your old body and mind.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Seeing things differently

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post
Seeing things differently

My friend Jason called to tell me that he has been approved to possibly get a new kidney and a pancreas. It could happen by August of this summer 2012.

Can you imagine!

And Jason told me that if it goes well he will be off the dialysis machine when the new kidney begins to work.

And are you ready for this… Jason may also get new eyes as well. They have talked to him about the procedure and what he might be looking at as to recovery time.

Jason has stopped smoking a year ago and has gained the weight back. He was down to a skin and bones kind of person… but now is up to 205 pounds. He has long hair down to his shoulder blades and he tells me his taxi driver calls him “Jesus”. “Imagine a fat, blind, Jesus in a wheel chair”, Jason said.

Jason has not lost his humor.

The day that I took him into Toronto for his last few major eye checkups… which was a few years ago, was a hard one for both of us. We both were hoping for his vision to improve. And it was on that fateful day that the last bit of horrible news came. The specialist told Jason that we would go blind in the next few months. The rapid deterioration of his eyes was happening very quickly now. Because of the diabetic condition that he has there was nothing that they could do for him.

The news was terrible to say the least. I knew it would be. The earlier reports had been giving no hope at all. This was the final test.

Jason was quiet as we rolled him down the hallway.

When we rolled into the elevator and the doors closed, he asked me a question that I had no answer for…

“Pastor Murray, do you think there is a possible need for a Blind Guy that can’t walk, that sits in a wheel chair, rolls out on to the stage and is a comedian?” he asked.

Jason can’t see… yet. He spends a whole lot of time at the hospital and having his kidney function done by a machine.

Soon that may all change. I certainly think that it is something to look forward to… I certainly do.

As I write this I can see with two eyes. I can eat what I want within moderation.

I needed Jason in my life to realize what I have… and how my attitude is a huge part in the way that I live.

Today I see differently.

~ Murray Lincoln ~