Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Justin – Justin – Justin – the kiddies have to go to bed earlier

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Justin – Justin – Justin – the kiddies have to go to bed earlier
I do not usually follow the music world celebs… and doing the Oscar route plus all the other film type hypes… is just not my thing. I could care less.

But sometimes things do stick… and that happened this week.

Justin Bieber had his 19th Birthday in London England. The party mode was dulled and he was downed by the local, rather famous nightclub and not allowing him and his entourage to come in because they were too young… or rather they couldn’t supply adequate I.D. to prove how hold they were… was a downer!!!  Poor Justin!

He said it was his worst Birthday ever!  He tweeted that to 35 Million Fans – duh!  Not in Britain!!!

Now doing such a thing and saying anything in Britain is plain stupid. With their newspaper attack mode that is possible – they will eat you alive.

Last night Justin didn’t start his show until almost 10:30 PM – while his fans waited in the audience from 8:30 PM on…

Problem is that many of his fans are very young – like one report stated FIVE YEARS old! And many are around 10 through to 13 years old.

Kiddies have got to get to bed… and an ornery child in a big crowd, sleepy, cranky, upset will cause mom and dad problems – specially when they paid good dollars to see Justin Bieber!

Justin has had one very bad week following his growing up date of 19 years old. Next year he will no longer be a teenager… even though he acts like a little kiddo.

Yep the story caught my attention big time!  Remember he was “discovered” away back in 2008!

What does a teen idol do when they are no longer able to do what the crowd expects them to do? Where do old teen idols go… back to school? Maybe finish high school or even college?  Or are they too popular and continue to be until they hit 50 or so… and the wrinkles show up.

What were Justin and his group doing that made people wait two hours?

Hmmm? Check out this Link to Read More about Justin.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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