Saturday, March 23, 2013

Peterborough Fibre Arts Festival 2013 – a Great Day

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Peterborough Fibre Arts Festival 2013 – a Great Day
Peterborough Arts Fibre Festival happened today.  What a great day!

Fibre Arts Festival you say? What is that?

Well, folk that create all kinds of crafts that use thread, wool and fabric of all types joined today at the Peterborough Public Library on the lower level to show their stuff.

And these Fibre Art Fest Folk were kind enough to invite me and one of my Tatting students to show our art form… our Tatted Lace.

The contacts we made today with folk that came to see all the Fibre wares – was amazing.  This may have been one of the best attended programs so far.  Many people stopped to speak to Angela and myself.

The pictures are worth a few words – and here they are.

 Me above - Angela Lee shown here... one of my best students!!!!

 Angela gave my Mom a Tatted Handkerchief that she has created - Mom cried...
Thanks so much Angela!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Is the AMAZING Queen Doll Angela's creation? It is SPECTACULAR! Can you give me any information about it and also about Angela? I'm thinking the doll was made in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II? I love the Elizabethan dress! Wonderful work!

This is a great festival for all the fiber artists, and I'm pleased that you have an excellent table representing tatting!

Murray Lincoln said...

Thanks for the note Kathy... I created the Doll before the Queen's Diamond Jubilee...

Angela is one of my Tatting students that is advancing very rapidly and will soon surpass her teacher.

We both are from Peterborough, Ontario... and can be reached privately to my email

Kathy Niklewicz said...

HI Murray!

I'm getting ready to attend a festival this weekend so I can't write all that I would like right now. I just want to acknowledge your fabulous creation! I don't see any blog posts on either blog about the doll, so that's why I thought it might have been Angela's. For certain I will be showing your blog to my tatting group at the festival! I know they'll be amazed. Ironically, this park also has an annual tree festival (Nov), and I remember writing to you a couple of years ago about your tree in Peterborough!

I will write again when I get a chance!

Murray Lincoln said...

Kathy my email is - if you email me direct - I can send you some photos of my Tatted Victorian Lady