Monday, February 28, 2011

Roch "Moïse" Thériault is dead – and so are some of his family

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Today’s Blog Post

Roch "Moïse" Thériault is dead – and so are some of his family
On one of my day trips from Peterborough we arrived at Burnt River. We had been meandering through the Ontario countryside on a sleepy afternoon. We stopped at the bridge to watch the hearty young men jump from the top of the bridge into the reddish brown water below.

Down from the bridge was a good spot to fish. With a few bites and a lazy river sliding by, it is an idyllic place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

When I came back a told someone that we had been to a beautiful village of Burnt River, their reaction was very odd. They were long time residents of this area and knew everything about everyone. Old memories were their jewel.

“You went to that awful place and fished there?!” was the reaction that I heard first. Then they poured out their guts and stories that they knew only too well. It was the home of Roch "Moïse" Thériault, who was the notorious cult leader who lived in Burnt River. He had been in prison since 1989 and had been convicted of murder in 1993. And he done all of this in Burnt River… the beautiful little village that we had visited.

Two days ago, Roch "Moïse" Thériault was murdered in a prison cell in the Dorchester prison in the Maritimes. One of his fellow prisoners had taken his life.

Checking Wikipedia this AM I found the following – right up to date… quote…
“Roch "Moïse" Thériault (May 16, 1947 – February 26, 2011) was the former leader of a small religious group based near Burnt River, Ontario, Canada. Between 1977 and 1989 he held sway over as many as 12 adults and 26 children. He used all of the nine women as concubines, and may have fathered most of the children in the group.

He was arrested for assault in 1989, and convicted of murder in 1993. At the time of his death in 2011 he was continuing to serve out a life sentence, having been denied parole in 2002. Along with Clifford Olsen and Paul Bernardo, Thériault was considered one of Canada's most notorious criminals.

During his reign, Thériault mutilated several members. He once used a meat cleaver to chop off the hand and part of the arm of Gabrielle Lavallée, one of his concubines, also removing eight of her teeth. He was accused of castrating a 2-year-old boy, as well as at least one adult male, and of murdering his legal spouse, Solange Boilard, by disembowelment, purportedly while trying to perform surgery on her, in 1988.

The group was based primarily on religious themes, such as womens' obedience to men, polygamy, harsh punishments, the righteousness of the leader and the sinfulness of the followers, and living miracles. Thériault was called "father (papy)" and re-christened all members with biblical names. He also claimed to be a reincarnation of the prophet Moses, and demanded the respect appropriate for such a figure. He allegedly tried to resurrect a woman he had killed by sawing the top off her corpse's skull and masturbating into the cavity.

Thériault was able to persuade his followers to sell their belongings, sever ties with their families, and move to a commune near Burnt River, about 100 km northeast of Toronto. Thériault convinced the women that all of them were his wives, and that they should bear him children. Even while he was in prison, three of his wives continued conjugal visits and two of the three bore him more children.”
End quote.

What a sick man he was. Now it is over. Well kind of….

Did you catch the last part about the account, three wives continued to visit him for “conjugal visits and two or three bore him more children”?

This isn’t over after he was murdered. This weekend there will be deep grieving by some people that still follow this “prophet” – who still believe that he is the Original Moses.

There are still children alive and women alive that he has deeply tortured or loved.

Where are they today and are they getting help?

I wonder if they body will be transported out to his home area, or the home area that the women now live in? What kind of funeral will he have on the outside now? That will happen… but no one has fished out these details yet.

If the “family” that he had developed is reading this… we care for you as well. In our work of helping victims of crime and also the ex-offenders we can find you help today.

Today I think of the terrible tragedy that the children of this many have lived through and now will live for the rest of their lives. They are hidden from the general public’s view.

There were possibly 26 kids by this man. 26 stories of a future that is twisted and bent.

At this time in British Columbia there is a large group that function in a similar way. Men are the dominant and only wise creation of God. Women are subservient to the men. Men father many children and control everything.

Roch "Moïse" Thériault’s story only makes me want to stand up and question authorities and B.C. even more.

How can you allow this to continue in B.C.? Ontario’s story should have been enough. Can you not see the potential for harm.

These folk were religious… believers in something or someone.

I go to church. I am a religious person. My friends know me as that as well. And some folk I meet now kind of hesitate now when I tell them that I am a former minister, a religious body leader… Oh boy!

I can certainly see why they see me as potentially a crazy that may be involved in a weird sect of people.

We do go to a building… but who knows what happens in that place.

I was shaken with the news that Roch "Moïse" Thériault died two days ago. When a friend told me the news last evening I couldn’t stop thinking about the “family” of this man.

I will pray for them today. Wherever they might be – they need help big time.

I can only imagine what the horror that “family members have gone through over these past years.

If there is anything we can do – please contact me. I want to help.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Enigmas, Conundrums, and ‘I don’t knows’… in all things political

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Today’s Blog Post

Enigmas, Conundrums, and ‘I don’t knows’… in all things political

The bearded man stands looking at the camera and directly at me. He looks lost and confused. His voice is serious. As the camera pans in to have my entire screen filled with his bearded face… he makes a statement that is just too funny!

“It is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum… all wrapped in a blanket of… ‘I don’t know..?’ ”

You have to listen closely. Just after he delivers his line with such a dead pan look and unfaltering speech… a Ontario Provincial Police Officer comes on to explain that it is very dangerous to be on frozen water such as rivers and lakes or any kind.

The poor dude that delivered his lines about and enigma and conundrum and ‘I don’t know’ had parked his snowmobile on the river just up a bit from where he was standing. The snow machine had gone through the ice.

If you live in Ontario you will possibly have seen this – if not you will have to take my words to describe it. (YouTube has no posting as yet).

The statement alone is funny but produced by the dead pan look – makes it more powerful.

Not long after this, the Stupid Conservative Political Ad came on again telling me about Mr. Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal party… and how he is in this just for himself.

I couldn’t get to the TV remote fast enough to turn it off. Nuts. That idiot ad came into my house again! It fouled my kitchen again where the TV is located.

As in the old days when a room is fouled by a bad smell(burnt toast)… we usually open the doors for a bit to let the stink out. And if it was really bad, in the really old days, you simply lit a match to cover the bad smell left by someone passing through the room!

The Conservative Ad is right up there with someone passing through the room. It stinks.

It was about then that I had a revelation… an inspiring thought that left me grinning from ear to ear.

Now could we have the Political Party have different people(maybe the bearded man first) stand looking shifty eyed… afraid… ready to run… then as the camera pans in to inspect their dilemma … they slowly speak… “I voted for the Liberals in the last election… but nothing happened… I don’t know what went wrong… it is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum and… ‘I don’t know’… I think I will vote Progressive Conservative this time…!”

Then Mr. Stephen Harper can come on smiling and looking ready to help you through the next four years of Canadian Government.

NOW THAT IS A GOOD AD… no stink there!

Change… poof…
Then immediately afterward… the camera is panning a family room with Dad, Mom and two kids rolling off the couch and on to the floor… a soft voice speaks and says…
“Now come on. How can you be laughing like that? Stephen cares for you… come on… stop laughing…” And with that the camera pans to the Liberal Flag waving brightly over a clear sky. With the words fading large and loud across the screen… “Vote Liberal… no enigmas no conundrums… we know what to do!”

Now the Liberal ad should air right after the P.C. ad to get the full impact.

I could broadcast these on Youtube… and get many more hits than the Political Parties are.

The reality is that the present commercial ads(non political) on TV are not attacking anyone or another product. That method was old fashioned and people stopped using it a long time ago.

The new ads are smart, cute, cuddly, and make you want to see it again and again.

The Political Ads are frustrating, very stupid and annoying to the max.

The Canadian Political Ads have mimicked the American Political Ads that tell everyone what the other guy hasn’t done, how stupid he is, how close to crime he is, how bad his friends are, and on and on and on.

It is a bloody circus in American Politics! Why do we have to fall that low in our presentations????!

Now the ads that I offered are negative… in a soft way. They come out of watching and reading too much political TV I guess.

Let’s try it again.

The voice slides in with the photos of Canada… and says… “No enigmas here and nothing is wrapped up in a conundrum and… there is no ‘I don’t know’s… We will lead better, brighter and bigger than ever before. We are ready to help you!” The cymbals crash in the background… and people from all over the country are applauding… cheering, “Go Stephen Go! Go Stephen Go!”

Now on the other side…
The Liberals ad comes up… with the present Hockey Saturday night music… and Mr. Ignatieff is dressed in the uniform of the children’s teams that introduces the Saturday Night hockey game… the kids are doing the “scream thing”… the camera pans to Michael Ignatieff’s face and he cries, “The Liberals love Hockey… The Liberals love kids… and the Liberals love youuuuuuuu~ wahoooooie!”

Okay… I know that last idea needs a little work. A little out of character for Michael… but he could work on it.

Hockey Night in Canada is presently sponsored by “Viagra” – why couldn't the Liberals do it too?

How does any of this matter to you?

Well in local clubs… the church and other community locations – people are now using that attack mode against each other. If their politicians do this – so should they!

Example is a powerful teaching method. Do as I say… doesn’t work. Do as I do is way more powerful.

Come on guys – get your acts together!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bald Mice and the Stress in Ministry

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Today’s Blog Post

Bald Mice and the Stress in Ministry

It is Saturday Morning and it is close to the end of our winter. It is one of the really non exciting days with some great activities out in the community to do.

WOW – there is a Book Sale at a Senior Citizen’s Retirement Home. That runs from 10 AM to 3 PM. Whoa! Now there is a possibility.

There is always the farmer’s market where I can walk around see what isn’t selling and wish that I could sit beside the vendors and not sell something too.

But then there is the Larger Mall where I can sit and watch others while they watch me.

You can see from my rather low level life, there is not a whole lot of stress. Not much happens in my world these days – and I love it!

In the old days, the stress days… I would still be getting another sermon ready at this late hour. The phone and emails would be coming to me by the hour letting me know that so and so had decided to got to their daughter’s place and wouldn’t be in church.

Another email would arrive informing me that Dear Brother and Sister M would be attending a different church starting this Sunday. They were hurt by the comments made in the Foyer last week and they were not going to take it anymore. Then to top it off someone at Swiss Chalet had said something that made her cry all the way home. They had commented on her eating such a BIG PIECE of PIE!

Then the phone would ring telling me that Brother M was very low in the hospital. The family was very upset and needed me right away. As I would drive to the hospital I would be rehearsing my sermon notes for the next morning. Sermon Title was “Pure Joy”

Holy Carp! I was stressed out. Note I didn’t use the word Crap along with Holy. Someone might still give it to me if I did that!

Now I am very much relaxed with the new mode of living. I have moved into a time that I now have a very unusual thing happening.

I can hear my hair grow! I am not kidding you. Without the stress and the constant list of demands, the toe curling screech of endless problems – my hair not only grows faster I can hear it.

And this morning early as I was reading the News from around the world… I discovered why!

Tara Parker Hope wrote about “Mice baldness reversed” Lab animals treated for stress regrow fur. The article appeared in the New York Times and was in the Chronicle Herald for me to read.

I quote Tara about what happened…
“Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Veterans Administration were working with genetically altered mice that typically develop head-to-tail baldness as a result of overproducing a stress hormone.

The experiment wasn’t focused on hair loss. Instead, it was designed to study a chemical compound that blocks the effects of stress on the gut. The researchers treated the bald mice for five days with the compound and then returned them to the cages, where they scampered about with several furry mice from a control group.

Three months later, the scientists went back to the cage to conduct additional experiments. They were surprised by what they saw inside — all of the mice had full heads and backs of hair. The once-bald mice, eventually identified through ear tags, were indistinguishable from their normal, furry cage mates.” End quote

Are you seeing the importance of this study?

Every minister that I know needs to read this. Most that I know are going Bald… or are already Bald… and have been for years.
Now the dear Doctor went on to say… quote…
“Dr. Million Mulugeta, co-director of the preclinical stress biology program at UCLA, said he looked inside the cage and at first wondered why the bald mice weren’t there. "I asked my colleague, ‘How come these mice aren’t distinguishable from the others?’ " he said. "We went back to our data log, and we realized all the mice had grown hair. It was a totally unexpected finding."
End quote.

Now I am not saying that my colleagues that are under so much stress need to take the Mouse Anti Stress Compound. That will not help.

The scientists have kind of wondered now if that compound is doing the job.

I can adamantly state that it is not. It is the simple fact that they placed the mice in their cage for three months and didn’t bother them. They were also in a cage with other mice that were not stressed… and were growing hair normally.

So the answer for all my stressed out friends is a good cage, isolated from the bezerk and away from the complicated… and YOUR HAIR WILL GROW! In fact you will start hearing it grow!

I need a hair cut – soon! In fact if I had it in me – I should get it cut today. But – why hurry. There are other things to do… and well.. the day is just right… slowed right down and nothing much to do.

It has taken me almost three years now to appreciate the fact that doing nothing is perfectly okay. Reading one or two books a week is cool. Going for a drive to get some Poutine is a great date with my wife… is real good.

It can’t get any better. No stress!

Mice and me can identify very well now!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Weirdest Fortune Cookie EVER!

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Today’s Blog Post

The Weirdest Fortune Cookie EVER!

As my wife I just finished our meal in the great Chinese Restaurant in Kingston last evening, our waitress brought our bill. On top of the bill were two plastic packages with our Fortune Cookies.

And as you know living in North America or other parts of the Western World, it is at this point that our Chinese friends offer us our Fortune told by the small slip of paper inserted into the cookie.

Before I tell you what the Fortune were, I need to share what a Fortune Cookie is.

The posting on Wikipedia states.. quote…
“A fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a "fortune" wrapped inside. A "fortune" is a piece of paper with words of faux wisdom or a vague prophecy. The message inside may also include a Chinese phrase with translation or a list of lucky numbers used by some as lottery numbers, some of which have become actual winner numbers.

Fortune cookies are often served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants in the United States and some other countries, but are absent in China. The exact provenance of fortune cookies is unclear, though various immigrant groups in California claim to have popularized them in the early 20th century, basing their recipe on a traditional Japanese cracker. Fortune cookies have been summarized as being "introduced by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese, but ultimately they are consumed by Americans." End quote.

That is very interesting. It seems that the Japanese were the first to introduce the Fortune Cookie in about 1918… or a wee bit earlier.

On the Web Site they suggest the following… quote…
“Without messages, quotes, phrases or funny sayings a Fortune Cookie would just be .... any other cookie.

Fortune Cookie Sayings were originally based on bible verses and proverbs. Then English versions of 'Confucius teaching' were introduced.

Today a Fortune Cookie Phrase can literally be anything. And at times, I think only the writer knew what the fortune meant :-)” End quote

Admittedly I have not thought much about Fortune Cookies until about 1983, when my mother sent us a bag of Fortune Cookies while we lived in Hong Kong. None of the Restaurants in Hong Kong at that time offered Fortune Cookies.

When the bag arrived to our Post Office and we opened it, many of the cookies were broken – but tasted great. Our Chinese Language teacher had never seen the cookies – only heard of them.

That day we laughed a lot as we read the many sayings in the bag. Too funny.

I think our teacher was the first one to ask an obvious question, “Who writes all these things? And who inserts them inside the cookie?” Our teacher was fascinated with that part.

Over the years I have broken open hundreds of cookies and read every Fortune – often keeping the saying to “reassure myself” and giggle a little.

Back to last evening…
My wife cracked open her Fortune Cookie first… and it read…
“Aim of the sky, because even if you miss, you will still be among the stars.”

We giggled together. This one pretty much sounded like all Chinese Fortune Cookie sayings. Cool.

Now are you ready for the weirdest Fortune Cookie EVER????

I cracked open my cookie… the first side read… it stated…
LEARN CHINESE – Yellow – huang
Lucky numbers 36, 47, 8, 46, 13, 37

Then I turned it over… and it states…
“You will read this and say, “Geez! I could come up with better fortunes than that!”

I looked over my shoulder to see if the waitress was giggling or not.

Hokey Mokey – I had actually thought that – about my wife’s saying.

I laughed out loud!

At that moment I realized that the poor guy or gal that had the task one particular day to write brilliant sayings for the Cookie… had just about had it… and typed that saying for me to read months latter in that Restaurant… and make me laugh.

I don’t think Confucius would have said that… nor is there one just like in the Bible (the original way of doing it).

And I doubt very much that the writer of the Fortune that I received will ever be reading what I write… BUT… I pause here to take my hat off to you… you deserve the “Fortune Cookie of the Century Award”. You are the bravest and most honest writer ever!

I was grinning as I went to bed last night… grinning as I woke this morning and will laugh all day.

That was the best… and has set me in a place of pure joy.

(My friend Terry cannot even use this one when he adds… “between the sheets” to his sayings!)

It is just too darn good! Thank you author of all things Fortunate and from Fortune Cookies! Thank you so much!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Amazing Adventure with Kate Morton and the Forgotten Garden

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Today’s Blog Post

My Amazing Adventure with Kate Morton and the Forgotten Garden

On the back of the book there is a statement from The Daily News(NY) as they had reviewed this book. It states simply, “A long, lush, perfectly escapist read.”

The Book’s title was “the Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton.

As I walked by it in the small library I picked it up and looked closer. It was then that I read the words on the back. It was then that something made me borrow it.

Last evening I finish reading this amazing book!

Over the last days as I read this account of the little girl and all the fascinating people of this book, that I decided I must buy one! This book is a keeper. It is one that I will read again – I am sure.

Kate Morton, you may not read these words from another small time author, but you are amazing. You are an unbelievable story teller. You are also young and the world has yet to discover what you can do – I am sure!!!

I should tell you Kate that I love reading John Grisham’s books. I have read everyone that he has published. He has been my Number One author… but now you have joined him on my pedestal of favourites. And you did that with just one book!

Now for my Blog Readers you will know that I am retired. I had served as a Minister in churches in many different places in our old world. In almost all of these churches and the communities that we lived in there have been thousands of stories that are hidden in the lives of people that I had met. Some were good and some were bad. But all needed to be told.

Most stories would vanish if one of the children or grandkids didn’t tell it… or write it down. For most that record would be lost… and was lost to the future generations.

Kate Morton has shown me how each story needs to be told.

A long time ago I took part in an amazing journey by way of a class that I was taking in my post-grad studies of Gerontology. The class guided us all into the adventure of writing a “Life Line” for some senior in our life experience. The whole idea was very simple. It forced you to take time to listen to the person and carefully discover who they really were.

The dear older lady that I chose had been my two daughter’s Sunday School Teacher. She was very small, black lady with a wonderful but terribly sad story. She had never told anyone the story before – but at 97 years old she had found a young man, me, ready to listen. I wrote the story and Aced the class.

My instructor told me that she almost failed me in the class because she couldn’t stop crying after reading the account that I placed in my paper.

(I can’t give any more details here – it may become a best seller some day… sorry)

Kate Morton’s book is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Kate.

The result has been to make me want to travel to both the Cornwall area of Britain and also the Brisbane area of Australia.

Now I have to find “The House of Riverton” – Kate’s first book. I can’t wait. I hope it is even one little bit as good as the one I just finished.

In Wikipedia the following is stated… quote..
"Morton is the eldest of three sisters. Her family moved several times before settling on Tamborine Mountain where she attended a small country school. She enjoyed reading books from an early age, her favourites being those by Enid Blyton.

She completed a Licentiate in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London and then a summer Shakespeare course at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Later she earned first class honours for her English Literature degree at the University of Queensland, during which time she wrote two full-length manuscripts (which are unpublished) before writing the story that would become the 2006 novel The Shifting Fog (The House at Riverton).

Following this she obtained a scholarship and completed a Master's degree focussing on tragedy in Victorian literature. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program researching contemporary novels that marry elements of gothic and mystery fiction.

Kate is married to Davin, a jazz musician and composer, and they have two sons; they live in a near-city Brisbane suburb."
End quote

Thank you Kate – from one of your new fans!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

About Kate Morton

Kate Morton telling her account of writing The Forgotten Garden”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good things happened yesterday and better things will happen today

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Today’s Blog Post

Good things happened yesterday and better things will happen today

You gotta know that Spring Fever is about to replace Cabin Fever when I write about Justin Beiber and his haircut! Sheesh!

Yesterday when I pushed the publish button for this blog and then went outside.. the Crows were calling each other from the tree tops nearby. Later as I drove down the street, there were icicles hanging from the Maple Tree branches as the Maple Sap is now starting to run on warmer days.

This long winter is almost over. The season is about to change. Man… do we ever need the change.

It is wonderful to watch the creativity around me. It begins to seep into my own soul as things change.

It is now that I realize how valuable that small gift is… creating something new.

My Boss told me that I was a lot like Him. He shared a secret too. I was made in his image. For that matter He told me that you were too.

That small thought also led me to the thinking that if each of us were made with that similar pattern, we must be of greater value than some of us think we are.

Further, it is not good to tear down something that the Boss has made… or speak poorly of it.

As bad as your husband or wife is today… as much as they are driving you nuts… they are a amazing display of the Boss’ creativity… and power.

Granted there are a few that I think He made a mistake in – when he was making them… or forgot a few nuts and bolts… or important parts… oh boy!

Today I simply look forward to the new season that is about to explode around us. Within weeks the grass will shoot out of the snow and the flowers will be ready again. A mosquito might show and I will love that first bight!!!! Yes!

I am going out again now – to listen for my Crow friends. They have more to tell me.

Good things happened yesterday and better things will happen today.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh No Justin Bieber got a haircut! The world will end!!

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Today’s Blog Post

Oh No Justin Bieber got a haircut! The world will end!!

I know a man that walks the rough ground at remote parts of the earth looking for Gold. He is a prospector and does okay. Looking at the lay of the land, reading reports written about the area’s geological evidence he has a pretty good idea of what might be down there…. under the ground and if he will be able to become rich from what he finds.

What has prospecting got to do with Justin Bieber’s haircut?

Well that is where you have to link Scooter Braun to Justin Bieber. Scooter discovered him.

But then you have to link in Pattie Mallette with Jeremy Jack Bieber when Pattie was 18 years old. Pattie became pregnant and started a very poor life in Ontario’s Low Income – or No Income Housing units in Stratford, Ontario.

By that time Jeremy was married to another gal from what I have gleaned and has two more kids.

You will all know that Pattie was the one that posted the Youtube Video of Justin singing. And it was at that posting that Scooter Braun discovered this young fellow singing.

There are a lot of young guys that sing and that have hair and that were never discovered.

On article reported the tragedy – the hair cut… quote…
“Justin Bieber — hipster, hoopster, Canadian of the Millennium — got a haircut yesterday. Repeat: Justin Bieber has cut his famed Hair. The Hair was approximately six years old when it was cut down in the prime of its lush life. Bieber made the decision to cut the cords for a video he was making with Rascal Flatts. No one has been arrested for the crime. Yet. The Hair was partially responsible for the wave of Biebermania that has soaked the adolescent masses and New England Patriot quarterbacks.”

The locks will not have been cut in vain. Bieber tweeted last night that he intended to donate the fallen hairs to charity, where they will be auctioned. Even in death, the Hair will continue to be a beacon of goodness for the world. “Never in the field of human civilization was so much owed by so many to so few strands of hair,” said Winston Churchill’s great-great-great grandson. End quote (popwatch)

People will pay big bucks for the hair they cut from Justin’s head.

Scooter Braun is a prospector. He knows here the Gold is. He knows Justin and his mom Pattie as well.

I live in one really weird world. I cannot tell you what it really feels like to sort through these thoughts.

Remember that Justin was only “discovered” in 2008. This year he will potentially make $100 Million. The movie about the kid made something like $52 Million this past weekend.

What am I doing wrong?

I have more hair than he does. I can sing (sort of) – certainly able to croon “Baby Baby Baby Ooooo…” over and over again.

Nobody wants to buy my hair nor do they want to hear me croon.

But the world will end – or can end now – Justin has had a haircut.

I think I need a holiday… oh boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Monday, February 21, 2011

Pentecostals – Pentagrams – and Monoglots

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Today’s Blog Post

Pentecostals – Pentagrams – and Monoglots

So the sign reads… “DIG THE BOOTY OF MONOGLOTS BUT MARRY, MY CHILD, A POLYGLOT”. This has to be the strangest thing ever printed!

I stumbled across it as I searched for information on Monoglots.

The sign is written in two other languages, as you can see.

The author/designer of the sign clearly has a target audience in mind as he or she is broadcasting their desires with the sign. The target audience are certain people that will be able to read all three languages and are likely from one of the language groups… or possibly from two groups.

I can assume also that the author of the sign is likely a Polyglot.

Now don’t tell me that you haven’t heard of the term Monoglot? If you haven’t, there is a high probability that you are a Monoglot.

In fact if you are reading this Blog at this very moment and are situated in Canada or the USA or the United Kingdom or even Australia and New Zealand – you are very likely a high functioning MONOGLOT!

Now do you feel any discomfort having that knowledge tucked away securely and uneasily within your brain storage?

Actually you should. In fact you really should feel frightened silly – but won’t be because you will have forgotten what the first line – or even the title of this Blog posting is about.

Now that I have elevated you to the severe hypochondriac person that you have become… I can share with you – what you are.

If you speak only one language you are a Monoglot. If you speak more than one – you are a Polyglot.

A study that I reviewed states the following… quote…
"Learning a second language and speaking it regularly can improve your cognitive skills and delay the onset of dementia, according to researchers who compared bilingual individuals with people who spoke only one language.

Their study suggests that bilingual speakers hold Alzheimer's disease at bay for an extra four years on average compared with monoglots. School-level language skills that you use on holiday may even improve brain function to some extent." End quote

Hokey Mokey – speaking only one language puts you at risk of having an earlier onset of dementia. People that speak more than one language will delay the onset of a potential dementia on an average of four more years.

Our language and its usage is vital to our ongoing success.. or our perceived potential success. If we use the right words we will be able to communicate what we desire or are looking for.

On the side…
At the time in my life that I discovered Monoglot as a descriptive word our church is now considering a name change for the Building. The signage will possibly change if the congregation is agreeable to the proposed changes.

The sermon and the explanation, that Pastor Scott Couper gave yesterday morning to the congregation, produced a lively discussion around the home of my kids during the afternoon. It was great.

I don’t know that Pastor Scott would realize the opportunity that he offered our family to discuss this in depth. It was a good sermon from what I was told.

(Personal problems did not allow me to attend the actually service and hear the actual sermon – NUTS! I missed a good one)

From what I could ascertain the Board is considering moving from “Northview Pentecostal Church” to maybe something like “Northview Community Church”.

In the past week Pastor Scott interviewed some Costco employees at the store. He did kind of a on the spot questioning of what the people knew of the church name with a video camera running. The dear folk that were responding struggled with the word “Pentecostal”.

In one setting that Pastor Scott quizzed some young folk, and they responded to a question about the word “Pentecostal”… Question/Answer “does the word have something to do with the occult… pentagram … etc.?” was the one response.

(Now remember I am getting this sermon content second hand from other listeners that were there in the morning.)

That is too good. Pastor Scott you hit a home run and everyone was listening. This will be a lively debate to say the least.

The fact is that with the word “Pentecostal” in your church name – you are assuming that some one must be a Polyglot. Either the people inside the building are Polyglots – or the people on the outside are assuming they are. The word is from another time and country!

In the ‘churchy world’ and in the minds of the people who actually know what Pentecostal means or assumes… it is about a personal experience with God and the Holy Spirit. Putting and keeping the name of Pentecostal on a church sign is broadcasting a higher level of spiritual experience, another level if you will… or so to speak.

Pentecostals for more than 100 years in Canada have spoken in Tongues and openly display “gifts of the Spirit” in their services.

Outsiders see them as possible “Polyglots”. The insiders see themselves as walking close to God (well maybe closer than other people).

I have for years suggested, hoped for a name change for that church. In the years that I held these feelings within… the old church folk would never have heard of it. The name was a cherished and almost iconic symbol.

The harsh realization comes when some one on the outside might think that it has something to do with a “Pentagram”. Whoa!

Whether you are entitled a Monoglot or Polyglot – it comes from your core… the place that divulges who you really are.

You are a Monoglot quite likely because your family was and all the people around you are as well. It comes from your ‘core values’ in all likelihood.

You are a Polyglot if most in your family are able to or want to speak other languages.

The label placed on you comes from what you are.

The Church Name – again…
Whatever the results of the potential church name change will come out of the heart of the present congregation. It will come from its core values.

It will not and should not come from what the ones before us thought they were or that we should be.

(At this point in time I can honestly say… we are not very Pentecostal – or maybe not Pentecostal at all… at Northview. Sorry it is just what I see and hear.)

Placing something like the word “Community” somewhere in the name – makes sense.

But as you may realize I have been thinking about this for a long time. I have other great suggestions that should stop people driving by the building and definitely want to come in.

Are you ready? Here goes…
“The Church of the Broken Pieces” (describing the people inside)

The “Thanking God We Are Not What We Used To Be Church” (Describing a movement away from some bad things or attitudes)

“Upwards – Inwards – Downwards – Outwards Church” (Upward to God – Inward to ourselves – Downward from God and Outward to the community)

“Doors Open” church

“Bound to Love You” church

And the list grows… longer and longer… “Community” is safe

Monoglot and Polyglot refer to language issues. They both come out of the core values. They are labels that are used… a sign hung around a person’s life.

It is more than language… it is life.

But in a unique way… I hope and pray our church will move from being Monoglot – singular thinking and speaking about its being. We need to move to Polyglot abilities and thinking that would be inclusive of everyone in the community.

But placing “Community” somewhere in our title will insist that we are part of it and also in it.

I have another question bugging me greatly… are we irrelevant as a church? Is my life(or my church) in the community relevant in any way? But that is another debate.


~ Murray Lincoln ~  

The Sign Reads..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Buckhorn Heritage Day – February 19, 2011 at the Buckhorn Community Centre – WOW what a day!

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Today’s Blog Post

The Buckhorn Heritage Day – February 19, 2011 at the Buckhorn Community Centre – WOW what a day!

The six year old boy sat on the chair in front of me. His eyes watched my every move. He was listening closely to the sound coming from the CD player beside us as it belted out the Folk Jig from Quebec.

In his hand he had a set of table spoons that I had brought for the occasion. In my hand I also had a set. Together we played “The Spoons”.

Now for some of you that will make no sense at all. Let me explain.

By holding the spoons by its tail – the lowest part of the handle – the cupped part of the spoon extends out from your hand – holding it between your thumb and first finger. Hold the first spoon with that cupped part facing up. Next place the second spoon in the same hand, in the same manner with its cup facing downward.

Now in order to get the best sound from “the Spoons” you will need to place a space between the spoons by placing your first finger between them – still having the two tails now in your palm area.

As an adult with larger hands I can hold the Spoons quite easily. But a child has a problem with the larger table spoons that make such a good sound. Knowing that, I adapted sets of spoons for the kids.

The Spoon set as a rubber band wound around the tails of the spoon holding them together back to back. Next I inserted a small piece of wood between the two handles to produce space between the larger part of the spoons.

Grasping the tail ends that are held together, the Spoons can now be hit against your knee – or wherever – to produce the clacking sound,
By tapping the spoons on your leg to the beat of the Music you join right in to the lively jig music.

Next to increase and vary the sound you place your other hand over top of the spoon set hitting the under side of your free hand on the up beat.

Varying the beat by hitting two on the bottom and one under the hand changes the sound… cupping the free hand open and closed will produce different added sound to your repertoire. The possibilities for new sounds are unlimited.

Now I didn’t say any of that to the six year old Josh sitting with me. I simply showed him how the Spoons were to be held and hit my knee in a rhythm following the music. He grinned and immediately responded as I showed him.

I had a set of spoons and so did he – and we were off. Clickity Clackity Clack Clack Clack…

Now you can make it a game also. Whatever I did, he followed.

Five minutes earlier he was a complete stranger – now he was my friend.

To my right side I noticed the coolest thing. Josh’s grandma, a lady about my age, was beaming from ear to ear… as she held the video camera steady catching her grandson with his new friend making music.

Josh was one of dozens upon dozens of kids that all tried to play the Spoons with me. Every single one of them excelled at their new found joy with the Fiddle music from Quebec. Their parents took photos and people pressed in to see what was going on.

The Spoons created an amazing reaction as we all connected to our past. To a time before Wii and X-Box – computers and cell phones.

One young lady who was checking her Text Messages put her phone away and asked if she could try the Spoons. Inhibitions disappeared and she was into it.

She also tried the Spring Pole Lathe that I had demonstrating as part of my booth yesterday.

A really great reward came later in the afternoon as Linda Jeffrey, the Minister of Natural Resources for Ontario, stopped by for a talk. Linda came all the way over to Buckhorn from Brampton on this super cold and windy day to meet the folk at the Buckhorn Community Centre.

The folk that organized the event wanted her to meet me.

Before she tried the Spring Pole Lathe together, I talked to her about the large group of people that pray for our MPPs each day. Linda is a gracious lady, very open and very interested in everything.

She didn’t play the Spoons but we had a great time at the booth together.

The audience watching us had grown to a considerable size. She is popular and famous in her position of our Provincial Government – but needed to move on.

I was impressed with this very down to earth lady! (Thanks Linda for taking time with me!)

The Fur Traders and trappers that had the booth to my right were tapping their toes to the music. They were having so much fun that they asked me to attend their Fur and Trapping exposition in August in another city. These are great guys and gals.

I think the sound of Jigs and the Spoons playing caught their ‘Heritage Part’ and made away into their pack!

But they were very impressed with the Spring Pole Lathe and its operation. They want it at the exposition in August for sure!

I should apologize to the gracious basket weaver that sat quietly doing her thing on my left. She listened to the Jigs over and over and over and over again – from 10 AM to 4 PM. The kids and the parents that clustered near the Misty Hollow Carving booth were always there. I hope she got some business… and that my insane music and the big bouncing pole of the Lathe didn’t keep customers away fro her.

The trouble is when I get excited about what I am demonstrating – people tend to come along for a gander and then they bring other people back.

Later on in the afternoon another new friend came to speak with me. His name is Rick Johnson and he serves as the MPP for the large region of “Haliburton--Kawartha Lakes—Brock”. In the last election Rick won his seat as an MPP.

Rick shared some of his journey with me from being a well known Musician to now an Elected Official. It was very interesting to talk with this down to earth guy.

His wife bought him a wood carving set a few years back. I offered to help him get started. He grinned.

This blog would go on into the wee hours of tonight if I told you all the stories that happened with me yesterday.

As a Minister that has served people in churches for 35 years plus… I can say that the Buckhorn Community Centre and the Buckhorn Heritage Day far surpasses all the church experiences that I have had!

Janet Clarkson and all your organizing crew, YOU FOLK ARE AMAZING! I only know Janet’s name – apologies to the rest of you.

My friend Debbie Karpenko from Waterfront Interiors(the one who introduced me to Buckhorn and told me about Janet) was there also. Deb I love this place!

Today I have a “Spring Pole Lathe and Spoons – hangover”. But I can’t wait until February 2012 – when I am already booked again.

Buckhorn Community Centre – I will be there to support you folk!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Debbie Karpenkpo – Waterfront Interiors

Linda Jeffrey

Rick Johnson

Friday, February 18, 2011

Traveling April 25th and celebrating April 29th – Wahoo!

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Today’s Blog Post

Traveling April 25th and celebrating April 29th – Wahoo!

I am waiting now for the mail – especially over the next few days. Kate has mailed the bulk of the letters out today. And it is said that mine should arrive in about one day’s time.

Alida and I were very excited. We both are prepared to travel in April. As soon as we receive the confirmation we will begin packing as well.

The last major trip we took was from Peterborough to Toronto to London, England to Kenya. We were only in London for a few hours really… saw most of it from the air as we circled the city before touch down.

This time we will be there for about three weeks. Wow!

Can you imagine we will see some of the things we only dreamed about – so long ago?

“How did this all come about?” – you ask. Well it was simple. Something like the Readers Digest kind of lotto stuff… we won because we are lucky. Specially my wife she is real lucky.

So where are we and when are we going?

I expect to leave here by April 25th and then be able to settle in a little at the estate before the Wedding on the 29th. Security will be a little tight we have been told… so it takes a bit of time to get through the different layers of police checks.

What? You mean you haven’t done this kind of thing before? Everyone goes through that when they attend a Royal Wedding. Don’t they?

I mean I have never been before, but I am sure that we will be able to cope with the new procedures and protocols.

Now I know that you are doubting all of what I have said after reading that final bit of information. Sorry about that.

No one knows who is on the wedding’s invitation list for Prince William and Kate’s wedding. My chances are just as good as anyone to receive that invite from her Majesty and the Royal Court. I just have to wait for the day it arrives and then we can set the rest of our plans in place.

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for me in this weird and long winter in Canada. I am filled with hope and great expectations for the time we will spend in Britain!

Come on… don’t be a party pooper… get with it. Your name could be on that list as well. After all you and I both have been loyal subjects as Canadians!

Sorry… but today I thought that you could use that wee bit of good news about our invitations coming out today!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

There is a “NOT Ghost” in my driveway!

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Today’s Blog Post

There is a “NOT Ghost” in my driveway!

Okay… Okay… I give up. I am a bad Canadian. I should not have written the piece yesterday. Specially should not have done that with my tongue in my cheek. I paid dearly for publishing that.

The Ghosts of Parliament have come to haunt me.

Deeply smug and satisfied, knowing that I had tried my best to expose the silly attitudes of my highly elected officials in the morning… I left the house for my daily activity of yesterday.

It was shortly after leaving the house that the first Ghost or Parliamentary spirits attacked. I was loading my vehicle with the last things for my presentations yesterday… and whamo! Crash! Slam! Ker Bango! Whacko. This thing was out of control.

Now you are poopooing what I am saying to you. “There are no Ghost or Spirits in our Federal Parliament and they certainly don’t attack poor Canadians – so far away from Ottawa!” is your strong feeling… right… I know I felt you feel that about my story.

Well then if there isn’t a Ghost or Spirit of Parliament… why did I end up on my back… but that was after I came down hard on a two wheel cart that I used to load my things. The cart was lying on its back with the heavy part sticking up… the handle part laying flat. And on the horrible way down my right buttock caught the full force of that sharp edge and nearly punctured my skin.

I was laying there with my breath gone… knocked completely out of me! My buttock hurt so bad I couldn’t call my wife for help. I had been kicked by a Parliamentary Horse… or Jackass… as the case may be.

This was not funny. This hurt and the oweee growing on my behind was throbbing. I had to bend over slowly to pick up the tool that the Ghost had used to hurt me. I nearly lost consciousness I am sure – and it is all the Government’s fault.

I strongly suspect that it is the Leader of the Official Opposition, Michael Ignatieff that did it. I had poked fun of his spittle laden rants… and mentioned the stupid PC TV ad that the Conservatives had been broadcasting. I know that Michael is not a happy camper.

But then it could be Harper’s cronies that had come after me. It could well have been a blue suited Ghost… they are the ones in power now…

I am not sure.

You are shaking your head by this point and wondering at my sanity I am sure. You think I am making this up. You think that I am lying through my teeth.

I am not I am just explaining what really happened. At least that is the way that I can tell it and explain away my really ugly fall that really happened at about 9:30 AM – February 16, 2011.

After all one of the Cabinet Minister yesterday yelled back at the reporters trying to get a straight answer… “All media lies…” then added as a parting shot… “The CBC lies…”

So if everyone lies… all media lies… and Bev Oda lies… and other parliamentarians lie… “Why shouldn’t I lie too?”

I mean it makes a great story. I fell… and the Ghosts of Parliament made me do it!

Everyone else is blaming someone else for something that they didn’t do because another person did that and I would never do such a thing but if I had my confession would be sufficient to cover whatever lie I might have produced accidentally when I made a stupid mistake stepping on that piece of ice below the light snow cover.

You bet I have rapidly lost respect for some of the dudes and dudettes that run our country.

If I call my MP he will simply tell me that he agrees with his Leader.

There is a strange Oda about it all. Can you smell it?

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Power of “NOT” in a Dumb Government Document – and poor Ms. Bev Oda

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Today’s Blog Post

The Power of “NOT” in a Dumb Government Document – and poor Ms. Bev Oda

It is winter time in Canada. It is cold on most days. You need to bundle up and wear warmer clothing if you go out. The heavy clothing is a burden sometimes. Not wearing it is a burden as well – you freeze your “buns” off.

As beautiful as it is… it is hard to take. We need to wait a little longer and things will get better. Spring will be here and new life will appear.

Things get better. We move away from the unpleasantness to a time when things seem to be in better balance.

Are you ready for my shift… the Federal Government is the same as winter… they need to move away from unpleasantness to a better balance.

I state the same here as I did above about our seasons… “As beautiful as it is… it is hard to take. We need to wait a little longer and things will get better. Spring will be here and new life will appear.”

For the past few months my local MP, Dean Del Mastro and his bosses have been airing some real stupid advertisements on TV about the Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

In the TV announcement, the sarcastic voice in the background wants you to think that Michael Ignatieff is here for only one reason, FOR HIMSELF! Cheap shots! Stupid School Yard taunting! Immature reasoning! Idiots! All these thoughts run through my head when that very stupid advertisement comes on the TV set from the local station.

It is a Progressive Conservative Party “TV Tear Down Ad” (TVTDA) of the opposition leader.

From the local station – did you catch that? So my local MP Dean is either in cahoots with this – or is very uncomfortable with its broadcast…!?

I have a game I play now… when I hear or see the TV ad coming on – I quickly grab the TV remote control and change channels. I yell – “Gotcha!” and zap the PC TVTDA.

Every time I hear that voice and the sarcastic slamming of another individual like this – I want to vote against the PCs… as fast as I can!!!!

But it doesn’t stop there. The stupid Liberals do the same! They have TVTDA as well! When they came on I did the same… grab the remote and yell “Gotcha” – zap!

Both of these stupid groups of people think that we as a public are stupid enough to swallow that kind of crap!

Not once did either of them tell me what they can do, would do, try to do, endeavour to do – on our behalf!!!!!!! We don’t know what they stand for – only what the other guys is or won’t do!

Most Canadians don’t want another election now – or maybe ever. And that is not because they want or don’t want the present Political Party in there. They just can’t stand the TVTDA that will come by the buckets.

So along with my view of our winter and coming into our spring time… I state here… “As beautiful as ‘our Government’ is… it is hard to take. We need to wait a little longer and things will get better. Spring will be here and new life will appear.”

“Things get better. We move away from the unpleasantness to a time when things seem to be in better balance.”

Oh yes I know I live in a utopian mindset regarding this matter.

Just as I had the zapping TV remote in hand and thought that maybe the last of the stupid TVTDA conquered another series of News Reports started yesterday, another major Canadian Parliament diversion came along!

Bev Oda is now the target of the ranting that goes on our parliament.

As confusing as it seems the following document was the great problem for the whole of the Government of Canada. Some idiot, some jokester, some jester wrote in the word “NOT” into a communication piece and funding for an overseas group related to Kairos.
Bev Oda said she didn’t do this back a few months ago. And apparently now she said she did. It is all very confusing.

All I can see last night was Michael Ignatieff fuming at the mouth, spittle flying all over the persons near him and on his desk. He is one mad dude. He is a tiger that has been poked through his cage. He wants Bev Oda fired! He is one upset puppy – nah not a puppy… a poodle maybe – that is going nuts when he doesn’t like something at home. The nasty mail man just came to his door and he is about to bark himself to death.

I mean why shouldn’t he? The nasty people across from him keep doing the TVTDA on him.

There is an explanation for all that has happened I am sure. And if the rant would settle down and stop spitting at each other – you might hear it.

I can think of many things regarding Ms. Oda.

Maybe the day that the “NOT” was written into the note – her grandkids dropped by the office and they helped granny and thought it was funny?

This important lady as the “International Cooperation Minister”, Bev Oda wouldn’t dare say anything about her grandkids and the fast one they pulled on grandma.

Maybe a staffer did the same as they sat beside her in a meeting. They were doodling on a piece of paper and thought this might be funny. When he or she wrote in the “NOT” and giggled with Bev.

And the thing that thinking Canadians are finally coming to grips with is – “Why would the people signing below the “NOT” – put their names to such a stupid, doodled on memo?”

Or further, “Why would some underling in a remote Government money handling department accept it as official without asking questions?”

Am I worked up? Yep. It is stupid. It is uncomfortable and not really good timing for any of this. The world is watching. Do we care?

I have watched as the events in the middle east are unfolding. Egypt’s eruptions and huge changes taking place – with people screaming, shaking their arms and hands in protest for 18 days straight, take front stage. And with all that taking place – hundreds of people died.

Then other countries in the middle east are taking to their streets and people are going to die.

Match that Canada’s crisis.

Michael Igantieff and his lashing out at the Prime Minister to fire Bev Oda… spittle and all flying.

The PC Government’s TVTDA – the most sarcastic ad possible – making the PC folk look stupid not the Liberals!

And Bev Oda standing to read a confession before her colleagues in that assembly. A gentle lady from Thunder Bay, Ontario, of Japanese heritage, that started as a volunteer for the PC Party and eventually worked herself up to a place of leadership – even as a Minister in the Government.

My heart goes out to her in every way. I am very sad for her.

Her graciousness and her deep embarrassment over this all will likely have her quietly leaving the scene – in disgrace.

But Michael Ignatieff will do his stuff. Stephen Harper will now use the video clips of Michael’s action in the PC’s next TVTDA.

SWISH… back in time
I am back on the school yard at Haultain School, in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am smaller than most of the kids. There is a noise across the school yard and something is happening – a fight. I walked over to see what was happening.

In the middle of the group there are three guys. Two are bigger, one is smaller. The two bug guys are screaming at each other. Their ears are red, the veins on their necks are standing out. The smaller boy is crying.

From what I can gather the one bigger boy was picking on the little boy. The second bigger boy is the smaller boy’s brother. The crowd around them was screaming now, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” – not telling what was happening – but insisting on the two bigger kids to throw some punches.

It was about that moment that two teachers waded into the group and grabbed each of the bigger boys and held them apart… told the other kids to go away.

The smaller boy was in my class and sat near me. When we went back into class he was still crying. He said that he didn’t want to come back to school any more.

The Haultain School was located in a tough neighbourhood. People fought a lot. Later I was attending another school when I graduated Grade Eight. Only one or two of the guys that I knew from Haultain made it through High School. Some died early. Others got jobs early. It was not a good place to live or go to school.

SWISH back to now…
I wish that the two teachers on that Haultain Scholl yard could walk into Parliament today and twist a few years and scoot the other kids back into the class room.

Dear Lord.. I am ready for a change… please God help us.

And today Lord – I pray for Bev Oda. Help her through this foolishness!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“Watson” the IBM computer and Jeopardy

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Today’s Blog Post

“Watson” the IBM computer and Jeopardy

As the program opened last evening it was not the ordinary bank of players strutting their stuff. It was the popular “Jeopardy” with the three guests trying to “out question” each other… and who could do it faster.

If you are not a Jeopardy follower you won’t understand. The host reads the answer and the players have to form the original question. It is a bit twisted from the normal knowledge based kind of game. Here you need to have knowledge and then very quickly deduce the right question and answer, “What is *…..*?

Last night may have been one of those corner turning kind of events as the new computer, named “Watson”, took on the top two Jeopardy Champions of all time. These Champions had each won close to a million dollars a few years back. However last night Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the Champs, didn’t do so well. “Watson” kind of computed them to death in the first round of this week.

It was quite fascinating to follow the rapid answering of the computer. Sometimes it was so fast that the guys beside it blinked… and other times Watson’s rapid fire lost completely… with answers that were so far off that it was funny.

At the bottom of the TV screen there was a response offered each time into Watson’s possible answer – and the percentages that it thought were possibly right answers. That part was amazing to watch.

Some things behind the scenes that make this story interesting for me.

“Watson” the computer is named after Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM… the huge computer giant and business machine company.

Thomas Watson’s personal story is amazing to say the least.

A man by the name of John H. Patterson had pioneered a powerful business machine company entitled “National Cash Register” or NCR. NCR was dominant in all that it did in the world of business.

Patterson was a little weird – some people use the word eccentric.

Paterson rose every morning (around 4:00 AM) and then headed for his horse stables. He would mount the horse and ride for an hour before breakfast. Then eat and be off to work.

As NCR grew, each person that Patterson hired as a leader/executive was expected to be at the stable each morning. They were at his bid and fancy.

Most of the executives that he hired were young men off the street, so to speak. As Patterson traveled on the railway a lot back and forth between Dayton, Ohio and New York City, the train stopped at each place along the way. This allowed passengers on board to get off and stretch their legs etc.

Patterson would walk along the platform, spot a young man working at some menial task, watch him and then approach the fellow. In a matter of minutes he would hire the boy as a next executive for his monster company.

Patterson knew people. He was an excellent judge of character - instantly.

He would take the young man from a station platform to a barber shop. He would have him shaved and his hair cut just so. Then he would have him to a tailor’s shop where he was measured for a perfectly fitted suit. Next he would have the young man follow his strict regime, horse stables and riding, eating together, and following Patterson in all that he did. Patterson “made the Men” into what he wanted them to be.

However, when the men were too sharp or questioned Patterson’s actions, he fired them. They were a danger to his empire. That is where Patterson was weird.

Thomas J. Watson was the kind of man that thought for himself. He was fired by Patterson.

From that place, after being well trained and disciplined, he started the International Business Machine company – IBM… which became hundreds of times bigger and better than NCR.

I worked for NCR for 10 years and came to know the story very well. The people I worked for were not quite like Patterson… but in 1966 you still were not allowed to have a moustache or sideburns. It was a Patterson rule that stuck and was never removed.

So watching the machine “Watson” outsmart its human competitors was just too good for me. Thomas J. Waston was smiling again as his abilities were now coming out in the new and much younger experts behind the scenes… a hole room full of men and women that had built this new competitor “Watson”.

For years the movies have had a number of Computers that “thought” and answered human commands. Star Trek’s onboard computer was my first example with Captain Kirk talking to it.

Last night was a turning point in my life again. The world has changed in a big way.

In Japan they have built a Robot that is beautiful. She responds to your touch and expressions – with her own expressions. Up to now she is pretty much only a quiet hostess.. or a date. Now with Watson’s ability placed into her, the date with the Robot will be different. She will respond in ways that you have never expected.

Whoa! Wait a minute… that is not new. My wife does more than that now. She is smarter. She is faster. She is faster than speeding bullet in all that she does. And when you go on a date together – she responds in amazing ways!

As amazing as Watson proved to be, my wife was answering the hosts question as fast as the top players and almost as fast as Watson.

Last night my world changed again.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

The man names Waston
The Computer called Watson

Interview with Ken and Brad after the first game with Watson

Monday, February 14, 2011

Beating the Blahs! Knocking out S.A.D.

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post

Beating the Blahs! Knocking out S.A.D.

The days are a little warmer and a little longer. It is February and we are experiencing a thaw now. The moisture coming down today will be in the form of rain – rather than snow.

When we lived in Hong Kong we never thought of the difficulties that Canadians had during this period of winter. We never considered the possibilities that people would be harboured up in their homes and wishing to goodness that winter was over.

There are times that I would give anything to have one mosquito bite me now. I wouldn’t want the second bite… one would be enough. It would mean that we are in a warmer climate to have the little buzzer come near me! Oh yes – I can dream.

There are folks suffering right now from S.A.D. – season affect disorder. There mind and body have had enough of the snow and cold – and hunkering down. I think I am one of them.

One answer for me personally is the inventions and creations that I now work on inside my Misty Hollow Workshop. I know that I will not have enough time to do these things as the weather gets better and the days longer. Now is the time to create.

Last night two new Teddy Bears came from my workshop - plus one new carving.. and the new carving is a whole new line of potential carvings… little houses that are made for fairies to live in. Should be fun at an upcoming show next Saturday.

Oh that is the other thing about the creation part, we are starting another season of shows and opportunity out there. People are getting excited and booking me to come to their shows and happenings across the area. I am so ready to go… but need much more product that will be for sale…

So back to the Workshop today… more slugging and cutting and thinking and doing and creating and just having a ball. If I would have known that retirement was this much fun I would have done this before working… or maybe not worked at all.

I only hope that today you can find something that will improve the winter blahs that is so easy to slip into. Create something new! That is a great help… to me and the ones around me.

If you are in our area, this next Saturday I am one of the presenters at the Buckhorn Heritage Day – Saturday, February 19, 2011 – at the Buckhorn Community Centre -

I will be demonstrating the Spring Pole Lathe and have some of my carvings on display as well.

Have better day today. The ones that you had last week were not so hot… today is much better.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Frog in the Hole – A Fable by Emma Lindsay

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post
If you are a regular reader of this Blog, you know that I feature guest writers from time to time. Today, with the help of her father Bruce, Emma Lindsay, our granddaughter, submitted the following story.

The Frog in the Hole – A Fable by Emma Lindsay
Emma is 12 years old now. In grade 6. A recent project for French class was to write a fable (in French). The only rule was that it had to have at least two animals in it that talk to each other and the fable has to teach us a lesson. They learned about how different animals are often used, and their most common character traits. For example… Foxes are wise, crows brag but aren't very smart.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Frog in the Hole.

There once was a frog named Fred who lived beside a river. On the riverbank there was a very deep hole.  Everyone knew about the hole, and Fred had been warned to stay away, but one day, Fred fell into the

Some friends saw Fred fall in. They looked way down into the hole and saw him there. They called “Hey Fred! It’s too bad you fell into this hole. You know there’s no way out. You should have known better.  You’re a silly frog.”

From way down in the bottom of the hole, all Fred could hear was, “Blah, blah, blah, Fred. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.”

Fred tried to jump. He jumped as high as he could and kept on jumping. He tried to grab on to something, but the walls were smooth and he fell back down each time.

His friends saw him jumping. They started calling louder. “Hey Fred, you foolish frog! You might as well save your energy! Nobody ever gets out of that hole. Other frogs have fallen in there and they have all died! Forget about it! You’re wasting your time!” As they were shouting, other friends and family of Fred began to gather around the hole. They all started yelling too.

From the bottom, all Fred could hear was, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, FRED! RHUBARB, RHUBARB, RHUBARB!” He looked up and saw his friends and family. He was more determined than ever to get out. He jumped as high as he could. He felt a rock that was sticking out of the smooth wall. He jumped again and this time got a back leg on that rock and pushed off it and was able to jump even higher!

His friends and family at the top saw him struggling and they began to get upset. They knew that it was going to hurt when he kept falling from that kind of distance. They knew that it was hopeless to keep trying. They all shouted louder, “HEY FRED! SAVE YOUR ENERGY! STOP TRYING TO JUMP OUT! YOU CAN’T DO IT! NOBODY EVER GETS OUT OF THAT HOLE! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE DOWN THERE! IF YOU KEEP JUMPING YOU’LL JUST BREAK YOUR LEG! FORGET ABOUT IT!”

From way down in the hole, all Fred heard was,“HEY FRED! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, FRED! RHUBARB, RHUBARB, RHUBARB, RAAH, RAAH, RAAH!” Fred looked up and saw his friends and family. He was scratched up and sore, but he was not going to quit. He jumped as high as he could, got his back foot on the rock and pushed up off it again. He jumped as high as he could, and luckily found a piece of tree root sticking out of the wall. In mid-air, he grabbed it with his front leg, then pushed off it with his back leg, and just like that, he was out of the hole!

His friends and family were silent as they looked at him. They couldn't believe it.

Fred caught his breath and said, “Thank you! I never would have made it out of there without your encouragement!”

This fable teaches us three things. First, when you are down, there always seems to be people ready to keep you down. They’ll tell you it is your own fault. You blew it. They might actually think they are
being kind to tell you this stuff. Often it’s your own family and friends who say these mean things. If you can ignore all the negative things people say, you might surprise them all and do something

Second and more important, just because nobody has ever done something before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Third and most important, you can do things that people think are impossible if you have enough encouragement. Fred thought that all these people were encouraging him to keep going, keep trying, so even thought he was banged up and scratched up, he kept trying. He didn’t give up, and he made it out of the hole.

~ Emma Lindsay ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note: if you see me grinning from ear to ear, it could be that Grandpa is just a little proud of his only Granddaughter, Emma!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

George Eastman – Cecil Rhodes – Joe Saunders – Frank McNamara – Thomas Cook – Clarence Birdseye

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post

George Eastman – Cecil Rhodes – Joe Saunders – Frank McNamara – Thomas Cook – Clarence Birdseye

What did George Eastman, Cecil Rhodes, Joe Saunders, Frank McNamara, Thomas Cook and Clarence Birdseye have in common?

George Eastman had something to do with film and cameras didn’t he?

Cecil John Rhodes has his name on many things – including the Rhodes Scholarships, Rhodesia and De Beer’s Diamonds.

Joe Saunders bought an early Model T Ford. In 1916 he advertised that he would rent it for 10 Cents a mile out to any one who needed a car. It was the start of National Car Rental.

Frank McNamara took two friends out for lunch. He was embarrassed when it came to pay for the meal. He had forgotten his wallet. Terribly embarrassed he called his wife to bring him some money. As a result of that experience it would be the start of the Dinner’s Club Credit card.

Thomas Cook was a cabinet maker who was a devote Baptist. He had a strong aversion to alcohol and belonged to the temperance movement. In his involvement in the temperance movement he thought that perhaps travel could deter people from the demons of alcohol. For three years he developed tours for temperance people and Sunday School children. Eventually he would have pioneered the first Travel Agency and the first Traveler’s Cheques.

Clarence Birdseye was a college graduate that travelled to Labrador to work. Wikipedia post state… quote… “In 1910 and 1911, he captured several hundred small mammals and isolated several thousand ticks for research into the cause of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. His next field assignment, off and on from 1912 to 1915, was in Labrador, Canada, where he became further interested in food preservation by freezing, especially fast freezing. He was taught by the Inuit how to ice fish under very thick ice. In -40°C weather, he discovered that the fish he caught froze almost instantly, and when thawed, tasted fresh. He recognized immediately that the frozen seafood sold in New York was of lower quality than the frozen fish of Labrador, and saw that applying this knowledge would be lucrative.” End quote.

From all of that Clarence Birdseye would develop an entirely new faster frozen food industry, one of them being Birds Eye Seafoods.

So what do they have in common?

They were great people with unusual and new ideas, that with words and advertising campaigns of one sort or another convinced all of us to buy what they sold.

Just reading the list of names that I have in the title of this post gave your mind the hints you needed to answer most of the question I asked originally.

For quite a while now I have been following Terry O’Reilly on the CBC Radio program entitled “The Age of Persuasion”. This week I heard it again. This time it was about Marketing Pioneers – all of which he tells about in the Marketing Pioneers Podcast that you can listen to now.

You need to listen to this program.

All of these men influenced my life over these years of life. Amazing.

You need a break, sit back and listened to a wonderful series of programs. They are as good a Great Book!

Happy Saturday.

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

The Age of Persuasion

George Eastman and Kodak

Cecil Rhodes and De Beer’s Diamonds

Joe Saunders

Frank McNamara

Thomas Cook

Clarence Birdseye