Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Great Things Happened – making One Great Day

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Three Great Things Happened – making One Great Day
Talk about an interesting day!

Here is the content of the day.
**Granddog – staying for the week while his “family” is in Florida
**Oldest Grandson also staying for the week while the same “family” is in Florida
**Then the phone calls that come to brighten the day…

First: The best Phone Call of the day
When the call came, the number shown was not familiar.  The area code was 573??  But the very warm and happy voice on the line was someone I could talk to for hours – and talk about funny!

The dude had found me on the Internet through my Web Page. He needed help with his carving. He was just beginning and wanted to know about the Cowboy Boots that I have carved.

As we talked I heard the heavy drawl from the south.  He told me he had now settled in a place about 100 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri.  He had been a trucker for most of his life but was now off the road.  At one point he explained that he thought “had been diagnosed with that Alzheimer’s thing” when he asked me to repeat the information I just gave him.

I asked if he had been carving for a long time.  The answer was “Nope, just starting.  When I asked another feller that carves what kind of tools and how many I should buy… the guy asked me how old I was!  I told him I was 80.  He told me… don’t buy too many tools”  Then he roared along with me for the next few minutes.

He contributed that when he and the “boys” wanted a little relaxation they go down a place beside the river with their fishin’ poles and some liquor – catch some fish and get a little happy.  He mentioned that they “still make a little moonshine”.

He gave me that tidbit when I told him I might be coming his way some day and maybe we could carve together.  Oh boy… have I ever got an invite.

Speaking with my new friend on the phone yesterday was like speaking to “Si Robertson” from the Duck Dynasty the TV Reality Show. (He is the older Uncle with the attitude and strong opinions.)

My new 80 year old friend is now connected and will try to build on this friendship.

Second: ‘Oldest Grandson also staying for the week while the same “family” is in Florida’.
His name is Clifford.  And this week he is going in for his very first job interview. It is something that he has been working on for over a year now.  Yesterday he asked lots of questions about what I thought he should say or do.  As I listened to him I was hearing a young man speaking to me.  He will be 18 in a few weeks and the whole world is in front of him… but he still wants to have some input from Grandpa.  (I don’t think he is asking much from Dad and Mom… ahem… still a teenager that way ;-)

Just hanging out with Clifford yesterday… having him go along with me… sat together drinking a Tim Horton’s Coffee… watching him win his first free Donut on the “Roll up the Rim” contest… was way more fun than a Grandpa should have in one day.

I remember when this little guy arrived. He wasn’t little at all.  One big baby… and our first Grandchild.  Whoa!  We were driving steadily from Saskatchewan to Ontario.  He couldn’t wait for us to get there. He arrived after we left Chicago and before we got out of Michigan at Port Huron.  The steady series of phone calls to Ontario kept us informed as to each stage – his Dad had called home numerous times with new messages for their answering machine!!!

Yesterday I was with a Young Man who will soon be out of High School – maybe going back for another semester but will be applying for University very soon.

Yesterday was one of the special times that only a Grandpa can really appreciate. WOW!

Third: Granddog – staying for the week while his “family” is in Florida
The Granddog is named Sherman. He is a mixture of Jack Russell and Beagle.  And most of all it is just too smart for his own good.

To explain what happened fully I have to tell you that Grandma (my wife Alida) has decorated our bed with a handmade crocheted bedspread.  On top of the bedspread is a collection of cute and cuddly teddy bears… all arranged to complete our family and room decoration.

Yesterday the Granddog disappeared. He was nowhere to be found!  My wife looked outside, wondering if we had forgotten to bring him in.  She went to the basement and to the front room – and all the places that are possible for the dog to get to in our house. Sherman had gone!

Passing through the bedroom at least two times she missed his hiding place… right there among Grandma’s Teddy Bears… blending right in perfectly… and watching her every move.

Too funny.  Here are the ‘evidence’ photos for one guilty dog.

In all it was a wonderful day… one that I will not soon forget... one that may never be repeated.

Double WOW – I am smiling as I start this day. Job interview should be fun.  The Dog is watching me now – ready for me to get going… Oh Boy…

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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