Friday, August 31, 2012

This is My Chance - A Blue Moon Day and Night

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This is My Chance -  A Blue Moon Day and Night
As I was growing up I heard adults say strange things.  It may have been about the age that you start hearing what they actually were saying… and then trying to make sense of their words.

For the record adults don’t always make a lot of sense to a kid!

One of my aunts was the first one that I heard say, “That will only happen in a Blue Moon!”

I can distinctly remember when she said it but not why. I can remember that we were in my grandparent’s house on the farm near Truax, Saskatchewan.  When she said the words I looked up at her and wondered what she was talking about.  Some one had stated that they thought this or that would happen… and she made her pronouncement that it would never happen.

I think that I must have looked at her like she had two heads. She laughed and looked back at me asking what I was thinking.  I answered by saying, “A blue moon… the moon isn’t blue!”

I can’t remember what happened or what was said after that.

Then I started hearing a lot more about our moon.  “Once in a blue moon…” was used to describe something that was small in possibility.

I had known that somewhere in the world a “Cow had jumped over the moon..”

I knew that the moon could be made of cheese for some cartoon characters… and there were many rhymes about our moon… like…
“The man in the moon,
Looked out of the moon,
Looked out of the moon and said:
It's time for all children on the Earth,
To think about getting to bed!”

“Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, 
The cow jumped over the moon, 
The little dog laughed to see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.”


“I see the moon,
And the moon sees me;
God bless the moon,
And God bless me!”

And the Owl and the Pussy Cat – “danced to the light of the Moon”

By now every kid knows that the moon is not only a fairy tale but real and that a man, Neil Armstrong, once walked on that moon.

And I know that the Blue Moon is a night when the moon appears to be a “Full Moon” twice in a calendar month.

Tonight is a Blue Moon night.  Today is the last day of August and the second full moon this month.

And according to my aunt whatever couldn’t happen – might happen.

So what are you looking forward to this day? What do you think might happen today that has not happened in the past two years?  Maybe it is something that you hoped for or wanted to happen oh so much?

Look up… look around … and look at the great big, blue moon tonight.  WOW!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, August 30, 2012


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On our journey to Brighton, Ontario yesterday the gas prices had zoomed up again. In Toronto they were high as well the day before… the prices went up over 8 cents (over our Peterborough prices)!

The guy on the radio had warned us that the Price of Gas was going up because of Hurricane Isaac. At that stage the prices went up and the Hurricane had not yet come anywhere near land!

Further to this there was a fatal explosion and a closure of Venezuela’s largest refinery – and it affected our Gas Prices???? Duh?

So you really think I am stupid?  How in the name of any Refinery or Gas Company does the price of fuel in the ground at my service station get more expensive before the disaster even happens?

Now typically our politicians have done nothing about it.  They stand back and “let-ur rip” through my hard earned savings.  Their gold mine of Gas Taxes are hinged to the price of fuel going up – why would they stop that from happening?

In Canada we have oil coming out our ears. 

In Northern Alberta there harvesting way more oil than we can use – so they say.  They had planned to ship it to the USA – but the USA folk said that aint gonna happen.  SO instead they decided they would send it over the mountains of BC and off to China. The BC Premiere and all things political in BC said NO to that idea.

They think that we are so stupid to agree to any of this! 

If the average John Q Public had any say in this they would build a good and very big REFINERY in Alberta – say a little south of where they are now harvesting the oil then USE IT IN CANADA!

If we have this much oil can we not use it in Canada and tell the STUPID USA REFINERY GIANTS IN AND AROUND LOUSIANA – that – “WE DON’T NEED YOUR OIL or GAS… we have all we need in CANADA!!”????

I mean Alberta would get even more filthy rich than they are now.  Gas prices in Canada would be set much lower out of the kindness of the hearts of the All the Oil Giants.

But no – we will fight to sell it to whoever – fight over messing up our mountains and streams – fight over who gets the money – and continue to be gouged because a Hurricane has not yet hit some where thousands upon thousands of miles away!!!?

We don’t get Hurricanes in Alberta!

Yep they do think you are stupid. Open your wallet and simply give them everything.

Come on Canada – WAKE UP!

I work with once-upon-a-time bad men coming from Federal Prisons, These guys have done bad things, were caught, tried and convicted and then paid for what they did in Prison.

The only difference between the Gas Companies and the Guys in Federal Prisons… is they have never been caught. They do the bad things, never get caught, never tried and never ever convicted… and keeping on robbing you blind!

Why?  Tell me WHY?

Yep – there is the answer – they simply think you are stupid.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The "Laughing Guys" sitting behind me

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The "Laughing Guys" sitting behind me
While sitting in the theatre last evening waiting for my two friends to arrive, I was listening to the people around me.  The Pre-Show entertainment was going on in front of me and people were talking around me.  The show hadn’t started yet.

I had noticed the two couples in the foyer when I arrived. The two guys were tall and with each guy was a little shorter gal.  The guys seem to know each other and perhaps the gals were just meeting for the first time. The two girls didn’t talk to each other.

I sat down in my favorite seat and waited for my friends to get there.

The two couples came in after me and sat directly behind me. I could hear all that they were saying.  Too funny.  It was like being an “Audio Tom” – you know a Peeping Tom – only just listening in – not looking! (No – No I didn’t mean that you knew what it was to be a Peeping Tom).

The guys did all the talking to each other. They were sitting gal, guy, guy and then gal.  The guys were carrying on a huge conversation back and forth with each other.  They were having a great time but the poor girls said next to nothing.

I couldn’t figure it out. Were they just getting back from the Summer Away from University?  Maybe the guys were in school together last year… and the girls were new to the city?  It was weird.  I usually can figure out what is happening by just listening.

No doubt the four people were trying to make some sort of impression on the opposite sex sitting beside them.

Facing the screen as I was, the guy on the right side and directly behind me, with his date on his right side, laughed at everything the other guys said. And his laugh was distinctly weird.

When he laughed his voice sound would started off low in the laughter… and then change to a higher and higher pitch sound as he laughed on.  He could and did laugh differently with each joke or comment by his friend.  Yet he could start off low and then go high or go back to low again… and change whenever.

Once in a while the “laugher” would crack a joke and his friend would laugh back at him… and again with another kind of laugh that varied in style and sound as well.

It was almost like their laughter was a language.  I don’t think that I have ever heard this kind of “laughing communication” going on before.

Were they brothers that came from a laughing family?

The girls didn’t laugh. They just listened, like I was listening also.

The jokes weren’t that funny.  The comments being made were about other people that the two guys knew… and each story brought on peals of laughter.

This is all happening in the Pre-Show entertainment.

My friends arrived, two guys that I know well. We just listen to people, we don’t laugh and giggle like my new friends sitting behind me did. 

We comment and then grunt at each other’s deep wisdom… ahem.

The movie was funny, ridiculous and stupid and kind of worth the $5.39 cents(cheap night price) that I paid.

We laughed at the stupidity in the story line… and the actions of the comedians playing the parts they did.

The guys behind me laughed a lot… but the girls didn’t say much.

That may have been the longest date that these gals had ever been on.

Maybe the girls will become best friends and remember back to that night when the two guys laughed weirdly to each other.

Is there a deep reflection that I can leave you the reader with at the end of this post? 

I doubt it.

Except maybe that it is so much fun to just listen.  Then after collecting the bits of information from the conversation that you heard, try to piece together a story about the ones that you listened to… like I did.

It was kind of worth the $5.39 that I paid… and my thoughts last night afterwards and earlier this morning made me smile.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Too Old for the CNE – but oh so much fun!

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Too Old for the CNE – but oh so much fun!
“Can we afford it?” my wife asked.  I nodded to the affirmative.  The deal was just too good.  They were knocking off about 40% from the price. How could we not afford it?!?

Whether we needed it or not was not a question I was asking. We were celebrating along with many other CNE attendees. 

We had walked a long ways.

We had taken part in a lot of different delicacies – like Roti followed by Deep Fried Mars Bars – which could have been wrapped in Bacon and then Deep Fried – but I passed on the Bacon.

Then we watched some of the greatest acts that the CNE has collected into one place each summer. Add to that the lights, sounds, and a million stimulations that simply buzz your brain… and that is a day at the CNE>

The Super Dog Show was simply amazing. President’s Choice sponsored this amazing presentation again this year.  That was another WOW Part for us.

Whew!  As I look back now on yesterday… my feet hurt. I tried to follow my wife and granddaughter Emma.  Grandpa was much slower than before. I used to lead… now I keep looking for them – they are way up ahead of me. I guess I talk to lots of people and the gals just keep going.

“While we were waiting for you Grandpa, guess what we saw?” was Emma’s question often – because Grandpa was talking again.

Each year we attend the Fairs in our area… as much as we can. Each year there is more for me to see and I walk further and further.  But the food keeps me going further and further….

Deep Fried Mars Bars are amazing.  Really a Deep Fried Chocolate Bar?  Yep – the Frozen Chocolate Bar is dipped in a batter, then it was placed in a Deep Fryer…

Today is quiet and time to get ready for another one this weekend – the Kinmount Fair… then comes the Norwood Fair on Thanks Giving Weekend.
But the bargains were something else… wow!
~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Attending the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY ever – Lang Pioneer Village

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Attending the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY ever – Lang Pioneer Village
Today I am part of the Interactive Entertainment at Lang Pioneer Village. Today Siemens Canada will be celebrating with their employees and their families – a 100th Birthday Party.  Today about 600 to 700 people will be there for the celebrations.

It is exciting to read of this dynamic company that has touched so many of us – without us really knowing much about them.

I have to run to get ready for the Party.  I will possible report more latter.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Almost a “Life Sentence” with CSC’s CAC – 14 years and still inside

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Almost a “Life Sentence” with CSC’s CAC – 14 years and still inside
Fourteen Years ago my friend Dan Haley called me to ask if I would be willing to come with him to the Parole Office to talk about a guy coming out of a Federal Prison. The man was older and in a wheel chair.  There was no place for him to live and no resources to help him.

Dan and I met at the Parole Office with Ted Boynton and Pat Powell along with the Parole Office Supervisor Vince Hendricks at that time.

We discussed the problems that “Stan” was facing as he came out of prison.  Stan had an attitude problem that tended to drive people away. He was a senior citizen with a criminal record - sitting in a wheel chair.  His crime revolved around his anger issues and had given him quite a few years in Prison.

After 20 minutes we discussed the issues at hand. We also had shared the different things that we each brought to the table related to our abilities, training and interests.

Vince suggested that we might consider forming a CAC to better help this ex-con.  So following the conversation together we agreed to form the first CAC group with and for the Parole in Peterborough.

It all happened because of the bad attitude Stan and a passion of each of the newly formed CAC group to help keep our community safe.  Housing and support for Stan was going to be vital. Finding that support and safety for Stan, was a task that we could do to keep our community safe.

Dan helped with the support. Vince helped to arrange a place for Stan to stay part time – in a motel with very large doors for Stan’s wheel chair to get through. 

Dan had been able to get Stan a temporary room at a Senior’s Care Home but when the management of the home found out who was allowed to sleep in that bed they demanded that Dan pick the guy up immediately and get him out of there. Having an Ex-Con next door to someone’s dear old mother was not a saleable feature for the Home’s Brochure.

That is why we found a Motel Room for him until further arrangements could be made.

I tell you that long, beginning story from long ago – because it is the basis of my involvement with the CAC – 14 years ago.

None of the original four members had any idea what the CAC was about. We only knew that from what we heard that our talents and abilities might be a help to keep our community safe.  We had never heard the letters “CAC” before – just like most of the people in Canada.

CAC stands for “Citizen Advisory Committee”.  You can read about it here – Citizen Advisory Committee

What does it do?

The CAC works along with the “Correctional Service Canada” – the CSC to help carry out its correctional mandate in the Prison and Community.

Don Head, the Commissioner for CSC, states the following when he refers to the CAC… quote… As informed participants in the correctional process, you are charged with not only representing the views of the communities in which we operate, but also in representing CSC’s mandate and values to the community. By actively engaging community support, you help bridge the gap between offenders in correctional facilities and the community.

“Bridge the Gap” and “Actively Engaging the Community” are great ways to explain what our CAC does in Peterborough.

That was 14 years ago.  Ted and Dan along with me sit with the five other citizens from our community to listen to the local Parole Office Supervisor give us a report of what is going on in our Parole Office – listen to the great stories as well as the harder ones at times – when a Parolee goes off side, messes up and heads back to Prison.

Our CAC over these past years has creatively sought ways, designed opportunities and carried out community engagement training sessions, symposiums and contacts in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

A lot has happened since we began this adventure together. Our community has been impacted in many ways. They have been informed and challenged as the stories of Former Offenders share what they are doing now. They, the community and the CAC members, have been deeply stirred as Victims of Crime have told their accounts of the nightmares that they have even now – years after the original crimes were committed.

I think of Marie O’Connor and her account of having lived through the murder of her son and the many years of struggling with the Parole Hearings, along with the CSC response to their plight of traveling to the Hearings in place far away.  Marie walked a long road by herself – and none of our community knew about it. Our CAC began to work with Marie and her story hit home for all of us.

I think of Donalda Garland and how she shared her story with our community and the CAC at some of the first symposiums that we held.  Her father had raped her over and over again. She was made pregnant by him. And then he and her step-mother held her down on the kitchen table as he aborted the baby.  He started raping her when she was very young and it continued happening until she was in her early 20s.

He last raped her when he brought her to place for her Theological Studies – a Bible College where she would study to become an ordained minister.  That last night he raped her in that motel and then whispered in her ear, “It is finished” – quoting Jesus on the Cross!

Donalda’s life was ruined but from the ruins came what she would become… someone telling a horrific story and the survival from it. But that didn’t happen overnight – she locked the memories away from even her husband – until one day something happened and the story gushed out.

Her father was charged with rape and pedophilic acts with children. He has been in prison for years. The charges that stuck and convicted him were from only a few young ladies. Donalda said that they suspect he has committed these horrific acts against over 200 children – who are now adults coping with miserable lives.

Our CAC brought her story to the limelight and our community will never be the same again.

(BTW – this Ex-Con – still in Prison -  has studied to become a Minister while in that Prison and I think some group has or is about to “Ordain” him!  No kidding!!!)

Fast forward to 2012…
Next week Ted Boynton, one of our original CAC Members, will take the leadership of the Peterborough Parole CAC over. Congratulations TED!!!  I will still be sitting with the CAC and meeting with our Parole Officers from time to time. Together with our whole CAC group we will continue to actively engage our community and help our community to see the excellent work that CSC does in our city and area.

Yesterday… I got a promotion of sorts. I was elected as the new Chair for the Ontario Region’s CAC.  In this position I will be connecting with all the Community CACs and also all of the Federal Institution CACs in Ontario.

But there is a small bit more to the new task for me. Being the Ontario Chair this year also brings with it the responsibilities of being the National Vice Chair for all the CACs in Canada. And if I am still alive and sane – in two years the Vice Chair will become the Chair for the Canadian CACs.

I know that doesn’t mean much to you, my readers of this blog.  But for me – it means that I will be hearing the wonderful stories of what is happening all across Ontario first and then all across Canada.

A lot has happened since the four of us walked into the Parole Office that day – 14 years ago… WOW!

Now the next step of the journey begins…

Thank you fellow CAC members for your trust in me as your new Chair.

Thank you to all the CSC Staff that I have connected with over these 14 years. Your willingness to share and help train me… is going to bring more good things out of all that will happen. I am sure of it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apprehension and Anxiety – Double “A” Killers

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Apprehension and Anxiety – Double “A” Killers

Have you ever been worried about a meeting coming up – that you need to attend – and you are apprehensive about going? Your anxiety is building to impossible levels to be able to deal with it… because you know who will be there.

Maybe it was a school reunion?  Maybe it was wedding?  Maybe it was a doctor’s appointment?  Whatever it was is, inside you are dying a thousand deaths with the thoughts that cripple your movements and actions of the day.

Let’s try this simple exercise.  Think back to the last three times that you suffered that great anxiety attack.  Think of the time when you felt the great apprehension and almost decided to not go… or maybe you did decide to not go at all.

Now add to that one or two that you are carrying for today.

Did your blood pressure jump at all?  Did you start feeling ill at ease in any way?  Do you wish that I would have never brought up this topic?

The Double “A” Killer is there in a real way. Anyone that has thought of this will recognize the strong feelings that we experience when this happens.  And we will do almost anything to avoid it from taking a toll on our life or person that time.

For the fun of it I counted the number of time that I felt these strong feelings of the Double “A”s – just one day. That was yesterday.

My name is up for an election to a rather important position - tomorrow. People have nominated me to this really important possible position.  That is a Double “A” Moment. The election takes place tomorrow.  And each hour the Double “A” is increasing. This one is BIG.  I am not sure that it is Number 1 or if it is likely turned into about 500 now – as I wait.

I am required to stand up in front of the Electing Body tomorrow and give a speech about why I think they should elect me.  I need to tell them about what a wonderful person I have become.  That is likely Number 2 – repeated over about 700 times!

The Double “A” continues in this area… when the thought came bouncing by to make it worse… “No one will believe what you will say… you don’t even believe what you will say!!”  Number 3 – repeated about 800 times this week.

500 plus 700 plus 800 are adding up to be over 2000 thoughts that have driven me crazy so far this last two weeks. I am not sure that I really want to do this… YET I KNOW that I would be good at it and will be a good leader. Oh boy.

Last week on Friday I had to stop taking any anti histamine for my allergies while I get ready for an Allergy Test this afternoon.  I am nearly crawling with my nose and throat itching. I am sneezing my head off.

Number 4 Double “A” came again this morning – will the tests that they give me today cause me to break out in a severe case of hives – right there in the Doctor’s Office? Worse yet will it possibly hospitalize me with some sort of violent reaction?

Oh Boy – Number 4 has about four sub levels of worry in it… and I have worried even more about this one.

Oh. Oh. Here comes Number 5. I will be swelled up like a balloon when I have to stand up tomorrow and say my words… or worse yet I will be on a breathing machine at the Hospital… gasping for air. Number 6, 7 and 8 just arrived.

Last night I took our “grand dog” for the evening walk before bed time.  Sheesh!  He shot across the sidewalk towards a bush, his hair on his shoulders stood up… and he froze.  The Double “A” thing went nuts.  Skunk in the BUSH?  Raccoon in the BUSH?  Something was in that BUSH and he was about to take it down.  Bang. Wham. Jerk. I grabbed the leash and held it tightly so he couldn’t go into the BUSH.

My heart was racing and I was ready to kill the dog. But he couldn’t go into the BUSH with the leash pulling him out – backwards.

This “grand dog” sitting is going to be over in a day or so… that Double “A” will go away.

Thank God that the possible Skunk had not sprayed us… or today in the Doctor’s Office would have not been so good. They told me not to come with any Aftershave Lotion or heavily scented stuff on. Skunk Spray would have killed this appointment and the election – let alone to the speech!

I can’t give you any more – there is just too much to write down.  From my guess I am at the 4000 level of Double “A” problems today.

I have a Friend that sends me a Text Message every day that simply says – “Have a great day.”  When I turn on my Cell Phone the familiar Bing Bong will tell me his message is in.

He lost all his things in the recent fire at a housing complex in our city. His wife told me the move next week from the Hotel they have been staying in to the Town House unit will not be that hard – they have little to move.

I spoke with the Bride before last week’s wedding. She said she could understand why some people back out of the wedding at the last minute.

She also told me that the place they were ready to move into after the wedding was now gone. They have lost their apartment. They have five kids and no money and don’t know what to do.

As she said “I will” and “I do” she had to be experiencing Double “A” about a million times over… yet she went through with it.

As I have thought of her and what she faces today… my Double “A” disappeared - poof it was all gone.

Maybe your own Double “A” problem is now getting better after you have read of my life issues – and her huge problem they now face.

Thank you God for Today. You said you would be with me and I sure hope you haven’t forgot that promise.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Night Estrogen beat out Testosterone – I was there

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The Night Estrogen beat out Testosterone – I was there
When my wife and I entered the darkened theatre – we were the FIRST ONES there.  And sitting in the dimly lit theatre we were able to watch everyone coming in after us.

About 20 minutes into the event I started to realize that I was very much in a minority in this one. At the 35 minute mark there were still was no men in the crowd pouring through the entrance. It was then that I hit me – this is not a Man’s Movie!!!

More so I also came to the conclusion that this movie is not a Young Person’s Movie either. MOST of the people coming through the door were as old as us or even older… old women going on a Girl’s Night out.

I should have read the movie bio better and taken a hint from what was in the trailer.  It looked funny or humorous … so we chose this one.  Oh Boy!

Towards the end of the Pre Show entertainment some men came in slowly behind their wives/partners.  They kind of were walking a few steps behind. And a common comment from the woman was, “If we sit up there.. or over there … is that okay?”  He would grunt and she would lead.  The poor guy could see the hundreds of women in the audience that he was being led past… and he was not happy with coming to this show!  Not at all!

We were in our usual seats. The first row of the main bank… the same row as the wheel chair folk sit in… lots of leg room and if you have to get out for the bathroom break – you can do it without stepping over someone else… or they over you.

In my favorite seat you can see people coming in but the majority of the folk sit behind you. In this seat you can also hear the 90% of the people behind you talking before the show comes on. And in this case 99.9% speaking were women… all jabbering excitedly about whatever excited women talk about… like “The VIEW” TV Program – only with 200 people speaking at the same time – instead of the panelists.

As the Pre Show Entertainment came on you could feel the estrogen flowing through the 200 plus women in the theatre.  Really!  I could smell the stuff everywhere!!!

I took a quick peek around and the guys were all very low in their seats… staring straight ahead… and not talking, I surmised that they were taking in the ebb and flow of estrogen as well… and wished to God that they had gone to the Macho Movie next door.. but with his wife (or their wives) holding their hands tightly – THEY COULDN’T GET OUT.  They were looking at me in that first and spacious row and swearing.

I should have got a hint when we walked into the theatre and the young guy took our tickets. I had quipped to him, “We are going to the Old People’s Movie…”

His response was, “I am not going to touch that one…” and smiled politely.

This was not only a Movie for women but for women that were older – and likely for their husbands too – who they could not drag into this place with an anchor rope!

What Movie was this – you are asking…?

Well it is entitled “Hope Springs” – yikes!  It even sounds like a Harlequin Romance Novel – doesn’t it?  That is one big gushy hint GUYS!

Here is what the trailer’s blurb states… quote…
Kay and Arnold are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couple's specialist in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she attempts to persuade her skeptical husband, a steadfast man of routine, to get on a plane for a week of marriage therapy. Just convincing the stubborn Arnold to go on the retreat is hard enough - the real challenge for both of them comes as they shed their bedroom hang-ups and try to re-ignite the spark that caused them to fall for each other in the first place.
End quote…

The fact that Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones were the lead characters made it sound okay. Tommy Lee Jones is a kickass kind of guy.  He and Will Smith often save the world from whatever bad stuff they encounter. And well… Meryl Streep has played some really different roles like Mama Mia (I loved that music)… she should be fun to watch.

Good Lord… mother of God… Holy Mackerel… this Movie is not about saving the world… not about good music… it was about S-E-X between two old people… and the fact that he has lost it and she wants more intimacy. It is about his stubborn old ways and  his really not wanting to be there – and YET SHE FORCED HIM TO BE THERE!

My words are running down now.

The sound of the laughter of the estrogen in the audience is not running down however. I can still hear the whoops, the gut busting laughter, the snickering of all the ladies around me.

I so wished that I have chosen the “Expendables” where a bunch of the Ancient and Very Old Movie Machos kick the snot out of whenever they come in contact with.  Sylvester and Jean Claude… wham – bam – slam – crash – bash – whoa!... my kind of movie!!!

And there I was sinking slowly in to the cushion seat and listening to women whoop it up when the poor Tommy Lee was going through Hell on that Marriage Counselor’s couch.

The fact that Steve Carell was a sober and sensible counselor kind of blew me away too. He is always such a jackass on the TV Program “The Office”.  Sober and sensible for him is twisted.

My goodness and gracious… Tommy finally becomes the HERO and Meryl Streep is smiling before the before the end of the movie. In fact Tommy Lee really gets into this love making and mushy stuff.  Lordy! Lordy!!

I quickly walked out following my wife… she giggled and whispered in my ear… “That was a good movie!”

There was one funny part for me.  Just before the end of the Movie… a “church lady” that we know… one who has been a pain to me over the past few years in a big way… stomped out past where we were sitting… she was not happy. She had likely been talked into coming for a Girl’s Night Out with some others.

The content of this movie did not impress her at all! That made me laugh and I nudged my wife…

Would I go again?  Yep – the total experience of sitting with so many women and listening to them – was too good!  My wife and I laughed all the way home… her for her reasons… me – for my own reasons.

As we exited the theatre and stood in the foyer area… a lady from our church was standing there waiting for her husband.  He had gone to one of the Macho Movies… she – I think was in our Movie – alone.  I didn’t dare ask her what she thought.  Too funny. He had escaped and she had seen what she wanted to see… and I’ll just bet that he will be there next week with her…

I am giggling today.  Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

POST SCRIPT - added September 29, 2017
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Lady in Anguish and the roof top scene in China

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One Lady in Anguish and the roof top scene in China
It is hard to believe when you read the story.  The woman was trying to kill herself by jumping off a roof top in China.  A photographer clicked the following photos to capture the whole event.  Wow what photos they are. The anguish that is shown here is amazing.

The photos come from an article posted by the Daily Mail online – “Woman saved from suicide… to face firing squad”

Now the fact was not known when they tried to save her… that she had just murdered her nephew by smothering him and then throwing him off the same building – likely the same place she was trying to jump from.

Now she will face the Firing Squad with her own execution.

When I lived near China – in Hong Kong (which is now in and a part of China) it was not uncommon to hear of Chinese authorities arresting someone for a crime and then executing them.

The execution is usually done with quite a fan fare. The person is tried publically… and I mean publically.  The entire village of town that they live in attends the public trial and witness the pronouncement of quilt. (At one stage everyone was forced to attend from what my sources told me – specially the family)

A sign with their name and crime is hung around their neck for complete public disgrace.  They are then taken to the edge of the village. They are blindfolded and made to kneel in front of everyone.  A 45 caliber hand gun(or its equivalent) is placed behind their head, at the base of the scull and with one shot the spinal column is severed from the body and head. BAM – it is over.

Please excuse me for the graphic description but there is no other way to understand the photos that you see today.  The Daily Mail didn’t tell that story in their article – they made the mistake of letting you feel this in Western Eyes and Ways of thinking.  Surely the woman would have been better off to just confess and then go to prison. That isn’t the way that it works in China.

I am disturbed by what I see and hear. It appears to still be the same in China as it was 30 years ago when we were there.

Oh Boy.

Fourteen years ago I met Mr. G, a Chinese man in Prison.  Last week I received a very excited note from Mr. G. He was being released from our Canadian Prison system on Parole and is to be sent home to China – deported.

Mr. G murdered his roommate when they lived together at one of our Canadian Universities. He was studying Chemistry and she was studying to be a doctor. In a very angry state of mind he took her life because she wouldn’t cut classes that day and stay with him. 

After the trial in our court system he was given a Life Sentence. And for the last 25+ years he has served time for his crime in our Prison system.

My contact with Mr. G was facilitated by the Chaplain at that time.  He felt that it might help Mr. G in his depressed state of mind… and even possibly spiritually.  The contact was good – and in both ways we saw success.

He was moved from the Prison that we had originally met in but he continued to write once in a while with his updates and what was happening to him.

I am not sure where he is now. It could be he has been transferred to another secure facility or he could well have left Canada by now. He could be back in China at this time.

The great hesitation that the Chaplain had and I also shared was Mr. G would be executed when he was returned to China. They consider his crime to always be with him even though they know he has been in Prison in Canada.

The Daily Mail reported that China as one of the highest rates of suicide in the world with 22.23 suicides per 100,000 people. But that is only the figure that is given by China – not obtained from an outside source… which could be much higher but no one wants to tell.

After committing the crime it could well be easier to take your own life and have the shame attached to your memory... than to be shamed in front of the village and your family and have them pay over and over again for what you did.

That massive Shame Factor that is brought by the Government is definitely used to deter any further “bad actions” by the community members. If this is what this man or woman has done and brought shame on their family – you had better not do this to your family.

30 years ago we were involved in hearing about these things because of the “Christian Thing” and people were not allowed to join nutty groups like we represented.   Being shot for being a Christian was a real possibility… and it happened to some that I knew.

The photos of the poor, distraught, murderer trying to jump from the building in China has far more story behind them than someone in Britain or Canada can understand.

Sadly for her – I almost wish that she would have jumped and made it to the bottom and her death.

But then I really wish that she would have been helped before any of this happened.

But thinking again – there is far more than any of us realize in our Western World.

Chinese are still only allowed to have one Child. This little boy was the only child.  And the likelihood that the woman wanting to jump off the roof is that she could not have children… and a sister-in-law was rubbing it in… deeply and wounding her even more than anyone would ever know. So the woman killed her nephew to stop the mouth of the sister-in-law… and then tried to take her own life.

No one would have known the whole story if she succeeded with the jump to her death… but if she waited just long enough to jump – she could have wounded her sister-in-law to the fullest extent.

Will the sister-in-law now try to kill herself… and maybe the husband will follow the first two. There isn’t anything to live for when your child and his best was all that you lived for.  It is terrible to say the least with what has happened.

The stories and thoughts are always there. That is the reason that I try my best to help the Prison System in Canada.

I am thinking of Mr. G today – wherever he might be. I am thinking of that terrible turn of events in China and the family with two great losses.

I am thinking deeply and for a long time.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, August 20, 2012

The new Facebook Scam that has me asking for funds and selling green stuff – Yikes!

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The new Facebook Scam that has me asking for funds and selling green stuff – Yikes!

Hokey Mokey!  My Facebook Name was high jacked!  Can you believe it some dummy has made another ME and is trying to scam people using the NEW ME.

How could that happen?

The odd time when I go on to the Facebook page I see the small list of the people that I might know and want to click into Friend’s List.

There was Stephen Chaloner’s name and blue out icon needing to possibly be my friend on FB.   He is a Missionary friend of mine that works across Africa and in many countries as a director for our church’s denomination.  Stephen is also involved in Orphanage work in many places.

Thinking that Stephen had perhaps gone off FB and then was now looking for his good old friend Murray Lincoln – I clicked on the Stephen icon.  Bingo I was his Friend on FB – again.

The trouble was that Stephen had not left FB and was still my friend. Another guy acting like Stephen was now also my Friend on FB.

This “new” Stephen had a photo of himself – the real Stephen Chaloner with his wife Heather – albeit not a good photo…

Then the messages started coming from the new “real live Stephen” telling me that he was in Nigeria at this time and that he needed money for three Orphanages - $100,000 to be exact… and that he had raised $60,000 already.  He would be in touch with me again to tell me how I would be able to send him the money.

DUH!  The English used was the African flavour as well… but not good English.

Here is the text that I have so far received …
Stephen Chaloner
2:38pm Aug 16
We re fine and doing great, so how is your family?

Murray Lincoln
2:41pm Aug 16
Alida and I are more confined to our own home with my mom's aging 
- now 91 years old and slowing rapidly... but we are doing wonderful..
 business is growing... chaplaincy is doing well... just enough to keep 
ministry alive - but not enough to kill me.
Stephen Chaloner
3:26pm Aug 16
Oh that is good, glory to God almighty. Am currently in Nigeria now 
for a project. Trying raise fund so we can Carter for children and 
I think your donation will be needed.

Murray Lincoln
4:03pm Aug 16
What do you mean "Carter" for Children" i s that 
"Care for Children"? Suffering from Missionary Thumb - right? 
How much money are you needing? Total?

Stephen Chaloner
6:32pm Aug 16
What ever God lay in your hand, will really go a long way
 to help. We plan to raise about 100,000USD, so we can
 buy food stuff for 3 orphanage home, pay children fee,
 provide for the homeless and also provide for those who
 just suffer from Terrorist attack "Boko haram". Would 
really love you to partake in this project, will send you 
details of how to send your donation when you are ready. 
God bless you.

Stephen Chaloner
7:57pm Aug 16
We have been able to raise about 60,000usd for now 
and we really need support for this project to go through. 
Your donation will go a long way. Feed a child today,
 God bless you
Sheesh I hate to even tell my old friends that are frightened to death of Facebook and avoid it like a plague… they will be even be more frightened when I tell them the rest.

The minute that I clicked the “new Stephen” into my friends list – he started using me and my friend’s list to tell them he was “Murray Lincoln” – the new one that they had just clicked into their friends list(even though I was still there on their list). Confused yet?

He also told them that I was selling a product that would help them and also a mission of some sort in the Philippines.  The photo of me is one from my own Facebook with Michelle Yee standing beside me – and the impression is that she is from the Philippines!  She is Chinese… from Malaysia.  But in African eyes she might look like some one from wherever…. Good enough to fool anyone.

Please Note: I’M NOT SELLING GREEN stuff as a health food whatever. I have many friends in and from the Philippines but have nothing to do with raising money.

Talk about a new scam – wow!

If you have clicked through some one that you thought was already on your list – and you didn’t check or contact them… you are now selling better yak butter to the people of Nepal… sorry to mess up your day this way… but you likely have been had!

I unfriended the New Stephen and let the real Steve know that I nuked him. The old Steve is still there and is now somewhere in Africa not able to check his Facebook – or maybe is too busy trying to get to the root of the new Stephen scam.

Poor Steve Chaloner… but no… Steve Chaloner had clicked on to someone else and that started the scammer to come my way.

I wonder if the dictionary will have a new term someday that is like STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease?  And the new one will be called FTD or FBTD…

I can’t wait until the new Stephen comes back at me… for more money. I will be sending him gobs and gobs of Bible Verses copied into his messages to me… and back to him…

I can’t wait.

~ Murray Lincoln ~