Wednesday, November 30, 2011

National Geographic Magazine and the King James Bible

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Today’s Blog Post

National Geographic Magazine and the King James Bible

Dare a Pastor criticize something like a Bible? When I began the journey into “the Ministry” – the kind that I did for 35 years – you would never dare say anything critical about a Bible. But that was a long time ago.

Over the years I did move from certain Bibles and their use, to newer translations and ones that make more sense in my world and life.

One kind of Bible just made no sense in the world that I lived in. That kind of Bible was the King James Version that I first met up with when I was a boy and then later on when I became old enough to understand all that I was reading. King James, whoever he was, had no clue about my world and my time.

As I did my Theological Studies I completed all of it using the KJV (King James Version). That was the early 1970s – a very long time ago in the last Century!

As I entered “the Ministry” where I was required to preach each week, I prepared all my sermons from the KJV. But it was during that time that the newer translations or editions of the Bible started to appear on the market. Many of these were a delight to use and personally read. They were so much more common sense than the KJV. They applied to my world and my time.

In one setting as I preached each week I did introduce a newer version of the Bible entitled “The Living Bible” (LB) and then the New International Version (NIV). I actually read passages from these Bibles into my sermons. Oooiee! That was the wrong thing to do! Absolutely wrong at that time!

One old lady protested to me and others loudly and was about to have my head for doing such an unholy thing in my sermon. In her protesting to my unholy actions and belief pattern where I would read or even pick up something other than the KJV – she loudly stated that she would never change, “If this KJV was good enough for Jesus and his Disciples, it is good enough for me!” and she “humphed” out of there!

This dear lady actually believed that Jesus and the Disciples spoke in the way that King James did.

The above is my introduction to an amazing article that appears in this month’s edition of the National Geographic Magazine that has an article by Adam Nicholson entitled “King James Bible”.

NGM usually deals with anything but the Christian religion… but if it does it is to show what men and women have done with it. NGM is not political nor is it a moral compass. It is NGM and it deals with things in our world and things out of our world – and the way that these things affect people and animals, our environment, and societies. It is a non-partisan publication that is not put out by any political mind set.

The article about the King James Version of the Bible is amazing. It shows how extensive the affect the KJV has had on the world around us. It shows how old King James and his group of translators chose the language that they used and how that kind of language is embedded so deep into the entire world today – and has been for century after century.

True to NGM’s fashion they dig out examples of how the KJV is used and the many different places it is used. The Use and Abuse of it is discovered in this article. It shows the extremes and the mentions the deep blessings that the Bible has produced over the years. The extremes have come from extreme people that have destroyed the credibility of what is written or stated in the Bible.

If you are a Christian you need to read this article. It will open your eyes a little. If you are not a Christian it may blow your mind to know how much the KJV has influenced your life already. A huge amount of the wording has deeply influenced our societies.

Although what I am writing about is not about the Islamic faith and the Koran, the Islamic faith has also included sections of their teachings because of the affects that the KJV has had on the populations around them. In portions of the Koran there are strings of references to the ideas that are similar to the ones of Christians.

No I am not an expert on the Islamic faith but I have friends that are and that know their Holy Book and have also studied our Bible. They point out the similarities.

Now back to the NGM article. You really need to read it! Take a close look at it and then at what your faith is all about.

I personally do not believe in the King James Version of the Bible. I believe in God. I do not believe in a translation of the words. I use different translations in conveying what I know about and believe in God. They are tools only. But then I also use life examples that relate to the Bible and the translations that I read.

At the present time I am re-reading “The Message” which was assembled and written by Eugene Peterson. It is so cool for my life now and my time.

Where can you read the NGM article? Well it can be bought today in the Big bookstores like Chapters etc. – or read there as you sit drinking your coffee. But you can also read it at this link

If you are getting interested in reading or comparing different Bibles and translations you might like to check out where there are about 100 different translation of the Bible to read from.

If you are going to prepare anything to speak about and need a good resource the “Bible Gateway” is amazing to help in searches and texts. The copy paste feature on our computers makes “Bible Gateway” one of the most helpful tools that I have ever used.

The old lady in that first church protest that I encountered is likely rolling over with the idea that there is something like “Bible Gateway”! After all, “Jesus didn’t have a computer so I won’t have one either!”

But that old lady would have quite a shock when and if she got to heaven. They don’t speak KJV in heaven – I am quite sure of that!

As a Christian Minister I am ashamed at the way the KJV is used and abused. I am deeply troubled by the way that some other ministers abuse people by the way that they misuse the Bible – KJV or any other kind.

The NGM article embarrasses me as well. How could we as Christians do what we did in the name of God? You really need to read it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW” is now complete – school physics problems solved

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Today’s Blog Post

The “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW” is now complete – school physics problems solved

As their van pulled out of the driveway last evening my Grandson yelled loudly from the window, “Thanks Grandpa for helping me!”

I smiled. He was very happy and so excited about his creation now sitting in my workshop.

“It” is now almost ready for the presentation on or about December 16th. It will be shown and tested in his Grade Eleven Physics Class at High School and is worth a good chunk of his mark in the class.

The “It” that I am trying to describe is a top secret machine that he has created out of junk found in my workshop. (I always knew that the junk would be of great help to someone!)

He and I have given the “It” machine a name. It is called the “IAPBIW” or also “IIPBIW”.

That stands for “It Isn’t Pretty But It Works” or “It Aint Pretty But It Works”.

But most of all it should be called the “ILHF” Machine – or “It Lit His Fire” Machine.

On November 19th Blog posting I began the outline of the idea. Ten days later the project is almost complete and I can report that the plan was greatly modified.

I can also report that Clifford is treating this as a Top Secret Project for the time being. His friends at school are scrambling for ideas and need help to even get started. All kinds of ideas are swirling but nothing is gelling yet for them. With just over two weeks left there is going to be some panic going down at the different homes.

Clifford has not shared his “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW” with any of them. He has talked to his teacher about the project and given small hints about what he is making, but is unwilling to disclose what the details are until the unveiling on the 16th.

Here is the challenge that the teacher gave Clifford. He is to create a machine that by using wind power, it will raise a weight of at least 50 grams up to the 75 centimeter mark. The materials used should be from objects that are ebing recycled around the home. If it is heavier and higher he will get the better mark. If someone beats him his mark will be lower. (Originally in my November 19th post I had stated that it was to be a 1 to 2 kilogram weight – 50 grams is much lighter.)

Last evening the top secret “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW” was easily raising a bucket filled with tools and weighing in at 3.25 kilograms! And from what I have seen it is not slowing down one bit when more weight is added. Doing the simple math here… the “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW” is now raising 60 times the goal set by his teacher… and it may go higher!

I can share the list of what is in the “IAPBIW” or “IIPBIW”… but not how they are put together until after the 16th of December.

Clifford has included the following…
- An old bicycle rim
- A number large plastic pop bottles – the 2 liter size
- An old golf club
- Parts and pieces of an old metal lawn chair
- Wooden pulleys that he made
- Old sandpaper
- A long piece of cord that is used to lift
- A Canola Oil container
- Lots of aluminum wire
- Old wood scraps – 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 pieces left over from my odd jobs
- Some screws and bolts and nuts to keep it all together

In the testing stages last evening Clifford grinned from ear to ear as he increased the weight in the Canola Oil bucket. “Yes!” was his excited exclamation over and over again. 1 kilogram, 2 kilograms and the then 3 kilograms… and no sign of stopping.

“When I start this at school do you think I should start with the maximum weight or start small and add more and more weight to it?” Clifford asked me. “I will get three tries to make it work…”

For that I do not have answer. Starting bigger and increasing a little at a time might be best… maybe 2 kilograms up to 3 and then go a bit more until the weight is too great for the wind powered veins before they crumble and shudder to a stop – dying a pitiful death in front of fellow students.

The question in my mind as I watched Clifford increase the load… is… “Do we want to go to a maximum with the potential of it breaking up in one colossal, earth shaking moment… and he will have to start all over again?”

Flying 2 liter pop bottles that are loosely connected by aluminum wire will likely start to fold back under pressure. Oh Boy! I don’t think Grandpa will be able to take it… the suspense is just too great!

This project has been good. It is good because one grandson and one grandpa worked together. When he needed advice I gave it… where suggestions might help. When he needed to use the tools in the shop I showed him how – but he did it himself.

As he worked along he stated an interesting thought… “By the time all the grandkids get through high school the projects you help with will get better and better.”

“Grandpa I think I will give this the Machine to Jonathan (his cousin one year younger) to use in his Physics class.” Clifford stated with a grin.

My response was, “I am not sure that my workshop can store all these projects from the next 6 years as all the grandkids head into Grade Eleven Physics!” The youngest grandson is now 10 years old.

This project was for this moment in time. It is for me to enjoy the most right now and for Clifford to remember forever. The bond that two guys have made through the creation of a Monster Machine is forever.

The fact that there are now 5 more grandkids that are coming along in a short while to invade my workshop… is just plain amazing!

If you see me beaming from ear to ear… you will see what my heart is feeling at this moment.

On the December 16th I will be waiting anxiously outside of school to see how the IAPBIW or IIPBIW has done. Then tenderly we will transport it home. However, there is a possibility that it will remain on display for some days to come!

Oh Boy… I can’t wait!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Football – Winning even when you Lose

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Today’s Blog Post

Football – Winning even when you Lose

The Colourful Sign at the end of the football field seemed to say it all. Our team had lost. It was all over… no more football practices... no more travel Saturdays or days during the week to run across town to be there supporting our team. Football season was over. Our team was beaten in this last game.

As I took the photo of the big sign declaring the victory for the other team there was great cheering from the east end of the field. The Arnprior Redmen were shouting and raising an all-out ruckus with their victory. Their friends and relatives were squeezed around them for the photo of a life time. They were the winners of this last and top football game for all of Ontario’s AA High School Championship. They were the best of all the best of all the High Schools of their division.

As I turned back to the west end of the football field there was an entirely different thing happening. The Peterborough Adam Scott football team was standing in one long row of players with their arms linked around each other’s waist. They had their football helmets on and they linked with each other in one last expression of togetherness. Defeated but still supporting one another. They were quiet and still strong. They didn’t face west or south or north.. they faced to the east and could see the Victors raising the their helmets and hear them giving their roars of victory… over and over again.

This photo caught the spirit of this Adam Scott Team.

They had worked hard together in their practices. They had played very hard and had succeeded in most of their games all season long. They had won their division’s top position by beating the best. They had also won the local championship by beating the very best and a reportedly much stronger team than they were. But today they had lost the top place for the entire Province… and they were still together! This is their Team.

I took one more photo that caught the leadership factors that had been active all season. This tells another important part about the heart of this team.

As I zoomed in on my Grandson Clifford to take a close-up of him linked to his fellow players, the Quarterback standing beside him unlinked his arms and began to clap. His team mates followed suit and they declared what real winners are all about… they still could say thank you… and clapping their hands seemed to help.

Within a few minutes the Adam Scott Team had unlinked arms and moved further to the west end of the field. Parents and family along with school friends that had traveled the three hours… closed in on these big strong, strapping players. Helmets were coming off and the tears were falling. Eyes were red and the majority of these guys couldn’t hold it back. They were crying from deep within their being.

Big strong, almost full grown men, were wiping away tears and being hugged by the ones that were the closest to them.

The Quarterback, who is perhaps the tallest on the team, was bending down in his full football outfit and crying in the arms of his Grandma, who was much shorter.

Clump after clump of players were being embraced by their supporters.

The din of the Victory celebration had faded further away down the field and our team was being supported by those that understood.

I had a lump in my throat and my big tall Grandson came over and gave me a big hug with all his armour on.

This is football.

Some folks wonder at the students taking so much of their time to play a game like this. Shouldn’t they be studying and placing more time in their school work? After all the next stage of life is coming fast and furious? They will not be getting their next opportunity for University and places in life if they waste time grunting, pushing, and playing silly football that will mean little in five years’ time.

Some folks I know think this is a waste of time… completely. But I completely disagree.

Over this past season I have listened to what my Grandson Clifford has been sharing with me. He talks about his coach a lot. He tells me what his coach has said. He quotes his coach over and over again..

His coaches have met him and his fellow players on their day off. They have put hours and hours into these kids. They have been perhaps the best thing that may have happened to young strapping men in teaching them the value of working together. In sharing leadership and character building within good sportsmanship… these coaches were simply amazing.

Yet I have never met the coaches personally. I never sat in their classes or had coffee with them. I only heard what they had said through one of their players.

If you could fast forward the time line about 15 to 25 years… the strong young men standing linked together will likely the become the best Life Coaches within their future worlds and life. These guys have caught the best of life right now… and will teach it forever to whole new generations long after I am gone.

On Friday night when I picked up my Grandson from football practice he told me a truth that few would know. He said, “It was a sad practice tonight for a lot of the guys. This was the last practice we will have together before some of them leave the team.”

About seven of the older and more experienced team members were leaving for University and College and the rest of their lives. There were some deep feelings from guys that really care about each other. Clifford had felt that deeply the night before the big game.

On Saturday afternoon at the west end of the field… the tears were not about losing… it was more about the deep care that they had for each other… about real team spirit that was not going to happen again. An era was over and they would all move on to the best things that would ever happen.

The coaches knew it and so did the families.

I am an observer. I watch people and think a lot about what I see.

What I saw yesterday may have been the greatest moment and scene I have witnessed for a long, long time.

Thank you coaches and players for giving this old man a glimpse of the future. I may not be there when it actually happens… but I appreciate so much what I have witnessed!

Hey Teenagers… I believe in a great future for all of you. WOW!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
While the football game was going on I met up with some fellow Grandpas that I knew. These guys and myself, in our younger years, worked together on projects by helping kids in the communities we lived in.

Word had came to me that their grandsons were on the Redmen Football Team and that our grandkids would be playing each other at this championship game. They were going to be at the big game.

The one Grandpa confided in me that the Adam Scott Team was regarded as the best team in Ontario. They had chalked up an almost a legendary record. It was felt that they would possibly win this game. The Redmen knew that they were meeting a very large and good opponent – the Adam Scott Lions.

The large cheers from the east end was a super relief… they had won a game against the best in Ontario

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, November 25, 2011

COMMON SENSE OFFERED from Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

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Today’s Blog Post

COMMON SENSE OFFERED from Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

Mr. Tony Clement,
Treasury Board President
Minister for FedNor
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Tony Clement;
I am writing today to let you know that I have an excellent opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada and the Federal Government of Canada to save a bundle of money.

I read this morning that you personally have made a decision to spend $90,000 a day, totalling a pay day of $20 Million dollars between now and next spring 2012. The Vancouver Sun offered its reporting on your decision today(see Link below)

It stated that you are hiring Deloitte Consulting to do this job.

While I think that Deloitte Consulting looks like a superior company and will in all likelihood perform well, if they are hired; I think that the offer that I have for you will far surpass whatever they will be offering.

I stand up tall this morning to declare that the “Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting” will be able to do all that your Government will ever desire or need in any matter of consulting.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting hereby declares they are ready and very able to provide a far superior service to our Canadian Government and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is situated in the fairly strong Conservative Riding owned and operated by the up and coming Dean Del Mastro, the Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting deserves to be heard and considered for such an important consultation process.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting offers the following service to a multitude of growing companies world wide. I would ask that you carefully consider what we have to offer before final decision is made in this process.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting offers…
* Common sense
* New sets of eyes to look at what the Government Departments are doing in all of their spending
* We lead by example
* We all have our own vehicles and do not charge extra for travel
* We eat at very inexpensive places and stay with our relatives to save money when traveling to Ottawa for meetings with the different departments.
* But above all we offer COMMON SENSE, which is greater than “common sense” that any other consulting firm may offer you.
* We have used COMMON SENSE extensively for the past 35 years in our working experience. With COMMON SENSE we have been able to live well on ordinary salaries and still pay all the taxes that we have to each day and week.
* In fact – in order to survive in our country anything less than COMMON SENSE would have meant total and absolute failure for each of us.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is the King of COMMON sense consulting.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting rates are well within the range of Common Sense and our quote for this job is a pittance compared to other quotes you have received to date. Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is only $3 Million dollars to be paid between now and the spring of 2012.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting declares today that if the contract with them is secured before December 1, 2011 they will personally cut from their fees by 5% amount “in kind”. That is, we will be available 1.2 hours more per day for personal consultation – with no added expense to the Government. That is 1.2 hours a day that is free of any charge.

Now I know that some skeptics exist even within the vast expanse of the Canadian Government. They must be asking how a relatively small Consulting Firm like Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting would be able to offer such advice.

Here is the secret. (And I know only too well that by offering this out loud in this terribly visible mode of communication, the simple Blog, that we may well be spilling our top secrets as to how we will do the job.)

Our secret weapon is the “Competency Quotient”. After working at very good jobs and being exposed to many layers and levels of management over 35 years you will receive the following advice.

Cut the Incompetent out.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting have discovered that the major principle that has guided 99% of all companies in Canada and the USA has the following problem. Are you ready for this?

Every person will be promoted to their level of incompetence. And taking that a step further, every person in the present management is Incompetent. Each and every employee working within every department of the entire Government knows that only too well.

The next consideration is very simple. All managers and department heads are paid way more that their subordinates below them.

We are suggesting that a very easy decision be made now. One quick move to fire all Managers, Assistant Managers and Department Heads will take care of at least 25% of all budgets in a heartbeat.

Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting guarantees that by 2014 our Government could save a minimum of $8 Billion dollars. In fact if this was acted on immediately the Conservative Party of Canada could stay in power indefinitely and never even mutter the word Liberal again!

Now Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting is willing in an open and honest way to agree to not include any high ranking, elected officials in the Consulting List that will be formed. We agree, openly, not to touch any elected officials – it will only be non-elected, inept, highly paid and well situated Government Managers and Department heads.

Having explained this openly and I hope in a clear fashion, we realize that there may well be other Consulting firms from many parts of Canada and that will stand up to show their ability and maybe even offer a better quote.

If that does happen, Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting will still feel deeply gratified. We will have saved our Government a huge amount of money by getting good advice from COMMON SENSE Canadians.
We wait your reply with great anticipation and expectancy. We know you believe in COMMON SENSE and we are excited about working with you!

Respectfully submitted,

Murray Lincoln
Chair of Lincoln-VanLier-Manley Consulting

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, November 24, 2011

What to do in Boring Places

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Today’s Blog Post

What to do in Boring Places
Now I know that there will be discussions following the publishing of this post. The discussion will likely be related to my personal sanity. Go ahead and just do it. I won’t feel bad about your talk or discussions – I do it all the time.

The problem or difficulty zone for me happens in a number of places – really boring places!

Here is a suggested list of possibly things to help you get through the really boring and places where you wish you some where else…

Number 1 - Kaboom
While yawning, notice that rumbling sound right near the end of the yawn. You can control it consciously, and make a "boom" sound which only you can hear. Walk down the street while accompanying yourself on the Invisible Bass Drum. Launch thought-balls at irritating drivers and hear them explode. Burst out giggling while walking along at work, and nobody knows why!

Number 2 Gleeking/Gleeting
Yawn. (no, REALLY yawn), then immediately curl your tongue backwards and force it against the roof of your mouth. The saliva glands under your tongue will squirt like a squirt gun! You can only squirt once or twice before another yawn is required. Also works while eating (or sucking on hard candy.) Practice this in front of a mirror until you can slightly part your lips and silently hit a target with deadly accuracy. Hey! Is it raining in here?

Number 3 Plasma jellybeans
While waiting in the dark outside a movie theater or pub, violently shake your head back and forth while observing nearby neon signs. (this only works with clear-tube orange signs.) See those frilly filigrees in the bands of light? All neon signs have them, but normally they wiggle back and forth so fast that humans can't see them. Physicists call them "positive column striations," while neon sign-makers call them "jellybeans". Tell bystanders what you are doing, and soon you'll have a crowd of people shaking their heads in the dark like fools.

Number 4 Backwards Student
Teach yourself to read upside-down. Comes in handy: you can read the books of people sitting across the table from you. Teach yourself to write backwards in cursive. Da Vinci did this, it was years before people realized that his notebooks weren't written in unbreakable cypher.

Number 5 Burst of flavor
While reading, eat something. Notice that the flavor vanishes as soon as you get involved with the story you're reading? Now concentrate on your mouth, and the flavor explodes into reality. By concentrating on the text or on your mouth, you can make the flavor flash on and off. WEIRD!

Number 6 Twang Optic Nerve
Here's the other way to "touch your retina." Much funnier. First teach yourself to cross just one eye(or two). Now jam one finger up your nose, tap your friend on the shoulder, and say "I can touch my optic nerve!" Simultaneously tense your hand and swerve one eye back and forth, as if your finger is pushing upon it from within.
NOTE: don't really insert a finger in your nostril. Instead create the illusion: extend all fingers but fold your pinky finger under, then push your pinky finger knuckle against your nostril. Practice in the mirror to perfect this "skill."

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Walk a Week in Their Shoes

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Today’s Blog Post

Walk a Week in Their Shoes

My head hit the wall beside me as I jerked back to consciousness. I had fallen asleep in the Improv Comedy last night. The students had done very well with their plays that they had written, produced and acted out… but I was bushed.

The business of the day together with all the fresh air had finally taken its toll. I looked at my wife and her eyes were closed as well.

We were wide awake for our grandson Clifford’s play that was at the end of the evening. The evening started at 7 PM and finished at 9:30 PM.

It was on the way home that I realized that Homework wasn’t all done yet… that was nearly 10 PM.

“Grandpa can I use your computer? I need to type out something for English. I forgot to do it this past weekend. It was due today…”

Questioning about this I found out that he needed to write something on the Thesis of a Book/Play that they were reading – he wasn’t sure about it… but is was due on Monday and now it was Monday night and it was not done. Sheesh! But later I found out that it was still in his locker at school so he would try to get it done at his lunch time on the school computers so it is ready for English in the afternoon.

That was after I printed out a Periodic Table for Chem or Physics.. or whatever – so grandpa found one and printed it out for him.

I am convinced now that a new Survivor/Reality Show would be a hit – and overnight success…

It will be called, “Walk a Week in Their Shoes”. It is very simple. Grandparents move into the home of their Grandkids and send their own children on a warm vacation somewhere south. Now to make it interesting, pit two sets of grandparents against each other in a Grandparent Run Off…

If the Grandparents survive the week. They can go for a holiday. If they fail… they must stay for two more weeks with the kids.

Any takers on this one?

The kids of course could be little or big… and there should be at least two.

I can see that it would be a great hit.

I would like to share more with you but I have to run and do something… not sure what exactly… but I must have to do something somewhere… some how… some way… for the kids.

Good Lord I am tired!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, November 21, 2011

Check - Check - this is Family and we have things to do – Hats off to Parenting

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Today’s Blog Post

Check - Check - this is Family and we have things to do – Hats off to Parenting

Let’s see… today I have to remember that
Check - School starts at 9 AM – we have to leave the house at 8:30 AM
Check - School is out at 3:15 PM or so… Emma should be ready by then…
Check - Football practice begins almost immediately for Clifford until 5:30 PM
Check - Dinner has to happen fast as there is a School Play on at 7 PM for Clifford
Check - Then there is Homework to be done for both of them…
Check – Get lunches ready for the next morning
Repeat above for 5 days… Check – all except the school play on Monday night

Check – Clifford has Football Practice each night until dark – all week long
Check – Wednesday – Awards Night for Emma’s Football Team
Check – Saturday is the final football game near Ottawa – road trip 3 hours each way and a 2 hour game in the middle
Check – Sunday is church again, soccer and an annual business meeting at the church in the afternoon.

We have now become parents again – for one week. Two of our grandkids have moved in with us and it will be busy.

I am amazed that this routine is what goes on day after day, week after week without fail and little is forgotten in their home.

Our daughter and husband had a chance for a vacation which they really need. I think they flew out yesterday, however I wasn’t there to see them off. I was at a Soccer Game with Emma. (Our daughter may have just unplugged the phone and stayed home… too funny.)

I write this today to say I take my hat off to all parents with busy families.

From the outside we watch as grandparents and sometimes wonder why certain things are not done the way that we would like to see them done. And I know some grandparents that are critical of their own children when some things are left on done.

Critical grandparents need only try one day in their kid’s life to get a taste of what parenting is all about in a busy world of today! The criticism would stop after the first morning!

I wish I could write more… but I have jobs to do before we leave at 8:30 AM.

Gotta run!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yesterday’s High School Football and Flashbacks

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Today’s Blog Post

Yesterday’s High School Football and Flashbacks

This story needs to begin away back in 1959, 52 years ago. It all began in a PhysEd Class at Central Collegiate in Regina. Central was located in College Avenue across from the old University Campus/teachers college facility.

Mr. Dynna was our PhysEd Teacher and the Coach of our High School Football Team – The Central Gophers. He had a southern drawl and often spoke of his American Roots and in particular his understanding of American Football.

It was a thrill as a 15 year old boy at the time to try to put all the pieces together as Mr. Dynna tossed out the new ideas and information about football. These were things that I had no idea about.

Now I should explain that each Friday night was a major time for High School Football games. They were all held at the Taylor Field the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders – everyone’s favorite and only team to support in Saskatchewan!

Mr Dynna was also our Sex Education Teacher for the boys. During these certain classes we were separated into two groups, guys with Mr. Dynna and girls somewhere else in the building with someone else.

“So you guys all know about VD don’t you?” Mr. Dynna asked in his southern drawl and with a grin on his face. Many guys in the class laughed nervously at his questions. I sat there looking dumb but tried to look cool. The way the guys had laughed in a suggestive way left me thinking that this is one of the secrets that we never talked about at home. I had never heard the term “VD” before that class that day.

I cannot remember what the full class was about. I think the words “protection” and “disease” were used by Mr. Dynna – but the rest came later from either David or Harry, guys in my class that talked about what they already knew, in front of me.

PhysEd had included Sex Ed, personal health and cleanliness… but more than that it had included Football, Football, Football and still more Football. By the time I was 16 years old I knew lots about Football. I had attended lots of games and played lots too. It was in our blood stream. It was part of our culture.

Time rolled by and Football and Football Games faded – it became TV Games and the odd game that I could catch in real life if someone had tickets to give away.

Living in many different places where Football, specially the Canadian Football League kind and the American’s National Football League kind – were unknown. When you tried to explain the CFL and the NFL in Asia they really looked at you funny. They questioned why someone would make their highly prized round football to be elongated with two white stripes painted on it.

A lot has happened in my last 59 years of living and most has not been around Football. The Friday nights at Taylor Field in Regina, are a distant and even vague memory.

I can remember sitting in the stands with my good football friend’s girlfriends, enjoying the smell of their perfume and the sound the giggles… loving the fact that they wanted me to sit with them… while their boyfriends were killing themselves on the field below. The “huddle” in the stands with these gals was “very interesting” to say the least.

These gals used me! They knew that I would listen and not say much. So they poured out their problems with boyfriends and school problems to me in the bleachers. Sometimes they wanted me to go for “a coke” to get away from the larger group – so they could talk to me alone.

Little did I realize that it was likely the beginning of my “pastoral work” as a minister later in life.

I didn’t have a girlfriend when I started going to the Football Games. But as the many weird and whacky relationships between fellow high school students were morphing from passionate love to stone cold rejection in a matter of days, my work in the stands became more active.

Goofy as it was, I became a “boyfriend” to some of those gals. I was used as an intermediate stage until they landed their next Football Player Boyfriend.

What a weird world it was. There are some stories that I cannot tell as some of the players are still alive and doing their own grand-parenting somewhere in a world out there.

When I got my very own real girlfriend, one that was “true to me” and stayed “true to me” until someone else asked her out behind my back… sheesh… I didn’t have a lot of time to sit with the other guy’s girlfriends.

Now why in the heck and where in the heck did these thoughts come from in my 67 year old brain? Can you imagine that? A 67 year old, retired minister, thinking of his old flames and the old love stories that happened way back in High School?!!!!?

I happened yesterday in Orillia, Ontario at 100 University Drive and the West Orillia Sports Complex, while sitting on cold aluminum stands. I was huddled together beside my wife of the last 44 years… and the gal that was my girlfriend for 5 years before that.

Flashbacks – whoa! What a moment! They came at the speed of lightening and the sound of thunder.

In front of us was our 16 year old Grandson Clifford Ross Lindsay, dressed in his all green football uniform with his white helmet. Together with the other players on his Adam Scott Lions football team they played long and hard – doing almost everything right.

Yesterday was last game of the West (Central?)Ontario’s high school football league – AA division. Adam Scott’s team met with the Barrie Central. These two schools had won their way to this top position and met head on.

When it was over Adam Scott had won 44 to 7 over a very good team.

Clifford did some amazing plays to say the least from a bragging grandfather. You see him in this prized shot intercepting the football from the other team’s play.

The neat part is that his other grandpa, Doug Lindsay, was sitting with me as we watched what this kid of ours could do. We had a blast!

Flash backs. As I sat their listening to scream of people sitting in the stands… and watching what was happening in front of us… the old memories came back so powerfully… I was 16 again… watching my friends play hard and well. I was back home again… and oh so many memories.

A few times I had to shake myself and keep coming back to the important game in front of us.

What a day – what a wonderful day!

Oh and yes… a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Adam Scott Lions’ team. They are off to Carleton Place(near Ottawa) next Saturday… where they will meet their last big challenge meeting their final opponents in the National Capital Bowl at Beckwith Field.

And YEP – Grandpa and Grandma will be traveling next Saturday! Oh the flash backs!

NOTE: Hot from the Press Room - read all about it at 

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Creating a Wind Driven Machine that will lift an object to one meter high

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Today’s Blog Post

Creating a Wind Driven Machine that will lift an object to one meter high

The last few days as I was “taking control” of some of piles of stuff in the garage it was timely to do this.

A call came from my Grandson Clifford who is now in Grade Eleven. He has a Physics Project that he thinks Grandpa might be able to help him with the construction of his “dream machine”. That’s right it is “dream” now and some day it will be a “machine” I am sure.

Physics has not been his highest mark this season. In fact many of the students in the class have close to bottomed out. When he usually has a fairly high average this is not Clifford’s favorite subject.

But the excitement in his voice as he described what he needed to do… and the fact that Grandpa has lots of “stuff” in his garage that might help him develop his “dream machine”.

Well last evening Grandpa’s thinker kicked into gear and we are off and running.

Here is the challenge that the teacher gave Clifford. He is to create a machine that by using wind power, it will raise a weight of about 1 to 2 kilograms up to the 75 centimeter mark. If it is heavier and higher he will get the highest mark. If someone beats him his mark will be lower.

The teacher is treating this like other Physic Challenges out there I the world. The one that does the best in their development of the project wins. It is an engineering idea... the best wins – the worst will fall into the river it is trying to bridge.

The number one thing has happened. Clifford is excited about the project. It has caught his attention and he is now up and flying.

But the next thing has to happen. True to every invention someone will have the idea of the dream. And behind that someone is the “mechanic” that makes the parts for the “dream machine”.

And the number one problem is making a windmill that will transfer wind power to the mechanical apparatus behind or connected to it.

Clifford thought about paper plates and the like. If placed on an angle they will cup the wind and make the wheel move. But paper plates bend and are soft causing a loss of power before the wheel even moves.

Tada! That is where Grandpa’s stuff came into play. As I moved one pile out of the garage for the garbage I backed into two old bicycle wheels that I thought I might use to make a small portage wagon for my canoe. Instead of having to lift the canoe on to my old shoulders I would place it on the small canoe sized wagon. It was to be as wide as the canoe and sturdy enough to support the weight.

I ran out of time on that project and it stalled.

BUT… IF YOU TAKE THE WHEEL AND PUT WIND COLLECTORS IN THE SPOKES…. Hmmmm? Would you not have a rudimentary windmill?

For the next half hour I cut pieces of cardboard and placed them into the wheel’s spokes…placing them on an angle to allow wind to flow through. I taped the veins into place one by one. The spokes needed 16 pieces of cardboard for this first experiment.

Next came the artificial wind system, the old dusty fan that I use in my garage on hot days.

I turned on the fan and the bicycle wheel began to move slowly at first and then it picked up speed until it was flying. When I turned off the fan the wheel was still whizzing with the gained momentum. It kept going by itself for over one minute.

It worked!

I called my “boss” to let him know that the windmill part was on its way to being solved. If Clifford now cuts two litre pop bottles up to make more sturdy wind veins to secure to the spokes of the wheel… he will have a huge part done already.

Now how do you transfer the power of the turning wheel to a not yet developed mechanism that will lift?

Maybe a pulley on the wheel, with a belt around it, driving another pulley down below, which is on a shaft that turns, which has a rope wound around it, that passes through another two pulleys, that are connected to small platform that will hoist up the weight…? Maybe that will work.

Part of the instructions that were given by the teacher are that they shouldn’t buy anything to make their machine but rather use things that are in your household. Thank goodness for Grandpa’s garage!

Pulleys could be made from an old white nylon cutting board that I have in another pile. I saved it just in case I would need it.

The shafts that will turn and things are mounted on are going to come from heavy wire frames for the past election lawn signs. I knew they had some value.

Hey… we are going to get there. Only four weeks to go before the completion of the “dream machine” to be shown off.

Do you see history being made here?

I do. I am “Thomas Watson” to Alexander Graham Bell. I am “Wilbur Wright” to Orville Wright. I am the hidden half of the great inventions that will someday come.

Away back in school, the theory and the formulas nearly buried me. But the pulleys and the driveshaft and the rope and the pitman arms were a fascination for me.

Listening to Clifford’s excited response last night on the telephone made it worth it all. My Grandson is a whole lot like me!

After this “dream machine’ is completed, I will have to store it. There are five more grandchildren coming up through the school. When they come to their project we will have something already made.

Grandpa is going to get Grade Eleven Physics right this time around. I will pass this class with flying colours – SIX TIMES over!

Maybe I should slow down in cleaning up the junk in the garage! Hmmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Taking Back Control of My Space

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Today’s Blog Post

Taking Back Control of My Space

It is at the very busy times that I think about getting organized. It is about the time that I cannot find something that I desperately need – when I know that I have to organize my life better. After muttering I move on and quickly forget about the need to straighten things up.

Maybe you are the same. Your life is similar to mine and your work space is just simply complicated. Now add to that the problem with the amount of things that you need to get done before the next huge thing that needs to be done… and you know you are in trouble.

Christmas time is like that for me. There are only so many days to do a lot of things. There is never enough time for what I need to do.

Recently I listened closely to a friend of mine by the name of Winston Bromley. Winston shared ideas and reasons why it was good to get less and less involved in some Groups – the Social Media kind of programs that suck the productivity out of your life.

I took his advice and found freedom and huge amounts of time that had been swallowed up by the dribble that others posted. But I also cut out the dribble that my own comments and reactions to what had been said in Groups I belonged to. I freed myself in two directions in one group alone. In two others I freed myself in one direction in that I usually on read what was being suggested and offered.

Actually I freed myself in the third area as well. I wasn’t thinking about what was being discussed in each Group when I was away from them.

Now with that freedom I saw my workspace and what was happening over the months. It is complicated and sometimes confusing. In the last weeks with the pressures of many meetings and shows I have found the need to pause again and take back control. I can’t fight the war when I can’t find the bullets.

I looked for help and found the following from a get organized Web Site. They suggest the following… quote…

What can you do to accomplish more of what you want to do? Here are some immediate suggestions:
1. Choose the easiest place to start
You don't always have to start at the beginning. If that first step seems the hardest, start with another part of the project instead.
2. Fix your workspace
If your set-up is simply not convenient, it will definitely hold you back.
3. Work from your to-do list
Tackle the more difficult tasks during your prime time.
4. Be realistic about what you can do
Procrastinators often have an unrealistic sense of time; you may have the feeling that a project will take forever or that you have “plenty of time.” The more realistic you become, the less likely you'll be to procrastinate.
5. Use the minutes available to you
Remember that even five minutes is enough time to get something done. One or two phone calls or more can be returned in that time.
6. Reward yourself
After you meet small deadlines, promise yourself a small treat. When the entire project is completed, think on a little grander scale.
7. Create more time
If it seems like there really is no time, carve out a half hour or so from your existing schedule. If you really want to take up jogging, try getting up a half hour earlier each day (or on weekends). If you want to do it, you'll find the time.
8. Get started
The hardest part is getting started. Once you're in motion, it will be easier to keep going. You may well find that it isn't as bad as you expected, and once you're involved, you've overcome the highest hurdle.
End Quote.. (see Web Site address below in Resources)

The material above was given as an introduction to a program that is possible to get into. I checked it out and when I get some free time I will look closer. Ahem!

I am a little over half way through doing what is suggested with these 8 points. It actually works for me.

This morning before breakfast I have one pile to go through. It has been sitting close to me and growing by the week… and I think it actually move on its own just now! Time to take care of it!

Good luck with your own mess!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kissing in a Fashion Company’s Ad Campaign – Way to Go Benetton!

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Today’s Blog Post

Kissing in a Fashion Company’s Ad Campaign – Way to Go Benetton!

This has been a Dream Week for ideas to write about. The thing is that you need to write about it right when it happens – or it will be gone!

Gone forever may well be a good way to describe the reports that have been swirling since the recent ad campaign for Benetton was released.

The ad campaign is entitled “Unhate” and it features digitally manipulated images of world leaders kissing each other full on the mouth. No – not the commonly accepted “one cheek other cheek” kiss accepted by movie stars and European leaders… but rather a good old smacko, full on the mouth, eyes closed and seemingly enjoyable kisserooo – American and Canadian style!

That’s right… it has to be written about today. It should also be looked at as a photo today… for undoubtedly it will be pulled shortly as it has offended so many people worldwide.

Offended? Why would they be offended?

Well the first and foremost offense has been felt by the Catholic People as their beloved, love promoting Pope Benedict XVI is kissing Imam Ahmed el Tayyeb, the prominent figure of the Sunni Islam of Egypt. No kidding! The Photo shows the right hand of the Imam around the neck of the Pope holding him tighter for a longer embrace. This is not a peck on the lips but rather a pressed in, nose flattened slightly against the other’s cheek kind of kisseroo!

Imagine the Pope kissing an Imam! Well you no longer have to imagine it… Benetton has made it possible with its new ad series. Now even if they pull that ad and take away the Pope’s image kissing this dude… that image is now part of my brain’s storage mode – filed away forever!!! I do not forget images like this. Shocking and wild and weird and whacky – it has been stored very deep in my memory banks and it cannot be removed.

That is true now with every person that has seen this image.

Now it is not the only image that could raise eyebrows. It is an ad series that includes other world leaders puckering up and given full mouth to mouth stimulation to another person of very opposite political views and world ideals. In fact these famous leaders in some cases are mortal enemies.

Take for example North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il kissing the President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak full on the mouth. Hokey Mokey that is a stretch. The North Korean Leader is a modern day dictator that absolutely hates the folk of the South Korea and likely hates everyone that is not himself. That is the way he seems to treat his own people from what we hear out here… and he would not kiss the other dude!

Worse yet – an Asian couple kissing in public is not something you will ever see in Asia.. let alone an Asian dude going face to face with another dude.

This photo alone will turn Asia on its head and have every South Korean going into their prayer caves and screaming at God to stop this foul aberration of Western thinking in their beloved land! God help us all.

But wait a minute there is Barrack Obama and Hu Jinato the Chinese supreme leader sucking face too!

But Barrack Obama is also locking lips with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez! Can you imagine that????! Yes you will and in fact you will not need to imagine it anymore.. that is conjure up the image on your own… it is now a digitally manipulated master piece stored deep in your brain! And whether you look and see the image or not… my words alone have been stored in your memory bank. They are yours forever.

“Unhate” is the message from Benetton. Stop ripping the world apart by your vile hatred and terrible killing wars.. love one another plain and simple. A simple message and powerful.. but add the photos and you now have more hate that you can imagine!!!

And guess who was the first to react? The Vatican has come out swinging their in-censors and are hoping mad with the ad campaign. Their Pope doesn’t kiss another man in Public. God help us all!

No – no wait a minute.. I didn’t say the Pope kisses men when he is not in public… I just said… mutter, mutter, mute…

Imagine the Dude, the number one Dude, The Pope, top dog in the Roman Catholic Church that should be talking about not hating people around the world…! You know that Christian Doctrine that states that we should love one another… reach out in love… and make a difference to the waiting world!

You know that Doctrine that led the Christian Crusaders of the Cathloic Church to the Holy Land to fight those horrible Islamic hoards that had taken over the places that Jesus had walked and talked about love.

You know that Doctrine that kind of drives the “In God We Trust” Americans to fight the ugly Islamic People in the mid-east over the past years.

Yah that’s right… the leaders of these hating countries are now kissing each other full on the mouth… and the Vatican doesn’t think that it is funny at all.

No one has said yet what the Islamic people are going to say or do yet.

But wait a minute it is not over yet. The Palestinian leader is smooching the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And the French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a full lip lock with German Chancellor Angela Markel!

Have we offended everyone yet?

I am offended! Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not sucking on anyone’s lips. He was genuinely left out! Now they could have had him kissing someone… don’t you think? Sheesh! Maybe we are not hated enough or don’t hate enough people in the world or something! I am sure that Stephen Harper can kiss someone!

Now wait just a minute! The United Colours of Benetton is a cool clothing company that attempts to dress the world in colour and great fashion.

I bet they are absolutely wishing they could get their clothing sewn in countries other than South Korean and Venezuela and China. In a weird way Canada may get their sewing-manufacturing business as Stephen didn’t kiss anyone!

Who at Benetton thought this one through? I doubt anyone did. They never ever thought they could start a World War by having leaders kiss and make up!

Talk about a Bloggers delight!

You now need to read these stories and see these photos – before the world blows up.

Already this morning the Benetton folk have removed the Pope and Islamic Imam leader kissing each other.

The UK Telegraph still has it on their web site.

Finally.. think of one real idiot in your life experience… some one that has tried everything to destroy you. Got their image in our head now? Now think about turning the corner in your home town and there is a huge, building sized photo of you kissing that person full on the lips… and you are apparently enjoying it!

That is what happened to the Pope… his photo was hung from a Bridge in Rome the other day.

Dear Mr. Pope,
I feel for you on this one. And the next time you are on your balcony waving at us all… if you smile even a little bit I will think you are thinking about kissing that dude! Come on Mr. Pope – laugh a little with me! It isn’t worth another World War. God knows we will have more security on our air flights after this one gets certain Islamic folk’s attention!

Yours truly,
Rev. Murray Lincoln

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jerry Sandusky, The Legal Circus south of our Border and Restorative Justice Week in Canada and Peterborough

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Today’s Blog Post

Jerry Sandusky, The Legal Circus south of our Border and Restorative Justice Week in Canada and Peterborough

Together with a host of my friends we are watching closely what is happening in the USA with the charges that have been laid against Jerry Sandusky. It appears at this stage that Jerry has been charged, tried and convicted of horrendous sexual acts against children that he had contact with over the years in the Public Court being conducted by the Media.

Numbers are quoted like 20 kids here and another group over there. I am not accurate in even quoting that, but the inaccuracy on my part comes from all the Media reporting and me trying to interpret what I am reading from outside of the USA… and as an outsider that doesn’t really understand the many different legal systems in each state of the US.

One report that surfaced and perhaps is the one that caused it all to come down around Jerry’s ears is the violent rape of a 10 year old boy in the showers – witnessed by a fellow coach. That was reported by this coach to other coaches, when he stated that he walked in on the horrific scene.

The man that reported what he has witnessed those years ago states that he told his coaching staff above him but not the police. This man is Mike McQueary. This happened in 2002 from what was reported.

The first question in my mind that has not been asked is… “What didn’t you immediately run into that shower and pull off Jerry Sandusky off the innocent child? Why did you watch and not do something?”

It seems from the sketchy reports that we read that Mike was in too much shock and didn’t know what to do or who to speak with. Jerry was important but he wasn’t. Should you report what important men are doing an illegal ways… when your job is on the line… your degree is possibly threatened… and the “Holy Game” of Football could be marred?

We all know in Canada that Football is “Holy” in the USA – far more Holy and Revered than in Canada. And people that play and coach in this Holy Game are almost untouchables. Their status is God like in their culture.

To have a threat to the “Holy Game” be revealed at this time of the year has made me think – “Why now?” This is the Holy Game’s ultimate time of media and power. Even Canadians will hang on each Televised Game from the USA as they head into the major NFL season and all the College/University Games that come up in the new year.

Is there a reason that all this stuff comes out now? Who wants to be re-elected in their political system?

The horror that is being reported is not about the boys (or rather the young men now) – but about image and Universities firing people. Typically they are more interested in what people and dollar support might think – than what has happened to the kids.

Kids that were ignored, that were victimized, that hid from view, that went into major depressed stages of their lives were never cared for. After all they can’t be telling the truth! A football demi-god could never do this kind of thing!

A Catholic Priest might – but not a big named coach! NEVER!

But where are the parents of that 10 year child that Jerry had in the shower that day, when Mike watched and didn’t report it? Surely they saw that their son was acting very different that day he came home and then in the days to come???

So much about this story irks me… makes me so angry that I want to spit.

This story is so much about Media, about Football subculture, about funding, about protecting image, about elections of legal personages, about making big names for yourself in either the legal or football world. So much is just plain horrible to view… but very little is about the potential victim of the crime.

In Canada we are about to celebrate “Restorative Justice” again. Celebrate is not a good word used here. There is little to celebrate when it comes to the victim of the crime. “Community Awareness” is likely a better term.

I received an email yesterday from Ms Lori MacDonald that reads as follows…

“Beginning November 13, 2011, the Correctional Service of Canada will be observing Restorative Justice Week, and participating in a variety of activities in promotion of this important week. This year’s Restorative Justice theme is “Re-visioning Justice.”

Restorative justice is about establishing and maintaining safe and healthy communities. It is how people relate to each other and the necessity for accountability, recognition, inclusion and dialogue in a process of healing from harm. Its application is not limited to the criminal justice system and it can be applied to a multitude of situations and systems, and in a variety of methods to address the individual and unique needs of those impacted by crime and/or conflict.

“Re-visioning Justice” asks us to envision how restorative justice approaches can be used in important areas such as health care systems, educational systems and any other levels of government that can face challenges of “justice” by using a restorative justice lens in creative and innovative ways.
Many of our sites will be hosting Restorative Justice Week events and I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn from what they have to offer. These events will raise your level of awareness about restorative justice, and demonstrate creative and innovative methods of dealing with issues and challenges you face.”
End quote.

Ms Lori MacDonald is the Regional Deputy Commissioner for Correction Service Canada. She is also a person that I have come to respect. What she is asking us to do and consider is so important.

Reading this email over and thinking of the horrible circus of events that are taking place around Jerry Sandusky and Mike McQueary – the various Universities and the big money involved… we are so far removed from this kind of thing happening now.

In Canada we are working hard to do something positive.

In Peterborough, the Peterborough Community Chaplaincy and Chaplain Dan Haley(along with his community partners) are working hard to see us consider Restorative Justice in a new light.

On Wednesday, November23rd, they have invited Mark Yantzi to speak at their event at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 7 PM. Mark Yantzi is one of the founders in Canada of what we know as Restorative Justice.

Mark Yantzi holds a BA in sociology and MA.Sc in Human Relations and Counselling and is currently a professor at Queen’s University in their Restorative Justice Program.

Mr. Yantzi spearheaded the first official victim offender mediation case in Canada over 30 years ago. Since then he has been passionately working on restorative initiatives, gaining awards and recognition along the way. He has written three books on restorative justice and founded Community Justice Initiatives in Kitchener.

As much as I loth the reports coming from the Media almost daily, and how much I wonder about the young potential victims of these crimes, I am thankful at the same time for what we have here… and for groups like Peterborough Community Chaplaincy and Dan Haley… who are doing something to make a difference.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Invitation to Join Me at the "OSEB Mini Trade Show and Business Card Exchange"

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Today’s Blog Post

An Invitation to Join Me at the "OSEB Mini Trade Show and Business Card Exchange"

Today I will be presenting my "Misty Hollow" company products. It is from 4 to 7 PM. We are setting up from 2 to 4 PM. It is being held at the IDEAHUB - 260 Peter Street, in Port Hope, Ontario I would love to have you drop by.

Gotta run to get packed up. I love this kind of day! People – People – People and Opportunities galore!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Irish Traveller and my discoveries

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Today’s Blog Post

The Irish Traveller and my discoveries

As the TV program continued I was amazed with the content and information about the Irish Travellers. Absolutely amazed!

The TLC program caused me to want to know more about these hidden but visible people.

The program focused on the weddings and their customs about religious ceremonies such a Baptism/Confirmation of their children. With the early childhood confirmation looking in some ways like the wedding that they will later take part in their life.

The title of the TLC show caught our attention.. “The Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”!

The more I watched this program the more that I realized that I know nothing about the Irish Travellers… or about the Gypsy People… also known as Roma.

In the Wikipedia I was able to discover a whole lot more… quote…
Travellers refer to themselves as Minceir or Pavees in their own language or in Irish as an Lucht Siúil, meaning literally "the walking people".

Travellers are often referred to by the terms "gypsies", "didicoy", "tinkers" or "knackers". Some of these terms refer to services that were traditionally provided by them, tinkering (or tinsmithing), for example, being the mending of tinware such as pots and pans, and knackering, being the acquisition of dead or old horses for slaughter.

The term 'gypsy' first appeared in record in the sixteenth century from a category of people thought to be Egyptians.[6] Other names, specifically derogatory, such as "pikey" and "gypo" or "gippo"[8](derived from "Gypsy") are also heard.

"Didicoy" is a Romani term for a child of mixed Romani and non-Romani parentage; as applied to the Travellers, it refers to the fact that they are not "Gypsy" by ethnicity but Irish by blood and lead a similar yet distinct lifestyle.”
End Quote
The more that I read the more fascinated I became with these folks.

Using the word “Irish” with “Traveller” would seem to indicate that they are primarily from Ireland. Yet the program that was being broadcast on TLC showed the folks living near many parts of England.

As I read on I found they are in Ireland, England and the USA – likely also in Canada… or may have roots in Canada.

The North American group came primarily by way of the Irish Potato Famine… when many Irish folk came to North American – or were forced to come as children.

That was particularly true in when Dr. Barnardo brought hundreds of children from Ireland and England with the intent that Canada and Ontario would give the children an opportunity to grow up. The fact that they children were primarily of the Catholic faith and were being forced to become Protestants and work for sometimes cruel Protestant farmers and “owners” of these young children… is part of our Peterborough, Ontario Horror story of the Barnardo Days. Many kids lost their identities and family roots completely with the move to Canada and our area.

Knowing what I do about the Irish children and their forced emigration to Canada.. I couldn’t help thinking that many might well have been of the Irish Travellers group.

In the TLC Show along with the bits and pieces they wove in about the weddings and confirmations... they also hit on the hatred that local permanent residents have with these Irish Travellers (Gypsies) living near their villages. The hatred is so great that to rid themselves of this kind of people in their area… they pass local laws and legislations from Town Councillors and regional government leadership to pull down the “nasty” housing of the Travellers.

I couldn’t believe what I saw on TV as I watched. Can you imagine the governments of our land doing that!!!? Whoah! They did do that and they call them Native Reserves… or was that Aboriginal Reserves… or was that Indian Reserves?

And look at the problems that we have today in Canada!
I watched as a young boy, who was being followed by a Camera… watched as his home was being torn apart by a huge construction machine… just because it was owned by an Irish Traveller… and was situated on land that they did not own… or land that was not being used properly or according to local land usage laws.

Irish Travellers are basically “trailer park people” in our area… only our trailer park people are in places that we tolerate – kind of.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC - the church organization that I have worked with as a minister) has many trailer parks across Canada… places where local congregants from the city can come to cluster together… like Irish Travellers… for the summer.

These Christian Camps in Canada are very tightly controlled by local government rules and regulations. In some cases they cannot develop further without a major sewage and infrastructure system being put in place. The local health authorities are very concerned about the increase of people living on a small tract of land… even just of the summer months.

So we do know something of the Irish Travellers plight and their loss of control over their housing. We see it in Canada and within our church organization as well.

I have done much reading and have much more to do to understand these people that live in the British Isles

I would hope that you would be able to click on the links shown below to personally learn more.

Now why would I ever be interested in this topic…? Well… Here is my secret… one quarter of me is Irish… I have Kirkpatrick blood running through my blood veins – along with English, Scottish and German.

And some of the things that I do… are so much like the Travellers… maybe I have found my own!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Successful day – Playing the Spoons

Misty Hollow Carving
This BLOG is sponsored by “Misty Hollow Carving”. You are welcome to visit Misty Hollow and see all of my carvings.

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Today’s Blog Post

Another Successful day – Playing the Spoons

Yesterday was a complete success. No I didn’t make a Million Dollar$ but it was very successful.

Yesterday I took part in the Northview Community Church’s Christmas Craft Show and Sale. I was one of the presenters. You will know about that excitement I experienced getting ready for the Show in my previous posting (The Unveiling of the Misty Hollow line of Illustrations - TODAY).

My booth was busy from before 10 AM right through to the last person left the building at 2 PM.

But being busy with customers was not the success mark… nor was the fact that we sold more product than years before. Our success I rate in another very small and important way. That is the “kid factor”.

Yesterday Grandparents and Moms brought their kids along. There were lots of kids.

But kids at a Craft Show and Sale can make people that show delicate things a little nervous… and the delicate things make Moms and Grandparents a whole lot nervous. They have this instinctive sense that, “if you break it you buy it”.

Along time ago I recognized that if you put the wiggle to work you will never need to worry about the delicate. And every kid I have met over all these years has much wiggle inside them… and that wiggle put to use can make stuff happen. All Grandpas should know that!

On my Table I had all kinds of products ranging from a fairly expensive items for the Craft Show and Sale to not so much. There was the $150, very thin, real size hand carved feathers down to very inexpensive Tatted Butterflies at $2.00 each.

It was kind of comical to watch the Mom’s and Grandparents moving from the next booth towards mine. Their Parent Radar was on in full scan mode. “What can my kids possibly break at this table?”… move back… move back… and then make the statement as the kids zeroed in on the products… “Now remember we don’t touch, we just look… Zack… NO!... just look!”

There were a few guys like “Zack” over these years, they are absolutely full of it. I think their second name(s) was likely “Murray Lincoln”. As I look at them coming I can see me… interested in what they see and desperate to pick it up and feel what I see.

That is just the way that the kids are… they love to be part of something that looks good.. interesting… and something that they can do.

Over the years I have gone to a lot of Craft Shows and have also participated in lots of Sales. I am one of those kinds of people!

I have seen the kids… and recognized that if you bring something interesting just for kids… the kids will come! And along with the kids coming a “Radar Scanning” kind of Mom. When the kids come you will have an audience – IMMEDIATELY!

The Adult Oriented Show booths offer Adult Stuff to attract people. Things like give away pens and pads, little candies and the like draw adults into speak with you.

But if you put Kid Stuff out you will get the whole family. If you are Kid Friendly – you will get the whole family. They all come whether they want to or not… they have to because their kids are already standing at my table grinning and touching stuff!

I say all of this to tell you the great joy I experienced yesterday as kids came and stayed at my booth. While they were there, Moms looked over the products at my table… and they bought things. That is success!

How do I get kids involved? How do I draw kids and keep kids involved?

Well yesterday it was by my “Playing the Spoons” and also using “Dancing Dan”. These two items I make are the HOTEST thing I have ever made. And they work like magic!

“Playing the Spoons” is a very old way to get involved with music. Holding two spoons in your hand with the bowl side facing each other… the spoons will make a clacking sound as they strike together. Hitting your leg produces one sound but then as you bring the spoons up for the next strike you hit your waiting hand that is above your leg. This produces a very different sound whether you make that hand flat or cupped. Hitting your leg so many times and your hand perhaps less produces new alternate beats.

All alone the Spoons can make their own rhythm that is delightful… BUT putting on a CD that has music being played by real experts that know how to play the Fiddle and Guitars and Accordions… brings your own spoon playing alive.

Now add a “Dancing Dan” on a stick… with his arms and legs flying wildly to the music and the beat… just tops it off.

Now just using words is confusing for some to visualize what actually happened. With Kids that is especially true… so Showing them what to do… is the Ace… and letting them try is absolute best thing ever.

As I Play the Spoons, the kids always ask, “Can I try?” And the answer is always, “That is why I made them… just for you to try.”

After that connection is made… the poor booth operator next to me, the ones across from me, and almost everyone else within listening will lose customers as their kids pull them over to see what is happening.

Yesterday the poor ladies the next booth to mine were not too happy at one point as the kids created a small crowd while they waited their turn to “Try”. The adults waiting for their kids to come along also just stood in the way of the important things these ladies were trying to sell. Sorry ladies… I can’t control excitement… and the wiggle that gets involved…

I love the “Quebec” and “Down East” style of music. It makes parts of me wiggle quite naturally. The Kids love it too.

My wife told me that many of the other Booth operators were watching with amazement as our booth was always full with people coming to us.

I suspect that next year some of the ladies will have their husbands producing Spoons for them too.

Bookings came to me yesterday as well… to come to another School and do the “Spoon Thing” with their kids.

So adding to my already full bank of products and creative things – I now add the “Spoon Thing” – which may be my most important talent yet.

But there are some amazing guys that “Play the Spoons”.

WANT TO TRY Playing the Spoons? You need to watch the following..
Watch Vash – an expert at Playing the Spoons
Watch Tran Quang Hai – an expert at Playing the Spoons
And there are the Classic - the AMAZING Scotty Brothers
How about the Meeting of 2 Kings of Spoons: Roger Mason & Tran Quang Hai

~ Murray Lincoln ~