Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Hidden Things that Might Surprise You

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Today’s Blog Post
The Hidden Things that Might Surprise You

In my world filled with aging and older people I am kind of, almost… perhaps possibly… out of touch. There are times that I don’t know what is going on. I would like to know who is doing what… or how someone talked to someone else… how another person reacted to the delicate situation.. but I don’t. I used to.

In the world of church ministry and in the days that I was a Pastor of a Church in our community I kind of followed all “the goings on” in many people lives. I knew when Dear Sister So and So was sick, how she was doing from one visit to another, how her kids were feeling or how they weren’t even bothering to come to visit her. I knew when Brother Here It All had picked up on someone in the church that was about ready to leave because they didn’t like what the youthful worship leader had said and how he dressed.

I heard when people were unhappy with their wife or their husband… and what a sad case that spouse was. Sheesh! I even knew when the last time some folk had sex. In fact… in one week I had reports on half a dozen sexual encounters that were launched in different directions. And in too many cases I knew how many were sleeping with someone that wasn’t their marriage partner.

No way Pastor! People didn’t tell you that kind of stuff – did they!!?

Yep they did. And sometimes they told it about themselves but most often they told it about people that they knew way too much about. They might have been at someone’s place or in a coffee shop… they might have been fishing with someone… they were doing whatever… and found out the juice and reported it back to me.

I know way too much about most people. I have no idea what I need to know or why I need to keep it – but I do. For instance the other day in a store I saw a man that has a very big mouth about him… he says some real stupid things and then walks away. No one likes him at all…. In fact they can’t stand him. I know what he has done at home and in the community… and it is sad!

I saw another woman that is hiding huge secrets from others. I know the secrets and if her friends knew what I knew they would think that she is closer to a Street Walker than a Saint – which she wishes others to see. This one is just on the edge of being hilarious.

I describe these present moments as Flash Backs for a Minister… specially a retired one. I know way too much for my own mental health.

Now just suppose that I some how had written down all that I have seen and all that I know. Suppose that I accidentally dropped my books that I have kept all that stuff in… and someone found it. Suppose that all that I know was placed in a diary that has 35 years of Ministerial Junk in it… and someone else opened it and found out all that I know or thought about these complicated people that I have worked with….?

Hokey Mokey – there would be lawsuits flying and lawyers involved and legal wars launched that would take the rest of my lifetime!

I know now that having coffee with certain people – or perhaps visiting certain places would be almost impossible.

With these thoughts in mind… you can see what has happened this week… Wikileaks has done just that with the Diaries of the United States Officials. Someone has published a huge amount of private information and that the dignitaries of the USA, Ambassadors and folk around them have written down about the people that they have met. And it hasn’t been very flattering to say the least.

In the Globe and Mail’s report they offered the following… quote…
“When Russian politician Gadzhi Makhachev invited a United States ambassador to the lavish wedding of his son, he probably didn’t expect him to pen a 3,500-word critique.

But William Burns documented every last tacky detail for his superiors in Washington: the silver Rolls Royce Phantom packed with Kalashnikov rifles; the scantily-clad dancers who were showered with $100 U.S. bills; the invite list that included a drunken wrestler, a nano-physicist, a rabbi in flip flops, and some “stupendously fat guests” who performed a traditional lezginka dance. He even pointed out that he refused to allow a colonel to add “cognac” to his wine.”
End quote

William Burns will not likely be invited to another wedding in Russia… even though he was the Ambassador of the USA.

For most of my aging and old friends they care only about their next doctor’s appointment… or when their XRays are to be taken prior to their next Doc Visit.

But Wikileaks is important to know about.

Just suppose that the Wikileaks releases some nasty stuff about say… China… and China then reacts… and will not produce anymore of our cheap Christmas Presents… MY GOODNESS CHRISTMAS would be GONE!

Now a funny thought to help the church… after all that still is my main concern… ahem….

Why not announce a Wikileak Leak each Sunday Morning in Church? Say… a simple announcement that says… “Former Pastor Murray Lincoln will be reading from his personal memoirs next week. All are invited to hear these fascinating stories. As some of the content is considered “adult content” it is not recommended that children be included in the audience. The church takes no responsibility for what may be revealed.”

I think attendance might quadruple over night. There are Hidden things that might surprise you… a whole lot of things – oh boy!

Say did you know that XXX XXXXX has XXXXX XXXX X XXX CXXXXXX and that XXXX has XXXxxXXxXXxxxxXXxx XXXxxxxx??? XXXX X – no kidding! Xxxxx told me that one.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hidden Things that Bless You – One Simple Thank You

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Today’s Blog Post
The Hidden Things that Bless You – One Simple Thank You

Returning home last evening I received a small but significant surprise when an email popped up on my Computer Screen. It read…

“Dearest Murray,

I am the winner of your tree from the Peterborough Festival of Trees!
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to win this beautiful tree that you have made!

For over 10years I have gone to Festival and although thoroughly enjoyed it, never won anything till now!

Your tree will be proudly displayed in my home exactly as it is decorated now, it doesn't need any improving as it is so beautiful!

I am picking it up tomorrow and don't think I will be able to sleep as I am so excited!

Thank you for supporting the community and creating this masterpiece that I will show for many, many years to come!!

I responded to Katherine’s email by writing…

“THANK YOU KATHERINE... what a joy to know that it is someone that will appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the Teddy Bear as well. And if you look carefully, there are free “Tatting Lessons” that come with the Tree... should you wish to learn how to Tat in days to come - look for one of the Celtic Design decorations - on the back side.

BTW - The Newswatch@5:30 Gals are doing a program on Tatting and the Lace Making that I do on the Dec 8th - with broadcast sometime after that.

The tree has been viewed by 100s and 100s of people so far... actually in one recent week a little over 1000 views from New Zealand and moving west through to Hawaii - all 24 hours of time zones on one day alone! It has become pretty popular to say the least - around the world and here at home!!!!


Murray Lincoln”

There are times in my journey when I have come close to quitting. The energy needed to complete a task is just way too much. The energy level inside of me is not there to match what needs to be done. The ability that I have is not there at the moment when it is needed to complete the quality of the task required.

I felt that feeling of overwhelm when working on the Tatted Christmas Tree. To take on a task of this magnitude I should have really had many helpers pitching in to help me. This was not a one man job but should have been One Man and about a Dozen Women!

But One Man did it! I am not sure how but it happened.

Following the exertion and expenditure of the creativity there comes a bought of loss and downers, where you are sure that you will never do that kind of thing again. It is a feeling that simply states, it was not worth it… I will not likely do that again!

I had that feeling this past week as I walked through the Peterborough Festival of Trees. I saw my beautiful little Christmas Tree covered with Tatting that I had done… with its lights all twinkling brightly… and kind of gave up. As I walked away my tiredness, my lack of energy related to the tree, my feeling of hopelessness was real.

“I have accomplished what I set out to do… and it will not likely happen again…” was my very real feeling as we exited the Memorial Centre and the Festival Show.

I am not sure that you have felt that feeling – but if you have you will already be breaking out in a cold sweat… and nodding your head when the old memories come flooding back.

Something that should be mentioned…
Over the course of preparing this Tree for the 2010 Show I heard a number of stories from former participants at Festival of Trees happenings. I had shared with the Businesses and different Artists that I was creating a Christmas Tree for the Festival or Trees. BUT I was shocked when I heard some of their stories… which by the way were much the same…

Most stated quite frankly that they would never have anything to do with this event again. They were so turned off that they would never go back or contribute anything again.

One artist simply stated, “After all that work that we did, lovingly creating one handcrafted piece after another… assembling it all into a master piece… and then paying the big dollars we did to get it into the Show as a Sponsor… there was not even one “Thank You”… not one reply back to tell us that anyone…even one person saw the beauty and appreciated what we did… not one. We will never do that again!”

Most of these statements happened early in my preparation… and I had not yet come to that exhausted moment when I questioned why I had become involved, why I had poured so much out into something that I would get very little back from… except maybe a better hospital stay when I get older.

I have no doubt now that these friends that I spoke with were simply feeling the same things I did. And I am sure that they didn’t get any email back stating a simply “Thank You!”

That one note delivered electronically last evening was worth about One Million Dollars in My Emotional/Creative Bank Account. In fact one Thank You has topped it up and I immediately began planning another tree for next year…maybe starting a wee bit earlier than September for the November Show.

I am delighted that Katherine wrote about her appreciation… and her delight. That made a difference for ME.

As I reflected on this early today.. I thought about all the people that I could inspire and build back up with what I say and do… and the one “Thank You” that could make a difference in their life. Maybe they would go on if someone simply said how much they appreciated what they did. Maybe if just one person said…..

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Go Rough Riders Go!

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Today’s Blog Post

Go Rough Riders Go!

The weirdest thing is… after being away from Saskatchewan for 12 years, and maybe even 45 years when I first left, we still cheer for them. It is our team… our roots… our home province’s team. WOW!

Today is the Grey Cup Game in Edmonton. It will be cold and almost impossible to sit through the ordeal. Yet all of Saskatchewan will be cheering for the Rough Riders Football Team!

This is crazy. Why do I do this? Why do other people do this kind of thing? What kind of mind control is there happening inside of my head… and the heads of all Canadians?

I mean most of the team members are from the United States or America. Hardly any – if any are from Saskatchewan.

Yet we call it our team.

And many people in Canada call it their team whether they lived in Saskatchewan at one time or NEVER!

And like myself, who was born and bread in good old Saskatchewan, it has been so long since I could called it my home province… well.. I shouldn’t! I have lived in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick far more years than Saskatchewan! I am from these other places… including Hong Kong!

Today as I look at the strange phenomena of ‘team sports cheering’ – where we root for a team that we call ours… I scratch my head in wonder. It doesn’t make sense at all.

I have friends in Peterborough that cheer for Soccer Teams in Britain and some parts of Europe. They will never get to a game it is too far away. They hardly ever see it on TV… the local station never carries it. Yet – they are ardent fans for a team they have never seen. WHY?

Is it something that we have eaten that has caused our brains to be so brain washed? So obsessed with our team winning – doesn’t make sense at all!

Yet – tonight I will join some ardent Saskatchewan Rough Rider Fans – in Ontario – to cheer them on as if I am sitting in the Edmonton football stadium. It will be warmer… but we will be there for our team.

Now if they lose we will still be fans of the Rough Riders… even if they do something stupid like they did last year, in the same situation, at the last minute… with too many men on the field… and the other opposition team - Montreal, which is the same team playing the Riders as last year, win… we will still be Rough Rider Fans.

We are the loosely knit Rider Nation!

Now I know that my genetic power inside of me is more powerful than anything… my daughter, who has never been to a Rough Rider game, conceived in Quebec, born in New Brunswick and lived all over the world… is cheering for the Rough Riders!

Oh Boy!

Go Rough Riders! We are with you all the way to Peterborough Ontario AND around the world! Wahoooo!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pastor Sues Congregation for Posting their Displeasure

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Today’s Blog Post

Pastor Sues Congregation for Posting their Displeasure

Now here is a winner! It is something that I can sink my thoughts into. Maybe you can as well.

Two University Students, twin Brothers, were disciplined for criticizing their instructor on Facebook.

The report that I read stated… quote..
“Twin brothers Keith and Steven Pridgen made the comments on a Facebook page three years ago. They contributed one comment each to the wall, both of which were critical of their communication and culture instructor.

As a result, the two faced a university review committee. Keith was put on probation for two years for non-academic misconduct, and along with his brother was ordered to apologize to the sessional instructor.” End quote.

This issue went to court and the Judge’s ruling went for the Students and she stated….quote…
“Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf found that the brothers' Charter rights to free expression had been violated by the review committee.

"Students should not be prevented from expressing critical opinions regarding the subject matter or quality of the teaching they are receiving," Strekaf wrote in her ruling.

"As an educational institution, the university should expect and encourage frank and critical discussion regarding the teaching ability of professors amongst students …"
End quote
(Quotes from the CBC web story – Link Below)

I have been thinking about this is relative terms to Pastoral work that I have been involved in for 35 years.

I can’t imagine the number of times that what I said and the way that I said it were criticized! It staggers my mind to even consider it. Mind you I don’t think that I was ever criticized on Facebook – maybe that is worse than just getting it over a table at Swiss Challet… or Red Lobster… where they could do it without me hearing about it.

On Facebook the danger for the Twins and the Instructor was that others could read and re-read it for days to come.

The worst I got at Swiss Challet was a “friend” coming to me later and telling me in ‘Christian Love’ that, “Dear Sister So and So was very unhappy with the sermon on Sunday AM. She has decided to leave the church for a while. In doing so she hopes to send a message to you Pastor.”

Facebook is more direct than the old method of nattering and dropping out of the church, pulling your tithe so the minister will get the message.

Can you imagine how well off I would be if I could have brought a lawsuit against the Swiss Challet mutters and the Low Blow Red Lobster-ites? I imagine that the CBC might have picked up on that idea.

An old saying stated simply… “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!”

I am reading a Book entitled “Who stole my church?” by Gordon MacDonald… that is a WOW Book. My wife is reading it as well and has decided that we are going to buy copies and slip them into the mail boxes of The Swiss Challet and Red Lobster folk.

I told her that I wouldn’t spend the money of these folks that way.

We both had a chuckle out of it.

The book is amazing and tells the story of people that make people unhappy and then the stories about how people that are unhappy react…and a whole lot more.

A Lawsuit … and a court case… wow!

Like I said – lots to think about! Too funny!

Oh – sorry – the title had not a lot to do with the content… but hey… you read this far… thanks… now go an post your displeasure….

~ Murray Lincoln ~


Friday, November 26, 2010

I am Amazed with “Spirit of Excellence”

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Today’s Blog Post

I am Amazed with “Spirit of Excellence”

In 2008 I met Colleen Kosti. Colleen had a vision and had launched this vision that came to reality in 2005(2003 registered Charity)… and has blossomed ever since into an unbelievable opportunity for the community that she lives in.

To explain this better it would be good to have a picture in your mind of a vacant lot that was once used for purpose…but had fallen into ruins. The lot that was once something special is over grown with weeds of all kinds. The lot that once was representative of hope and a future is now dead.

Have you got that hopeless feeling yet?

The vacant lot could be a real place but for the people that I met it is their lives in an inner city kind of area of a big city.

Their circumstance caught them in a desperate situation where there was little hope. The children of these people had no hope at all of getting some of the things that the rest of a larger community hoped for – and knew they deserved.

The larger community could get what they wanted with just a little effort. The smaller community, the one that Colleen works with, faced impossible odds to ever make it out of “the vacant lot of their life”.

Colleen and her crew of volunteers stepped in to make a difference. This is where “Spirit of Excellence” grew. “Spirit of Excellence” or SOE is creative ministry to the children and adults of the inner city area of Windsor.

Colleen and I met when I was invited to take part in a special weekend in Windsor, Ontario. My friend Kevin was encouraging me to share my story with the folk that he works with at New Song Church on Drouillard Road in Windsor.

While at New Song I not only spoke about my new Ministry of “Ontario Provincial Chaplaincy”, I taught art classes for any one that wanted to come. I believe that the creative part of me can and will reach out to give hope. My speaking at New Song was also part of the Creative.

(Now you need to know that the amazing church on Drouillard Road is not like any church that you have ever attended before. The best I can say is that you need to watch this video. Pastor Kevin Rogers is leading the worship… and the song that he is leading is one that he wrote… like many of the songs of New Song. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAR7VWIgwdI  )

Today Colleen contacted me to share a new production that has come from the kids of SOE and the Drouillard Road area. Together with another volunteer by the name of “AaronG” they have produced a fantastic video. YOUNEED TO WATCH THIS!

At this very moment only 9 people have watched it. I predict that this video will go “VIRAL” reaching into the 100,000s – maybe even Millions with the weeks to come. You can be one of the first to discover it today!!!!

Colleen’s email to me this AM and Press Release states the following… quote…

November 26, 2010

For Immediate Release
Contact: Colleen Kosti
(519) 566-3328
Founder - Executive Director
Spirit of Excellence, Inc

"What Am I"
video produced by AaronG
at Windsor's NEW SOE Studio
located on Drouillard

WINDSOR, ONTARIO - November 26, 2010 - Probably one of Windsor's best kept secrets - is Spirit of Excellence Creativity Centre, located on Drouillard Road since February 2005. The Creativity Centre has learned how to multiply little to become much for children in need of enlarging their vision!

Spirit of Excellence Creativity Centre (a Charity committed to using the arts to develop potential in children & youth) has launched their own studio to be a voice for local youth. They have just released the video "What Am I". This was a creative project with the goal to be a voice for children and youth who would not have the opportunity to share their concerns and feelings - SOE does hear them and is a voice and a safe place of imparting life skills of excellence for many youth wanting to discover and realize their dreams.

This project was created by Michigan native media tech, musician and voice over artist AaronG, who has been volunteering his time to instruct at SOE since 2007. He has been teaching at the centre as a guest instructor, sumer Camp X'cellence music director and media teacher for the SOELIT youth leadership program. He put together this new project "What Am I" with local Windsor youth who have been attending SOE Centre and several other SOE instructors who also volunteer their time and have been instructors for years at SOE. AaronG also built the new SOE TV Studio located in the centre's Penthouse Loft. A beautiful wood rafter, perfect acoustic studio space the centre owns in their 8000 square feet Headquarters. They use this Penthouse Loft for their new TV Studio Set, recording their projects, writing workshops and hands-on youth training in media, book writing and dramatic arts. A second video is in the editing phase now with many interviews from local community members, who share their personal observations over the years on the impact Spirit of Excellence has made in the lives of our local youth.

'Support our future - help the ones right in front of us.'

What can you do?

Copy the Link for the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1poxn_rhmo  into as many emails that you can. I would suggest that every person on your email list would benefit from watching this video.

I intend to do this for as many people as I can. They all need to hear the message of these special people talking.

Like the statement above we can 'Support our future - help the ones right in front of us.'

~ Murray Lincoln ~

“What Am I” video… WOW!

New Song Church – Windsor

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it ROTFL or ROFL or SAGL or TII or SHUT UP!

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Today’s Blog Post

Is it ROTFL or ROFL or SAGL or TII or SHUT UP!

What has this world come to!? I can’t believe these Younger People! They don’t write full sentences and they can’t spell! How will they ever graduate from School?!!!

My Facebook message said in response to a posting I made, “ROFL”.

ROFL???? What the heck is ROFL?

It stands alone. No other words are near it – just ROFL.

Now I am as up-to-date as anyone… and way past most of my peers. My age group has no clue what Facebook is unless their kids have prompted them to ‘get with it Dad or Mom’. “If you want to see your grandkids grow up – you have to get with it. Their photos are on my Facebook Albums.”

A number of these aging cohorts of mine have tentatively clicked through with great interpretation and entered the weird world of Facebook. After all Facebook only came into being Oct 28, 2003 – that is only 7 years ago – who could trust something that new or young?

Now that they are on to it… they are being sideswiped with new terms they have never heard before.

ROFL is not new. It has come out of a language form before Facebook was launched. It predates Twitter and other forms of new communication.

So what is ROFL?

1. (Internet slang) Rolling On the Floor, Laughing; used to indicate great amusement at something in a discussion group, etc.
2. (rare, dated) ran out for lunch

It is part of something entitled Initialism —

Initialism is “an abbreviation that is formed from the initial letters of a sequence of words. Initialisms that are pronounced as words, such as UNICEF, are usually called acronyms, so the term initialism is generally only used for those that are pronounced letter by letter, such as USA.”

And you thought that it was new! Imagine USA and USSR and CDN! We have used these for years.

See also
ROFLOL - (Internet slang) Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
ROTFL – Same as above
ROTFLOL – Same as above
ROTFLMAO - (Internet, abbreviation) Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
ROFLMAO – Same as above
LOL – Laugh out Loud – or Lord Oh Lord
LMAO - used to indicate great amusement – Laughing My Ass Off
(How anyone can laugh their ass off is beside me! But the younger generation borrowed that one from us oldies)

PMSL - (British, Internet slang) Pissing myself laughing; used to indicate great amusement or often used to show humour at something in a chat room, etc.

Most Canadians only say PMP – Peed My Pants laughing – which could be PMPL.

This is getting way too unholy/crude for the Holy Folks that read this Blog. They say it but never write it.

How does an old person cope with so many new things?

At one point my grandpa took me to a farm implement show as a boy. It was held at the annual Saskatchewan Exhibition in Regina at the Fare Grounds. Every year when the Exhibition was open Grandpa would come at least once to see all the new machinery.

I remember the look on his face as he walked around one Tractor. It was bright red and shiny, smelled like new rubber and warm paint. The sales person standing near by was telling some other farmers the wonders of this new machine and what it could do.

Grandpa didn’t say much or ask many questions. As we walked away from the machinery area he shook his head. I think the words he said was something like “Jimminy… Crackers” or something like that. It sounded weird to me… because he never said a whole lot. He was bowled over by the new stuff in front of him.

My Grandpa Kirk came as a young man from Iowa to Southern Saskatchewan around 1900. His dad brought the first steam tractor and thrashing machine to that area. In his day that was so far in advance from the horses and ploughs that they once used – one can only imagine.

His first new gasoline McCormick Tractor that he had bought in Regina as a young farmer had steel wheels with big lugs on them. Grandpa had taken the lugs off to drive it home 60 miles… which took the better part of the day.

I feel a little like my Grandpa felt the day that he listened to the amazing info about the new Massey Tractor.

“Will I ever catch up?” – used to be my question. Now it has changed to “Will I ever keep up?”

I am ROTFL when I look at my self today. Oh Boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Way to Go Emma Grace Lindsay! Our Champion

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Today’s Blog Post
Way to Go Emma Grace Lindsay! Our Champion

WOW! Last night was amazing! Much celebration and am I ever proud of our Granddaughter Emma!

For the past two months she has faithfully attended practices with her Football Team, rain or shine… and well into the dark at the end of each night. Hot or cold she has been there with her team.

Yes it is Football – like the CFL in Canada and NFL in the USA. And Yes, she is a GIRL! And she is the only GIRL on her team. There is one more girl in the Kinsmen Minor Football League playing on an opposing team.

This is her first year on the Senior Steelers Football Team where she has played 'wide receiver' and ‘kicker’ for the converts following a touch down.

This year the Sr. Steelers won the Championship for the Kinsmen Minor Football League.

Last night all the players and coaches met along with the Parents to give out the medals and the Trophies for the Awards that are presented each year. It was great fun cheering for each player that won.

Towards the end of the evening the “Sussex Engineering Trophy” for Most Valuable Special Teams Player was announced. All the names were announced and then the winner declared.

There on the program list were ten names listed – and in that list was “Emma Lindsay”.

“And the winner of the Sr. Teams Most Valuable Special Teams Player is… Emma Lindsay!”

That was when my wife and daughter went ballistic… I thought they were both going to come out of their seats and do cart wheels. But so was Grandpa Lincoln as he jumped to his feet and bellered – “Way to go Emma! Wahooo!!!!”

Was Emma the best kicker? Did she always get every kick?

Her percentages were high… getting many the over the cross bar with her kicks. The ones that she missed was a result of a bad snap from the center… or a missed catch by the holder of the ball, and a bad job of holding.

At least that is the way that this Grandpa saw it!

I think that I have told some of my friends this inside story… but here goes again.

On the last game when they were down to the close finish, the kicker can make or break the game. Emma wanted her team to win.

She was not at the practice just before the Big Game. Another boy practiced kicking that night and got the ball well over the end zone upright.

Emma told her coach that maybe the other boy should try to kick the ball. He was good at what he did and she wanted her team to win.

For an 11 year old to be able to stand aside for her team to win… shows maturity beyond her years. This was true sportsmanship. All she did and thought about was her team. Her personal feelings were not the most important thing for her.

Not only did Grandma, Mom and Grandpa cheer with amazing gusto… Emma’s team jumped to their feet and erupted like an explosion. They loved their Emma… all the boys did! And Emma’s dad, Bruce was sitting right in the middle of the Team!... just another Big Kid at Heart.

Emma certainly deserves the award… she is the best! And I know so… because I am a Grandpa and Grandpas know everything!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Emma with her Dad Bruce

Emma receiving the “Sussex Engineering Trophy” along with the Jr Player

 Emma with Coach John
 Emma with Coach Lloyd
 The Parents of all the Winners - Photo Time
 Emma with the Championship Trophy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree and Murray Lincoln’s Christmas Tree – Pretty much the same!

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Today’s Blog Post
Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree and Murray Lincoln’s Christmas Tree – Pretty much the same!

Do you remember the TV Program that is a classic now.. “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree”? It was way back in 1965 when it was first aired…

Last night I felt a little like Charlie Brown… with his little tiny Christmas Tree. We had just installed(dropped off) our four foot, black tree covered with Tatting. Yikes four feet is not very big!!!

As my wife and I left the Memorial Centre Hockey Arena it was hard walking away. We were overwhelmed by a strange feeling. She said, “It feels like we are leaving our baby behind…”

I nodded in affirmation. I understood completely. Our “baby tree” that we had worked so hard on was now sitting in that big, cold arena floor surrounded by big beautiful trees all decorated in unbelievable ways. Most were seven and a half feet tall and one was over 12 feet high!

I felt like I should be sleeping there overnight to protect it!

Earlier in the evening we had brought the tree into the Arena and were told to sit it on the floor near the stage area. On its left side was a three tier high set of speakers to blast out the sound from the stage area. On its right were three big, beautiful trees loaded with prizes and gifts from the sponsor.

The poor little black tree sparkled… and I blushed. My tree was so small.

Some of the other designers came over to look at the little, tiny offering that we had just sat up. They stood staring at the tree without any words. I thought for sure they would bust out laughing at the shrub in front of them.

One lady then asked in a hushed voice, “Is that Tatting on this tree? Did you do all that?”

I nodded yes… and then felt a little bashful… like a grade three boy with his art project dragging beside him across the school ground… and then the older girls coming to ask to see it… sheesh!

I asked the ladies if they had decorated a tree as well. They said “Yes, but it is a big commercial thing, nothing at all like this one! This is beautiful!” motioning to the little black tree that I am sure was grinning from branch to branch.

As we wondered around the building taking many photos of all the trees… it was fun seeing what other “artists/designers” had accomplished with the decorations. These were Big League designers and decorators. Other than one other little tree decorated with Crocheted Christmas things, ours was the only one that had tatting on it… the only one that was very different.

My one thought was, “I hope they don’t think we bought these snowflakes in the Dollar Store! NO THEY WERE NOT MADE IN CHINA!”

As we arrived back at our little tree it was a good thing. The Hulks that set up the sound system were about to move the trees out of the way… kind of slide them over a little… so they could drive a rapid lift, huge machine through the spot where our tiny tree was sitting. They couldn’t run the big machine over their sound cords… but a small, insignificant Christmas Tree was another story.

YIKES! I felt like I did when my grandsons were beside me and the big truck was way too close for comfort as it backed up!!!!

I moved the tree to safer place. I found a spot beside two other beautiful little trees that stood in safer place. I am sure that the other trees giggled when the little black guy came over to stand with them. They understood!

I am so thankful for Dr. Bert Van Brenk stepping forward to sponsor this Christmas Tree Project. Without his support I may not have been able to get this done. I sure hope he likes it.

To help you see how the little tree fits in… here are some samples for you to see.

If you are on Facebook you will see all 70 or so shots that we took last night.

The viewing schedule for the public is
Wednesday Nov 24th – 9 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday Nov 25th 11 AM to 9:30 PM
Friday Nov 26th 3:30 to 9:30 PM
Saturday Nov 27 10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday 10 Am to 4 PM
See The Web Site for more details http://www.pfot.org/

~ Murray Lincoln ~

 The Christmas Tree above is over 12 feet high - covered with Teddy Bears!

Monday, November 22, 2010

“Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” – The Story of My Tatted Angels

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Today’s Blog Post

“Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” – The Story of My Tatted Angels

I just finished this year’s Christmas Angel for the Lincoln Family home. You can see her above.

Each year I have been trying to create a new Angel for our home. Something that I have made with my hands and has come from my soul. Something from my creative being for my home and family.

A number of these have been carved which you can see on my web site – as well as at the end of this Blog today.

But this week I launched into a new area for my Angel work. Before I tell you all about it, I want you to know what my Grandma Lenore Lincoln did along with many of her friends.

Lenore had moved from the Springfield, Illinois area to southern Saskatchewan after she married James Otto Lincoln. She was a Tatter. Her dad, Benjamin Phillips had taught her how to do Tatting when she was about 8 years old. Now as a married lady and soon to be mother she brought with her one of her treasures to this new land – Tatting and her shuttle.

South western Saskatchewan, just north of the State of Montana is not a bit like Illinois. There are no trees. There is only rolling prairie that stretches forever. A few shrubs grow in the gullies around the area that James Otta Lincoln had purchased as their homestead. But little else.

When he built the small home on the property to house his soon to arrive family the wind whistled through the cracks. It was an endless wind that came from the West and Northwest. Seldom did it every come from any other place.

When there was no wind or even a breeze it was because the weather had turned so cold that there was absolute stillness at Minus 45 to 54 degrees below Zero. The only sound then was the crackle of the fire in the old stove, the ticking of a clock and the sound of Grandpa’s rocking chair.

It was on those long days, or cold nights, or anytime… that Lenore picked up her shuttle and worked it back and forth in her hands. Wrapping the cotton around left hand she held the shuttle in her right hand… then passed it back and forth the left hand thread… under over, over under… a million times for a start.

On those many years of Tatting Lenore made hundreds of things for other people. To this day I have one piece of her Tatting… and my Aunt Annie may have more… but little has survived the long journeys and changes in life over all those years.

I have the wooden shuttle that my Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Phillips carved for Lenore. And I have the last piece that her hands were working on before she passed away… it is unfinished with the shuttle and ball still attached.

The tradition of Lenore’s day was to buy some very simple handkerchiefs at the “5 and 10 Cent Store” – or was that the “Five and Dime store” then Tat an edging that was attached to the hanky making it a treasure to keep forever. This would become a Birthday present for the lady on the next farm, or a wedding present for the young bride getting married next spring.

Applying Tatting to other things increased the opportunity for the craft to be kept alive. It was far more than dollies or ornaments for fancy furniture. It was practical and useful as well.

With this pioneer spirit I launched this latest Angel this week.

The Angel is a small and intricate pieces of stained glass (actually clear glass) all soldered together. She is so small and delicate that I can hold her in my hand. I purchased her from a local Craft Store (Michael’s) and brought her home.

As you can see I have simply tatted some simple Tatted rings – all in a row without any Chain Tatting. This then is glued to the wings and arms of the Angel. She needed a bit more so I applied small snowflakes to her dress.

The Angel was created in China… travelled to my world in Canada… and now is ready for the Lincoln Christmas.

But as soon as it was done orders have arrived for three more… that may travel across Canada and other places. Oh Boy – get Tatting!

I have also carved more Angels and then added the Tatting as Wings. Photos below.

Some caught the view of the Angel on my Peterborough Festival of Trees –Christmas Tree… she has Tatted wings, a hallow and edging as well. And then there are a few more that have arrived as well… like the other 15 on the Tatted Christmas Tree.

Wings made of Tatting are amazing.

“Why don’t you?” – “Why not try?” Give it a try!!! Yes I am teaching Tatting each week locally. And yes you could make something for Christmas!

Gotta run… more Angels arriving and more Tatting to do!

~ Murray Lincoln ~