Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Camels in the High Arctic, Prime Minister Harper, and the Alliance Church haters mixed with Global Warming

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Big Camels in the High Arctic, Prime Minister Harper, and the Alliance Church haters mixed with Global Warming
Talk about funny! I sure needed this story this morning.  It is something to mull over for the next few hours that I spend with Joseph, the statue, in the Catholic Church.

Imagine a Camel, and a big one at that, living in the High Arctic of Canada!

Then the comment section at the end of the article is even better. Where a lot of very wise and stupid people join together to spar with one another verbally over whatever is bugging them in their lives.

One comment caught my attention and I grinned from ear to ear – almost laughing out loud!

Cynthia Tyler asked, “who is Harper? and why does he have a church named after him?

Artic Camels?  Harper? Harper’s church? What the dickens are you talking about?!?

See I told you it was funny and that it is something to mull over.

You really need to take a little time and read this short article/report about, “Giant ancient camel remains discovered in Canadian Arctic”

Then when you read about the Camels and the things that they are discovering… scroll down to the bottom and read the comments.  That is where you will find stuff about Harper… church… evolution… camels… Suzuki (not the motorcycle or car but a man) – etc.

This is something that I didn’t know and found out only today… that the people that swear by global warming… and the fact that men and women are causing all this weather change problems… have created a term called “Harper’s alliance church” to describe anyone or anything that doesn’t believe their stories.

I am not sure about anything when I type this stuff… Harper goes to an Alliance Church?  All Churches believe nutso stuff because they call themselves Christians – therefore they are like Harper??? Good Lord – what is the news media coming to – or from? Talk about distortion… and weird.

For poor Cynthia… Harper is Canada’s Prime Minister – the legal head of our Canadian Government – for a little while now.  Harper doesn’t like Suzuki, a leading TV personality, that promotes Global warming and other scientific stuff that flies in the face of people that attend church – at least some of them.  And from what I grasp from these small bone fragments they are assuming Mr. Harper is an Alliance follower – i.e. a Born Again kind of Christian – rather than the ordinary not Born Again Christian that just goes to worship God and not bug other people…  And apparently the poor Born Again Alliance kind of people has messed with the pure religion of Global Warming.

See what I mean – you need to read the article.

What is so hard to believe about a Camel being found in Canada’s far north?  They have found Mastodons (Bigger than big Elephants) – so why not a Camel?  They are finding Oil in very cold places and Oil is made up of remnants of old forests and vegetation that once grew there.

And the really funny thing is, if our good old Canadian landscape was once covered by Glaciers that slowly melted and ended up uncovering what we call home… there were no cars or huge factories to blame back then that are supposed to be destroying the Ozone layers!!!

There were only Mastodons and Big Camels eating, farting and crapping all over the top of the world before the Glacier started retreating. No – wait a minute I haven’t got that right… the Glaciers came on top of all of the world because the Animals stopped causing the world to stay warm… then something else started coming along and warming it all up.

It wasn’t Harper’s church… Harper was not born yet and no one can blame the poor guy.  He isn’t guilty of Global Warming he is a Conservative; and all that means is HE WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE’S OPINION. CONSERVATIVES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!

And just because some Christians are thinking they are ALWAYS RIGHT that doesn’t give anyone the right to label a group as “Harper’s church”! Sheesh!

I told you that it is FUNNY – read about it. And whatever you are religiously, or not, you will smirk when you realize all this stuff started with one small bone found after the snow melted in the Arctic.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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