Sunday, March 17, 2013

Murder and Mayhem in a Senior’s Residence

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Murder and Mayhem in a Senior’s Residence
Bizarre is the best word that I can grab a hold on this morning when I think of Peter Roy Brooks and Joycelyn Dickson.  Then it is a bit further past bizarre when Lourdes Missier to the mix.

Joycelyn is dead. Lourdes is hurt badly and Peter has been charged with murder.

Of course if I tell you that it happened in Toronto you will likely say, “That figures… not surprising at all.  That is Toronto for you… lots of people… more crime.”

But then if I apply a filter to the story that places some ages on the characters of the story it changes the reaction.  Peter is 72 years old.  Joycelyn was 72 as well. And Lourdes is 92.

Now it changes again in your thinking when I next tell you where it happened.  It was in a Senior’s residence – and a very good one at that!  All three were residents at Wexford Residence

Holy Mackerel! They were in a nice Senior’s residence – not living under an overpass or in a sleeping bag over an open grate on a cold night.

When I read the “Welcome to Wexford” statement/min bio at the top of their Web Page - I shook my head… quote… “We place a premium on getting to know each of our clients as a person - learning about their joys & struggles, their countless accomplishments and their enduring hopes and dreams. We appreciate that our clients have filled many roles in their lifetime and recognize that their distinct experience and talents will now enrich our community. We honour the strengths of each individual senior and respect their inevitable changing needs. End quote appearing at the top of their Web Page.

I do not doubt for a moment that Wexford is all that people say about it – a GREAT PLACE to live.

In The Star you can read the article entitled, “Union, nurses’ association call for coroner’s inquest into nursing home killing”

I told you the word Bizarre best described what took place.

The unions and Nurses are stating that it is the Government’s fault for cutting back.  But Peter Roy Brooks has been charged.

Not enough staff? Maybe??  Not enough guards to protect the innocent old ladies?  Maybe??

The one article did say that Joycelyn did openly speak her mind… and maybe Peter couldn’t take it anymore…?

It all points to the dynamics that take place with the aging process.  And in the CTV News report it clearly points to a huge increase in the numbers of seniors flooding the community. It points to a huge new – almost tidal wave of attitude that is coming with them.  But in all likelihood a whole new ground swell of mental struggles with the changes in their lives.

I am a Senior… and have experienced what it is like to be in a pressure situation and have no outlet to get rid of that pressure. I know what it is to have fewer people listen to you… and then get frustrated with the reactions that you get.

Put me at a table with someone like “Joycelyn” and have her nipping at my heals with criticism… I might just snap as well.  I am not sure if Peter thought she was a nagging wife or what… but he reacted poorly and she is dead.

And Wexford has a huge public relation problem now…

Now how does that sit with you this morning?  Are you in the wonderful and terribly big group of Seniors that have had enough with what is happening?

What do you think of the situation that you read about?  How is you aging process going along now?

Are you ready to move into a “nice clean place” soon?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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