Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gayle Zolaturiuk got the $30 Million

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Gayle Zolaturiuk got the $30 Million
Dang it! Gayle won the big bucks!  Gayle Zolaturiuk got the $30 Million. She discovered that she had won the March 2, 2013 LOTTO 6/49 and her heart began to beat faster.

In the statement that I read she told folks that she would go on a shopping spree and then maybe buy a new house.

I guess if it happened to me I might do the same too.

But with a little research I found a stat that declares 70 percent of the people that win a large amount of money will lose it in a few years.  The money is often gone.  What they buy they cannot afford or keep. They lose all that stuff as well.  Read this Link to see some of the comments that are suggested about this.

What should be done in the case of winning a large sum of money… maybe to prevent the losing of all that you have gained so suddenly.

Here is the suggestion that Wkihow is offering “How to deal with Winning the Lottery

If you do not go broke within the two years you might see it happen just a little later – after you pay the tax, pay the lawyers, pay the accountants, and financial advisers in order to keep some of it.

The lack of Savvy to look after money and the Discipline that is needed to keep what you have is the major problem that I see. It is also what a number of other writers have suggested.

I note one thing here. The people that Win Big and the ones that Lose Big – do not write about it.

There are lost to people advising you as to what should be done. All of the advice you will need will cost money.

Then there are all the people that want a piece of what you have won just because they know you or are related to you.  Who would I give money to and why would I give it to them.

Someone once told me that a man they knew well at work won the $1 Million Plus prize. The first phone calls he had were from Charities of all kinds that work the Winners.  Because you can get credit for the gifts you give to lower the Tax that you pay in our good old Canada – these folks work the phones immediately.

It is March and Gayle has caused me to think it over carefully.

Naw – I am too busy to Win Big and having fun with my freedom.  Too much big money real fast would ruin what I enjoy now.  Naw – not worth it… I think… kind of… maybe… might…naw..?

BTW – Good Luck Gayle – we are happy for you and delighted that you won.  You deserve it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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