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Ready for a Fantastic Holiday – Up, Up and Away

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Ready for a Fantastic Holiday – Up, Up and Away
We have been dreaming of a vacation away from all that we do each day.  With my 92 year old mother living with us each day is pretty full of care giving and all that it entails.

We are not just dreaming but now drooling!  But there are times that it seems impossible.

Today I have found however an ideal vacation for my wife and me.  The best part the vacation is that it will last over 500 days – or just under two years.  And it will be all paid for.

There is some preparation I am assuming but we are in very good shape physically and mentally.  We have been very close as a couple for 46 years of marriage.  And because we are now Seniors we will make a unique mark on in the History Books.

Even as I type these words out I am even more excited.

What do we have to do to get ready?  Well we will have to prepare for some physical stuff.  No – not like climbing mountains or anything like that… but rather like riding a bicycle each day to get our ‘sitters’ ready. But then again the sitter will not have the same pressure applied to it on this vacation.

From what I have read about the vacation it does require each person to ride a stationary bike each day that will force the body to keep in shape.

Instead of eating a huge buffet aboard a cruise ship we will lose weight because the food intake will be controlled and carefully calculated for each passenger – the two of us only!

There is one small set back however that may turn off my wife.  It kind of makes me grimace a little as well. We will be drinking our own urine for the most part of the trip.  But while that seems a little extreme we will be drinking from the very best filter system ever!  We use a Brita Water Filter now – but the one we will use on this trip is much, much better.

We will be riding in a small pod that is about as big as cube van.  And the small drawback is that you cannot get out of the cube van for the full holiday.

Now you have already guessed that it is Space Travel – right?!

Yep that’s what it is.  If she agrees we will be able to fly to Mars, around Mars and then back home again.

When it takes place I will be about 73 years old.  My wife is much younger however. And someone else will be taking care of my Mother for that time away… mind she will be 97 or so when it happens.

How can this happen?

Well a very rich man, Dennis Tito, is offering this trip to and around Mars, and then back home again to a couple that is willing to go.

I am willing and so is my wife… I am sure of that.  And I am also sure of the fact that few other couples our age will take up the offer… they couldn’t handle the drinking urine part. Couples our age don’t eat strange foods or go anywhere unusual.  Their worlds are pretty tight when it comes to new experiences or going to new places.  And unless the vacation spot has a good golf course, good beaches and big buffets – they won’t go… or even consider it.

There is some draw backs to this trip. There is a possibility of radiation bombarding the craft. That radiation could cause some Dementia and/or Cancer.

But with the way that things go normally in my world it will be Dementia or Cancer that will take us anyway.  Getting it as a result of the travel to Mars would be okay.

And because the younger couples will do all they can to avoid getting this kind of sickness – an old couple will be the best choice.  I am sure of that!  With us it doesn’t really matter.

Now a thought… at 73 or 74 – returning after 75 years old… I will be closer to death. What happens if I die on the way?  What if we both go?  Oh boy… what a thought.

The space craft is set on an autopilot that will guarantee to bring the bodies home.  The funeral can take place on Mother Earth… you know ashes to ashes, dust to dust… so that nothing up there pollutes the outer atmosphere.

And with the fact that we would be so famous by that time, the Government will take care of the funeral costs – I am sure!

Dennis Tito… we are ready.  Mind you I have yet to tell my wife about the possible journey.

Up, up, up and away!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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