Saturday, March 2, 2013

Family means “all warm and fuzzy” and I love it!

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Family means “all warm and fuzzy” and I love it!
It was a special meeting with family. It took place at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport yesterday.

On Friday morning we were on the road by 10 AM to head off to the Airport in Toronto.  It was not as far as the other party had to travel to get there – but for my 92 year old Mom it was an effort… but a wonderful effort.

The people we were going to meet were Jessie and Matt. Jessie is my Mom’s granddaughter… and my niece.

Jessie and Matt had traveled to Montana to ski. Then they went to Las Vegas next for a meeting. Then to home to Calgary for one night, before climbing on to an aircraft for Toronto…where Jessie had to work all week long.  And that all took place before Jessie received a top honour for her company for all of Canada.

Oh… I didn’t tell you how proud we are of this young lady.

My Mom’s eyes filled with tears as she watched Jessie.  This young lady has meant so much to her.  She follows every move she makes and hears all the stories… loving everyone.

Grandma Lincoln doesn’t play favorites to her grandkids – she just loves them all.

March 1, 2013 was a special day.

Following our airport meeting and their departure we headed to Hong Kong for the afternoon.  With Mom in her wheel chair we walked all around the Pacific Centre in Agincourt… the gigantic Chinese shopping mall that is just like Hong Kong.

Mom loved it all. She remembered her trips to Hong Kong to visit us when we lived there. We remembered everything and missed our younger years in that wonderful place!!!

We completed the trip to Hong Kong with a big plate of Chinese Dumplings and another plate of sweet and sour pork done Hong Kong style (not Canadian with the red sauce).

But the end of the day happened in Whitby as we watched Great Grandma Lincoln take in her Great Grandson`s hockey practice.  And of course we could easily see that Michael Rourke will soon take his first step to the NHL when he comes up for the NHL Draft in a year or so!!!!

March 1, 2013 made me realize again how important family is.  Being with Matt and Jessie, seeing Hong Kong again, then being with our daughter and son-in-law made the day perfect.  To top it off – it was our son-in-law Bill`s birthday to boot!

Sheesh… all warm and fuzzy today!!! Thanks family!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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