Sunday, October 31, 2010

Entering the YouTube World – amazing!

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Today’s Blog Post

Entering the YouTube World – amazing!

It was early this morning that I went deeper into the YouTube World. Yikes I am shaking... it is like an addiction that I cannot stop. I follow link after link – look at video after video. If some are stupid I click off and then go to another. Arggghh! I cannot quit.

My how the world has changed!

Remember when you didn’t have a TV? And if you were in remote enough places – you didn’t go to movies either… or in the case that I was brought up – you didn’t go to movies either. They were sinful.

Shocking as that is – anything that was fun was sinful. Enough of that – it might shock some that still don’t go to movies.

Change has happened so fast that it is making my head spin at times. At the rate that it is happening now I am not sure that I will keep up much longer!

Today in the YouTube World I discovered about a hundred ways to make better rubber band guns! Yep guns that shoot rubber bands.

Away back when I was young my dad made us a rubber band gun that fired one shot at a time. The gun shaped piece of wood had a clothes pin mounted on the back of the handle and rubber band was stretched out to the nose from the clothes pin that was holding it. Squeezing off a shot was done by squeezing the clothes pin.

With YouTube today I learned that people are making machine guns that shoot hundreds of rubber bands in a 7 second time – or less!

I will list some of the Links below to help you be amazed as well.

Now of course the way that YouTube works can be distracting for guys like me that are slightly – or maybe completely ADHD in structure.

While in Rubber Gun videos I discovered the real gun videos. These are completely nuts. Good old rednecks spewing lead everywhere… but then that led to the paint ball freaks… and their antics.

But to change the channel a little I stepped over into the Pumpkin Carving to see the amazing things that these guys do~!!! From grotesque forms to absolute beauty – Pumpkins can be a new art form – and they are.

But for variety I stepped into the tooth pick guns and their design videos. No kidding these really work. I made one quite quickly. The spear of tooth pick will penetrate a sheet of white photocopy paper… and right through two sheets of newspaper! It is made of a wooden clothes pin and some thread… and pow… zap… zing… away the tooth pick goes. It can shoot up to 12 feet!

Now wouldn’t school have been far more interesting?

Over to the Home Made Bombs was a fizzle but lots went BOOM! We did that without the YouTube… oh boy

But that then led to a Potato Gun/Launcher…

Now I am going to go to church… and listen.. try to concentrate… and get something out of it….

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tooth Pick Launcher
Rubber Band Gun
Rubber Band Shot Gun  
Rubber Band Pull-Auto Gun
Rubber band Gatling Gun
Potato Gun/ Launcher

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am Absolutely Proud of Grandkids

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Today’s Blog Post

I am Absolutely Proud of Grandkids
I am so glad that we had kids! And the second part of that is that I am so glad that I our kids had kids!! Now my kids sometimes wonder about having had kids – when the kids are teenagers… and emotions are running up and down like roller coasters!

This weekend we have had the joy of having three grandsons stay with us while mom and dad are away with their other brother. There are four grandsons in that family.

There is a lot of wiggle in these boys. The untapped energy is far greater than that of the sun, the wind and the waves! It is able to explode in a moments notice… if grandpa and grandma are not watching.

You could hear… “Jonathan! Stop that!” or “Thomas! – that’s mine – leave it alone!!!” or “Grandpa – Christopher is always bugging me!” Or a giggle… then a semi violent, blood curdling scream… Oh boy… they are all BOY!

Yesterday was the best morning ever. They worked with me in the backyard.

Thomas who can be a big goof ball at his age – doing and saying insane things – but was absolutely quiet.

Christopher, though, the smallest, loves to work. He will attempt to pick up things and move things that he should never even think about! He loves to help!

Jonathan, the biggest and oldest one, has discovered he has muscles over the last year. He is taller than I am now at 14 years old. He is a whole lot like his dad in so many ways… and will pitch in to help in a heart beat.

The task at hand… to do the final winterizing of our back yard. Take down the canopy on the Gazebo, fill the Groundhog hole, take apart the glass topped picnic table putting it and the six chairs away, and do whatever else we could squeeze into the morning.

We got it all done plus some that I didn’t think about doing yet… like getting out the Snow Blower and getting it to run properly.

Well when the snow blower started these grandsons of mine just had to snow blow the still green grass in the back yard! And they did, back and forth, around and around… just too much fun!

Why do silly things when they are working? Well it because they are working with the “Master of Silly”… their Grandpa Lincoln. They only have one Grandpa… that’s me… and if I die this week… they will remember me as a fun loving grandpa… not a miserable old fart. (Ooops – there is that word again. But – again there is no word that describes old people that are ornery better than that one! Sorry to the sensitive!)

I stood back and watched my boys do a whole days work in two hours. My biggest trouble was keeping up to them! Keeping it organized with tools and instructions was a new task for someone that generally does this job alone.

Jonathan asked me last night, “Do you really do all that work we did today, by yourself?” I grinned and nodded yes. “Wow!” was his reply. To which I smiled broadly and said the Man Thing… “I have lots of muscles and Grandma to organize me!!!”

This is a small snapshot of three of my boys. The other three grandkids are equal to these three. To say I am proud of these kids is not really enough. I beam when talking about them.

I may not be around to see it all happen into their adult years. But what I have witnessed so far is amazing. These guys will do well in life.

On the side…
While sitting with the guys last night I asked a delicate question. “So, now that you guys are sitting here with me, I need to know about your girl friends. What are there names?”

Handsome Jonathan, kind of blushed and wiggled a little sideways, grunted and looked down, “I don’t have a girl friend.” Okay???

I looked at Christopher and asked if he had a girl friend. He is nine now. “Nope!” but he giggled.

I asked Christopher, “So are there any older girls that think you are cute and maybe talk to you and maybe… think Jonathan is cute too?”

“Ya…” he said shyly, she says I am cute and she hugs me. “She likes Jonathan! Her name is Arcadia” (I think that was the name..)

“I get embarrassed when she hugs me.”

At that point Jonathan was grinning ear to ear. PAY DIRT – PAY DIRT. Grandpa is not dead… he still can see a romance when one is possible.

And grandpa also remembers what it was like to be hugged by the big girls in the grades above to the absolute delight of his younger sister!~!~!~! Sheesh! I blush now when I think of what they were like.

Christopher stated, “They smell funny!”

Oh Christopher does Grandpa every remember the smell! Oh Boy! – I am a Boy!

Ooops… sorry… this was about hard working boys… not about what boys feel like… but…. Can you separate those two things? NOPE!

Gotta run.. the boys are getting up and they are hungry – AGAIN! Just like Grandpa!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Carving with Senior Citizens

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Today’s Blog Post
Halloween Pumpkin Carving with Senior Citizens

As I carried the Pumpkin into the senior’s home, the thought struck me, “This is crazy! These people are so far from Pumpkins that it isn’t funny!”

At that moment I was walking into one of the Senior Citizen homes in Peterborough. This is so far away from the world of Halloween one cannot imagine. The setting is beautiful and the people are wonderful, kind and definitely not “Trick or Treaters”. In fact it has been years and years since these seniors have even given out candy at the door to children that come knocking on Halloween Night.

But the idea is that they do have memories and at one time, a long time ago they were little girls and boys. They used to walk the streets from door to door and call out, “Halloween Apples candy or cake, if you don’t shell out your toilet will shake!”

I couldn’t believe that at least half of the group used to yell that particular saying at the door of their would-be-benefactors that might give out candy to them! The really funny part was that half the group had been raised in areas of the city where they never heard that cheer before!

Pause… in case you have never heard that saying before either…
The cheer or greeting was given in small communities where each resident still had out door toilets sitting out behind their house. The idea was that if the home owner didn’t give the Halloween Tricksters some candy, the kids would come back and tip over their toilet. In the small community that I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan; tipping toilets was something that you just did for fun. If someone was inside the toilet it was even more fun when you did it… specially if the toilet landed on its front door… and the person inside couldn’t get out!

Some of the Seniors in the group remembered tipping over people’s toilets! Believe it or not!!! Too funny.

Carrying a rather large pumpkin into the home definitely brought comments and questions. One person called out, “Are you going to carve a pumpkin?”

They immediately knew my reason for bringing the pumpkin!

I had brought my tools of the pumpkin carving trade, two different small paring knives and a medium sized steak knife, some paper towels, and a large black plastic bag. This could get messy and this home is not a place that is too messy… it is classy – not messy!

I situated the chairs and tables so that everyone could watch. Then for the next 60 minutes I slowly carved the big pumpkin one feature at a time… stopping in between each stage to show the folks what was coming. I had great sidewalk superintendents!

In between each cut I asked them questions about what they remembered about their childhood days. The stories started to come. And each one had many memories. They giggled and laughed at each other. They were little kids again all over.

Now their own kids will come. They bring their grandchildren and even their great grandchildren. They talk about how mom is doing. Ask if she is sleeping well or not. They ask about the food and the home and the stuff that should keep their 88 year old mother happy.

They never talk about Grandma’s days as a little girl going from house to house asking for candy. They just don’t have time.

This is the “New Friends” group that I started almost two years ago. The purpose was to encourage interaction and talking between the ladies and men that would attend. And it has worked so well.

Yesterday was fun. They watched a crazy face come from the Pumpkin’s surface. It was just plain delight! It was not such a crazy idea after all. In fact it may well become a new part of the annual program from now on!
I am including the rest of the photos for you to look at and consider the possibilities.

Now go find some old people to talk to. Listen to their stories. Get them to talk about the way that it used to be. In doing that, you will discover your own childhood again.

No one laughs more than I do at “New Friends”!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Young at Heart Great Grandmother

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Today’s Blog Post

The Young at Heart Great Grandmother

Do you remember what it was like to get your Kid’s Costumes ready for Halloween each year? Remember that big decision to get just the right outfit to wear?

I thought we were done with that long ago. Nope – not true. I have my mother living with us… and guess what at 89 she still has fun. Well kind of…

Last year she dressed up as Superman’s mother. I made a Youtube Video of that event. She had a ball… laughing and made many laugh with it.

This year she was a little apprehensive with what took place. She wasn’t sure that she would do it again.

But she did. With her simple Black suit she bought a pointer hat, a new orange feather scarf and net lace gloves… grabbed her walker and away she went… off to her Senior’s Group to have fun.

They gave her a prize for her sparkle she added on Tuesday morning. She was a real hit at the Dentist’s Office and later at the Doctor’s Office.

She is still fun…

She was a little insecure as we drove to the Senior’s group.

I encouraged her by simply saying… “Mom you have to make a choice. You can be a ‘Happy Heart’ or a ‘Miserable Old Fart’. Ooops using that “F” word here is not usually done by “Christians – i.e. nice people” – but among that group there are some. Ahem!

Mom laughs deeply. Mom is young inside and alive still. Some day she will die and join most of her cohorts. But for now she is still laughing and still going. Truly a Merry Heart – at heart.

Enjoy the photos.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Superman’s Mom

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Congratulations to the new Singing Mayor of Peterborough – Mayor Elect Daryl Bennett

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Today’s Blog Post
Congratulations to the new Singing Mayor of Peterborough – Mayor Elect Daryl Bennett

Congratulations Mayor Elect Daryl Bennett. It is now almost 12 hours after you were elected by the folk of Peterborough. I hope you do well.

Now the fact that promises were made… which will have to be kept… this should be fun! Good on you for that one!

I am looking forward to Peterborough becoming the most progressive and perhaps the wealthiest city in Ontario. After all that is what was implied in the meetings that I attended, the newspaper articles that I read and the TV programs/advertisements that I viewed.

We are all waiting now to see what will happen… and are excited for you. Your ability to lead is needed. You said that you did that in private business… so that will come with you to the City Hall! Great!

Now having been a community leader as a Minister I can offer some counsel – if you will receive it. I am stepping forward today with some small suggestions... really down home, practical advice that might help.

Projects that are underway now need to be completed. Please don’t cancel them. We need the work done. Some other Mayor Elects have raved and ranted that they will kill that expensive contracts if they are voted in. What about contracts that are signed? We need to keep our word and get the job done. It will cost us big time if the thing is cancelled!

I know in business you had the right to fold up the promises made and get a new person to do the work. Maybe get some one that is cheaper. I am pretty sure that the City is kind of different.

Some told me that you had never attended a City Council session before. They also said that you were not able to view the goings on in the council – the way that some of our folk do on the local television.

I have watched the events unravel often. In one situation I was called along with others in a group I belonged to, to answer questions that the City Council had for us. It seemed that we had got their dander up a wee bit by helping prisoners that were coming from Federal Prisons. Some of the Councilors didn’t like these types living in our community – and they protested.

One the side, the men were coming whether the councilors liked it or not… we were just helping the community to be safe, by making sure the men were looked after.

Fair warning in this area, you have some very interesting characters on this Council from before… and some new ones that were just added. They are colorful to say the least.

Each one has a different take on how it should be done. The new ones are all bent on having their words and ideas heard. The old ones, from the last council and many before, already know that their way is the best. They know better than anyone else because they have been alive longer than anyone else.

The Gay Pride parade is coming again next year. That one is a bit of a problem for some of the Mayors in their communities across Ontario. I did wonder how you would fit into that one.

My grandson told me that he was researching your campaign before the election yesterday. It was part of his Civics Class. He noted that your reply to the question as to your walking in the Gay Pride Day Parade was… You have bad knees or legs or something… and you won’t be walking in the parade. Okay? I know that they can get you a red or pink wagon for you to ride along. How about it?

You better do it… or someone will think you are Homophobic or something.

Your wife could dye her hair Pink or something. These folks would love it.

Sorry… I was mixed up on that one… the Pink dye was for the Breast Cancer Awareness week. She could use the Rainbow dye at this one and another colour at the next one. Hope she is with you on this one.

Now when the Churchy Folk want you to take a stand on their issues, they certainly will be happy to have you in there for what they represent.

At the meeting I attended at the Royal Gardens it was shared that you are a faithful church member and that you sing in the Choir at your place of worship! Good for you.

You probably didn’t catch it… but I wrote about that meeting on October 15th. You can read it at

I refer back to the songs that you sang for the Seniors that day. They were excellent for the New Mayor in the city council.

“Just a Closer Walk with Thee” – one of the hymns that you sang – is super to keep the Faith in Politics. As a Minister I can’t tell you how good that is. It is also great one for the Parades that you will take part in.

“I’ll Fly Away” was another song that you sang at Royal Gardens with such gusto. That is a great old number from the church. As you know it refers to the potential Rapture that will take place for the Christians in this old world – when Jesus comes back to take us to Heaven. And if they don’t live long enough to get to the Rapture happening… they will get there when they die.

This song is totally a Christian song… along with the other one that you sang about “Ringing the Golden Bells” when we pass over to the other side to see our loved ones again.

One small problem is possible… the Islamic People and Hindu People and the Sikh People that live in our community, and some of them voted for you, think their religion is a little more right than ours as Christians. So you may have to take these certain ones off your singing list.

I think “Oh Canada” would be okay. The MC at the Royal Gardens meeting promised that you would be the first “Singing Mayor” in Peterborough. I hope you can sing at the Council Meetings… “Oh Canada” would work well – but you may need “I’ll Fly Away” or better yet when some of the Councillors swear at you (some have been known to cuss a whole lot) you could beller out “Just a Closer Walk with Thee granted Jesus is my plea…”

I will guarantee that will work better than the old Gavel! You will get their attention for sure.

As a Minister I have suffered for years from a “Leader’s Syndrome”. It happens after lengthy Board Meetings where everyone had a strong opinion. It happens after you have to do a Public Thing knowing that what you did was loved by some and hated by others. I nearly die the next day… cold sweats… shaky… loss of appetite… not sleeping well and a while lot of other stuff that takes place when the body is reacting to the deep emotions that you go through in Leadership.

That could happen after you either accept or reject an Invitation to Walk (or Ride) in a Parade. It may be hard to live through the next few days after you walk along (or Ride) with the Evangelical Christians down George Street from the City Hall. Some of the other groups aint gonna like it. The sweats will hit next morning at about 4 AM… when you think about that fact that those other groups will be protesting outside your office when you get there at 9 AM!

Oh my… my mind is rushing ahead of it all. Just thinking about the exciting things that you will do this next FOUR YEARS is too much fun.

I would suggest that you and Mayor Paul Ayotte get together and he can share how he handled some of the stuff that came his way as Mayor the last four years. He did pretty good at not ruffling too many feathers.

Yes, Yes… I know you will do it differently. You go for it. But there are some things that you will have to do differently just to keep everyone happy.

Four years from now when you are back walking the streets for more votes… you will know that you did well!

By the way… do the Gay Pride People know that you went from door to door walking all the way? You were walking when you came to my door… Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

PS - as the Mayor of Misty Hollow I certainly know what you will go through!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gaining Freedom From Snorters – Dealing with the contempt from People

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Today’s Blog Post

Gaining Freedom From Snorters – Dealing with the contempt from People

Yesterday in our church 9 People shared their stories of what they do in the community. It was amazing to hear all that is happening. Literally thousands of people are reached out to by the work of 9 people. And this was only 9 people that shared.

I was told by one of the leaders that this was done to help counteract a dismal feeling that some have had about what happens in our community from our church. Apparently some other churches tend to poo poo what happens at our church. Nice – eh? Sheesh.

I think that in a negative world that is constantly shoving rather negative stories at every one all the time… it is easy to become a pessimist. It is easy to adopt the lesser attitude… but in a way the lesser has become greater. There are at times, more negative people than positive people. It is like living under a great big cloud all the time.

I scan the News each day as I begin my world contacts. Some days it is better to read the reports after you get moving – than before. Some days you simply feel like getting back into bed after reading what the world has to offer that day.

How do you face a bleak world with a sense that things are better than they are being portrayed? How can you be positive in a negative world?

When it seems that all the people you talk to… all the thoughts that come your way are downers… WHAT DO YOU DO?

Personally I look back to what I know for sure. Not to what might happen.

I know that God has supported me well so far. I know that he has a plan for my life that is amazing… every indication that I have had so far is that has been true. Why would God quit on me?

Yesterday as I presented part of my story of how I have succeeded in what has happened in the last two years… I got some reaction for sure. Most was positive but one was enough to tip my boat a little.

Dear “Sister Snort” walked by and asked why I was there and why my photo was on a poster. I told her that was what I do know – and that is why I have my photo on the poster… She snorted and walked away. No further comment needed.

It was like she really can’t stand me and what I am as a person! Well maybe not that bad… but my imagination does terrible things to the possibilities in my life when people act weird like that. It is human.

I think terrible things about “Sister Snort”. I have witnessed her Snort or Grimace at something some one else has said in church. It is really too funny. Some day she will blow her brains out with the Snort I am afraid. My hope is that her contempt and snort at that minute will not be caused by me!

As I thought about her ability to bring my thoughts down, I thought of others that I am in contact with. They suffer far more than me.

A husband that I know is being abused by his wife. She is a real case to say the least. The worst part is she is portraying herself as a ‘royal princess’ in all things Christian. It is kind of funny really. She is committing adultery at the same time that she smacks her husband around with her words and actions – then writes and speaks about her wonderful Christian experience. No kidding!

I know another person that is being abused by his employer. The employer is not a good manager. He is evil. The job is a nightmare to work in. Yet the person that works there is treated with less respect than anyone I can imagine. The employees get snorts al the time!!!

The fact is that these two examples are ones that represent contempt… and snorting is the best they can offer the ones that they abuse.

On the side there are children involved and their lives are being hurt deeply with the actions of these “Snorters”.

The great danger for me is not that I will see Sister Snort coming my way. It is that I will start to Snort to when I see the old lady coming my way!

God help me to not snort… even by writing this idea out on paper. I do not want to snort when I hear the story! But I sure can.

If you are having problems with Snorters in your life… look up and beyond the attitude. These dear folk are not worth the air it takes to Snort.

So today I am looking for some freedom from Snorters!

Wahooo – I can see what is planned for me this day. and it is good.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wonder of Kenny and Helen’s wedding – God’s Wonderful Work

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Today’s Blog Post
The Wonder of Kenny and Helen’s wedding – God’s Wonderful Work

My mind is full this morning as I try to process the millions of stimuli that came my way in the last 24 hours. And actually most of the impressions were deeply imprinted from 11:00 AM through to 11:00 PM.

12 Hours of unbelievable celebrating with amazing young folk and some rocking adults, that love life.

It all started 8 years ago when Michelle and some of her friends started attending Northview Church each Sunday morning. Through this group of friends Kenny came to the church.

I didn’t know it at the time but the struggle with life in general was getting the best of him and his boat felt like it was sinking. In fact it had almost tipped over.

He was a young man all alone. His parents lived in China. Now he was studying at Trent University and it was an up hill battle.

Picture yourself leaving Canada, going to China, to a remote and small city … with no friends and your entire future and the family’s hopes and desires for their future depends on how well you do in studies. Mind you – remember that you are doing all your subjects in Chinese.

Got the picture? That is the one that Kenny was facing when he walked into church one morning.

A few Sunday’s after he started attending church I shook his hand at the front of the church. He looked at me intently and smiled a little nervous. His friend beside him told me, “Pastor, Kenny wants to know how to ask Jesus into his heart.”

What followed was gentle and quiet and yet may have well blown heaven apart. Kenny Zhong became a born again Christian. From that minute on he started to change and grow by leaps and bounds as a new Christian. He listened to every thing that I said with a deep yearning for more. Every time we were together he would have huge questions… that I delighted in finding an answer with him.

That all happened… 8 years ago.

In the work that I do there are rewards at times and at other times it just hurts too much to even talk about it.

When Kenny left our church to join another fellowship, because that was where everyone else was going… that hurt. I had him for about three years and did my best. Then Kenny left Canada. It was over – I thought.

Back in our church things weren’t going well. I don’t need to say more… except that it was hard. Older folks quizzed me as to why Kenny left our church. I had no answers. He had done so well… but I didn’t know.

Our church was to continue to go through some hard times and I think God took Kenny and the rest away from what Northview was going to go through. He didn’t want them to see what would happen next.

This past summer Kenny and Helen were at a BBQ that we attended. I thought that it was by accident that they had arrived to where we were.

Kenny introduced me to his beautiful Helen… and then before I could get a reading on what was happening… he popped the question… “Pastor Murray, Helen and I would like you to perform our marriage in October. Would you do that for us? You are my mentor and the one I look up to. I would like you to do this for us.”

Helen smiled broadly, Kenny looked at my face for a reaction… and I was trying to pick myself up off the floor.

I had no idea that I would ever see Kenny again… let alone at the BBQ! This was the last thing that I imagined would ever happen!

“Kenny and Helen, I am delighted to be asked… and am thrilled to be able to take part. YES! I will be there for you!!!” So the deal was done.

Yesterday it all happened. Pastor Murray Lincoln and Pastor Seung Jung performed the ceremony for a beautiful young couple with the huge potential.

At the reception in Markham Ontario, Kenny’s dad stood to thank everyone that had helped Kenny and his family. He told how proud he was of his son. He told us of some of the struggles Kenny had gone through but people in Peterborough had helped Kenny and his life had changed… he told us much… and thanked us all deeply. What a story!

Back up a little…
In the ceremony I had preached a short message about being faithful to each other… keeping Faith, Hope and Love alive… and the fact that as they were now Christians and getting married that they should not forget their heritage, their families and their parents.

As I spoke I looked up and Kenny was crying huge tears… they were rolling down his face… Helen looked at him and she was crying too… I handed Kenny a tissue.

Later, Kenny’s dad and Helen’s dad told me how much it meant to them to have me say these words. One of them said, “Now we know why Kenny respects you so much…”

I gulped when I heard that.

Last evening as the 12 course meal was almost done… the MC asked everyone to listen. Kenny was going to do something special for his new bride Helen. He took the Microphone and began to sing a song in Chinese and then later into English simply entitled, “I love you”. his beautiful Helen cried again.

Today I am still full. The 11th and 12th course are still hanging around some where just below my swallower!

My heart is rejoicing. The work that began that Sunday morning is still going on.

Kenny and Helen have bought a $450,000 home, a car and are doing very well.

I remember that special moment 8 years ago… when Kenny looked at me at the front of the church and said quietly, “Pastor Murray, I want you to pray for me that God will bless me, that I will do well in my studies and that God would lead me...”

I did and He has!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Double WOW of the International Wedding of today

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Today’s Blog Post
The Double WOW of the International Wedding of today

Today I am conducting a Truly International Wedding Ceremony.

Kenny is marrying Helen.

Kenny is from China. Helen is from Cambodia. The Minister helping me perform the wedding ceremony is from South Korea. My heritage is from England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. And all the guest fall into many categories from all over the world.

Kenny graduated from Trent University. Helen is about to graduate from Nursing in Toronto. Kenny went back to China and worked for a while after University. Then he returned to finally meet and fall inlove with Helen. Helen came to Canada with her family when she was a little girl from Cambodia.

We all met and WOW! The story is amazing.

Today we will eat the best food in the world! WOW! I am blessed to say the least.

Such a happy day – after last week and all our bad news!

But then… what Kenny’s dad and mom came through in China leading up to this point in time can hardly be told. The struggles of China were great. There family was to only have one child. They have two… and had to hide the other one in the rural area with a family member.

Helen’s parents remember well all the turmoil of Cambodia and the terrible years there… and the trip to Canada leaving much of it behind.

Today is a celebration with both families here to see their kids get married!

WOW! Gotta run and celebrate!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Friday, October 22, 2010

What about all the Victims of Russell Williams Crime?

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Today’s Blog Post

What about all the Victims of Russell Williams Crime?

“Tell me something happy! I am tired of unhappy! If they have Williams on TV again today – I am going to Scream!” said the Senior Man at the Wellness Centre this morning. He exercises with me each morning and he is now fed up with all the horrible news about Russell Williams!!!

“If I hear another thing about this Russell Williams… I have had enough!” the old lady stated quite bluntly. The old lady is my mother who lives with us.

She spends the better part of each day watching and listening to her TV. And her TV reports a huge amount about this terrible crime and the events that are happening in our area. This TV Station is one of the closer stations to the crime area. So they report about it a lot!

Yesterday in the Senior’s Group, that I run each Thursday afternoon, we talked about it with them. Many had questions that were excellent. Many were overwhelmed by all that was said so far and the dozens of reports they have encountered.

One article I read told of a short interview with folk that live in the community in Ottawa that Russell lived in. That community is in Ottawa.

Neighbours could hardly believe that such a nice man would do such a thing.

Others have had this reporting about their neighbour totally throw them into tail spins – it is just too much.

Stop… whoah… so you don’t want to hear any more! Wow! Too bad for you! You would like to be like everyone… just move on!!!

What about Russell Williams’ wife Mary Elizabeth? What about his family?

These victims of this crime are in horrible places for the rest of their lives!

Russell showed great concern for his wife when the police officer was at the point of discovery of his crime… in the police interrogation room. Russell loved his wife from all appearances and was concerned that he should make it easier on her!!!

It was reported by our different news media services that his wife visited him while he was in jail. “How awful for her to do that!” was one comment that I heard from a friend.

Why would she visit him? She loved him – maybe? Because you hate him… why should she?

Mary Elizabeth is a victim here as well. She will never be looked at again the same way as she was before you discovered what he did.

But then all the family members of the victims will not be the same again… and that is not just the murder victims’ families. That includes the 11, 12, and 13 year old girls’ families as well. Their homes and their daughter’s rooms were violated as well.

Can you imagine the filthy feelings that they each have now?

Would they ever be able to retrieve their underwear from the drawer in their rooms, without thinking that Russell had been there touching everything?

We as a public do not consider the Victims and their families… the horrific state of life changing affairs that have left them frightened and defiled. We get disgusted when another report comes on the news… but what about these folk?

Another Victim of a crime I know, her son had been murdered in our community a number of years ago, simply states that one of the hardest things she dealt with was the horrible way her old friends and one time acquaintances spoke to her…

“Get over it, let it go, we are tired of you talking about this all the time!”

“I don’t know what to do for you. Why don’t you leave me alone?!”

“Deal with it, let it go and move on…”

These are quotes from kind people in the community that Victims of Crime have heard over the years.

So you don’t want to hear any more. Too bad for you!!!

Normally when a man fights the case in court and drags it on and on… we can deal with the anger and hatred we generate… this time we could not hate long enough… now we can and will simmer and have to deal with it.

I am deeply moved by what this man Russell did. I am disgusted about the things he did. I am in revulsion to deepest point yet.

Yet I cannot lose my objectivity in the matter of how the Victim lives from now on. I cannot forget… even if it bugs you to no end.

I am thankful that the courts have dealt with this in the way that they did. Now we will not forget.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
SPECIAL NOTE: Please read the following links.. they are a start to understanding how sick this all is.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Russell Williams, the Sicko Murderer and Your “Mercy” – are things changing?

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Today’s Blog Post

Russell Williams, the Sicko Murderer and Your “Mercy” – are things changing?

Photos - Russell Williams in Two Different Uniforms - but the same man
The Star Newspaper reporter, Sandro Contenta and Jim Rankin wrote the following words on October 20, 2010... quote…
BELLEVILLE—“It takes hours, but Col. Russell Williams transforms from a calm, grinning base commander — chomping gum, his legs crossed — to a man who realizes his crime wave is no longer his secret alone.

“It’s hard to believe,” Williams, slouched forward in a chair in interview Room 216 at Ottawa Police Service headquarters, finally says aloud. He had told some lies already. The man across from him knows this.

“Why is that?” asks Jim Smyth, a detective sergeant with the OPP’s behavioural sciences unit.

A long pause — one of many — follows in a dramatic interrogation and confession video shown in court Wednesday at the sentencing hearing for Williams. He pleaded guilty this week to killing Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 38, and Jessica Lloyd, 27, confining and sexually assaulting two other women and to a string of fetish break-and-enters.

“It’s just hard to believe,” says the colonel, who was called to Ottawa police headquarters by Smyth on Feb. 7, 2010, a Sunday afternoon. He is wearing a blue striped shirt and blue jeans. During the interview he slowly realizes he is no longer in control of much, let alone CFB Trenton, the largest air force base in Canada.”
End quote…

Like every reporter and all of us readers, we are having a terrible time processing the unbelievable accounts coming from the court reporters of what Col Russell Williams did over the last few years. The Murders and Sexually related home break ins – are nightmares for all of us.
Who would have known?

The places that most of it took place in is not far from where we live.. a little less than an hour from us. So this is all very important to our public.

When the trial started, few of us understood what was about to happen to our minds and our lives with the reports. The revulsion that the public is having is overwhelming.

A twist that none of us knew about until very recently was the use of twitter – right there in the court. Unlike the Americans, south of us, that allow the TV broadcasts of their horror stories, we only allow thumbing… short bursts of info from someone listening to what is being said. This short burst has been constant – allowing a whole story to unravel right before the outside public.

The Local TV station here had their reporter in the court to hear what was taking place inside. Even before he was to report there was a warning that the report would or could be dangerous to people listening. Not just kids – but adults too.

Another reporter mentioned that even the reporters inside the court room were crying as they heard the evidence unfold and be read aloud. Hardened reporters that may have heard everything so far were actually crying from what they heard. Sick – very sick.

I have met some of the worst men in prison. When I meet them they are broken pieces of humanity. But there are some that I have never met, I only hear about them.

Paul Bernardo is one of these kinds. He is locked away deep inside of a Canadian Prison. He is in his cell for 23 ½ hours each day… and walks alone from other criminals – with his guard for one half hour outside of his cell. That will be for the rest of his life.

Soon Russell Williams will be sharing a room next door to Paul.

Why write about this in my Blog?

I am digesting what I have read and heard. It is more than I can take. I am like the rest of the Public. I am in total revulsion now. It is not like it was during the time that they tried Paul Bernardo. We have turned a new corner and entered a new way of thinking. We have a new revelation to depravity. We have seen the hidden sickness that only police and court usually views and we are sickened by it.

On mass the Canadian public has turned a corner and may never be the same.

No one has yet called for the Death Penalty to be returned to Canada’s arsenal of punishments. But my guess is that will be considered for men like Williams. This will likely happen as the public outcry for some form of justice takes place the way that it will shortly. We could well be the first country to at least think about it. Mark my words.

Right now our Public and our Government is fussing over whether or not these kinds of men should have their pensions stopped while they serve time in prison. We are also making huge changes to keep lesser criminals in prison longer – just because we think it will satisfy the public – the very conservative public.

What will happen when the very conservative public begins to cry for William’s blood for what he has done?

There will be a cry before long… as we finally sift through the horrible things that have happened.

Not only that, when Russell Williams tries to commit suicide, guards will be forced to keep him safe from harm, for fear that his potential death will get them in trouble. That is the way the system works… and must work.

But we will question why they have kept him alive – forever.

Canadian Public is like a huge cake that is baking now. It is not like it was when the raw ingredient was brought together… after the cooking or burning… it will have changed radically.

Should Russell Williams be shown “mercy”?

That answer will come from the hearts and minds of men and women like you and I – who have heard huge piles of stories and were in revulsion with what we heard.

Russell Williams has done something good for all of us. He helped us to see the deep sickness that exists and we knew nothing about it.

Off to the side…
I know some fellow ministers that are caught into a sick perversion. They love cross dressing. They wear women’s clothing below their Ministerial Frocks. Yep. It is real. They are into their own sick, fantasy world… becoming something they are not… or should not be… right in front of people that trust them.

This is a whole lot like Williams did.

I know of some other men also, not ministers, that do exactly the same thing… and have a major fetish about women’s undies.

I have felt for years that this sickness is very dangerous in that it progresses to new levels and always grows worse.

Now Russell has helped me prove one of my theories. These guys are always on the edge of getting worse.

I know a wife that has contacted me not long ago… telling me of her husband’s deep desire to wear women’s clothing below his normal male stuff. He knows she knows. I am wondering now if Russell’s example will get him to get help.

There is too much here to digest in one sitting. I can hardly cope.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

SPECIAL NOTE: Please read the following links.. they are a start to understanding how sick this all is.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My 800th Celebration – Wahoo!

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Today’s Blog Post

My 800th Celebration – Wahoo!

It happened quietly two days ago. No one even noticed – and even I missed it. I should have been doing cartwheels and shouting at the top of my lungs… but I kind of missed it.

So today I shout it out and with that comes a wee bit of bragging rights!

Two posts ago this Blog past the 800 mark – with the fact that I have just completed writing my 800th piece for the Blog.

The best part was taking a look this morning at the stats that have come along with this particular Blog.

Is it worth it? I think it is.. and that is what keeps me going!

41,983 folk have visited the Blog in its two years of running… and 484 have come just this week. Overall there has been 53,536 pages read, with the present stats showing an average of just over 100 folk per day dropping by.

If you have followed this Blog you will see that I write about some serious things, some things that bother me and many things that I find hilarious or perhaps ridiculous.

Checking the World Map and where the visitors are coming from has been fascinating. I include this to help you see the last 24 hours of visitors. The number on the left indicates the most recent person to visit – all the way down the 100 people ago – this is just the last 24 hours of visitors.  The number just to the right of the place indicates the Miles that the person is away from me now.

Canada 1,297
Unknown ?
United States 1,065
United States 1,065
Mexico 1,989
United Kingdom London, London, City of 3,479
United States Villa Park, Illinois 518
Canada Medicine Hat, Alberta 1,566
United States Mountain View, California 2,312
United States Mountain View, California 2,312
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada North Bay, Ontario 159
Unknown ?
Unknown ?
Canada Toronto, Ontario 70*
United States Mountain View, California 2,312
United States Leesport, Pennsylvania 282
Canada Whitby, Ontario 42*
United States West Palm Beach, Florida 1,216
Unknown ?
Malaysia Petaling Jaya, Wilayah Persekutuan 9,167
Canada Windsor, Ontario 275
Canada 1,297
Unknown ?
Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1,303
Canada 1,297
Unknown ?
Canada Waterloo, Ontario 126
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
United States 1,065
Unknown ?
United States Bowie, Maryland 367
Canada London, Ontario 174
United States Austin, Texas 1,434
Hungary Gyor 4,296
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada 1,297
Canada Bonnyville, Alberta 1,607
Canada Ottawa, Ontario 149
United States Jacksonville, Florida 977
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada Wallaceburg, Ontario 237
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada 1,297
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
United States Republic, Missouri 936
United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 329
Canada Port Colborne, Ontario 103
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada 1,297
Canada Toronto, Ontario 70*
United States Clovis, New Mexico 1,489
Canada Brampton, Ontario 85*
Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1,411
Canada Scarborough, Ontario 58*
Canada Ottawa, Ontario 149
United States 1,065
Canada Toronto, Ontario 70*
Canada Toronto, Ontario 70*
Unknown ?
United States Hickory, North Carolina 607
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada London, Ontario 174
Unknown ?
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada Ottawa, Ontario 149
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada London, Ontario 174
Canada Toronto, Ontario 70*
Canada 1,297
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
Canada 1,297
Unknown ?
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
United States 1,065
Unknown ?
United Kingdom 3,340
Germany Mlheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen 3,751
United Kingdom 3,340
United Kingdom 3,340
Japan Tokyo 6,425
United States Mountain View, California 2,312
United States 1,065
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
United States Los Angeles, California 2,235
Canada North Bay, Ontario 159
Canada Havelock, Ontario 24*
Unknown ?
United States Lafayette, Louisiana 1,225
Canada Lacombe, Alberta 1,709
Canada Peterborough, Ontario 11*
United States 1,065
United States Columbus, Ohio 379
United States Mountain View, California 2,312
United States Madison, Wisconsin 565

WOW! What a celebration!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Monday, October 18, 2010

“I will not yield to temptation, I will not yield, I will not – I…”

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Today’s Blog Post

“I will not yield to temptation, I will not yield, I will not – I…”
My resolve is almost destroyed! I hate this moment when what you promised yourself starts to shake from the inside out.

Some people call it temptation… which eventually leads to sin. Everyone knows what that is like I am sure!

A few years ago we said good bye to a wonderful friend. She simply slipped away and all of the years that we had enjoyed together stopped. She died. I remember that day clearly… as if it was just yesterday.

That was the day that Sparkle’s life ended. The Vet came to our house to help us put Sparkle down. The faithful little dog that we had for 16 years lay in my wife’s arms as she sat in the kitchen cradling her small body. Sparkle was a Bichon Frise.

I reached down just before Sparkle would go to sleep and smoothed her curly fur one more time. As I did that she closed her eyes in satisfaction with a slow blink, as if saying “Thank you..”, one more time.

The Vet gave her a small injection and Sparkle slowly relaxed in my wife’s arms. After a few moments she slowly stopped breathing and went limp in my wife’s arms. I had to leave the kitchen… I just couldn’t take it! I hate that part of having a PET… a dog that had hopped into our lives and made everything happy sixteen years before… and for everyday since that time had always been happy. Even when the rest of the humans in my life were pure and simple ornery to deal with… Sparkle stayed the same.

When I came home from a really rough meeting, when things hadn’t gone well at all… when I wanted to just quit… Sparkle would lick my hand and tell me that I was home.

Oh boy… do I remember what that was like! Only too well… only too well…

A few weeks ago our daughter Dana called, checking to see if we were ready to become Grandparents again. WHAT? You have got to be kidding!

“Dad, we are thinking of getting a puppy. We wanted to ask if you would be okay with that? We know that you would be involved taking care of it sometimes… The kids really want to get one. We wanted some input from Grandpa and Grandma. What do you think?”

Oh boy… don’t think about it! If they get a pup, it won’t change my life. It is not their problem. “It’s up to you Dana. We will help you if we can.”

A week or so went by. Grandpa and Grandma were invited to go with the Grandkids to see the puppies.

Darn! We went. The little beggars are just too cute. The small, wiggling and then sleeping Jack Russell Terriers cuddled up to the kids and snuggled into their arms… gulp.

Emma said, “Here grandpa, you hold one!”

“No Emma, I’ll watch you.” I responded.

There was one extra puppy without a home. Naw… we can’t do that!

When I dug Sparkle’s grave that day, I promised myself that I would not go through this again.

So within two weeks, my grandkids may take delivery of one beautiful little pup. It is amazing! And I heard that they are struggling with a decision now to take the brother as well. Sheesh!
Then I looked on the Internet and found Jack Russell Terrier pups and doggies and they are just too much…

I can’t go through that again… I just can’t… Hokey Mokey!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

This dog is fast
and another

Oh Boy…

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Message to The “funeral home” folk in Oakville, Ontario, the cemetery folk in Mississauga/Oakville – and the Two “Gentlemen” that stared at us

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Today’s Blog Post

A Message to The “funeral home” folk in Oakville, Ontario, the cemetery folk in Mississauga/Oakville – and the Two “Gentlemen” that stared at us

I am not sure where to begin this piece. Maybe I should just get to what has really bugged me for a long time… or maybe I should just point at the “two boneheads” that I watched yesterday. “Boneheads” is a mild term… there are other words that might better describe them… but I can’t use those words anymore… at least shouldn’t.

“Boneheads” is strong but compared to what they offered – it is mild.

I wanted to scream – “Back off you Boneheads!” Or I wanted to walk over to the men in charge and ask them kindly to get the Boneheads to walk away – make like they are not there.

Now to be careful I will switch to using the word “Gentlemen” for all that will read… especially the more sensitive ones of my audience that will already be freaking out with me even typing the other word!

In this particular situation I might have been able to get away with it… but if it was in our area, Peterborough in particular, I wouldn’t or couldn’t say anything. (I would get screwed by the local Cemetery company if I ever wanted to use the service again.) But it didn’t happen here… it was in Oakville, Ontario where these two “Gentlemen” showed their ability.

The setting…
My friend had passed away last week. Yesterday we travelled to Oakville for the service. It was wonderful! Everyone that took part did a wonderful job to honour him and to support his wife along with their kids. It was one of the best funerals that we have attended for a long time.

The graveside service followed the Family Reception with their friends. It was quite a distance to the Cemetery, so it was decided to have the reception first then complete the day with the graveside service.

Now I know my friend that died didn’t get flustered in situations like I do. I think that was one of his examples for me. For that reason it may be why I felt even more flustered, or frustrated by what happened – he was gone now!

I am sure now that you are ready to hear what took place. Right?

It was about 3:00 PM by the time we were able to get to the graveside. We were planning to leave the church by 1:00 pm for the 45 minute drive to the cemetery. That didn’t happen and instead with all the talk we left by about 2:00 PM.

Looking back now – that may be the reason for the “Boneheads” to react the way that they did. We messed up their coffee breaks by getting there at the WRONG TIME. Or maybe we just messed up their whole day by planning a funeral burial on a Friday afternoon! Or maybe still the “Boneheads” were just that – Boneheads! – Ooops – sorry that is “Gentlemen”.

The vehicles all pulled up to the graveside area… the cement vault was in place over the grave ready to receive the coffin. Behind it was the huge pile of dirt that had been extracted from the ground as the grave was dug. This huge pile indicated that there was likely enough to allow the Coffin to be the deepest in the grave, then later when his wife passes away, there will be room on top for her to rest with her husband. It is generally known as “Double Deep”.

Picture this… the vehicles were parked on the south side of the cemetery drive through. The grave was just south of the drive. The pile of dirt is on the south side of the grave. As they carried the casket to the grave top, the family gathered in close to the side of the coffin which is now just a few feet south of their feet. The officiating pastor then stood between the casket and the family to say the final words.

In normal situations the family is about to say goodbye to their loved one for the very last time. They are under a huge strain emotionally. Everything is about to end for good. Nothing makes this part easier – ever.

The pastor usually reads a few words of scripture. Then he will say a few more words and finally close in prayer. That is the normal Christian Funeral procedure.

As we stood there you could not help but notice the two “Boneheads” that were standing there staring at the family… just on the other side of the pile of dirt and to my right.

One of the Boneheads, a young lad, was dressed in his very large blue jeans, with his green T-Shirt… and work gloves. This was one heavy dude.

The second Bonehead, the older one, was dressed in his coveralls that were covered with dirt from heavy work. His sun glasses kept his eyes protected from all of us.

The younger one stood leaning on a stick he had in his hands. Very casual about it, as he stood staring at us on the other side of the pile of dirt. Ho hum! How boring.

The older one stood staring at us, like, “Hurry up you bunch of idiots, we need to fill the bloody hole and go home. Get your body in the ground and go home – you have inconvenienced me royally!”

After the pastor finished praying he told the Family that they could stay for a few minutes. It is very common to encourage the family to linger just a little more.

The two Boneheads stood and stared at us. If their looks were bullets we would be dead!

Regarding funerals and staff at the cemetery, they usually make themselves disappear until the service is over. This time blatantly it never happened.

The family left and my wife and I stayed on to talk to some that we had not seen for years. The closing took place with us standing there. No problem with me. Go for it.

The casket and vault had to be moved off the straps and the top of the grave. The back hoe went down again and again digging more dirt out with a half full shovel of water each time.

Ah ha! They had a problem. Maybe they were worried about a cave in with all of us standing there… these Boneheads were our saviours. Oh Wow! I never knew. Or maybe – they never got the information to dig the hole until too late to dig it deep enough!

(BTW – I have had two funerals in Peterborough where the communication was so bad at the graveyard the “Gentlemen” didn’t even dig the hole. No one knew we were coming! So leaving the body alone on the side of the road is kind of un-cool. I have seen it all!)

I have no idea of what was going on. But it was not good.

I tried to speak with the lady that was dressed in the dark suit that was standing beside me. I am pretty sure that she was the Cemetery Sales Rep that worked as an intermediate between Boneheads (Gentlemen) and Funeral Home people. That minimal talk ended with her asking me, “How long have you known the deceased.” I answered and that conversation was over.

Now I know that I have been way too hard on the “Gentlemen” in their working duds. I need to almost apologize to them for expecting too much.

Here is my suggestion for the Funeral home folk…
- We need to know of the potential problem at the Graveyard with the staff. How hard nosed are they going to be on a Friday? Maybe we can arrange for deaths to take place some other time?
- If there is a continuing problem, let the customer know so we can find an alternative. Cheap prices for cemetery fees are not worth having Boneheads glare at you.
- If the Boneheads are acting this disrespectful, walk over casually to them and ask them to leave the area for this very small part of time. Grief is real and doesn’t need Boneheads to make it worse.
- You know already, right after grief often comes anger. Some day one of us grieving family members are going to walk over and pop one of the Boneheads because we can’t stand the looks that they are giving us! My wife almost did that – believe me!

Here is my suggestion for the Cemetery people…
- If you are having issues with staff, let the pastor know, let the family know.
- If you know what the issues are ahead of time, come to one of us as ministers and explain that we need to leave the sight fairly quickly. We can help.
- If you want further business, and it is all about business, work with us – OR WE WILL NOT COME BACK!
- Empty graveyards are not something you folk are looking for in these days… but have this happen even once… and some “IDIOT” like me will tell the world on some stupid BLOG somewhere. At this point over 53,300 have read the pages so far.

Here is my suggestion for the potential Contractors that dig holes for people to put their dead people in…
- We may be slow and we may stand way too long for your liking.. but we are grieving and it takes time. Let us grieve… we will be gone before you know it.
- Try somehow to put yourself in the shoes of the person that just lost their dad… “How would you feel – if it was your dad… and some Bonehead stood staring you down? Would you like to drop him?”
- Sure, sure these stupid folks told you they would be there by 2:00 PM… yah you’re right again… can’t trust anyone with their stupid promises.
- Get another job… leave this lucrative job of digging holes for dead people. Get a real job digging up full cesspool tanks… muck around in the real world where you can control your time and don’t have to deal with these “idiots” any more.
- You have lost you compassion for which I am very sorry. Somehow I hope that you find it some where. The way you looked at us revealed the very soul of a person that needs help. Go find it some where.
- Finally, if Friday afternoons are a real problem for you to help anyone, book off sick on Thursday night – then we can get some one that will care.

For the family I am very sorry that you had to be stared at that way. It was hard enough saying goodbye to husband dad, without the help or lack of it from these “Gentlemen”.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Special Note: I have not mentioned the names of the Businesses involved but have sent them a personal note to present the suggestions I have made.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Peterborough Bandwagon – Meet Daryl Bennett – the Next Mayor of Peterborough

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Today’s Blog Post

The Peterborough Bandwagon – Meet Daryl Bennett – the Next Mayor of Peterborough

Yesterday I witnessed the true “Bandwagon” in full regalia in Peterborough, Ontario at Royal Gardens. You better believe it! It was something else.

Now unlike it being like Barnum, the great circus showman, it was only a local wanna be politician that wants to become our next mayor. Darryl Bennett brought a Bandwagon into Royal Gardens for the Seniors to see.

No, no, there was no real wagon.

As I searched more for info on the word “bandwagon” and the phrase “jump on the bandwagon” I found that it has come to relate to primarily all things political.

About Barnum it is noted… quote…
The word bandwagon was coined in the USA in the mid 19th century, simply as the name for the wagon that carried a circus band. Phineas T. Barnum, the great showman and circus owner, used the term in 1855 in his unambiguously named autobiography The Life of P.T. Barnum, Written by Himself, 1855:
"At Vicksburg we sold all our land conveyances excepting four horses and the 'band wagon'."
End quote.

In Wikipedia it states of the “bandwagon”… quote…
The bandwagon effect, also known as the "cromo effect" and closely related to opportunism, is a phenomenon—observed primarily within the fields of microeconomics, political science, and behaviorism—that people often do and believe things merely because many other people do and believe the same things. The effect is often called herd instinct, though strictly speaking, this effect is not a result of herd instinct. The bandwagon effect is the reason for the bandwagon fallacy's success.
End quote.

Hmmm? Daryl Bennett has done this in one classic way yesterday. I thought that this kind of thing might have stopped in the early 1900s or even maybe happening just in the USA. Nope it is in Peterborough too – in 2010.

We arrived at 2:00 PM for the regular program that we have with the small group of Seniors that meet each week at our New Friends group.

Daryl had beaten me there. He was there with a good old time band consisting of two guitars, a fiddle and a keyboard. Each of these instruments was played by an old guy, kind of the down home type.

The best I can describe it was a kind of Blue Grass, country, thigh slappin’ music which “ya haf ta stomp your foot to”.

The audience was considerably larger than last week. The seniors were there with their sons and daughters that were dragged in to make up and big audience of sorts. It was a sea of white hair connected somehow to their walkers and canes.

Now the program began with an old guy that was identified as a former Chaplain. He told everyone that Daryl was a good church goer and a member of the Marks Street United Church Choir, that he was going to be the next Mayor of Peterborough and that he was also going to be the First Singing Mayor of Peterborough.

No kidding! That part caught my attention! My immediate thought was, “This is going to be too good and am I ever glad we are here to watch this Bandwagon!”

Daryl’s campaign has a catch statement/phrase, “Leadership that Works”. As if the other Leadership or Present Leadership doesn’t work! Yikes!

Now Daryl lives up or acts out his catch phrase. He takes off his suit jacket and low and behold he has on black suspenders over his white shirt. Now this is a “workin man” – only he didn’t role up his sleeves… just looked like he might.

Now Daryl is a hard working business owner that has done well so they say. But I am pretty sure that Darryl has hired others that role up their sleeves to do the work.

Now compare this to last week and our meeting the Present Mayor of Peterborough, Paul Ayotte. Paul had the same brown suit that I have seen him in a dozen times. He was with his wife and sister – that’s it. No band or bandwagon. Paul spoke honestly and openly about what the city has done and is doing. He asked for support and then came to meet us all.

Daryl was different. Daryl can sing and did sing with the fellers that were doing the strummin and croonin. And my, my, the dude can sing a tune and hold one too. I found my toes a tappin and hand a slappin.

Now the bandwagon music had been specially chosen for the occasion. Some of the songs were “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, “I’ll fly away and “Ring those Golden Bells”(I think that was the name of it). All three refer to getting ready to leave this world. I think all three of these are sung or have been sung at funerals. Old favourites of the Old People present – but way too close to the day that many will have it sung over them! Yikes!

Hey but Daryl can sing and apparently loves the old Christian, thigh slappin, toe tappin kind of Southern Music.

I do not know how that will fit into the next City Council sessions where some the present collected politicians are kind of far from Hymn singin, thigh slappin, out and out Church Goers.

I don’t know how Daryl will fit into next year’s Gay Pride Parade… cause the people that attended this year were kind of NOT THAT KIND OF PEOPLE!

In fact Daryl may be a one of the good old boys… but not sure how that will work in city council. DUH!

At one moment yesterday I kind of thought maybe I was some where in the movie “Brother Where Art Thou” with the political meeting takin place… and people up thar a singin their little hearts out. Hokey Mokey.

Deep reflections are going on inside of me now. I am retired and looking to do more in the community. Maybe I could be Mayor too.

Next time around I could have my own band ready. I can’t sing worth a ding dong, but hey – who knows what I could try in a few years from now?

I have a gut base band – at least all the instruments… and I know some good old boys that could join me to do the strumming.


Now who the heck do you vote for?

~ Murray Lincoln ~