Saturday, April 30, 2011

Giants Steps for Old Men

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Today’s Blog Post
Giants Steps for Old Men

Have you ever felt that you have lost that spring in your step? The zip is gone and maybe you can’t step as lively as you could before – in that past that was called your youth?

My friends Winston and Terry are about the same as me in that regards. Winston has a cane and so does Terry. Both of these friends of mine are getting better wheel chairs to let them go further on their own.

Well have I found a product for you to consider. Phooey on the wheel chairs and the walkers. This simple mechanism so out strips those clumsy old Senior Apparatus that you will want these immediately!

The young guy’s photo at the top of this Blog is my grandson, Jonathan Rourke. And he is ready to go. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to see him fly through the air like a kangaroo, but this is enough to show me he can do it!

And if Jonathan can do it, so can Grandpa!

After all I am young at heart… and I can still walk without any assists. I can climb trees and use chain saws. I can even ride a bike and run a little.

But these things make it so much easier to do any of that. It puts the spring back in your step… and there are some days that I need that – big time!

From Powerisers’ Web Site they explain… quote…
“The PowerStrider Olympic, in super-strong, gloss-black steel, is the strongest jumping stilt on the market today. Many plastic components have been replaced by aluminum and/or steel, resulting in the lightest, strongest, and best performing stilt currently on the market. A great stilt for the professional daily performer and those enthusiasts who appreciate extra strength for an aggressive Bock.

Please choose your correct weight rating. If you are near the top of a weight rating, choose the next highest rating.

No need to buy the whole replacement foot-bars with this model. The rubber pads are completely replaceable - what an innovation!!! This feature alone can save you hundreds of dollars over other models.

Fully-adjustable knee bar.

Easy-release splitter for easy adjustment of knee bar. Just twist and lock. No more allen wrenches!

Cutting-edge spring technology: new model combines state-of-the-art polymers, including, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite to deliver a very light, strong, and extremely responsive spring.” ~ End Quote

Now the info I have gleaned so far tells me that I will possibly able to run at 22 mph and I could potentially jump up to 7 feet high!

Can you imagine???!

One small hiccup… the guy in the video said that you will fall over a lot… and he shows you how to get up…

So Winston and Terry are you ready to join me. It will make new men out of us all! I promise a spring in your step!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Friday, April 29, 2011

When Gentle Giants Fall

Misty Hollow Carving
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Today’s Blog Post

When Gentle Giants Fall

Yesterday I published my Blog early and then headed to the gym. After the gym time, it was coffee time. It looked like a great day.

But after 45 minutes of coffee time with some friends I came out to the vehicle to head home. That is when it hit me – this could be real dangerous! Sirens were starting to wail and you just knew something was not good for some one some where. A terrible storm was bearing down on our area and we were in for trouble.

When I arrived home our gentle giant of a tree was groaning under the huge blasts of wind that were tearing at its branches. The wind had to be at least 90 kms per hour – about 55 mph! Or maybe it was more.

I just got breakfast on the table and the power went out – poof! No more toast for mom but the coffee machine had just perked a pot! Hot coffee and cold cereal with bread… Oh boy are spoiled or what!

The small battery operated radio told stories of the downed trees and the power lines that were being pulled down with the weight of these monsters falling.

A drive around the city about two hours later showed what wind can do. Huge trees snapped like match sticks. They came crashing through other trees and taking whole sections of old and young growth out as they headed to the ground.
But what was most significant was the fact that most of these gentle giants, that had stood so long, were rotten inside. Disease had taken its toll in the inside and when the wind it all the strength was gone.

Gentle giants fall when they are no longer able to fight the things happening inside.

What a picture for the way we live! If the inside is kept in good shape, the outside can take anything… almost anything.

But when a Gentle Giant falls hundreds of little and much younger trees meet their end instantly.

How much this is like life.

As we drove around and photographed the trees that were down… there was a sadness in my thoughts. What a tragedy had taken place. Many of these trees had been standing for most of Peterborough’s lifetime. Some had started growing just after the First World War – now they were no more!

There is also another sadness in that I couldn’t bring some of them home to my driveway to carve.

The photos will help you see what our city is dealing with in some areas.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Michael Ignatieff and God and Getting’ Religion

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Today’s Blog Post

Michael Ignatieff and God and Getting’ Religion

Through out the present Election process, with our four or five political party leaders running to and from across our land, there has been more humour than this one writer can collect. I just don’t have enough days to write about it all! Too darn funny.

Now some of you reading this Blog know that I am a Minister, retired now, but still a Minister. I also am of the rather demonstrative types of Preachers, not quite as much that way as some of my southern Black Evangelist types are – but I can get excited when I believe in something.

Over the years I have watched the different Preachers let it fly. Some of them are most entertaining as they shout and holler and beller what has caught their little ole soul. Repetition and shoutin’ are favourite modes of gettin’ the point across… or maybe it is to just wake up your ole audience!

Now Black audiences particularly have responded in an unusual way… when the Ole Preacher bellers out his strong points… the audience cries back “AMEN AMEN – Preach it Brother!” The Preacher then bellers again and the audience shouts with all their might, “Don’t stop Brother, that’s right! Come on… Preach it Brother Preacher… AMEN AMEN!”

These words cannot tell you the amount of spittle that flies out of the Preacher’s mouth as his “Horse Lather” spills from his pores and he is “just a goin’ on and on and on!” My, it warms your soul to see a man catch a fire neath his breeches..! Amen, Amen!

I nearly died a few weeks ago when Michael Ignatieff got religion! Did you see it happen? Did you hear that man? Did you catch what he caught in his breeches?

“Rise Up!” “Rise Up!!” “I said RISE UP~!!!” Michael let it fly out over the faithful Liberal audience – again and again. Whoa! The Brother has caught religion! He is on fire… he is lighted up with da message… AMEN! AMEN!

Now the fact that Michael was ‘a preachin’ on or around Easter time… sheds a bit more light on what was happening at the rallies.

Jesus was crucified on a cross… then buried after he died… (when else would they bury him?)… then on the third day… are you ready for this….??? … God stepped forward and shouted… are you ready? “RISE UP!” “RISE UP!!!” “I Said RISE UP!” and that ole stone just popped its seal and rolled away… and Jesus Rose Up!!!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Somehow Michael caught the picture… got religion… was stirred deep down in his little ole Liberal soul… and he started to speak God’s words… “Rise up!” “Rise Up!”…

Amen! Amen!

But to be honest – the Microphones used by the reporters didn’t catch the Liberal Audience’s response. I couldn’t hear an Amen anywhere in the house. In fact they all sat there looking like a bunch of Poker Faced Presbyterians on a Sunday Morning. They aint used to their Boss Man getting’ that strange religion.

In fact most of the Liberals in the collected audience looked like a scared deer in the headlights, just before the big BLAM!

“Rise up!” “Rise Up!”…

Amen! Amen!

None of the Liberals heard it… but Jack Layton did… and he Rose Up!

Now relax… Christian Friend of mine… I AM NOT SAYING THAT JACK IS JESUS! The stone didn’t roll away and Jack wasn’t in the tomb! But Jack did rise up… and oh bless my soul – he is still arisin’!!!!

Right about now another cartoonist caught the picture as well when Donato drew this cartoon….Quote or show...(reference below)

I see the humour here… don’t you? Okay Okay… you are a straight laced, Presbyterian and you can’t laugh… or you are a Pentecostal that has forgotten to laugh… or you aint got religion and you are beside yourself holding your belly… as you roll with peals of laughter…

Come on at least smile… ! Jack is a Risen… and the others aint. It has brightened up the Bicker and Biting that has laid most of this election campaign out for all Canadians.

But hey… did you actually see the Liberal Miracle… Michael called out “Rise up – Rise up!” and Jean Chretien appeared on the scene and he was a preachin’ too. I saw it the other night! I saw it! I saw IT! I really did. The dead did come back to life again!

I can clearly conclude or delude myself into believin’ that Michael and God are close! I am not really sure what religion he is holding on to… but this dear man needs a miracle… Rise Up – Rise up!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Brighteners

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Today’s Blog Post

Day Brighteners
My friend Sharon sent these my way. I couldn’t resist republishing them today… it is perfect to lighten the load this morning. ~ ML


One day while he was at the track playing the ponies and all but losing his shirt, Mitch noticed a priest who stepped out onto the track and blessed the forehead of one of the horses lining up for the 4th race.

Lo and behold, that horse - a very long shot - won the race..

Before the next race, as the horses began lining up, Mitch watched with interest the old priest step onto the track. Sure enough, as the 5th race horses came to the starting gate the priest made a blessing on the forehead of one of the horses.

Mitch made a beeline for a betting window and placed a small bet on the horse. Again, even though it was another long shot, the horse the priest had blessed won the race.

Mitch collected his winnings, and anxiously waited to see which horse the priest would bless for the 6th race. The priest again blessed a horse.

Mitch bet big on it, and it won. Mitch was elated.. As the races continued the priest kept blessing long shot horses, and each one ended up coming in first.

By and by, Mitch was pulling in some serious money. By the last race, he knew his wildest dreams were going to come true. He made a quick dash to the ATM, withdrew all his savings, and awaited the priest's blessing that would tell him which horse to bet on.

True to his pattern, the priest stepped onto the track for the last race and blessed the forehead of an old nag that was the longest shot of the day.

Mitch also observed the priest blessing the eyes, ears, and hooves of the old nag. Mitch knew he had a winner and bet every cent he owned on the old nag.

He then watched dumbfounded as the old nag come in dead last. Mitch, in a state of shock, made his way down to the track area where the priest was.

Confronting the old priest he demanded, 'Father! What happened?

All day long you blessed horses and they all won. Then in the last race, the horse you blessed lost by a Kentucky mile. Now, thanks to you I've lost every cent of my savings -- all of it!'.

The priest nodded wisely and with sympathy.
'Son,' he said, 'that's the problem with you Protestants, you can't tell the difference between a simple blessing and last rites.'


The other stall:

Traveling down the interstate and needing to use the restroom,
I stopped at a rest area and headed to the restroom.

"Hi, how are you?"

I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom and I don't know what got into me...

But I answered, somewhat embarrassed,
"Doin' just fine!"

And the other person says:

"So what are you up to?"

What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say:

"Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!" ??

At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question.

"Can I come over?"

Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell them

"No..I'm a little busy right now!!!"

Then I hear the person say nervously...

"Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!!"

Cell phones, don't you just love 'em !

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcal Meningitis and Pigeons

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Today’s Blog Post

Histoplasmosis and Cryptococcal Meningitis and Pigeons
This morning early I read the account of Erica Richards, the 23 year old in New Brunswick, that is very sick because of an act of kindness on her part. Michael Staples wrote about her plight.

Erica Richards now has cryptococcal meningitis, a fungal disease carried in the feces of pigeons. She contracted this disease in January of this year while feeding pigeons in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Michael Staples wrote, quote, "The debilitating illness attacks the spine and the brain, causing severe swelling. It left her confined to a hospital bed in a state of delirium for weeks.

But the most devastating consequence of the sickness is that Richards is now blind." Ends quote.

What a terrible thing to happen! Erica wants everyone to know how terrible it is and warns them about the potential danger also.

In three short months her vibrant life has disappeared and she is now fighting for what she has left.

In our City and the City of Toronto, we see Pigeons – by the Billions or is that Trillions?

Not long ago we were eating in a Restaurant in Toronto. It was cute to watch the hungry Pigeons descend in a cloud just outside the restaurant entrance. The man next door was throwing out seed for the Pigeons to eat. Whole handfuls of grain brought enough Pigeons to eat a bucket full of seed.

Every time the Pigeons went to flight there was a gush of wind near their wings and around the rising flock… and in that gush of wind was all kinds of dust… with who knows what is in the dust.

Erica unfortunately found out the hard way… and now she is seriously sick and cannot see again.

This is close to home for me. My dad was very sick as a boy. He was staying at his Grandpa Phillips home in Illinois when he was a boy. While there he was given the job to look after the aviary, which included chickens and pigeons. He become ill and then got better.

Later on when they X-Rayed his chest he was found to have huge scars around his lungs. The suspicions were that he had TB. For that reason all of us in our family were checked each year for the that dreaded TB… because my Dad likely had it… so we might be carriers as well.

Late in his 50s my father studied and then flew for his Private Pilots license. The physical at that time discovered that he had “histoplasmosis” earlier in his life – not TB. That left the scars on his lungs… and subjected all his family to TB tests – because of fear.

When you read of the two diseases, they are much the same.

Erica’s story and my Dad’s story are very much the same. My Dad survived and Erica may not… but if she does she definitely will be living an altered life style.

When World War II came along, my Dad signed up along with his friends. When the medical check-ups took place they discovered the scars on his lungs – indicating that he was less than perfect as a man. He was rejected as a potential soldier… and couldn’t fight along with and die with other men in that horrible war. Instead he fathered me…

Erica’s account of this terrible disease that lingers just around a group of flying Pigeons… has altered her whole life…

I have given this some serious thought… and see now how one small bug could have easily stopped any possibility for me to be me. That shook me more than a little!

Today I am thinking about Erica, about Pigeons and about my Dad.

I am blessed… and very fortunate that the order of things in the past… made a difference…

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Monday, April 25, 2011

“Go Jack Go! I like Jack Layton!”

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Today’s Blog Post

“Go Jack Go! I like Jack Layton!”
It has been so hard not to comment on the Political Beings that are running around the country right now. You know there are Human Beings and then there are Political Beings. Human Beings are normal people and Political Beings are not so normal….

Canadian Human Beings are going about their ordinary lives each day. Political Beings kind of do different things and worry about different things than we do.

But that is not what needs to be seen today.

This past week the reports are out that the NDP and their leader Jack Layton are zooming ahead of the Liberals.

According to an Ipsos Reid Poll done and published on Thursday April 21, 2011, just before the weekend, the Conservatives are cruising to Victory with 43% support, the NDP are at 24% and Liberals 21%.

Who would have ever thought that the NDP would shoot to the top? This happened in Quebec in particular and then is also taking place in other parts of the country. Jack Layton is likely going to be moving from his Granny Flat in Ottawa – and into the official residence of the Opposition. Michael could be looking for a new place to live.

It is at times like this that the Electioneering in Canada gets more interesting. The drag down and knock out blows that the Liberals and Conservatives have been hitting each other with… have left the Third Guy loose to do great damage to the whole mix.

What? What happened? Where did Jackie come from?

The Liberals and the Conservative diggers were looking for bad stuff about whatever Political Being in the other party they could get.

You know… that person wrote something about abortion six or eight years ago… so they must be weird.. don’t vote for them. That person over there has an Uncle that was crooked – so he must be crooked too. The other guy made a speech and said some things that were way out there… and reporting what he said will destroy him – for sure – so get it on the news report NOW!

All the mutter of Political Beings… yikes!

But now there is a fresh look… what if Jackie is going to come up from the rear and then pass the second runner? Wow – now that could be interesting!

Wouldn’t it be fun to vote for an NDP candidate locally – just to stick it to the other guys that have acted the way they have?

Whether I actually think that way or not – I think that there are about 12% of our population that is not showing in the three main party “Percentages” (which total 88%) that could flip over to the NDP… making their total a whopping 47%!

Duh 47% is bigger than 43%!!!! And away more than 21%...!

And knowing how some folk will flip flop in their decision making at the last minute… more than 12% could go this way.

It has been said that the NDP are an Orange colour of the Red Liberal… and are much like the Liberal mindset.. only kinder. Maybe turned off Liberals will go Orange too?

At this stage in 2011 I think it is possible to see the NDP and Jack Layton making a move soon.

And you know the part that is so amazing about this guy… he hasn’t attacked anyone… but rather just kept on trucking ahead.

“I like Jack.” I think that is the call that is going out now across Canada in a simple Canadian way. “I like Jack!”

And I think that two major Political Beings are going to be wondering where that come from.

These top two of yesterday have beaten each other up over and over again. They have spent millions on letting us know how bad they each are.

Jack didn’t do that.

Now Canadians are beginning to believe that the top two are really bad – because they themselves have convinced us.

But Jack isn’t that bad – nobody has said anything bad about him. Everybody loves Jack… even Quebecers love Jack… and are turning against the Bloc. And if you live in Western Canada… anyone that will be able to deal with Quebecers in a better way… will have their vote.

When Big Michael I. started warning people against even considering Jack, I laughed…. It was because Jack was so new and not experienced. He used other words than that… and simply stated… “I am better than Jack… you should trust me more!” (my words here)

NDP’s roots are in the CCF party out of Saskatchewan from what I remember. No one knows about CCF anymore.

But they came into being as Political Beings – only very little guys in the southern part of a non descript Province that didn’t really have much at the time but wheat. They were used and abused by Liberals and Conservatives for a long time.

CCF stated that they could help the local folk be heard. The local folk believed them and they were elected.

Tommy Douglas was one of its leaders. Imagine a Baptist Minister standing up to Political Beings and winning!

“I like Tommy”, was said a long time ago too.

As I begin my watching again this week… I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next poll to show me what is happening to Jack.

This week Stephen and Michael will begin exposing Jack for what he is. Jack is a problem in the right and left side of these Political Beings. This is going to be more fun than the Hockey Night in Canada that is never gong to be over.

BTW – We will still be watching Hockey until the first harvest of Strawberries!

“I like Jack.” And in my case… it is coming from the tearing down and ripping up that the other two have done so well. Negative ads are going to help Jack… Go Jack Go! “I like Jack!”

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rise and Shine Sunday

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Today’s Blog Post

Rise and Shine Sunday
"It is time to Rise and Shine!" Jesus said as he walked out of that grave. Thus began our Easter Sunday Tradition. So that is what I intend to do - this is My Day and I can't wait to meet it!!

This is my statement and thought today. I have an opportunity to make a difference for myself, my family and my friends. I can also easily reach out and touch another life today. Whether that happens in some simple way… or a complicated way… I have an opportunity and I will take it. It is mine!

It did start that day when Jesus had the stone rolled away from that grave he was buried in. No other religious leader in all of history ever performed a task like that. Some thought it was a trick… but I think – if it was – it was the best one ever tried… and it was the only one ever tried.

Because of a real difference that Jesus made in my life, I am free to say and do what I do. Not even my worst critic can shut down what I have experienced and have come to know. This new Life that I live is REAL! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today I shine.

Now there will likely be someone or something that will come along and try to make what I am living pure Hell… but that will only happen if I let them do that. (Being retired pretty much allows you to step away from people who dump on you…!)

Last evening we had a short visitor come to our house. I had called and told her dad that I had something special for her. Her name is Lina, my beautiful young, Korean Granddaughter.

We had been sorting through our old books(treasures) with our basement renovations. We had pulled out our two daughter’s old books and put them in boxes for Lina.

When Lina saw the boxes full of books she beamed from ear to ear! What a gift to bless Lina with.

She pulled out one of the books and read the cover and then said, “Hey mommy I can read this!”

I giggled inside and out when she smiled at me. I have blessed her… and she blesses me.

No old and miserable person can take that away. I am blessed and know it!!!!

Today is Easter Sunday… and I remember what Jesus did for me. It is Rise and Shine Sunday – and I love it!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Highway Robbery

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Today’s Blog Post

Highway Robbery

Take a good look at the “Easter Thingie”. It is something that I designed for a Tatting Challenge that I take part in at different times of the year. Simple, isn’t he?
Well it cost a mere $1.29 or so for the little wooden egg. I then painted him black. No cost there in that I already had the paint.

Next I designed the Tatting for his eyes, mouth, lace surround, and the ears. I had the thread already and made up the design as I went a long. No cost there.

But then I had to ship it to my friend. It wasn’t going to Hong Kong nor to Russia… not even Australia. It was going to go a short distance to Kitchener, Ontario… that is about as far from Toronto as we are… maybe a three hour drive from our home.

At the post office I found what my simple little tatted gift was going to be charged to travel to Kitchener.

First the bubble pack – it cost $1.39

Then the Regular Parcel fee for mailing it was $7.93

There was no HST added yet.

There also was no HST added to the amount for Delivery confirmation – because I didn’t want that… but if I had asked for that service there would be a tax on it… with no real promise that it would get there on time – but they would tell me it arrived. DUH! So would the person that received it~!!!!!

The receipt is 14 inches long BTW.

The next item as I read it nearly blew me away…

Are you ready for the ultimate STUPID CHARGE – and it is STUPID… unfair and unrealistic!

There it is 67 CENTS for a Fuel Charge! And it indicates that there is HST to be added to that amount as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid – Unfair – Ridiculous – Insane – plus a lot of &^%$#$% ^(*&!@#^&% and $&*(^*()&^^*!!!!!

The total of these amounts listed came to $9.99 but then you needed to pay the $1.30 HST.


Total was $11.29 to get it to the place I wanted it to go.

I work with many criminal in jail and out of jail. But I have yet to work with Postal Workers or Postal Authorities – where the biggest crooks work out of.

Now it makes little difference for people in other parts of Canada… but in Peterborough it is something that we are more than aware of… changes have been made – really STUPID Changes!!!

Not long ago we were informed that all our mail that is placed in a Mail Box – no matter where it goes… it leaves that Mail Box for a truck that takes it all to Ottawa… where it is sorted… then it is trucked back to the city where it is suppose to go. Like Peterborough for example will get it later after it has gone to Ottawa!

Back at the Post Office the gal had to weigh the wooden egg, measure the package, and then punch it all into the computer… so she could see how much the fuel charge would be.

Now I am not really a tight wad. I don’t mind paying my way. But I HATE BEING TAKEN FOR AN IDIOT!

There is no blasted way that egg would use 67 Cents in fuel – that is one half a litre!

But it gets better…
My friend and her husband are getting ready to got to visit relatives in Scotland in the next few weeks. There was a seat sale – amazing simply amazing!

The tickets cost only $199 each – one way. That is only $398 dollars a person to Scotland and back!!!

But guess what!

With all the taxes, fuel charges and added Government tack-ons – the Tickets are now $898 each! That’s right! You read that correctly. The Taxes are $500 each – or a $1000 for the couple!

I just found out that there are more crooks in the Government than there are in our Federal Prisons! There are only 14,000 Federal Inmates… but there are maybe a Quarter Million Government Civil Servants… or more!

And this present election big is simply driving me crazy. I am being asked to see which local crook is the best one for me to place in that big building in Ottawa. That is so unfair!

67 Bloody Cents for one egg!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Good Friday

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Today’s Blog Post

Today is Good Friday
Today is “Good Friday” in our Christian world. Christians all over the world will pause at one point today and remember what happened 2000 year ago in Israel, near Jerusalem, on a Hill called Golgotha. Jesus died that day with very few of his followers standing near by. The people nearby were mostly his family and a few of his close friends.

The execution had nothing to do with the Arabic People… but all to do with the Ruling Jews at the time as they manipulated the Representatives of the Roman Empire.

They executed Jesus because he was seemingly in opposition to what they were doing. Jesus was for honesty and truthfulness – and they were not so much for that. The original teaching that they possessed had been handed down from the patriarch Moses and all the leaders before them were not followed much at the time.

Jesus’ way of telling them and exposing them for what they had become, made them mad. They were so mad they were willing to take to take out the opposition to their deceitfulness.

It was a Dark Day in the World at that time. It is hard to see how it was a “Good Friday” on that terrible day. One Man murdered/executed because many men hated him.

But he wasn’t just a man. Christians see Him as the very Son of God. Through the many accounts and the teachings that we hold today we see Him as the Saviour.

No He didn’t save the people of His day from the Great Roman Empire. But rather the entire world and the people that would live after that time – from their sins... all of them. He became the Way, the Truth and the Life for all that would follow him.

I am a Christian. I follow Jesus. I try my best to live by his teachings. I believe that He has taken my sin away up to this point and that He continues to work in my life, cleansing and preparing me for better things.

I am still very human with the ability to fail in many ways. And I do – only too often. But the tremendous fact is that He never leaves me nor does He stop caring for me. Jesus is closer today to me than He was yesterday. It is all about a relationship that is real.

On this Blog I try not to be “preachy” or pound home my opinion about my faith. Instead I try to live it out in front of my world and my readers. For 35 years as a full time Minister I worked diligently at helping Christians to live their lives in a Christ like manner before their friends and neighbors. Now as a “normal” Christian, as opposed to a “professional” (i.e. Minister in a Church getting paid to be one) – I simply live it out daily.

Today I remember Jesus and what He did that day and what they did to Him.

And I say in a simple prayer today, “Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to die on that Cross for my sins… and the sins of all my friends in this world… and all the ones that are not my friends. Jesus – some may be reading about You for the very first time through this Blog Posting. My hope is that they find Your love as well and the forgiveness that they need so much of… Thanks Jesus for Your love for me…. Your friend, Murray.”

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My new friend at the Mall

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Today’s Blog Post

My new friend at the Mall
He was bigger than most folk nearby him. His eyes were red. And he sat quietly near the door. I felt for him. A big, kind, gentle, and might I say… even lovable guy… was the best way that I could describe him.

I had wanted to invite him to come in my vehicle with me… but some how I knew it wouldn’t work… I had not asked my wife if I could bring a stranger home… and that isn’t cool in our family.

Worse yet I am not in the habit of bringing complete strangers home either. It would break my own value and ethic that I have held close to me all these years. I will help strangers but when it comes to letting them into our home… it is a little over the edge.

But this person might have been an exception. I could love this guy – easily.

Who is he?

Well he is a Neapolitan Massive – grey or charcoal in colour. He is about 4 years old and weighs 208 pounds.

Here is a photo that I clicked on my way out of the Mall yesterday.

(check out the size of the feet of the person standing behind him)

One of the more unattractive things about him is the long drool that hung from his massive lips.

As I touched him he looked at me and kind of grinned, if that is possible with such a big animal?

I know one thing for sure – feeding him would be something else!

I don’t know his name. He wouldn’t answer me when I asked.

Now I know I would like to get one.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you imagine – waiting six weeks for a Return Letter with an answer?

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Today’s Blog Post

Can you imagine – waiting six weeks for a Return Letter with an answer?
Do you remember a time that you didn’t have a computer?

Do you remember a time when you used a pad of paper and you wrote ideas down, crossed them off and wrote them again?

As we have been sorting through mountains of old books and information in our basement, cleaning up and throwing out old stuff… I came across the material from the Pre-Computer Days. WOW!

I had actually written, by hand, ideas and possibilities that I was using at the time. Talk about the old days!

I came across old material that I was involved in creating when I worked in Hong Kong. I looked at the one illustration that I created for a very special project.

I had drawn the illustration, then with great effort assembled all my things for a complete day away from my office and home. I walked down the hill from our home and climbed on the Subway System. I traveled down the full length of the Kowloon Peninsula and then the train went under the Hong Kong Harbour, through the massive tunnel. From there I transferred to a bus which took me the full length of the Hong Kong Island. I then walked up the streets three blocks to the Asian Outreach Office. There I delivered the illustration that would be placed into the publication.

Today I would have scanned it and then emailed my friend in the office with an attachment. Two clicks and it would have been there. Instead I traveled 2 hours or so to hand deliver it.

I looked through another magazine that I illustrated. The one illustration took four days to do. A drive of 30 miles and a well coordinated drop off at the Toronto Airport when I was leaving for Vancouver and the pick up was arriving from the Maritimes.

Again an email with an attachment is so much easier.

A Blog or a Web Page or any other method to communicate ideas was unheard of. Today with these new tools – I connect with thousands upon thousands with one click.

I am very old now. Remembering back to the days of sending off a letter and then waiting six weeks for a vital answer… is just so old!

Off to the Gym and then off to the Tatting Demo this AM…. Gotta run and connect with people.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Legal Addictions

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Today’s Blog Post

My Legal Addictions

Warning Warning Warning – this could be dangerous to your health

Okay. Okay. I know I shouldn’t do it… but it is way too much fun. I can sneak away for a little peak now and again and no one will ever know. I know that it is not good for me… I know that some will think I am crazy for taking the time away from really important things that I need to do… but I j-u-s-t h-a-v-e to d-o i-t!

Now that I have some of your attention.. you will be ready for my revelation. Right?

First let me say that you are likely more guilty than I am and I am ready to prove that true. Only people like my friend Winston is not as bad as I am… because of one simple reason… he has “dial up” and no high speed where he is. He lives in the boonies – so to speak – and doesn’t have the DSL or High Speed Internet Connections.

So that gave you one clue… right?

Well how about another? It is about Babies and Dogs and Cats and stupid people and sane people too… but it has variety and it has humor and it has some serious things too. In fact there isn’t much that it doesn’t have.

Recently when I wanted to change a part on my car I went to this are and took a look at someone and how they did it.

Aha another clue…!

It is on the Internet and it is one of many. Does that help you?

Well in my case it is the YouTube Video site.

Oh my goodness what an addiction. In just a few minutes before dinner or lunch or even breakfast you can find whatever you want to see.

Talk about a Channel Surfer’s delight! One click and you are some where in the world watching some one do something. Another click and you are on the other side of the world.

And best yet… half of my emails are filled with Links from other people telling me what they have found. And Facebook is another whole source of fun stuff! My almost 900 friends send me oodles of goodies this way.

How bad is your addiction? Did you know that you can figure that apart out? And more importantly YouTube remembers what you have watched… and comes up with new suggestions for you to watch… and things that you might like to see based on what you looked at already.

Here goes… I have watched 71,121 videos so far since connecting to YouTube. There it is out. I have viewed 1,670 channels that I followed. I have 54 videos that I have posted personally… and 22 people follow what I put up there. That last number is not big, but may well be because of a crazy train video that I shot in Ottawa one day – that now has over 10,166 views as of now….!

Now if you want to see what your husband or wife watches take a close look at the suggestions for new videos. It could be revealing.

Here is a list of some my favorites that I have found recently…
Roller Coaster accident

Baby coming down the stairs

Laughing Babies

Twins talking to each other

A parody of above

Old Lady videos

Old Spice Man videos

Odor Blocker videos

Sheesh I gotta stop…!

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Monday, April 18, 2011

The 5 Steps to Completing My Project

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Today’s Blog Post

The 5 Steps to Completing My Project
Axa wrote…quote..
I realized something important. Each new skill, new technology tanulásánál first comes the "suffering" phase. If you manage to get through this, and not félbehagyni not give up any excuse you can come to "get it now" phase, from then on reduce the errors. Then comes the "fun" stage. Then, if you take too long to do it, comes the "tired" phase, which is preventable, if people are doing multiple things simultaneously, and stop at certain points, and then continue later. Finally, the first tüllcsipkém done, surely I will have tüllcsipkét create an uplifting feeling was that re-emerged: the persistence of the most important ingredient for success. End quote.

Axa is a new friend from Budapest, Hungary. Axa is a Lace Maker as well. She does Tatting as well as other Lace Types. Her Blog address is listed in my Resource section of this posting or you can Click Here to go to her site.

As I read Axa’s word about her project, her words of wisdom perfectly summed up what I have been going through in the last month. These words actually apply to many areas of my life.

I will pluck from what Axa wrote in Hungarian and what the Google translator offered…

5 Stages to Success
Suffering Stage
Get it now Stage – it is now possible to reduce the errors
Fun Stage
Tired Stage
Up Lifting Stage – or Victory Stage

Axa was referring to Lace making, and probably Tatting. But this description of the 5 Stages is applicable to any area that I work in.
I want to illustrate it with the Tatting that I do as well.

In about 1977 I had the opportunity to meet me Great Aunt Clara in a Senior’s Home in Des Moines, Iowa. Aunt Clara was my Grandma Lenore Lincoln’s younger sister.

Aunt Clara was sitting on the edge of her bed Tatting. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that I should know what it was because, “Your Grandma knew how to do this and was the best Tatter in the World!”

Aunt Clara laughed when I asked her if she would teach me how to do Tatting. She said, “I haven’t got enough time to teach YOU how!” I was a little stunned with her comment and thought about it later. I thought that she meant she wouldn’t be alive long enough to teach me… possibly meaning that it took a long time to get good at it. Hmmm? But she also likely meant that trying to Tat in one short visit would not be something she could try. I was to visit her about one hour before her dinner time… and that wouldn’t give her enough time to do it well.

In actual fact both possible meanings to what she said were almost true. She likely could not have taught me… as my method of learning is different than many others. I must do something over and over again… then I get it. And I also need a little more than an hour to get it and really understand it.

I left her room that day and vowed that I would be come a Tatter!

I bought the ball of Tatting thread and a shuttle, a book and a pattern that looked like it would be pretty when I was done. I was ready before I left Des Moines that day. I climbed on to the airplane and flew to the next destination which was Chicago. My final stop was Toronto. By the time I had waited in the airports and sat on the planes I had mastered the first knotting in Tatting and had made a whole bunch of rings and a few chains.

Aunt Clara was right – it took more than an hour. But the other possible meaning to her statement was not so true. I had mastered the basics fairly quickly.

But there was far more to come… and Axa’s description of the 5 Steps were more than true for me.

Recently as we took on the project to renovate the basement the 5 Steps are happening again.

The Suffering Stage, Get it now Stage, Fun Stage, Tired Stage, and the Up Lifting Stage – or Victory Stage!

There were times that I doubted this would ever get done. But as of last evening we can see the possibilities!


When I think back however it has not always been this good. I have stopped a lot of jobs at the Suffering Stage. Or maybe you stalled at the Tired Stage?

How about you? Have you looked over the tasks that you never finished? How about the Started but Stalled project in the corner of your basement?

You may be ready to through it out soon? But what about taking it up again and going for the Victory Stage?

Thanks to Axa I will give it another try today…

~ Murray Lincoln ~  


Sunday, April 17, 2011


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Today’s Blog Post

So what are your election issues?

In Canada our different Political Leaders are telling me what they will do if they are elected to the Government of Canada. They are making promises that are far and wide… and if they are kept they will cost me a bundle in more taxes.

How do I know? Well it is simple. In my family I can promise my wife that I will take her to the Caribbean this next year for a trip of a life time. We will be there for three moths, all expenses paid and we can do anything we like!

Sounds good doesn’t it. I just bet she will love me even more than she does now if I give her all that! Right?

BUT who is going to pay for it? After the trip is over who will be able to pay off a three month holiday with all expenses paid while on the holiday?

I can guess accurately now… I will… or rather WE WILL! The wonderful trip that she will be taking with me, the one that will get her hopes up and her imagination running wild… will be coming out of our future pocket book… and our house equity and our future shriveling pension!

DUH! Does the politician think that I am dumb or something – what they promise I will pay!?

It is like “Come one out for dinner with me tonight… I know this wonderful restaurant… it is super!” We get there and I will have you pay… because I forgot my wallet… or think that because you had so much fun… you will be delighted to pay.

My needs are simple now…
* My house taxes are rising way faster than my income… which is not going to rise at all…
* My cost for home heating is about to gallop upward again… and my income isn’t…
* My electrical costs are about to sky rocket as well… all the time the heads of the electrical services are being paid obscene salaries!!!
* The price of gasoline at the Fuel Pumps is now over $1.32 a litre locally… and going higher… I will be walking to my doctor’s appointments… and if the ambulance comes I will not be able to pay the Ambulance Bill after I get home…

Now that is a fairly simple list if you ask me. But no politician seem to give a Ding Dong about my problems. They want me to think that what they are promising to do after elected is going to help… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

One good thing is that being older now… I can bet on one thing… I may die soon… then I will not have to worry. And if I obsess too much about it I may die sooner with a gasket blown.

The only problem is that there will be one less tax payer… one is not a problem for them.

Some how I need to let some one know that if they want my vote... they need me to be alive and well… having enough money to live on so I can pay the crazy bills that are coming my way.

The $1.32 a litre could be about 65 Cents if they took off the Tax at the Pump.

And in the other areas of my concern there are dozens of hidden taxes.

Last night I bought one more litre of latex paint. They slapped another environmental tax on that can… on top of the GST – PST which is now the HST.

I do have one idea that every politician should consider. It will work. Every party would be completely in favour I am sure.

It is the TIA Tax. Plain and simple.. and very easy to work.

TIA stands for TAKE IT ALL.

That is my Sunday Morning bit of Inspiration for everyone.

TIA will be easier than this one bite at a time until there is nothing left.

Then with TIA – they can PIA!!!!

PIA is Pay It All.

Right now they are promising with these election promises that they are going to do just that. So we can deduce from that they will actually be doing just that Taking It All – in order to pay it all!

I am proposing one further thing… DVFI.

What is DVFI? Well that is simple. DON’T VOTE FOR IDIOTS!

There I feel better. I have poured it all out… let it all fly. Now they can come back to me with the Democratic Guilt trip… you know, “There are lot of people in the middle east that would love to be able to vote!”

Sure… sure… and I believed my parents when I was little… “Clean up you plate… eat it all… remember the starving children in China!”

I ate it all and kept eating it all until I have a weight problem.

I lived in China and the kids eat okay.

I vote in Canada … and I still see stupidity at very important levels of my leadership of the Government!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

“NEXT” is way better than what “USED TO BE”!!!!

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Today’s Blog Post

“NEXT” is way better than what “USED TO BE”!!!!

What a week this has been! Whew! I kind of wonder what happened at times in that so much has happened. Wow!

If I start last week on the Saturday morning and the whole day at the Fibre Festival, no wonder it seems so full. I think I met close to 100 people last Saturday – that would be a conservative guesstimate.

We had a full day on Sunday as we took part in the church service at Marmora… then home for more work in Peterborough.

Monday was plugged full as well as Tuesday

Then Wednesday was another full day of demonstrations at the Peterborough Square… Thursday was full and so was Friday.

In each of the pockets of time at home I worked on our Basement Renovations. We are about 50% done now with the major part of the area complete. This has meant more trips to Home Depot – over and over again. Thank goodness that it is only about six blocks away! You can’t imagine the people I meet at HD!

You didn’t need to know all that… but I use it as my “hook” for what I would like to share with you.

Since retiring from active, fulltime ministry in a church I have wondered at the new purpose that I have in life now. Retiring meant leaving all that other busy-ness behind. “What would I do when I retire?” was my main question for years before it happened.

Now I know the answer. It is all about “Community Engagement”, almost every day of the week. I meet and help people in any and every way that I can. And that makes me happy… fulfilled… and rejuvenated in everyway.

Through the things that I do in the community I meet more than 100 every week. I listen to their stories and try to empathize with them.

Through this Blog I “meet” over 100 each day…now totaling about just under 75,000 in two and half years (965 posts on this particular blog).

Through the two other Web Sites -  and  the numbers almost stagger me. The Tatting Web Site’s biggest day was 750 in one day. The Misty Hollow Site (with my name) runs up to 450 an hour at times.

A special ministry that I embarked on two and half years ago is dear to my heart as well. Each day I simply pray for our elected Provincial Leaders in Ontario. One of the tools that I use to engage the world of politics is the Blog that I do each day -  As of today it is now had 18,463 visitors to it. The stream is steady as people come to pray with me – or find out who is praying for them. I truly believe that this site as made a real difference in the lives of some very important and wonderful people in our province.

The conversations that I have had with the elected folk and their staff has been a blessing. They bless me more than I do them. I am sure of that now.

In 2008 when the terrible day came that I walked out of my old office for the last time at the church… I wondered – “What next?” Now approaching that anniversary date in a few months… I can now say I know the “NEXT” – or at least I am discovering it each day. And “NEXT” is way better than what “USED TO BE”!!!!

Say that is a great title for this post!

What is your “NEXT” filled with? Let go of “USED TO BE” and look forward to “WHAT MIGHT BE?”

~ Murray Lincoln ~  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Emma and Kaelynn – My Two Heroes – Way to Go Girls!

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Today’s Blog Post
Emma and Kaelynn – My Two Heroes – Way to Go Girls!

As we pulled into the driveway I couldn’t wait to see what our granddaughter looked like. Could I handle the transformation?

Walking inside the house I was shocked to see her. Oh my goodness! My granddaughter had grown up completely – over night! There she was with her new haircut… all the long hair was gone. The little girl with the long blonde hair had left us and now sitting there was a beautiful young lady with a very sharp new style to show off at school today.

Now most grandpas may not have noticed their granddaughter’s new hair style… but this one does! He sees everything.

Now I should mention here that it is not just any haircut, but rather a special haircut that was planned two years ago.

Emma had attended a school and community function that had presented the students with information about Cancer and its affects on its victims. Emma listened closely and was deeply moved with what she heard. It was sometime during that presentation or shortly thereafter that she decided to have her hair grow long… so that she could also have it cut off to help some one surviving cancer.

Emma had 14 inches cut off yesterday to help make someone a new wig.

Emma just didn’t grow up with the new haircut… but rather with a very adult decision to donate her beautiful hair to help people with Cancer and the affects that take place after treatment.

But being almost a teenager she didn’t do this alone. Her friend Kaelynn went with her to the Hair Salon. They did it together.

Rachel Lyons, the beautiful young hairdresser at the Salon, cut and styled the girl’s hair.

Heather is the owner of the Salon, where Rachel performs her magic. Heather is also a survivor of breast cancer and part of a local Dragon Boat team. She and her shop are raising money for their part as sponsors of the annual Dragon Boat races.

It takes an adult view of life to be aware of your community. Kaelynn and Emma connected with their community and have now invested in someone’s life. It is at that moment that the girls have moved away from just being little girls and have now taken huge steps into the very adult world of knowing that you can help others in need.

Emma donated her hair to Angel Hair at

Kaelynn donated her hair to Canadian Cancer Society - Beautiful Lengths – Pantene at

I give more than THREE CHEERS today for Emma and Kaelynn. You girls are amazing!

Thank you for making someone else’s life better by your beautiful gift of hair.

Emma and Kaelynn – You ROCK! And you are my HEROES!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
For the Whole World to see

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Politics and the Two Fat Naked Guys letting it fly

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Today’s Blog Post

Politics and the Two Fat Naked Guys letting it fly

I never heard such cursing for a long time! I entered the Men’s Locker Room at the Gym and two guys were unloading their political frustration. They had listened to the English debate between Canada’s four Leaders and these guys were real angry.

“Every politician is a ^&* %$#@ Liar! I will never trust any of those &^*%#@$%$()*&^#$#!!!! I don’t believe anything they say. As for (naming one of the candidates…” he was more profane than with the others. This dude was mad. He was naked and struggling to find his underwear. The other guy he was talking to was getting his bathing suit on and he was naked as well.

Fat and ugly men discussing politics in an angry way – both being completely naked – just kind of puts a new spin on everything.

I watched the French Language Debate last night, after watching the English Language Debate the night before. My mind feels that is constipated and I need a good bowel movement of my thinking… something that will dislodge the foul stuff locked up inside my head after listening to the Top Leaders in Canada hack and attack each other.

My two naked friends were not so calm about it all. They were simply letting it all hang out as they spewed what they thought of the choices were locally and nationally.

Suddenly, Mr. Jean Chrétien’s name came up and it was pronounced that he was the biggest crook of all. And that he stole more money along with the Liberal Party of Canada… Yikes. I don’t think that guy was Liberal.

In Canada we are all suffering from way too much “Bull” being spread out over the country side with Radio and TV Ads being aired over and over again. I think that is causing my mental constipation. In fact I know it!!

I find humour as my major escape mode from all of it.

Last night Monsieur Gilles Ducepe was highly agitated was he addressed Mr. Stephen Harper. “Look at me when you answer my question!” Harper turned to the camera and talked to me instead – calmly and steadily while Gilles was shaking his head.

A Debate presents ideas that the audience will consider… it doesn’t just show off a staged show of four people fighting. Where were these guys when we learned to debate in High School?

Harper scored points… and lost the other guys. But he also clearly showed that he was not listening to those that talked to him or asked him questions. But we knew that way before the call for an election. He clearly and rarely listens to any one – he is in his “Father Knows Best” role. Give him an Oscar or a Beaver of whatever. Great Job Mr. Harper!!!

The two naked men continued to talk loudly. There were six of us listening to the two. No one would dare say anything. Having a mad, Naked man waddle up to you with private parts coming at you is rather intimidating to say the least.

Come to think of it… if the four leaders were disrobe and get down and get naked… then go at it… hand over fist… it might make a difference for sure!


Note to self: Change times at the Gym… when fat Dude One and Fat Dude Two are in the pool. The Locker Room is a dangerous place to say the least!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stephen, Michael, Jackie and Gilles with Dad – a One Act Play

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Today’s Blog Post

Stephen, Michael, Jackie and Gilles with Dad – a One Act Play

“Now I want you to go to your room and sit on your chair. Do not move until I call you. Do you understand me? Michael, do you understand me?” Dad said.

“Yes… but Stephen was not nice to me. He lied. He didn’t tell the truth.”

“To your room Mister Michael… now!” Dad said and continued, “And Gilles, that is no way to talk to your Brothers… you are not the only one that lives in this house. We have to work together. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Dad. I know your words. But it is MY ROOM and I don’t want anybody in my room that doesn’t talk like I do!” Gilles said.

“Maybe you better go to your room too. Take some French books out to cool down. I know you are frustrated with your Brothers too. It will be okay Gilles… I promise you… you can speak as much French in your room as you would like. Run along young fella… remember Daddy loves you.” Dad said.

“Now Jackie boy… you certainly have made yourself clear. Don’t you know when you pick on your Brother’s like you do… that they get really upset… and that doesn’t make for a good home. We HAVE TO get along with each other. Jackie you are very smart. You can speak well. You have some good ideas, but so do your Brothers. Jackie as sharp as you are, you have to let your Brothers at least feel like they have something to contribute. Come on… Jackie… look at me… your grinning from ear to ear… you mischievous son of mine… you have to stop provoking them. You make Michael so mad that he lashes out at everyone. Jackie do you hear me? You must stop.” Dad said.

“But Dad, it is so much fun watching Michael act silly the way he does when he jumps all over Stephen. It is so easy to get him going. It is too much fun…” Jackie said.

“Mister Jackie, you are a rascal to say the least. You have to give Michael some space… and leave Stephen alone. He doesn’t get rattled like Michael does… but you try to provoke them both. You know you do. Now I want you to go outside and start working on that wood pile. Maybe that will help you think about what you done. Jackie, listen to me, stop grinning… Jackie… you little rascal…” Dad grinned as he spoke.

“Stephen, please come in here NOW!” Dad called out to his son.

“Stephen, I know that you mean well in what you do. You just have to do it better, be more up front and honest with your Brothers. No, no don’t look that way. I know you try hard to be “honest”, in fact you think you are the most honest off all the boys in our family… but they think otherwise… and sometimes I think they might be right too. Stephen I want you to think about how you can do it better. Can you do that for Dad?” Dad asked.

“Okay Dad… I will… BUT sometimes what Michael says is just plain stupid! Over and over again he goes on and on about things that are just not true! He is a liar. He makes stuff up about me. And when he lies, I just want to go out and tell all my friends that he is an idiot!” Stephen responded shaking his head.

“I know that Michael can try to push your buttons too. He gets upset and lashes out wherever he can. I know that his actions have not been very helpful at times. But if we listen to him, he will grow out of it. Deep down he is a good boy. He really loves you, you know that. If you would let him sit your big chair sometimes, he just might change. Stephen – could you let Michael play “Prime Minister”… just once? Maybe he would not like the chair and will simply go off and play somewhere else and not bother you so much if you would do that? Could you do that for Dad?" Dad asked.

“I don’t know Dad. Michael breaks everything I make. If he touches it, it falls down. Then it takes me a long time to fix it again. Michael needs to go away… or go back to where he came from in the United States!” Stephen said showing more emotion that he had for a long time.

“Stephen, you know he is part of our family. Just try for Dad. Let Michael be “Prime Minister” – just once. Okay?” Dad asked with a smile. “He is really very smart. He just says things at times that make him not look so smart.”

“Dad… Michael is an idiot and plain stupid! He is not smart at all! He is silly and every time he opens his mouth he is even stupider! All his “advisor” friends get him to talk that way. He makes me mad!” Stephen said in an unusual show of his emotions.

“Stephen listen to Dad. In our family we do not use the words “stupid” or “silly” or "idiot". We try to be nice each other. We are Canadians and we are so suppose to show that love and care for each other. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACT LIKE AMERICANS!” Dad said emphatically.

“I know Dad… but Michael is not very…” Stephen’s voice trailed off.

“Stephen you are “Prime Minister”… I know… You are smart and kind and seldom raise your voice. BUT YOU MUST STOP MAKING THEM SO ANGRY. You cannot be a good Prime Minister if you try to make them mad all the time! Mr. Stephen stop it… you are making Dad unhappy! And if you keep doing that I will make Michael Prime Minister and you will have to sit outside for a long time. Do you understand me Stephen?!?” Dad had raised his voice and was not fooling around any longer. He was kind but he knew it had to change!!!

* * * * * *
Pause… to you as a reader…

Who is Dad? Well Dad’s first name is “Theovoter” and second name is “Canadian”.

And Dad means business. If Stephen, Michael, Jackie and Gilles don’t learn to work together… there will be all Hell to pay from Daddy. And the way that they have treated their younger sister Elizabeth May is shameful. Maybe Dad will have to make her have a turn at playing Prime Minister… now that would certainly put the boys down a notch or two!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~