Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Sinkholes, School Break and my fears

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Florida Sinkholes, School Break and my fears
It was hard falling asleep last night. I was thinking about a man by the name of Jeff Bush.

Jeff Bush climbed into bed for a good sleep last week… then it happened… the floor in his bed room dropped downwards.  Along with the floor went the bed he was in and all the furniture... the whole contents of the room.

The other folk in the house heard a loud bang and then heard Jeff screaming for help.  When his brother came into the room he couldn’t see Jeff but heard him.

Jeremy, his brother, climbed into the chasm to see if he could reach Jeff… but it wasn’t going to happen that way.  Jeff was swallowed up by the huge sinkhole that opened directly under his bedroom.

The family left the house and will not be able to take anything with them. They have lost it all.

The house is still there from reports that I have read… but so unstable that no one is allowed inside to get the stuff out. The whole house will likely be swallowed up, unless of course they do something to get the house up and away from the increasing in size hole in the ground.

I would have thought that someone would be able to secure and maybe move it with a huge crane.  Wouldn’t that make sense to you?

But no way can that happen because the houses in the neighborhood are all in jeopardy.  They all could go down the hole as well.  And no one knows the potential size of the hole – widthwise and depth-wise.

I went to sleep last night thinking about Jeff.  The poor guy… in his own bed and happy to sleep… only to wake up violently and then die horribly within minutes.

As I researched the sink hole phenomena in Florida it amazed me how many places there has been sinkholes recorded.

Take a look at this map…Sinkhole type, development and distribution  The bottom right side of the page allows you to zoom in to read what is shown beside the map. Look at the colour code on the top right side.

This next Link shows the recorded sinkholes in Florida.  Recorded Sinkholes

So… would you like to buy a house on a beautiful property in Florida?  West Central area..?

Next week people I know will traveling to Florida for their school break. Hokey Mokey – should I tell them or show them the map? They might not sleep at night if I do.  And some are related to me… Oh Boy!

I am thinking of Jeremy Bush today and wonder how he is doing.  I know what it is to lose your brother instantly and without any warning at all.  My brother died suddenly one night as well.  His body just quit fighting the pain – I think.

As I follow the story I am thankful that I get a little water in my basement from time to time. I don’t mind the leaking roof. Both of these were fixed. I am thankful I live where I do.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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