Monday, April 1, 2013

Leading through the difficult times in life – the Funeral

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Leading through the difficult times in life – the Funeral

Yesterday well over 100 people gathered to honour the memory of Gordon.  My task was to help by leading the folk that took part in the memorial service.  I was the ‘Officiating Minister’.

I can say that God was there for me and anyone else that needed his help.

It wasn’t easy for anyone to say goodbye to a young man.  A man so full of life and a guy that connected with so many people.  And it was particularly difficult for Gordon’s mom.

As I listened to the account of the past, Gordon was the last of his siblings to pass away.  He was only 40 years old.  His mother has now said goodbye to all her children.  I cannot fathom the depth of her pain, though we reach out to her and try to comfort her in our simple ways.

I know that folk that attended the service yesterday will be thinking at length of their own safety in what they do. Gordon died as a result of a snowmobile accident.  His many friends will be considering what they do with their lives now – as will their spouses.

As I listened to the participants and came to know the many different friends I realized the power of community.  This community is tight and supportive to say the least. They will be there for each other, including Gordon’s wife.  This tragedy will draw them all together I am sure.

The hard part however is leaving the group yesterday and knowing that I may not see them again. I am not their minister or an official person in their lives. I am a minister that was drawn in to help in a tough situation when there no one else to help.  I am a last minute friend of the family…

Yet in a very odd way… I found that I had met many already by simply being at the Crop Circles store in Peterborough Square with my wood carving and art work.  I had already built friendships with a number of Gordon’s friends over these past years. That is how I can say that I felt that God was there in a number of ways to support and give comfort… when they and I most needed it.

Now I need time to process all that has taken place over this past week.  I need a quiet island in the middle of a still lake to just sit and let the thoughts flow – and be still – come into focus again. I need time…

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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