Sunday, December 30, 2012

When in the world did I become so old so fast?

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When in the world did I become so old so fast?
God Lord these muscles hurt now!  Where did these muscles come from? All year they were okay and never gave me a bit of trouble.  Yet they always start showing up in December and will show themselves again and again in January and February.  Likely it will happen again in March as well.

Why? – You ask.  Well I am Canadian and almost all Canadians suffer in the same way… especially all of the ones that live outside the lower mainland of B.C.

This muscle pain is from getting rid of snow from our walkways, driveways and the sidewalks at the front of the house.  It is shoveling pain – and snow-blower pain from wrestling with my machine.

At this moment I feel like I have been in the MMA ring(Mixed Martial Arts) with some sweaty and bloody creature that has tried to kill me. Whoa – maybe the guy did win the bout we were having.  I am so sore that I am sure that he hit every muscle in my body with his bare knuckles!

So what is the answer?  I think I have discovered the real answer.  It is more exercise every month that keeps it all in better shape than it is now.  That burst into snow banks in December is insane.  None of my muscles were ready for that… and oh boy!

Thinking this was has led me to some funny thoughts. Me working with my snow-blower down the street in June and July… or me swinging my shovel in April and May loading dirt from one pile to the next.

My friend Winston has much fewer problems in that he is regularly loading fire wood into his house and into his furnace.  Way to go Winston.

But then I have three other friends that just hurt all the time – every month without stopping.  Their bodies are falling apart completely – and at a terribly fast speed.

Uggh! It is just old age.  The time when I wish I was 25 years younger, think I am 35 years younger and try to do things that I did 45 years ago… then hurt like I am 20 years older than I am!  And today I am pushing the 35 year older than I actually which makes me 103 years old.

Three cheers for Canadians that shovel snow and live through it all – aches and all.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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