Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ah NUTS the $50 Million Jackpot was won by one person

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Ah NUTS the $50 Million Jackpot was won by one person
So the News Flash this morning reads…quote…
TORONTO - The $50 million jackpot up for grabs in last night's Lotto Max draw was won by a single ticket sold somewhere in Ontario.
The exact location has yet to be revealed.

Two Maxmillions prizes worth a $1 million dollars each were also offered last night but there's no word yet on whether either was claimed.

Next Friday's Lotto Max draw will offer a jackpot worth approximately $12 million.”
End Quote.

Ah nuts!  I don’t think I won.  I don’t think my wife actually bought a ticket. Nuts!  There goes our retirement plan flying out the window. We could have been rich and become very popular on our street… and in life.

Oh well. Gotta move on and can’t stay wondering why I didn’t get a ticket. Someone did buy it and did win – somewhere.

But I enjoyed the dream of what I might do with all that money.  I could pay off some folk’s debt.  I know one place for sure that I would pay off the debt the folks have – it would be a wonderful Christmas present for them. Oh Boy what a dream.

But then there is the problem of all the people that really need help and the $50 Million would only go so far. It would likely disappear in a month’s time if you really gave it away.

But it would be so much fun just doing it… just calling someone and asking what their mortgage is and then where their bank is… and whamo the debt is gone. I mean can you imagine what they could do with the money?

I will likely dream of this kind of thing for a long time.

One of my Ministerial friends from the past was sharing something with me about his brothers and some of his uncles.  His relatives were very wealthy. They were rolling the dough – actually millionaires.  But my friend was not. He was a poor minister serving in relatively poor churches for a long time before he was given a leadership role toward the end of his ministerial career.

I asked my friend why he was not rich like his brothers.  His answer was simple.  “I think God knew I couldn’t be trusted with the money.  He thought I would do better with what I have.”

I wrinkled my brow and scratched my head with that answer.  My thought back to him, but unspoken, “Maybe if God gave me an opportunity to try to handle a few millions he could judge me on it afterward…  I would love to try.”  But I never said it out loud… but still thought that it might be a good idea.

Oh well today I will go back to the same stuff I know so well. Work for what you get… and get what you work for honestly.  It was something my father instilled into his kids.  It is the custom of our family.  Be a hard worker and it will pay off in the end.

No lottery payout today. But then I haven’t had to pay a lawyer and a financial planner big bucks to handle my money either.

My question is – what would you be doing right now if you had won?  Would you call me?  I am waiting and have some great ideas.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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