Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Self-Gifting in all its glory

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Self-Gifting in all its glory
Have you thought about what you would like to get for Christmas this year?  I mean – you are an adult and if you were to sit on Santa’s knee – what would you ask for?

That is silly. As an adult you would never sit on Santa’s knee and ask for anything… you don’t believe in Santa – right!?

But you do believe that you would like to get something special and kind of look forward to that moment that someone gives you a gift and you tear the paper off to find… some thought-filled gift that the person chose for you.  Am I correct?

No matter how old you are you still get excited when you get something from someone that thought about you… right?

However the idea does fall apart when your spouse dies or you have never married.  There may be no one to be there for you. I feel for this part of my ‘friend group’ – I know it exists.

But among the rest there are a group of us that are honest – we loved to get and make no bones about it.  We are just as excited about it now as we were when we were younger.

But there is a new group of us that would like to get our own gifts… simply give to ourselves.  When and if we get away with it we can get it bigger and better than anyone else could buy for us.

Like maybe that Mega Sized TV or a Super iPad or a ‘whatever’… and no one could stop us.

Self-giving is real and it is not selfishness.  It is plain and simple taking care of me… as well as taking care of my family and friends.  I do it and so do you – if we are honest with each other.

Like my wife and I can enjoy my new carving tools – NO she doesn’t carve but I do… and I might carve something for her.

Well maybe that will bug some of my readers. Sorry. I shouldn’t be so honest.  But the world out there is tempting me with great TV Ads… and it all looks so good.

I give others things with the idea that I love them. I just hope they love me enough to give me a gift certificate that I can buy what I want.

BTW – Gift Certificates were designed by dads and/or grandpas that didn’t need new socks… but really wanted an iPad… or a whatever.

So are you ready for Christmas?

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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