Saturday, December 15, 2012

First in Line – “The Hobbit” and me – way over the top with stimulation

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First in Line – “The Hobbit” and me – way over the top with stimulation
This morning my head is a little fizzy and feels a few sizes bigger than it was yesterday morning.  And having experienced a few Hangovers in the past as well as Jet Lag – this present feeling is coming close to both of these past feelings.

I went to the show with my son-in-law yesterday afternoon… the first showing of “The Hobbit”.

Wow! What an odd thing for a grown man to do!  It should have been a kid thing or a young adult thing… BUT the theatre was attended by mostly people that are considered adult… or older like me.

When we came out there were two or three long lines of younger adults and teenagers waiting for their turn.  They all were watching our faces closely to see the reactions of what we witnessed.

My head was buzzing when I walked out. My mind was swirling and twisting at every turn as I took each step.  That was because of my previous almost three hour adventure with a young Hobbit that tried to keep up to a small band of Dwarfs and an Old Wizard that seemed to be leading them all.

Butterflies came right out of the screen at times, so did the clubs and swords and whatever the dudes were fighting with at that moment.  Snot flew and so did other body liquids as the characters interacted.

At one moment a guy stood right in front of us with his back to our seats. It was like he walked in and just stood in front of us… after he bought his popcorn. I was about to shout out “Sit down you idiot – I CAN’T SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING!”  But I didn’t.  Thank goodness… it was a character in the movie that was projected outward to the audience in the 3D Movie.  Was that part ever real!!!

“The Hobbit” is definitely a sensory overload experience.  My eyes and ears filled my mind with delight and horror all at the same time.  I reacted and over reacted at times… and other times just wished that I could go to the place where this movie was shot… what amazing countryside it was.  Yet I was not sure if any of it was real in that the technology that was used is so far advanced that it simply blows you mind!  I mean how did they get two giant stone men – as big as mountains – or part of the mountains to come alive to fight?

I already had an active and very wild imagination long before this 3D movie was ever conceived.  I was born with it and have relied on what it can do long before any of this new stuff.

“The Hobbit” just made what my mind already does burst into colour and side stories and wild stories and beautiful stories and …. I ran out of words to tell you what happened. Good Lord – I have no words for what is happening in my head!

Oh – I need a couple of Tylenols extra strength please…. On boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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