Monday, December 3, 2012

Lobsters are old and they know how old – so they tell me

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Lobsters are old and they know how old – so they tell me
Okay… here is a News Flash and something to mull over today.

They think they now a have way to determine the age of a Lobster.  Tada!  And that way is to count the number of growth rings on the eye stalks and the teeth like structures in their stomach.

Now you needed to know that – didn’t you? I personally find it fascinating.

When we were on our Honeymoon in the Maritimes of Canada, a man showed us the huge claws of a Lobster that he had in his shop. The on claw was as long as my hand and forearm together… and was very large in its girth.  The minute that I read the story about the growth rings in a lobster – I thought about that old lobster in the Maritimes.  That was my main question way back then – “How old do you think he was?” I asked the fisherman/lobster-man.  His answer was simple, “Old”.

I can only imagine what the old guy’s reaction would have been if they said you can count the growth rings around its eyes…

Likely – again… “Why?” would be the old guy’s simple question.

I guessed ahead of time that you needed to know that – so I offered it today as a fact that was important.Of course – immediately there are people that are saying that is not right to catch, store or eat lobsters… because the things have deep feelings.

Posted on the same site that I found the story was this comment…Quote…“Very interesting. Lobsters are very intelligent research suggests and they feel pain. We definitely should not be keeping them live in tanks, stacked on top of each other, often for weeks at a time until they are bought to be eaten. It is not morally right. Many stores now for moral reasons which many consumers are supporting only sell non-live crab and lobsters so they do not have to suffer for weeks crammed in a tank with no room to move at all.End Quote

I know you really needed to know that.  Go ahead and use it at your coffee break today.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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