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Spitting – Hocking up – and general extra bodily fluids could kill you – YUK!

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Spitting – Hocking up – and general extra bodily fluids could kill you – YUK!
Who would have thought that my own body could kill me?  After a simple surgery where the doctor opens my skin and then does his procedure inside of me, my own body could kill me. Wow!

Now we all have watched the TV shows with Doctors operating in the sterile operating room. You know with the masks on and their bodies covered completely.  And before they don all the surgical clothing they scrub their hands over and over again.  We all have come to know what should happen in the modern operating room.

Yet, after reading the article I read this morning about the new procedures that two Vancouver Hospitals are trying out now, I am kind of more nervous about what could happen to me. I didn’t know that I was potentially going to – or could infect myself so easily just with my own bodily functions such as breathing.

The one culprit that potentially lives in me is “staphylococcus aureus”.  But there are also a few others that are more and more common that possibly live rent free inside of me.

Where do they possibly live you ask?  Answer: In my nose and nasal passages. Yuk!

That’s right, according to the article that is provided today with Light therapy cuts post-surgery infections at Vancouver General Hospital”

Tara Carman of the Vancouver Sun explains that the new procedure is done to the patient prior to the operation in a relatively simple way.  They paint the inside of the nose with a blue coloured solution.  Then a light pulse is turned on inside of the nose for a short two minute blast.  And with that the staphylococcus aureus” and other possible resident bacteria are killed during the procedure.

It is a fascinating article to read.

The procedure that is being tested in two Vancouver Hospitals has reduced the post operation surgical incision infections by 39%.

Even though the doctors are gowned and masked, the patient isn’t and the potential killer lives inside his or her own nose.  In fact as I read the stat that was suggested I wanted to blow my nose again. It is known that perhaps 25% of the population carries these little bugs in their nose.
Read the article in case I have missed something.

I lived in Hong Kong where everyone hocks and spits all the time.  It is more than gross for new visitors to the little country.  The signs in certain places flatly demand – “No Spitting!” – show the visitor to the city that someone didn’t like the gross habit that so many have. 

The long draw backwards of the nasal cavity and then the assembling of a great Gob of mucus stuff in the mouth, must be released outward away from the body.  When it is collected and then held for a second or so the body tells you “SPIT NOW!”  No amount of signage will stop people from hocking out the crap in their heads.

In fact it may well be a way of ridding the body of the potential danger. Hmmm?

It is another way what happens when we bring all that bacteria into the mouth, hold it, swish it and then expel it. What is left in the mouth area?

Side question… so you want a kiss from someone… oh boy?

Another side thought, do you remember when your mother repeatedly stated, “Don’t breath on your brother you will make him sick!”

Long before the hospitals worked with the medical companies to pulse light up your nose and make the body cleaner, we already knew that we could make each other sick… and maybe even kill each other.

After reading the article and during the writing of this piece, I have blown my nose.  Then I went and washed my hands. Double Oh BOY! I am getting more paranoid by the moment.

Now going back to Hong Kong and the people that spit so much… and we ‘Out of Hong Kong people’ are grossed out so much by the spitting.  I asked a Chinese friend of mine in Hong Kong about this excessive spitting and the oddity of it all.

His statement to me was not an answer but rather an observation that the Chinese people think the Westerners to be even more odd.  They watched the Westerners that have the same nose drainage that they do… take out a white hankie and then blow the great Gobs of mucus into the hankie, returning the fine, white linen hankie to their pocket or purse.  And after it is full at the end of the day they toss the wet (or sometimes dried) fine, white, linen handkerchief into a pail to be washed by some poor person in the family.

My friend asked me which was more gross, Gobs of Snot spit into the ocean – or God of Snot carried in your own pocket making the pocket and the purse slippery and wet as well?

Now mind you most people do not carry a handkerchief any more… we do the “tissue thing’ and discard it… maybe even using its few times over and over again to save a little $$.

Sorry if I soiled your day… ooops that should read spoiled your day.

Read the article – it is amazing.  And maybe you should go wash hands too.  But kissing someone early in the morning – not a good idea… or maybe ever again… oh boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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