Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hokey Mokey the Stores are jammed

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Hokey Mokey the Stores are jammed
It has been a few years since I had to go out and mingle with Christmas Shoppers in the days before Christmas.  Yesterday I went out with a few errands to accomplish in the morning.

One errand was to arrive at Costco and do my bit there.  I assumed that it opened at 10:00 AM like normal. Nope!  That was not the case. When I arrived at 9:48 AM there were hardly any parking spaces to fit into – the entire lot was FULL! Well the store was even fuller. Instead of one or maybe two people per vehicle there were three or four or more.  Remember it was Saturday and kids are off school.

I have never seen so many people in a Canadian store.  Rather it was like Hong Kong during Chinese New Year with a gazillion people everywhere all pushing and shoving to get done before the big day that was coming.

For the fun of it after I was done I meandered over to two more stores, Future Shop and Staples – just to look… then later to Michael’s craft shop to buy some small items.

These stores were plugged full as well.

China and India have no idea what they do to our country’s buying making all that stuff.  Making it relatively cheap and having the price so good they are able to conquer our world and own us!

That’s right you heard me China and India are somehow involved in this mad rush of shopping and buying and wrapping and us all going into debt up over our ear lobes!

Surely it can’t be the fault of the sane and normally happy Canadians. They seemed to be trapped inside a bubble of “Spend Crazy”.

One side example for me was the deep apologies from a staff person in one of the stores when he said, “I am really sorry but we don’t have any stock left.  Our shelves are almost all empty now. It is Christmas after all and this is always the way it is.”

When I told him I wasn’t ready to buy but rather just needed information about the different kinds of equipment – he said oddly, “Thank goodness for that. I thought you were going to be like all the rest – demanding and angry.”

How odd can it all get?

Christmas is all about what happened when God sent his son wrapped up as a beautiful, cuddly baby.  BUT look what has happened.  Yesterday few people were thinking about that little baby of so long ago and what God was thinking about when he sent him our way.

I dangerously wanted to stand up in the busy stores and shout out – “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS HOLIDAY IS ALL ABOUT!?”

But I didn’t.  I spent a little money and ducked out the doors with my bag between the other shoppers pushing to get in!

So to all my MAN FRIENDS that shop between now and the 24th at night – you are in real trouble – the store shelves are real empty now and you will need to head to Jewelry stores where you can buy the best “guilt gifts”.

Good luck guys!  And have a Merry Christmas, a safe holiday, a push back from the table sooner holiday, and a wonderful last of the year celebration!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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