Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Gun Whacky World is coming to a Country near us

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The Gun Whacky World is coming to a Country near us
Reading the news this morning was stunning.  I could not believe that someone is actually considering the possible solution to a horrific scenario that played out in Newtown, Conn. – where 20 children and 6 adults were murdered in their school.

Yep someone has been working diligently of a solution to the possible horror like the Newtown events.

That solution is to carry more guns.  In fact the person that is suggested to best to carry a gun is the teacher.  Yes – you heard that right.  They are possibly going to arm the teachers with concealed weapons.  Can you believe it!?

But what has surfaced is the fact that some teachers in Texas already have that privilege.  In some rural and remote areas the teachers do carry concealed weapons now.

Before I go too far into my Post today, I need to refer you to an article that appears on the CBC News Web Site under the title “The latest U.S. debate: Should teachers carry guns?”

In fact, as it is pointed out in the article, Michigan state senators have just passed into law a new piece of legislation… quoting the article… “Just prior to the Newtown shooting, Michigan state senators voted to allow people with concealed carry permits, including teachers, to bring their weapons onto school property.” End quote.

That really makes me want to visit Michigan again.  More guns… and more guns on school property how utterly strange can people’s thinking get!!

One stat that came flying out recently on a news program – last year the USA had over 10,000 deaths due to gunshots… Canada had something under 50.  We in Canada do not carry guns and are not allowed to carry guns the way our American cousins do.

Mind you we kill each other with other methods – and I don’t dispute that.  We just don’t carry guns.  We do have our own kind of whackos that get assault rifles and murder students as well(Montreal Poly two different times).

But generally we do reduce the amount of shootings by not carrying weapons.

Think this one through.  Let teachers – or make teachers carry guns.  Then… she or he is going to be teaching their class to eager students in their class.  They hear a noise and look up. The gunman, a former student that hated his school and teachers, is standing with his loaded gun pointed at the teacher.  The dialogue that follows would be short… “Get out of our classroom! I am armed with a gun and will use it if you don’t leave NOW!” the frightened teacher screams.

What a terrible thing to write so soon after the events of last Friday!  How dare you do such a thing!!?

I dare write it because that is what the answer is for some people.  More guns!!! And more guns placed in the hands of people that are caring for our kids – in a school.

Play the stupid scenario through a little further… in the classroom.  Do you suppose the mentally deranged, former student is going to care if the teacher has a hidden hand gun in her purse… or even one strapped to her waist – old Western Movie style!!?  He has an assault weapon and she has a pistol.

Good old and I mean OLD Clint Eastwood would scare the bejeebbees out of the kids when he flatly states, “Go ahead make my day…!”  Now the teacher has to be fast enough to get the words out and find her pistol.

What about the kids that are now ducking and screaming in the classroom?

Dear Mr. and Ms. Senators – do you really think that is a good idea to arm teachers and allow guns on school property?

What seems to be something that no one has written about is the amount of violence that the ordinary kid has seen on TV and Video Games by the time they leave High School.

I have no way of knowing what actually happened in Newtown, Conn. and the young man that killed all these people.  But a simple surmise here is likely pretty close to the truth.  The loser teenager without many friends and connections to the community at large… simply immersed himself in Video Games that you can blow away you enemy. Add a touch of anti-social behaviour and mix in the poor family dynamics together with hatred of teachers and school and the world… and ‘Kerblam’ you have a killer that no one knows about.

Got to stop this post. This is so stupid that it is scary.  It could happen and is happening now.  God help my neighbors to the south to make better decisions… not sell more guns… and not arm their teachers.

The logical way to continue that thinking… when armed teachers don’t work… is to allow the students to carry concealed weapons too.

God help us all.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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