Thursday, December 6, 2012

Re-Post of "Dreaming in the Daily Grind – by John Maxwell"

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From Murray Lincoln…
It has not always been easy to get Misty Hollow Carving, my business, up and running. There have been real good days and not so good days. Sometimes stuff happens that is tough to go through. It grinds at me and wears me down.

Last evening I was completing a Walking Stick which is a special order for someone’s Christmas Present. Carving has been long and detailed… and then the sanding had to be done. That has taken three hours so far and it is still not done.  Lots of hard work and very intricate.

I thought about my sanding and final touches that are needed to get the job done and make it perfect.

Then I read John Maxwell’s Blog today about the “Daily Grind”.  I was going to write some more words but found nothing better than what he has written.  You can “Click” here to read it or read it below Dreaming in the Daily Grind

Re-Post of "Dreaming in the Daily Grind – by John Maxwell"
We use the expression, “the daily grind,” to describe the mundane unpleasantness of our work routine. Interestingly, the word “grind” has multiple meanings:

1) To wear down, reduce, or crush into powder by pounding or abrading
2) To smooth, sharpen, or polish by friction or abrasion

Though we cannot escape the daily grind, we can determine whether it crushes our dreams or polishes them. How? I’d suggest the following three behaviors.
Realize the Dream Is Costly
The dream is free, but the journey to its completion isn’t. Failure is the price of success. If you naïvely believe the dream will happen easily, then the setbacks of the daily grind will shatter your dreams. However, if you understand the dream is costly, then you can take failures in stride as necessary steps on the road to success. From this view, mistakes do not prove our inadequacy; they sharpen our abilities and prepare us for success in the future.
Engage in Possibility Thinking
When you have big dreams, the drudgery of the daily grind can be disheartening. It’s maddening to feel as if your dream is on hold while you spend each day on seemingly unimportant work. Yet as Jesus of Nazareth said, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” In other words, the skills you develop in unglamorous jobs train or qualify you for greater responsibility in the future. If you disdain the small tasks of the daily grind, then your hope of accomplishing your dreams will eventually erode. However, if you look for possibilities to grow in every situation, then you gradually will gain the experiences needed to achieve your dream.
Separate the Firefighters and Firelighters
Criticism can be crushing, yet honest feedback refines our vision. The key is to avoid firefighters who will douse your dreams with negativity and to surround yourself with firelighters who will fan the flames of your passion with their consistent support. After people lose hold of their own dreams, they tend to hold down everyone around them who dares to dream. Other people’s success makes them feel insecure. For this reason, be wary of people without well-defined passions of their own—they’re almost certain be firefighters.

The daily grind tends to sidetrack us from accomplishing our dream, forcing us to take unwanted detours. In these moments, we need people who will encourage us to persevere and who will believe in our dream, even when our faith in it wavers. In addition, we need people who will gently, but firmly, help us confront our shortcomings. Without their feedback, we will not be able to make the personal and professional adjustments required to reach our dreams. Firelighters, then, can be identified by their sincere encouragement and their willingness to say what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Brenda said...

Thank You Murray! Those are Perfect Words for me today--just when I was feeling beaten down, along you came to Lift me Up! Thanks for being a FireLighter!!