Friday, December 7, 2012

News Flash – Senior Citizen beats the system and is Elated

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News Flash – Senior Citizen beats the system and is Elated
My elation was the greatest that it has been for a long time as I stepped out of the Gas Station store.  I looked up and the sign that stated loudly for all to see… $1.19 a litre of gas.  I had just filled my gas tank up and paid my bill.

As I paid the bill with my Credit Card the guy behind the counter was playing with a grey box attached to a black cord that was hooked under his counter top. He was concentrating on what he was doing as I signed the small credit card slip.

I asked him, “Is that a new computer game?”

To which he stated flatly, “No I am changing the price of the Gas, sign and pumps.”

I didn’t know what to reply with.  Maybe it should have been “Criminal” or “Idiot” or “WHY?” or “COME ON STUPID – it was fine the way it was!!!”

But I didn’t say anything more. I just walked out elated I had won one small victory.  I had just paid $1.11 a litre for the Gas that I had purchased.  As I walked out the door to see the sign flip to $1.19 and the pumps do the same… I thought… “Gotcha!  I won! I got the lower price.”

At the pumps there was a lineup of cars from all directions ready to fill up with the $1.11 price which was so much better than all the other places around.

One guy at the pumps directly in front of me was just pulling the Gas Pump nozzle out of the machine and he was starting the process… but the guy was too late – his pump already showed $1.19 before he pulled it out.  It was a BIG VEHICLE and was he ever going to get a surprize! Kaching!!!

I hopped in to my car and looked down at the Credit Card Slip… I had just saved $1.26 on 14 litres of gas.

A little deflated to say the least. Two days before I had put in over $50 of gas… which was way more litres.

My elation was on deflation for a bit more as we headed to Kingston for our meeting.

$1.26 is not that much – but it was a little.  We saved enough for one cup of coffee somewhere it is sold for $1.26. I think at McDonalds I can actually get a muffin with that price too.

On the side we drove to Kingston for a Christmas banquet with the group we celebrate with once a year. The group gave us a $50 gift certificate and a wonderful Christmas Roast Beef Dinner… which equals a night out with my wife for free and good meal. Cheap Date.

But I will now have to fill up with about $50 worth… so basically it is a zero balance… kind of…

I wish I had more money.  Does anyone feel generous?  

I do.  When I get my boat load of money I will be buying two couples a new vehicle each… I will pay off my kid’s mortgages and I will have enough to buy a Red Sports Car of some kind… I always wanted one…

And I won’t need to worry about the $1.19 or more per litre of gas. Sheesh!

For the moment I saved $1.26 in that magic moment that I said to my – “We better fill up before we leave town.”

Oh the life of a Retiree!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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