Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our beautiful Dancing Queen Amaryllis

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Our beautiful Dancing Queen Amaryllis
The miracle started about December 1st when my wife placed the large bulb in a small pot then placed it on the dining room table.  It is in front of a window and not far from a heat register.

It was on Christmas Eve morning that I saw the amazing miracle happen. About a week before during all our business the bulb had pushed up a round stalk about 12 inches. And as the stalk came so did the evidence we were waiting for – the small round buds that would produce a flower.

This was a new amaryllis with the name of the Dancing Queen. It was supposed to have a ‘double flower’ but we weren’t sure what that meant?

Well this beautiful plant definitely produced and is still producing some of the most amazing flowers that we have seen to date.  The ‘Dancing Queen’ hasn’t moved at all, but it has us jumping up and down with glee!  I think the name that it bears is definitely about the owner or the person that grooms this beauty to its full glory.

At the same time my wife brought up the two bulbs from last year that had been in a dormant stage since last winter. They responded as well with new leaves – but no flower stalk. Sheesh. Why did that happen?  Why no flower stalks.

Searching the internet this morning I found out why. We did not do the proper cycling for these two bulbs.  I found that gave us the proper cycling for the bulb.  And we definitely didn’t do it right… but even at that the amazing bulbs did come to life and if given a chance will do their thing again.

My series of photos taken over three days shows how fast this thing comes to life with its blooms.

Outside our home today it is cold and the snow has fallen. It is still dark at 7 AM and the sun will be low on the horizon all day.  It is Canada – and even with the southern areas the sun is not around all that long each day.

But inside we have some of the tropics – a beautiful Dancing Queen Amaryllis and we love it.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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