Saturday, December 1, 2012

With NHL gone – we still have City Politics in each and every city of Canada!

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With NHL gone – we still have City Politics in each and every city of Canada!

I apologize to the readers of this Blog that feel Politics is not something they want to read about – but this ‘Politics’ is entertainment at its best.

It is December 1st today and there has been no Hockey for months now and it may be a while before there will be any at all.

And for that reason watching the antics that is playing out in Toronto with the notorious Mayor Rob Ford is plain and simple entertainment. It is hard to believe what is actually taking place right at this moment… and it is a moment by moment thing that is taking place.

I read the Globe and Mail Newspaper article today, “Tory fingerprints on Ford’s Ad strategy”
Behind the scenes, even as Mayor Rob is screaming and sweating at the questions asked to him by the Press.

The article states, quote, “On Monday, Mr. Ford blamed a left-wing conspiracy for his legal troubles at a chaotic scrum outside his office.

On Tuesday, he read a carefully prepared statement at a podium, dropping some of the same talking points that would later appear in the petition at ‘’ ” End quote.

There is a carefully crafted plan by ‘ad campaign people’ to deal with Mayor Rob’s predicaments.  The press have already linked the new twist to Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party.

Now setting this up for an Ad Campaign by Ad People will some fun.  No one can understand what Mayor Rob will do next.

Take a look at this clip prepared by the Globe and Mail for their article – I entitle it ‘Mayor Ford in operation’

Is this the kind of thing that one of the biggest cities in Canada should have as an example?

Please note that the mayor’s brother stands and shouts at the councillor speaking behind him.

I couldn’t take my grandsons or granddaughter to witness this kind of stuff happening – as an example of the city leadership!  What a bunch of stupidity!!!

My mouth dropped open when I listened and watched that video.

How will a new Ad Campaign ever control a man with a temper – that is most time out of control?

They worked well with Stephen Harper who very seldom has any outbursts or over reaction to anything.  He smiles from time to time – and blinks at times he is reacting inside to something he doesn’t agree with.  But he is not Mayor Rob.

In my past life, having studied “Advertising and Design” and during that time studied the work that these companies do for the political parties in Canada, I am amazed that this company took on this project of Mayor Rob!

This is going to cost someone a bundle of cash.  Even the Mayor’s salary would be not enough to pay for these folks doing the stuff that they are doing for him.

Hmmm?  I wonder if the fact that someone else is paying for the campaign to keep Mayor Rob smells like something that shouldn’t be there.  That is what Mr. Ford was referring to in the video clip… and then how is he paying for this… and who is helping him?

And away back, out in Peterborough, our city councillors and mayor are about to nuke a working agreement between a sister city that shares the police force together. But that is whole different story about a different Mayor… oh boy.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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