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Fairy Doors – A Cash Mob - opening to a whole new world for me

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Fairy Doors – A Cash Mob - opening to a whole new world for me
Where do I start to tell you about the value of my “Fairy Doors”?

You will need a little background to be able to understand this post for sure.

In November John Hayden, Manager of Enterprise Programs with Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (NCFDC), organized a ‘Cash Mob’ for the participants from the OSEB Program.  (OSEB is the program I have been involved in to start Misty Hollow Carving).

“Cash Mob? What are you talking about?” you ask.

Well you have heard of a Flash Mob where a whole bunch of people arrive somewhere and then do something together – like sing in a mall, dance in the street or whatever.

Well a ‘Cash Mob’ is group of like-minded people that make a decision to all go to a certain store or business on a particular day and time – to spend money(hopefully), meet the owner of the business, and as a sideline – meet other like-minded business folk.  In short it makes all of the participants and the community aware of a new business in the community.

When John first suggested the thought of a ‘Cash Mob’ to the OSEB-ers that I am connecting with, there was a positive response.  We agreed that we would try this.

John, as the leader, then announced the week before that the “Celtic Connection” in Lakefield would be our first business to hold our very first “Cash Mob”.  Mary McGillis welcomed the idea to have folk from her cohort group come to her store.

Mary is a master at all things Celtic and has been doing well in this new adventure.

My wife and I entered the store about 7 PM to the sound of harp being played by Jamie Brooks.  There was a buzz of new people standing around in the shop. Some folk were new to the OSEB Program (even in the process of starting) others had been through the program.  It was a good mix… not full house or anything like that but a good mixture.

During the time we were there Mary shared with me that she had been selling “Fairy Doors” but the supplier that she was getting her product from was no longer able to supply her business. They sighted the fact that they couldn’t keep up to the amount of orders that they were receiving.

Suddenly my interest was pricked and I asked a few questions about “Fairy Doors”.  The idea that came in the Celtic Connection that night was amazing.  I promised Mary I would look in the idea of carving/making “Fairy Doors”.

In Misty Hollow I have already carved the Fairy Houses and also drawn the Misty Hollow Fairy Houses that have been prepared as Digital Images. (see the Links above and below).

What could be easier than just carving the doorway to a Fairy’s Home?

I began to draw and then carve these new Fairy Doors that you see in this Blog. These are only four of dozens that will soon come into existence.  The brand new line will be available in January 2103 from Misty Hollow.

As I began the journey into “Fairy Doors” I mentioned it to a potential buyer and also another shop owner that I connect with. There was an immediate affirmation and request for products.

Before I carved my first four “Fairy Doors” I had them sold.

How in the world can that happen?

Well my small business is my business. I am not linked in a great supply chain that must be groomed and coddled.

I do not have to travel to China to place a gargantuan order that will be delivered in 18 months. I can respond now and immediately be on line with what I am able to produce NOW.

My connections through NCFDC and other community adventures can immediately cause me to look closer at a market - NOW.  I highly value these connections that are all around me.

So today with this WORLD WIDE ANNOUNCEMENT – I thank Mary McGillis at Celtic Connections for sharing her one small story that sparked an idea for me and Misty Hollow.

I also thank John Hayden, from NCFDC, for giving leadership and being willing to try something a little different – a ‘Cash Mob’.  It was small but powerful for me and maybe many others.

John you are an idea man – thank you so much for your great ideas… and the ability to motivate people to come along and try something new!!!

Anyone want to place an order for “Fairy Doors”?  Get in line soon… wood chips are flying – left, right and centre.  If you do contact me at murray.lincoln@gmail.com – type “Fairy Doors” in the subject line.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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