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Grooving with Father Christmas at Lang Pioneer Village’s Christmas by Candlelight

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Grooving with Father Christmas at Lang Pioneer Village’s Christmas by Candlelight
Each year now the Lang Pioneer Village Christmas by Candlelight has grown. It seems that more and more people come out to enjoy a walk back in time as they prepare for their Season Celebration. 

This year was no different. Hundreds of people gathered in the small village perched on the shore of Indian River.  They walked around the very old homes and shops that stayed open two nights in a row. This was done so the families that come could catch a glimpse of what used to happen long ago.  On December 8 and 9 from 5 PM until 9 PM the families came by the groves to walk back in time.

My personal involvement was to continue with my presentations of the things that I do with my wood carving and lace making.  I do Tatting and carve wood as many of you know.  All of the things that I was showing on the display tables have their origins back in the 1800s – many were being made and were part of the Pioneer Christmas celebrations.

I should state for the record that I did have some “non-Pioneer stuff” on my table. One item that I have carved and display is the 2012 Harry Potter Wands.  Why bring that along to a Pioneer display?  Well a young person/teenager is kind of interested in the old stuff because they had to come with the family… BUT when they spot the different Harry Potter Wands from across the room they press in to hear more about what I do.

Watching the faces of young men and young women with the way they reacted to more explanation about the Celtic Love Spoons was priceless.  I told them the simple story, “When a young person your age fell in love with a girl and wanted to marry her, he would carve a Celtic Love Spoon for her. He put as much detail into the carving that he could which helped him to express his love for her.  His greatest hope was that her father would be impressed with the carving and then allow the young man to marry his daughter.”

At that point more than one guy stated flatly that he liked this old way and would start carving something soon… asking if I gave lessons.  At which time the young lady standing beside him stated adamantly, “The Love Spoon is a beautiful story, but buster you are not getting off that easy… I want a Ring with a Big Diamond!”  He looked sheepishly at me and shrugged stating, “I liked the old way…”

The Celtic Love Spoon was the tradition of the Irish, Scott and Welsh folk of years gone by.  When Lang Village began in the middle of the 1800s it was very likely that this tradition was still part of the old ways of asking for permission for a daughter’s hand in marriage.

At my demonstration table this past two days it was very funny how many couples or parents of daughters that were married… told of the way that their son-in-law came to ask for the privilege to marry.  The stories back to me were many!  I could write a book on the many comical ways that they described.

That is what Lang Village does for everyone. They begin talking and telling stories about their own lives and family life. Lang Village brings the history of the folk of 1856 alive… and it also helps folk to relive their own cherished memories.  It is a miracle of each Christmas – just remembering.

One story I can related was my meeting of Lenore Convey of Campbellford.  Lenore came to the Village in her wheel chair.  She was bundled up and enjoying every minute of the evening’s celebration.

Her son pushed her wheel chair over to my table where she looked over everything that I had on display.  Then she came close to where I was standing and tried to speak to me. Her son interpreted by telling me that she wanted to shake my hand and say Merry Christmas to me. I was touched. Though she couldn’t speak clearly now and was confined to her wheel chair she still wanted to be a part of the Village – telling everyone her feelings.

Lenore had her son take her to see Father Christmas. It was an important part of Lenore’s journey last evening.  Then her son asked if we could take some photos of his mom meeting Father Christmas… and send her a copy.  Here are the shots as she told Father Christmas what she wanted him to know this year.

I know that Lenore touched Father Christmas’ heart as well as mine.  She has seen many Christmases come and go – but this may be the best every – she gave something to all of us.
 My friend Carrie(fellow volunteer) making the dancing dolls do a jig - along with Father Christmas and me 'jamming'

Saving the Best for Last
Towards the end of the evening when the crowds lessened… something special happened.

I had my Fiddle Music playing as I had most of the evening. The music provided me with the background sound for the playing of my Wooden Spoons with the kids that came by.

Father Christmas had a little music in him so I discovered. He had been tapping his toes to the lively music filling the room.  With the pause in the traffic we jammed together with my Wooden Spoons and did quite well together.

Father Christmas went home last evening with a set of metal spoons that I use to teach kids… and apparently he will be in touch with me later for a set of Wooden Spoons as well.

Can you imagine – Father Christmas – Santa in the modern world – has asked me to possibly make a set of the Spoons for him. Sorry elves – gotcha!

A Big Pause here…
I want to thank the staff of Lang Pioneer Village, Joe, Laurie, Elizabeth, Jill and all the hard working people that do so much to make Lang Pioneer Village the best volunteer experience ever.  You folk let us become young again… and do what we can to bring History Alive!  You gals and guys ROCK! Thanks a million!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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