Friday, December 21, 2012

My Mom had a fall yesterday – ouch

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My Mom had a fall yesterday – ouch
The world never ended today – I am still here – but it almost ended yesterday

Yesterday’s routine began as usual – up at 6 AM – settling in to begin the Blog posting and then the rest of the day.

My Mom came out of her room to talk to me. She had fallen in the night – about 2 AM when she was getting ready to get into bed. (Yes she often stays up late reading her books)  She crawled into bed after falling because she didn’t want to wake us up. Oh boy!

Other than some bruising and sore muscles she was okay – except for the three inch cut above her left elbow.  The arm was cut on a metal part of the bed near the bottom of the bed leg.  My dad had made this bed frame for her long ago – but had not finished one end of the metal which is sharp.

This is one area that should have been fixed by me. It is a “someday job” – which is now moved to a today job or soon to be done.

Mom is okay. At almost 92 she is doing very well. To prove that here is what happened following the Emergency Department stay at the Hospital… we went to McDonald’s for breakfast!

(Please note the Large Plate of Pancakes and a large Coffee in front of Mom)

I come from a resilient stock of people that just keep going – on and on. We have aches and pains but we can take it.  And Mom is the leader of all of us.

Sorry no photos today.  I took some for my sister to see what happened… but Mom told me to not put these on a Blog posting.  And my Mom still makes me jump when she wants something or insists on what she wants.

Seriously – we came close to a very dangerous situation…. A broken hip!  No problem there… but now with a few muscles that are stiff and sore – and a butt that will have a bruise…not that I am looking!

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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