Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting out the 2013 New Year in bed

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Starting out the 2013 New Year in bed

Wow! Starting my 2013 posting much later than usual – which is a real good thing in my world.

What a way to start the New Year. On December 31st I was in bed by 10:30 PM and didn’t get up until 9:30 AM New Year’s Day.  Please note that is an 11 hour sleep.  I could have done more but it was time to get rolling again.

If my friends that know me could speak they will tell you that 7 hours is way more sleep than I usually get… often it is 6 hours.  And it is not that I shouldn’t sleep more… it is just that there is way too much to do and my brain starts working early… and a loud shout in me says “Get up now!”.

December 31st had an unusual start however. At 2:30 AM I was snuggled down working on a wonderful dream when my wife started shaking me.  My wife never gets up ahead of me but did yesterday morning when my Mom, who sleeps in the bedroom beside us, called her in distress.

“Murray… Murray… you have to wake up. I have your Mom in the living room sitting on the couch. She has chest pains, pains in her left arm and jaw.  We need to call an ambulance!  Come on get up!!!”

We both hurried into our clothing and I called 911.

Within 5 minutes three really big Firemen were standing around my Mom in the living room.  Within 2 more minutes two ambulance attendants were with the Firemen attaching a mask, some wires, and checking my mother out.

By 3:00 AM we were at the hospital with my Mom in an Emerge cubical surrounded by cloth curtains.  When we had arrived they had already taken blood samples and were getting ready to do some further testing.  Wow!  That is fast.

By 7:00 AM the emergency department was filled with people in distress.  Our arrival and getting help for my Mother was so far ahead of the rush it was part of the miracle for our family.

By 12:30 PM when we took Mom home there were 61 people in the waiting room needing help and most were in a terrible misery of some sort.

Yep we were able to take her home. There was no heart attack or damage that they could see. There was a fear for sure and may have been behind the reactions she was having. There may have been a horrible case of indigestion or a pulled muscle – or whatever.  But she was back in her bed at about 10 PM last night as well. It had been a long day to say the least.

So when I crawled into bed at 10:30 PM I cannot tell you how tired I was… and the 11 hour sleep was what I needed – BIG TIME!!!

I am including this small image to help us think about 2013.  It started without me 11 hours ago (as I type this posting).  I know that I may be at the hospital a few more times in 2013 and even worse could happen.  But for now I choose to live it to the fullest and love every minute of it all.

Happy New Year my friends and readers!  God bless you all.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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