Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Word Discoveries for February – Increasing your Scrabble-ability

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Word Discoveries for February – Increasing your Scrabble-ability
What is the antonym to break down, break up, separate, and unmix?

What is the synonym to amalgamate, combine, comingle, commingle, commix, composite. Concrete, conflate, fuse, homogenize, immingle, blend, incorporate, integrate, interfuse, intermingle, intermix, meld, mingle and mix?

The word’s scrabble value is 16 points.  Is that a good hint as well?

I am sure that I have messed with your mind already when asking the first question ‘What is the antonym…?’ let alone ‘synonym’.  In fact if I had stopped with the first sentence about ‘antonyms’ most of my friends would be shaking their heads at this point in my post.

The words search definition is a great mid-winter exercise for me. Taking time to think back into the musty old areas of the mind, the part that rarely gets disturbed is good for me.

Oh I know when you did that in your own mind you felt uneasy… and you could see the dust settling after you sued the words that I listed above.

How did this word every get into my thoughts today?

Well I re-discovered another word when reading the news this morning.  The word described a Tibetan Monk that walked out in the street and then began shouting some words of protest.  He continued in this way as he reached for a can of gasoline, dosed himself and his robes, then he lit a match.  Immediately he was engulfed in flames and was in terrible pain.

He immolated himself.  Imagine having enough nerve or guts to immolate!

It has been a while since I had read of anyone immolating… because people just don’t do that often. In fact they only do it once… which is usually enough.  And in 2013 China could really care less a Tibetan Monk immolated at all. It is one less person to think about.

But going back to my synonym list… I did not know that you could spell comingle as commingle as well.  And I didn’t realise that commingle, being a 9 letter word, would be worth 16 points as well.  That is the same value as the other word! Hmmm?

So have you had enough of waiting for the 16 point word that is now messing your thoughts for today.  You mind is totally messed up at this moment and you definitely need the word and the action that comes with it.  You need to immix, slow down and take it easy.  Now does that feel better – or at least starting to feel better?

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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