Friday, February 15, 2013

I think I will stay home forever – forget the flying, cruise boats or driving on roads

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I think I will stay home forever – forget the flying, cruise boats or driving on roads
Most of the people that I know and associate with are not world travelers.  They are not flyers or airline travelers.  They are car drivers or bus riders that go south and go slow.

They are also not business class people that fly a lot. That time in their life is gone a while ago.

So this group of friends never experience the airport security that everyone nowadays goes through.

Full body scans are the norm now in most places.  And if there is any possible strange reading on the security screen the individual should be taken aside and patted down.  That is what we all think – right?

Now remember before you say, “That isn’t going to happen to me!” – that it might and it might happen in front of everyone around you if you want to catch your flight.

The security folk, known as ‘blue shirts’ in the USA, are the lower paid staff that are hired by the companies getting the contracts to do this security stuff. At least that is what is reported by some that I have read.  In other areas they are airport staff that are still not the highest paid people in the industry.

These security folks also are aware what fight you will be travelling on… time etc.  And if you make a noise or object you might just miss your flight.

The story mentioned in the posting tells of a woman that was patted down/felt up in front of everyone!  And another man in a wheel chair that was also felt up as well.

“Felt up” – that is a sex term – how dare you use that in your blog!”  Well I dare write that because it is happening in broad daylight in front of others – and it is legal to do that. If they tried it in a bar or restaurant there would be an arrest, charges laid and they would lose their jobs. But do it in the open where everyone can see… it is okay?!?

I would like you to read this posting to get a better picture of what might take place on your next trip by airlines.

On our trip to Africa a few years back it was the first time that we had to remove our shoes… but never “felt up” – body scanners were not yet perfected or in use.

Now I know all my ‘old friends’ will be yet again confirming a bus ride south… and never fly again.

How do you react to the reports that are coming by way of these articles?

Well flying somewhere, say to San Francisco from Ontario, Canada, is less dangerous than driving through all the big cities on the way and past or near the transport trucks, or whacky car drivers on the highway.

It is a lot better than taking a cruise ship that may have a fire in the engine room and leave you bouncing on an endless ocean with no toilets, no power, no cooked food, no running water, no elevator from floor to floor – any way to get off the boat!

Staying home is looking real good now.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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