Monday, February 4, 2013

Way too Much TV and TV Ads – Whoa!

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Way too Much TV and TV Ads – Whoa!
Well the Super Bowl football is all over… Number 47 Super Bowl is history now.  One team lost and the other one won.

There were no brain injuries that I could see – elbows and knees… and a few bumps. Helmets flew off a few times… but no one was knocked out.  See yesterday’s post on this Blog.

But MY BRAIN was injured by stupid TV Ads.

You didn’t see them all… well look here for Washington Posts list of the worst ads…

And all the Best Ad in my opinion can be seen here.. for Sketchers running shoes… brilliant!

You can see all the Ads below the Cheetah ad… by clicking on to the smaller photos…

If you tried to watch every ad as they came on TV – you would have no bathroom break from 6:30 to 11 PM.

Maybe that wasn’t entirely correct because just after the halftime show one half of the lights went out at the indoor stadium in New Orleans… too funny.

After watching that much TV last evening my brain is fuzzy today.  Oh Boy!!!

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